chinese crispy chicken

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whts ur favorite food(s) tho

honestly my weakness is trying new food which is hardly the worst weakness but when i go to a restaurant (especially one of a cuisine/culture which i don’t have much experience with like lebanese or thai) it’s always a hard choice because tbh i just want a little bit of everything but i imagine they’d look at me weirdly if i asked for one fiftieth of a portion of all fifty items on the menu. and also like i’d rather order ostrich and find out i don’t like it than order the same burger as always. i guess out of what i already have eaten (also let’s pretend everything is equally healthy so i can justify unhealthy choices) i’d probably say some of my favourites are chinese crispy duck with noodles, chicken korma, hawaiian (fight me) pizza, but also i’m a simple man of simple pleasures like cherry yoghurt and raisins and tortilla bread and cheese (especially goat’s or blue) and granny smith apples and salads. basically i love food and i hate me for loving food. it’s funny though because i wasn’t always this open to new foods like if you took me to dinner two years ago i would get the safe option 99% of the time. but now people like that who call themselves ‘picky eaters’ (unless they have a valid excuse like a gluten allergy or being a veg[etari]an) really annoy me like this is an international food festival there’s all this cool stuff you’ve never tried before and you’re going to go to the USA booth and get a hamburger? why. oho you’ve got a slice of margharita pizza from the italy booth how cultured you are.