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Mega Easy Duck Congee Recipe (Chinese Rice Porridge)

i’ve been tagged in this like a million times but @theclosetpianist tagging me finally convinced me (btw follow her she’s great and doesn’t get enough recognition)

• name: Richard

 • nickname: it used to be Ricky but don’t call me Ricky (don’t call me Dick either)

• zodiac sign: sagittarius

• height: 1m71

• orientation: as far as i know, straight

• nationality: English (and also German but only in terms of citizenship rather than where my parents are from)

• (*warning about the upcoming “favourite” questions: i’m shit at picking one favourite so i tend to just not even bother) favourite fruit: most. (especially green apples, kiwis, cherries, dates, sultanas)

• favourite dish: can’t really pick a favourite. if i had a choice of everything and everything were equally healthy i’d probably pick chinese crispy duck or hawaii pizza (fight me) or something indian like lamb korma. or honestly just a giant tortilla wrap with everything i enjoy

• favourite flower: probably tulips

• favourite scent: lavender. i also bizarrely enjoy the smell of petrol

• favourite animal: squirrels

• coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: i’m good thanks

• average hours of sleep: 5-6

• cat or dog: cat

• favourite fictional character: mental stability

• favourite film: i don’t really watch films anymore

• number of blankets you sleep with: 1 but in winter you can stuff it and turn it into a double

• dream trip: somewhere nordic or somewhere in australasia or japan

• blog created: 15/05/2015

• number of followers: 15 707

• tag 20 people to do this: literally whoever wants to bc most people have already done something like this

• [EN] Here’s my submission for the super project Ranmazine from lady Maisdue ! Shampoo is really one of my favorite character from Rumiko Takahashi’s universe. Hope you’ll like her :)
• [FR] J’ai enfin terminé l’illustration que je soumettrai au super projet Ranmazine de la talentueuse Maisdue ! Shampoo est un de mes personnages préférés de l’univers de Rumiko Takahashi. J’espère qu’elle vous plaira, moi je me suis bien amusée à la faire ! :)

Main St. Peking Duck, Flushing, NY

Looking for affordable and delicious Peking duck in Flushing?

Then you need look no further than the Main St. Food Court right outside Flushing station…

Inside, at the first stand on your right as you enter, you will find this woman…

All she does all day is skillfully butcher these wonderful lacquered and roasted birds to make Peking duck buns…

She pumps out hundreds of these beauties every day…

The cost of this plump Peking pillow of goodness? $1.25!!

We always grab a couple before heading up the stairs to the Manhattan bound platform for the train ride home. A final taste of local flavors…


57-33 Main St.

Flushing, NY 11355

Daredevil headcanons

So we have discussed all the things Foggy probably lied about (and did not actually get away with) when he and Matt were in college, but what about all Matt’s lies, which Foggy probably figured out once he started thinking back?

  • All those times Matt “accidentally” threw out food in the fridge that Foggy insisted was still good, and Foggy was so bummed about not getting to eat that leftover curry from the weekend but Matt was clearly super embarrassed about his mistake, so how could he be mad. There’s no way Matt didn’t know which food it was. Foggy knows that now. What was wrong with that food??? That time everyone from Pearson’s class went for Chinese and ordered duck but Matt insisted he needed someone to share the spicy beef with, and then everyone got sick but them – DID MATT KNOWINGLY SAVE HIM FROM HORRIBLE POOPS?
  • Matt would occasionally blurt out something awkward and incriminating about Foggy right in front of the girl Foggy was trying to get with, or was already dating, and it was like, never HORRIBLE stuff but it was always just enough for her to ditch him/dump him, and now that Foggy thinks back both girls that happened with turned out to be absolutely awful people and how did Matt know? Andi was a serial cheater - did Matt smell the other guy(s) on her? Had he overheard Rachel’s bizarre racist conspiracy theories from the other side of the room, long before Foggy discovered hints of them on Facebook after they’d split up? Is Matt his anti-Cupid? (But like in a good way?)
  • others (please discuss)
UNIQ's animal nicknames
  • Sungjoo: Kim Pig
  • Seungyoun: Monkey
  • Yixuan: Turtle
  • Wenhan: Pigeon
  • Yibo: Wang Duck