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McCall Pack, Meet Riverdale

Summary: Your the sister of the late Allison Argent. Soon after her death your father, Chris Argent, Isaac Lahey and you move to France. Not long after you find yourself living with your Dad in his hometown. While Riverdale doesn’t have a supernatural mess, it sure does have a strange and mysterious murder.

Characters: daughter!reader x chris argent, reader x undetermined love interest, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and Allison Argent (mentioned)

Words: 1933

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own Riverdale OR the characters, the show is based the Archie Comics which I do not own either. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs that may appear.

Warnings: possible swearing, mention of death, mention of murder, angst. Angry reader and allusion to the murder of Jason Blossom.

Author: Caitsy

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A/N: I’ve completely fallen in love with Riverdale mainly because I grew up reading the comics. IT’S AMAZING! With that being said I will be taking requests for Riverdale!

This is to hold you guys over because Ash and I will be unavailable for a little way. I have tons of homework and I’m not at liberty to say what Ash is busy at!

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You were humming to yourself as you walked into your house in the town that mimicked Beacons Hills just without the supernatural element. You had moved here when your dad decided moving to his hometown would be ideal following the harsh ending of your family. It wasn’t anything bad other than Allison had died and you wanted out. Riverdale was interesting but not like the dangers of living in Beacon Hills.

“Hey Dad?” You called from the porch. It had a few hidden places holding some weapons just in case.

“Sweetheart.” Your dad, Chris, asked from the dining room table. On the table was a bunch of weapons laid out to be cleaned, “Anything I can do for you?”

“I see it’s the weekly cleaning.” You chuckled as your eyes caught sight of Allison’s beloved Chinese daggers, “Want to order out?”

“Sure.” He chuckled tapping your nose, “You know what I like.”

You laughed before picking up the phone to call Pop’s diner. It was a short wait before you were able to place the order with the waitress. You were pretty sure she was the new waitress.

“It will be ready in twenty minutes.” She replied before the two of your exchanged goodbyes.

You sat at the table going about cleaning the weapons along with your dad. It was second nature and a bonding experience from the moment you learnt what the Argents really did. It was so second nature that your mind went back to the group of friends you had left behind.

Beacon Hills had been the first place that had become a strong permanent home since the moment you made friends. You cherished the times of happiness you had with your older sister and the pack. In the wise words of Robert Frost, nothing gold can stay. It was true.

“Do you want to go practice shooting?” Your dad asked nonchalantly.

“So soon after that death?”

“We’ve delt with worse and you know it.” He pointed a knife at you, “A murder like this is a hell of lot more welcome that the supernatural.”

“Someone still died.” You grumbled slumping down in your chair.

Chris sighed before glancing at the clock watching his remaining child sulk. Both had changed after Allison’s death for the better if you looked at it one way. It didn’t mean it didn’t hurt when her birthday rolled around and each locked themselves in their rooms.

“Go pick up the food.” He sighed tossing a pair of keys to you.

Without looking you caught them and hastily grabbed one of Allison’s daggers and pushing it into your boot. You quickly inserted the key to the car and drove the distance to the only good diner in town.

You sat there remembering the last time you had drove yourself, well more accurately when you drove. Stiles had been knocked out cold with an attack from the supernatural and you practically did illegal stunts to make it to the hospital.

“Get over it.” You mumbled to yourself as you opened the door of the diner. Inside was a remotely busy rush following the welcome back dance.

You hated dances. The last one your were at was sophomore year with Allison.

“Y/N!” Pop’s grinned, “You’ll have to hang tight, the deep fryer wasn’t working for a couple minutes.

You chuckled before settling into a booth with a good view outside. You watched as a group of teens laughed as they walked into the diner. You saw the resident hot shot Archie Andrews as his friends. Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones. You shifted as they sat int the booth across from yours. It reminded you of your favourite times with the pack.

It was late when the pack dragged their asses to the diner that sold adequately healthy fast food. A lot of your were limping or injured in some kind of way following the shit kicking you had received against the Alpha pack. Thankfully all was right again…for now.

“Is my head supposed to hurt this much?” Stiles groaned shaking his head as Scott patted his bed friend on the back.

“You were knocked unconscious in a car accident. It’s safe to say that yes it should be for the next little while.” Lydia chuckled as she fixed her hair once more.

“What happened to you guys!” A young waiter exclaimed at the sight.

“We were playing a game of football.” You lied quickly.

Placing your orders in you all began to laugh tryng to ease the heightened feelings from the win you had managed. It was a shame everyone was under age and the diner didn’t sell alcohol because you could use some. Inside you all had different kinds of drinks.

“To a safe Beacon Hills!” You exclaimed clinking glasses with everyone.

“For now.” Stiles said meetings everyone’s eyes, “We killed ourselves and came back. It’s going to get a lot worse isn’t it.”

“We can face it. Together. We’ll come out the same.” You said before taking a long sip of your milkshake.

Boy were you wrong on that one.

You shuffled as a tear rolled down your cheek and you brushed it off. You hated thinking of those times at the same time. You missed them so much but in agreement with your dad you both needed to be away. It couldn’t be going to bad given no calls had happened.

“Y/N right?”

You looked over to see Betty looking at you concerned. The others watched the interaction with the same expectations. Veronica and Archie had already tried to make friends with you when you arrived in the summer but you wouldn’t have it.

“Yes.” You grumbled irritated by the tears wanting to move down your cheeks.

“Are you okay?”

“Fine.” You practically hissed before pulling the sleeves of your sweater down further, “Go back to gossiping.”

“We aren’t gossiping, man your one very angst teen.” Jughead said watching you.

“Says you.You’ve been attached to your computer since that kid was killed.”  You groaned leaning back but it stopped when the diner door slammed open with a strong force.

It was too strong so you were on your feet in a defensive position with the Chinese dagger neatly swinging in your hand. You heard a gasp from Betty as the dagger glinted in the dark lighting. Your head tilted as the frantic person landed their eyes on you with a friend sharing the same movements.

“Scott? Stiles?” You exclaimed shocked before the spazzing teenager harshly dragged you out of the diner. A concerned and worried Archie Andrews frantically followed you out with his friends.

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This came as a result of sort of an inside joke after playing Nico’s GORGEOUS TR2 China Wall level. Couldn’t spot the darn silver shiny for ages!

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Beauty Song (Jia Ren Qu)
Shigeru Umebayashi
Beauty Song (Jia Ren Qu)

Beauty Song (Jia Ren Qu) | Shigeru Umebayashi


In the north there is a beauty; surpassing the world, she stands alone.
A glance at her, cities fall; another glance, empires collapse.
Care not whether cities fall or empires collapse,
As it would be difficult to behold such a beauty again.

McCall Pack, Meet Riverdale Part 3

Summary: Your the sister of the late Allison Argent. Soon after her death your father, Chris Argent, Isaac Lahey and you move to France. Not long after you find yourself living with your Dad in his hometown. While Riverdale doesn’t have a supernatural mess, it sure does have a strange and mysterious murder.

Characters: daughter!reader x chris argent, reader x undetermined love interest, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge (mentioned), Betty Cooper (mentioned), Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and Liam Dunbar

Words: 2789

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own Riverdale OR the characters, the show is based the Archie Comics which I do not own either. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs that may appear.

Warnings: possible swearing, mention of death, mention of murder, angst, hospital, Angry reader, Jason Blossom murder (mentioned), and Wendigo attack

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: Ask if you want to be removed or added! At the bottom.

A/N Jughead is a strong romantic possibility. There’s different variations of asexuality and I’m just going to list them, aromatic: is someone who doesn’t have romantic attraction, demi-sexual: is when an ace can have sexual attraction to someone with strong feelings for them, romantic asexual: where they feel romantic attraction, gray-asexual: which I don’t entirely understand. Jughead had been announced to not be asexual for the tv series and while I’m not planning on announcing his sexual orientation in this I will say that I can make him asexual with romantic interest or demo-sexual. I relate to Jughead because I AM asexual.

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You were annoyed that Jughead had ignored your warning and decided to bring Archie to Beacon Hills. They didn’t understand the seriousness of this because all they had dealt with was the relationship between Grundy and Archie or the murder of Jason Blossom. They wouldn’t be able to take fighting the supernatural.

“Great. This is perfect, guys.” You sighed turning to see that it was now only Scott and he was right next to you.

“What’s wrong?”

“The Riverdale teens decided to ignore us and come to Beacon Hills.” You groaned as you pushed off the wall, “This isn’t going to go well, nothing ever goes our way does it?”

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wait a fucking second. you know what I just thought of? how fucking great it would have been to have Isaac and Liam on teen wolf at the same time. like goddammit can you just imagine:

  • like when Liam is showing everyone up at lacrosse at the beginning Isaac just fucking decks him to knock him down a peg 
  • Liam takes the bite, Isaac laughs at him while helping Scott hold him down, but then he gets real for a second and tells Liam “yeah, it hurts and for a while it’s really hard to control but it gets easier, Dumbar”
  • (don’t you try to tell me for one second that Isaac wouldn’t love calling Liam “Dumbar” he’d think it was hilarious and clever and it would annoy Liam so fucking much)
  • Liam develops PTSD symptoms after facing off against the berserker so Isaac invites him to chill at the McCall house more often and admits to Liam that he has PTSD too from his dad’s abuse and he understands how hard it is, but it’ll be way harder if Liam doesn’t let his friends help him
  • hardcore big brother-little brother relationship
  • Isaac is the one who dares Liam to wolf out and run around beacon hills naked
  • when Mason gets brought into the group Isaac is like fuck yeah lets rip on Liam together and Mason basically falls in love with him lives for it
  • Isaac brings up Liam falling in a hole pretty much every day at school stupid loyal wolf puppies who are both obsessed over Scott McCall and are constantly competing to be president of his fan club 
  • Mason tells Isaac about the whole Hayden things and how Hayden basically hates him so Isaac tells Liam that he once ended up dating a girl who stabbed him “like 20 times with knives- I mean, chinese ring daggers” so it’s never totally hopeless
  • Isaac Lahey and Liam Dunbar ending up best friends and brothers and saltmates together like wow (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Summary: Reader is a close member of the McCall Pack through Chris Argent’s friendship with her mother. Taking a break from the pack following the supernatural deadpool Reader runs into a pair of hunting brothers on a hunt. She reaches the town Riverdale where she intrigues two investigating teens in the wake of a murder

Characters: Reader, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Scott McCall, Stiles Silinski, Lydia Martin (mentioned), Liam Dunbar (mentioned), Deaton, and Polly Cooper (mentioned)

Words: 3399

Disclaimer: I don’t own Riverdale, Archie Comics, Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own any songs ot gifs that may show up either.

Warnings: Swearing, blood, wounds, supernatural beings, and possession.

Author: Caitsy

Requested: @fandomnationwhore

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A/N: Hope everyone enjoys this!

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You quickly cleaned the stab would in your side that would heal pretty quick. That’s a positive to being half angel, one third demon and one third human where you would heal faster than a human but slower that the supernatural parts of you. The healing time came down to the severity of the wound and if it was given by an alpha wolf. When you were conceived your father had been possessed by a high level demon and it turned out your father, once not possessed, was revealed to be a direct descendent of Jesus. Your mother however was an angel that fell once you were born. Somehow the human part of your father had managed to come to you so technically you had two biological fathers and one mother.

“Where will you go now?” Scott asked digging into his shoulder for the bullet still lodged in there from the fight.

“Travel around.” You shrugged tying the thread in order to begin stitching up the wound. It was a gaping wound that would take twice the time if you didn’t stitch it up.

“You could stay with us.” Scott said leaning against the counter.

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Weapon XX

Pairing: Reader x Bucky (subtle)
Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: (Very brief mention of) drugs, torture, fighting, death

A/N: I know I do a lot of Bucky fics, but I just feel more comfortable writing for Bucky, and I love him

Reader is in the same program that Wade Wilson was in, Weapon X.

“I want to meet The Avengers,” you smile to yourself, remembering all the times you’d watched them on the news, “Oh, and get my ass kicked by Liam Neeson,”

“I’d really like to light a spliff off the Olympic torch,” Wade Wilson’s voice carried through the medical screen that separated the two of you,

“Oh, you better pass it to me right after,” you retort, a small chuckle surprised you as it erupts from your lips,

“Wait, how old are you? Are you even old enough to be doing drugs?” amusement thick in Wade’s tone,

“Yes,” you scoff, “I’m 21… or 22? I can’t remember how long I’ve been here,” a silence falls over the two of you, “I was 3 month away from turning 22 when I came here,” you explain. A lump rises in your throat, but you push past it, “God, my brother might not even know I’ve gone. What I’d give to go back… At least say goodbye to him,”

Your brother was the only family you had left. He was in his final year at boarding school, half way across the world. You hadn’t seen him in almost a year when you had agreed to enter Weapon X.

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Killing Scott McCall (Reader X Scott)



Prompt Request:

Y/N shows up on her first day of school and tries to kill Scott cause she’s a hunter but before she kills him he tells her that he’s a true alpha and she stops. Maybe a little romance idk.

Character Request:

Girl named Jaymie, 5'5, green eyes, straight black hair, bisexual, 17, wears black combat boots/leather jacket/skinny jeans, (very badass lol), rides a motorcycle, human but fights really well, Hunter.


Everyone was turning heads when I arrived at Beacon Hills High School. I couldn’t tell if it was because I was the new girl, or because I rode a motorcycle to school while wearing all black.
Senior year of high school was going to be a breeze. My grades were always at an A+ average, I always made friends easily at a new school, and I’d have a little extra money from killing yet another alpha.

Scott McCall.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with werewolves. Not the yellow-eyed betas anyway. I did have a problem with blue-eyed betas and red-eyed alphas. Also known as killers. Murderers. Scott McCall was the next alpha on my list, just another killer. Today was the day I’d get it over with, and soon enough I would move on to another school.

“Hey, nice bike,” a voice from behind me said. I smiled, turning around to face the person I predicted it was. Scott.

“Thanks, just got it last month. My old one was trash.” I told him, taking off my helmet and running my hand through my hair.


I looked at him with confusion. “What?”

“Sorry,” he laughed, shaking his head. “You just have really pretty eyes.”

Isn’t that cute. A killer pretending to be a nice guy.

“Anyway, what’s your name?” He asked. “I’m Scott.”

“Jaymie…” I said, about to walk away. Then the perfect idea hit me. “Hey, do you mind showing me around the school? I’m new.”

Scott nodded enthusiastically. “Sure, I’d love to.”

We walked down each hall, talking and laughing, both of us missing our first class. Things were going well so far. I’d have him dead in no time.

“You’re really funny,” he said, looking at me. He totally had a crush on me. Cute.

I giggled. “Hey, don’t fall in love with me just yet.” We both laughed, but I stopped when we were next to an empty classroom. “Can we go in there?” I asked. “I wanna look around.”

Scott shrugged. “Yeah, why not.”

We walked into the empty classroom, and I closed the door behind me. Then I leaned in for a kiss. Scott leaned in for the kiss, only to be stabbed in the back with a Chinese ring dagger that I had up my sleeve. He fell to his knees, blood coming from his mouth. His eyes turned red. The color of a killers eyes.

“Wh..why are you doing this?” Scott pleaded, trying to pull the dagger out of his back.

I narrowed my eyes. “Because you’re a killer. How else would you have became an alpha?”

His eyes widened. “I’ve n-never killed anyone… I’m a true.. Alpha.”

For a moment I thought my heart stopped. A true alpha. My first love.. The first person I had ever loved was a true alpha. She was killed by a blue-eyed beta that wanted her power.. It’s the reason I got into the business of hunting. Now here I was, about to kill a true alpha.

“Oh my god..” I whispered. “I’m so sorry dude, I didn’t know.”

“Could you possibly.. Pull your d-dagger..”

“Yeah.. Sorry.. I forgot.”

I grabbed the dagger by its handle and pulled it out of Scott’s back. He let out a sigh of relief and wiped some of the blood off his face with the back of his hand. I was overcome with guilt.

“Can we start over?” I asked. It had been awhile since I made a friend. This seemed like a weird time to start being a normal teenager again, but I needed to.

“I don’t know. You kind of just tried to kill me,” Scott said, staring at me.

“Then let me make it up to you,” I offered, helping him up. “I think we could be friends. Or more. You’re kinda cute.“

Weapon XX: Part 2

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.5K
Warnings: Swearing, killing, mention of sex/sexual acts (not happening to the reader), mentions of torture, 


Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Y/L/N: Your Last Name

Part 1

Hydra was the organisation that had bought you from Ajax. They were pleased with what you had shown them after you had mutated, and the fact you were a woman made you more desirable to them. You could easily charm over government officials, and no one would suspect you were deadly.

It had been 6 months of intense training. Learning how to be silent and lethal, and learning how to carry yourself like a lady, so men would take notice. You were learning new thing about your mutation too. You heal quickly, not instantly, but quick enough that you didn’t need to worry about cuts and fractured bones. Hydra had a few ideas of how you could use the green slime that ran inside you too. It acted like an acid, and while it didn’t instantly burn through human skin, if it was ingested, it would kill your victim instantly. They had made you special weapons, knives mostly. But also some handguns with special bullets, that when laced with your acid slime, wouldn’t melt instantly. They were training you to become a deadly assassin. And you’d never felt more wrong.

“Do not touch!” Mrs. Popov swats your hand away. She was the woman that was assigned to you, she was teaching you how to talk, walk and act like a respectable lady. She was also teaching you how to perfect the skills of makeup and hair.

You quickly drop your hand from your neck, where your control collar sat. It often caught your skin and pinched, which was uncomfortable and distracting. The moment that Hydra had purchased you, they fitted you with it. It was thin and dante enough to pass for a thick chocker necklace, but it was much more than for show. It monitored everything. Your vitals, your location, and best yet; it was remotely hooked into your brain. You could receive messages from the organisation, and receive an electro shock, if you disobeyed.

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You are sixteen and you are tired of moving around the world.
You hope that this time will be different and you hope you’ll make friends quickly and you really hope that you didn’t forget a pen.
You meet a boy with eyes that melt you like the California sun and another with lightning in his words and a girl with fire-red hair and ice in her veins.
You know that the one way to keep your friends and family happy is to keep your smile and heart alive.
You are sixteen and you hope you’ve finally found a place to stay.

You are just seventeen and your world has turned.
Your (sister) aunt is dead and there are werewolves in the world and nothing is a joke to you.
The boy whose eyes melted you glow amber in the light of the moon and the lightning boy grows sharper and the girl with fire on her head has madness in her heart.
Your mother joins your aunt but not before she joins those with lamps in their eyes and you wonder which is the betrayal
You know seventeen ways to kill a werewolf and seventy ways to kill a human and seven moves with Chinese Ring Daggers.
You are just seventeen and you’d like the world to stop.

You are old and weary and still seventeen and you’ve made it far in a world that kills the weak.
You protect those who cannot protect themselves but wonder if anyone will protect you.
The boy with ambers for eyes trades them for gleaming rubies and you no longer make those eyes light up with the glow of first love
You’ve found hope in the eyes of another who knows pain as intimately as you and who appreciates the beauty in broken glass.
The ice has melted in the fire-haired girl’s veins and instead spikes in the fingers of the boy of lightning who sees strawberries rather than flames.
You are middle-aged at seventeen and you are a hero with a silver arrow.

You are seventeen and a lover
You are seventeen and a fighter
You are seventeen and alone
You are seventeen and you are home
You are seventeen
and you will never be eighteen.

—  a tribute to the archer with the steady hand and steadier heart