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Tim Ho Wan

Finally, I got to take G to try Tim Ho Wan, a Michelin Star Dim Sum restaurant that opened a couple of stores in Manila just this year. Lines have always been (and still are) crazy long, but G and I chanced upon the Makati store relatively early and were able to get seats quickly. 

We ended up stuffing ourselves with very good, no-frills, dim sum - of course, the best-selling Baked Buns with BBQ Pork were the first things we got. With sweet thin crusts, soft bread, and saucy barbeque pork, these buns were served warm and were steaming delicious! My other two favorites were the Pan-Fried Radish Cake (nicely fried and crunchy outside and tender inside)and Beef Balls with Beancurd Skin (really, really juicy and soupy meatballs - highly recommended for meat lovers!). But of course, we thoroughly enjoyed all of the dishes we ordered. 

I guess the only warning I’d have to give, aside from the long lines, is that you have to refrain yourself from biting into the dim sum too quickly, as they are always served piping hot!


Tai Pei Dao: Dim Sum Heaven Hidden in Downtown Dubai

I’ve been tricked, I’ve been fooled and I’ve been faked. That’s what happened to me in my search for an authentic dimsum place in Dubai. Then one day as I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw an ad of an Unlimited Dimsum offer, read all the nice reviews on their page and it’s only down in across Bat Square a few minutes from where I work.

So one weekend, off I went.

Tai Pei Dao is quaint corner restaurant in Downtown Dubai, elegantly decorated with Traditional Chinese decor. As you enter, you’re greeted by courteous staff. First thing you’ll see is the little corner right by the bar where you can be witness a traditional Taiwanese tea ceremony. (Never had the chance to see one tho, but would love to when I go back)

We availed their Unli-Dimsum Promotion (115Dhs with Tea / 90Dhs without). The waitress recommended the Oriental beauty tea spring onion Pancake (quite a mouthful to say) and two of each steamed dimsums so we know what to order for the rest of our visit.

We were first served Oolong tea while we wait for our meals to arrive. Tea served has a full bodied taste, which i thought would be a great palate cleanser after every serving.

I suggest ordering in advance for your next selection when your dimsums arrive at your table because the waiter said that they make it fresh in their kitchen so it will take some time before your order comes out. Nevertheless it was worth the wait.

We enjoyed everything we ordered, the staff would recommend which sauce goes with which one and often they would give you their personal prefference since there’s a variety of dimsums that you could choose from. If you’re unfamiliar with the cuicine you can always try the classic, the chicken siu-mai. Dip it in soy sauce and chili, it’s just the best darn thing you’ll ever taste.

We ended up trying everything in the menu except for the ones that were unavailable like the Tun ting oolong beef wrap and the chin hsuan tea seafood rolled in  tofu skin

And for desserts, we had the classic Sesame ball which I’m a total fan off. It was crunchy on the outside smooth with delicious red bean paste on the inside. We also had the Red bean cake which is equally as appealing as the sesame ball.

The pièce de résistance of the whole visit was their Organic chocolate Lava cake. Decadent but not too sweet. And there we ended on a sweet note.

Would definitely come back for more and prior to this write up, I did go back for more.

It was such a lovely place with really accommodating staff but the best part of this place was of course the food.

Tai Pei Dao is located at Downtown Dubai › Southridge Tower 4, Downtown Dubai, Dubai