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First Holiday

I had packed all my clothes neatly in my suitcase, zipping it up and grabbing my extra bag, walking down the stairs of the little loft I had with my best friend Andrea. Walking right through the back of the video she was making for her youtube channel, causing her to stop me in my tracks.

“are you leaving me already?” she whined. I looked at her and smiled.

“not yet exactly, you still have a few more minutes with me.” I spoke, setting my bags by the kitchen island breakfast bar thing turning back to Andrea.

“perfect.” she spoke, looking back at the camera and then she smiled, and motioned me over to sit next to her.

“so as most of you all know, this is my best friend.” she spoke, grabbing my face and hugging me sideways, squishing us together. 

“we became best friends in kindergarten when this little bully of a boy Tyler threw away my coloring page, so (y/n) over here went and dumped her juice on him and then grabbed a handful of his hair and demanded that he say sorry, and here we are, 15 years later and still inseparable.” Andrea smiled.

“so, tell the fans what you’re doing.” 

“um, I’m just getting ready to leave Andrea for a week.” 

“and tell them why.” she drug out.

“I’m spending a week with my boyfriend and his family.”

“and for those who don’t know, tell em who has stolen your heart, besides me I mean obviously.” she laughed, flipping her hair.

“His names Jack.” I smiled just hearing his name.

“Jack Finnegan Gilinsky. Yep that’s right. I’m a great friend for setting the two love birds up.” Andrea spoke, breaking me out of my little daze.

“she’s right. she’s a great match maker.” I laughed ,grabbing her face and kissing her cheek.

“yep, they met via me, and have been together how long now?”

“10 months.” I smiled. “our anniversary was actually two days ago.” 

Suddenly my phone started ringing, and looking at the caller id it was Jack. I answered, forgetting that Andrea was filming.

hey babe I smiled

hey baby, I’m on my way, I’ll be there in like 5 minutes. you ready?’

yeah. I’m just talking to Andrea

‘she’s probably so heartbroken that you’re leaving her for a week’ he laughed

yeah, she’s devastated, but I told her I’d facetime her and stuff I smiled, looking over at Andrea who was nodding her head.

well you’re mine for the week.’

I know. Andrea’s giving me the look so I’ll see you when you get here.

‘oh no, not the look’ he laughed ‘I’ll see ya in a bit, love you.’

love you too

I smiled and hung up and looked at Andrea who was giving me quite the look.

“what’s this ‘look’ you speak of?” she asked.

“oh uh, well, you just get this look that practically screams ‘shut up you peasant or I’ll kill you in your sleep with a spoon’ kinda look, so when we see that we just kinda try to avoid pissing you off” I laughed, Andrea made a face.

“yeah, it looks exactly like that.” I laughed.

“oh look at that Jack texted me he’s here.” I spoke fast standing up. I pecked her cheek. “I love you slut. Have fun without me for the week, don’t kill anyone with a spoon. Try not to miss me too much” I rambled as I got my bags and headed for the door.

“Love you too hoe” Andrea called out before I closed the door.

The plane ride was just long enough to take a nap, but when you’re dating Jack Gilinsky you don’t get to nap on plane rides. We spent half the ride broadcasting on his younow, talking to fans. And I guarantee the people that sat around us hated us cause we couldn’t stop laughing. We were being so loud too. The other half we either shared stories with each other or him and I both listened to music together. 

Finally touching down in Omaha and exiting the plane my nerves finally kicked it. This was the first time I would be meeting Jacks family, and if they hated me, I was stuck here for a week.

Walking through the airport I clutched onto Jack’s arm, making sure I didn’t lose him as we made our way over to baggage claim. Getting our bags we finally made it out of the airport and into the cab back to his place.

The whole ride I was mesmerized by the scenery. It was so beautiful. I don’t know what it was about the place, but it just made me happy looking at where Jack grew up.

“hey babe” Jack spoke, breaking me out of my daze.

“hmm?” I hummed, turning and looking at him.

“we’re here.” he laughed, and with that I finally realized that we were in a neighborhood, parked on the side of the road. Everything started to kick in at this point. I was frozen. What if his family hated me. What if I messed something up. 

“Jack, I can’t do this.” I said, staring at the seat in front of me blankly, still lost in my thoughts.

“(y/n), what are you talking about?” he laughed, resting his hand on my thigh. I didn’t say anything though. I was still thinking about this whole week.

“baby, look at me.” he spoke, his hand tilting my chin to look at him, meeting his soft eyes.

“what’s wrong?” he asked sympathetically.

“Jack, what if your family hates me. What if they don’t like me. What if I do something that messes up the whole weekend. What if I like, offer to help your mom with dishes or something and flood the house. Or what if I piss off one of your sisters or w-” I rambled, but was cut off when Jack’s soft lips gently met mine.

All my previous thoughts flew out the window as his lips were on mine. My only thoughts were of Jack and how much I loved him. He pulled away and rested his forehead against me.

“baby, they’re gonna love you. I promise.” he breathed out. “come on.” he spoke, sliding out of the cab and offering his hand to me, which I took as he helped me out of the cab. We got our bags and made our way up to his house, which was quite beautiful from the outside.

Getting up to the front door was difficult with having to carry two bags and my purse while Jack carried his one bag, having clothes here since it was his house. He reached for the door handle and I dropped my bags.

“Jack! what are you doing?” I asked, placing my hand on his wrist to stop him.

“going inside?” he spoke, raising his brow at me questionably.

“You can’t just walk in.”

“(y/n), babe. You do realize this is my house right?” he laughed, and I just looked down. I was such an idiot.

“seriously, calm down babe. It’ll be okay, no ones even home right now. My dad’s at work and my mom’s picking my sisters up from the airport and then they’re gonna pick up dinner.”

“okay.” I sighed, getting my stuff and following Jack inside.

The inside was beautiful. I couldn’t even describe it. Don’t get me wrong, Andrea and I’s apartment was beautiful too. Classy. Elegant. Modern. But this, here felt more like a home.

Jack laughed as I just stood and looked all around, taking in every little detail, before he grabbed my hand and started dragging me upstairs. We finally made it to the second door on the left at the top of the stairs and we walked in.

Jack tossed his bag in a corner and helped me set mine down too, somewhere I could easily access them because I would need them for clothes and stuff obviously.

Jack then grabbed my hand and walked backwards, dragging me along with him, until he reached his bed, plopping down and pulling me into him. Immediately tossing his arm around me and making me the little spoon and leaving little kisses on my neck and shoulder.

“Jack” I giggled as he squeezed me tighter “what are you doing”

“just showing my girl some affection.” he muttered.

“you’re so cheesy.” I wiggled in his arms, only to have him hold me tighter.

“you love it. now stop moving so I can take a nap.”

“can we at least put a movie on so I don’t have to listen to you snore.” I teased, turning and looking at Jack.

“I don’t snore.” he grumbled, but regardless got out of bed and put in a random dvd before crawling up next to me again, laying up a bit more, so I laid on my side and threw my arm and leg over him, staring up at the screen.

“guarantee you fall asleep before I do.” he laughed.

“hmmm?” I hummed, my eyes already closed, only to result in Jack laughing.

“nevermind babe. I love you.” he spoke, kissing the top of my head.

“I love you too.” I whispered out, pulling myself closer to him.


I woke up feeling refreshed, and even better waking up in Jack’s arms. I looked at the time to see it was 5:45. I wiggled out of Jacks arms and made my way downstairs, needing a drink since I’ve had this cold for about a week now.

Finding the kitchen and a cup, I poured myself a glass of water and then continued back up to Jack’s room. Unfortunately for me, the front door opened, and in walked 3 girls carrying Chinese take out. The oldest one looked at me and smiled.

“oh my goodness, you must be (y/n), I’ve heard so much about you. I’m Jack’s mom, Katherine.” she smiled.

“oh hi. It’s nice to meet you” I smiled, nervous that I was meeting Jack’s family and he wasn’t here to help me.

“these are his sisters, Laura and Molly.” She motioned to the two girls who stood beside her.

“I’m Laura.”

“And I’m Molly. It’s so nice to finally meet the girl that stole little Jacky’s heart.” she laughed.

“speaking of, where is he?” Laura asked.

“he’s sleeping upstairs.”

Laura and Molly looked at each other before running into the kitchen and setting the food down and then bolting upstairs. I followed Mrs.G into the kitchen, talking to her and next thing we know we hear screaming and yelling and laughing.

“they love to give that boy a hard time.” Katherine smiled. “so tell me dear, how’d you two meet.”

“he never told you?” I asked, sitting at the counter across from her.

“no, just called me up one day and asked how to ask a girl to be his girlfriend, and when I asked why he said he met this beautiful girl he really likes.”

“oh, well it’s actually kind of a funny story how we met. They were touring at the time, out in Charlotte, and I was out there visiting my friend. We grew up together and my family moved to California when I turned 16, so we kept in contact and I would always go and visit her. But we were just walking around, and we stopped in at Bojangles to get something to eat and I was walking up to the counter when someone bumped into me and spilled their drink all over me.” I smiled, remembering how Jack and I first met, and Katherine had the sweetest look on her face.

“and I was like frozen. I couldn’t believe what had happened. But then I looked and saw Jack who was looking at my shirt and the mess made on the floor and he was just rambling on and on about how sorry he was and all this other stuff. But I reached out and touched his arm, telling him it was okay, and then he looked up at me and that was the first time we actually saw each other and something just went off in me. So, after he took me to the store, insisting on buying me a new shirt, we hung out the rest of the day, and afterwards he said I was the coolest fan he’d ever met, and I looked at him so confused. I had no idea who he was, and then he told me, and then he got so confused that I wasn’t a fan. So he invited me back to his bus to play some of their music for me, and after hanging out on the bus he gave me and my friend tickets for their show, early admission and stuff, and told me to tell security to tell Jack when I got there. So I did, and Jack came out and got me and my friend and took us backstage and we hung out back there and the rest of the time he was in Charlotte we hung out. But then they had to leave, and we never swapped numbers.”

“so one day I was heading to starbucks, and had just got my drink when I turned around and bumped into someone, spilling my drink all down their shirt. I started apologizing immediately, but their voice shut me up when they said it was okay. And I looked up to smile at the stranger but it was Jack. He looked so confused at first and then he laughed saying, ‘we gotta stop meeting like this’ and then we talked some more and he found out I live in the area, and he said he’d been trying to find me all over twitter and stuff, but I told him I didn’t have one, and we swapped numbers and now here we are.”

Katherine cooed at the story, and it made me smile. We were in the middle of her telling me how her and her husband met when a pair of arms wrapped around my shoulders, and Jack leaned over and kissed my cheek.

“morning baby”

“Jack” I giggled, moving a bit to look at him “it’s like 6:30 in the evening”

“whatever.” he grumbled.

“awe, young love.” his mom cooed. “we have Chinese, your dad should be home soon.”


Dinner was good. Jack’s family was so nice, they shared all their embarrassing stories about Jack with me, and after dinner his sisters took me to their room and locked Jack out and showed me home videos of him when he was little and photos of him as a baby. He sat outside the door, banging his hand against it continuously and saying ‘you guys are ruining my life’ it was so funny.

Now we were getting ready for bed. I was already all curled up in his bed and Jack was showering in his bathroom. The tv was on and I was watching Fuller House when Jack came out of the bathroom. Smiling at me he literally jumped into bed, resulting in him landing on me.

“Jack, you’re crushing me.” I giggled as he became practically dead weight.

“you love it” he laughed.

“not as much as I love you, please get off.”

He rolled off and cuddled next to me, throwing his arm around my waist, making me the little spoon. Falling asleep to him kissing my shoulders and muttering how much he loves me, I realized I had nothing to worry about with this trip.

The whole entire week I spent my whole entire day it seemed like with Jack’s sisters. We went shopping, out to lunch, to the movies, to get coffee, just sat around at their house just making cookies or watching videos of Jack when he was little. We just seemed to do so much stuff. I spent every dinner talking with Mr. and Mrs.Gilinsky, and often shared a dessert with Mr.G and he would tell me stories about his childhood that I loved hearing.

The only time I really spent with Jack was after dinner, when we would go to bed, the mornings, and we had like one full day to ourselves. His way of asking me out on our date was like ‘can you breakup with my sisters for one afternoon and go out with your actual boyfriend’ and even that didn’t do much cause I spent all morning and early afternoon with the girls who helped me get ready.

It was the end of the week and everyone was dropping us off at the airport. We had a moderately early flight, like 10, which was early for me, so Jack had to wake me up at like 7 so I could get ready, which just consisted of me changing from my shorts and shirt i sleep in into sweats and one of Jack’s sweatshirts.

And then after we were all ready we stopped and went for breakfast. We were currently waiting at the terminal, waiting to get on the plane, or for it to actually get called for boarding.

flight 679 to LA is now boarding

well, that’s our flight.” Jack spoke, getting up and hugging his parents and then his sisters, telling them each how much he loves them and how he’ll be home again soon.

“bring her back. I like her a lot.” Molly laughed, talking about me.

“Jack I swear if you break up I’m asking her to be my girlfriend.” Laura laughed, along with everyone else.

“We’re not gonna break up.” he said confidently, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me into his side kissing my head.

“unfortunately I’m stuck with him” I teased, tickling his side.

“be good to her son.” David spoke, placing his arm on Jacks shoulder “she’s a keeper.” he winked at me and I smiled.

“you guys better go before you miss your flight.” Molly spoke

“yeah, let’s go babe.” Jack spoke.

“bye guys. Thank you so much for letting me stay for the week. I didn’t mean to impose.”

“oh knock it off, you know you’re more than welcome anytime dear” Katherine spoke, pulling me in for a hug.

After all the goodbyes and boarding the plane I was more than ready for a nap. Despite waking up at 7, Jack and were up until 3:30 because someone was horny. I curled up in my seat as we took off, resting my head on Jacks shoulder, and Jack reached and took my hand in his, lacing our fingers together.

“did you have fun babe” he asked.

“yeah, I did. You have a nice family.” I smiled, my eyes closed.

“you know they love you.”

“you think?” i perked up a bit.

“I know. Trust me. Laura and Molly don’t just share their starbucks with anyone.” he laughed.

“I’m glad they like me. I was so nervous”

“I know baby, but now you know they love you. They’re gonna be so excited when you come over for Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

“I can’t wait.” I smiled, closing my eyes again.

“I know, get some sleep baby. you’re gonna need it when we get home.” he spoke, and you could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

“I hate you.” I giggled, snuggling into him more.

“I love you too babe.” he spoke before squeezing my hand and placing a kiss on my head as I drifted off.

Reaction #11 “Girl of Their Dreams” [Chanyeol, Chen, Suho]

Wishes Note: I don’t think this is what you had in mind, but I don’t really do the what kind of girl, I write little drabble scenarios.  I apologize for any inconvenience on my part. I hope you enjoy.   



His eyes found you as you were playing with a friend’s little daughter.  The little girl had her hands around your hair in a death grip as you slowly giggled along with her.  Sehun stood next to him as he elbowed Chanyeol.  

“She’s a natural with kids.”  Chanyeol nodded his head as you played peek-a-boo with the little one.  Making her giggle uncontrollably.

“Yes…Yes she is.”  A smile graced his face.

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You looked at your boyfriend and his two friends on the couch.  Currently Jongdae was curled up on the couch, a pizza hanging out of his mouth, with Baekhyun’s head in his lap with his own slice.  Xiumin was sitting petting your cat in a position that only reminded you of Gollum from Lord of the Rings and were carrying in Chinese take out for you movie date tonight.  

“Oh, that was tonight wasn’t it?”  Jongdae asked through a mouth full of pizza.  You let out a deep breath as you went back to the kitchen.  Mumbling something about making popcorn and grabbing more blankets for them.  Jong-dae got up from the couch as Xiumin looked at your retreating back.

“You have the most understanding girlfriend I think I’ve ever seen.”  Jong-dae nodded as he made his way to the kitchen.

“Which is why I’m never letting her go.”  An evil grin on his face as he quickly ran up behind you kissing you on the cheek.  

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He had texted you simple bring ice cream and you were there on the dot.  A gallon of his favorite ice cream, a cheap box of wine and tissues along with the complete first original Star War trilogy. Jun-myeon didn’t always like to admit when he was having a bad day, or be sappy and cry so he just knew how glad he was whenever you would show up.  Being best friends with each other since you were little this was the only time he actually felt normal and able to be himself.  As you grabbed two spoons you opened the carton handing one to him.  His head rested against your shoulder he felt peacefully and fully at home.  You were his home.  As the beginning started their slow crawl up the screen he sighed.  His eyes never leaving the words.

“I’m going to marry you someday.”  You giggled as you shook her your head.

“And make both our mothers happy?” You joked as he did this almost every time you two had one of these.

“To make me happy.”  As he ate another spoonful of ice cream.   

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Pervious reaction: Reaction #10 “Kissing their Girlfriends” 

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What about having a Hawaiian vacation with Jeon Cena? I can already taste the salt water after he throws me in it 😖

this was based off that one scooby doo movie oops help me i have no life also i sent you the fancams i think sO THaTS A THING

Hawaii with Bunkook

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  • what does hawaii even look like
  • you’re just thinking about our boys being there sooner or later aren’t you (winwin ily)
  • okay so for this we’re gonna say you guys have been dating a long time because what the heck you don’t fly someone to hawaii if you’ve been dating like a week that shit costs good money that i don’t have
  • it’s actually a joint vacation
  • big hit decided to give their kids a break after everything that has been going on with twitter and drama and hawaii seriously looks like one of the nicest places around
  • and jeongguk kinda really shyly asks if he can bring you along cause it’s getting close to one of your big anniversaries and since he has the opportunity in front of him why not take it??
  • they agree how can you say no to this kid?
  • and he’s like bursting with excitement because hawaii- he’s heard about it and seen pictures but he has never been himself and he even gets to bring you along to see it all and he’s so happy??
  • and the other boys are teasing him because he seriously will not shut up about it and he’s asking which bathing suit would best impress you and he’s actually planning ahead of time? what is this sorcery??
  • but it’s endearing cause it’s obvious he wants to make this the best ever vacation for you and he wants to make it the vacation of your dreams
  • as the trip gets closer and closer he ends up sending you all the cryptic messages like “do you like my black or gray swimming trunks??”
  • “um anything as long as it’s not a speedo, why?”
  • or like he’ll stop by at your house with some smoothies which are always really tropical in nature like hello there here is my mango smoothie and you’re all?? since when did you like mango??
  • and you try to ask the other boys but hoseok and jin end up giggling and running away, namjoon goes off on the meaning of love and what not, yoongi just shrugs and goes back to snuggling his cat who he insists will be coming along (to what- you ask, but he just shrugs again), and jimin and tae are saying jeongguk is planning as usual (planning what- well wouldn’t you like to know)
  • but one night jeongguk calls you and he’s like “i know our anniversary is in a week or so- okay so maybe like eight days but i wanna give you my gift early if that’s okay?”
  • you are kinda shocked cause this bun here is king of procrastinating honestly and you thought he would honestly be late with his gift but early?? now that’s something you weren’t expecting
  • of course you say yes to him and tell him he can over the next day to chill and watch movies and eat chinese carry out with you (speaking of which…)
  • you being the wonderful and caring lover that you are already have his gift (probably like one of those fancy watches bcuz guys seem to like watches for some reason?? and idk what couples even do irl so its a watch from you)
  • but you’re curious to why he wanted to celebrate a week earlier like what’s the point??
  • you know they don’t have a tour or promotions going on like what’s the big deal??
  • he’s always pretty open about anything he’s up to, he just seems pretty straightforward so you’re almost worried something bad has happened and he doesn’t wanna tell you about it
  • like maybe something is going down with his family and he needs to rush back there to help out?
  • but why wouldn’t he tell you that?
  • so you just kinda wait to see what happens
  • the night comes and you’re in pajamas, he’s in pajamas
  • cause jeongguk is young and a laid back type kid i don’t think he would want to be stuffy and formal for a anniversary (until it gets to marriage or something honestly) so you two are chilling over at your place (cause babe still is too shy to ask you to move in just yet yikes) with your carry out that you pick up on time and tipped the cashier for because that is how people make livings thanks
  • and he’s laughing at you because your chopsticks skills are nothing compared to his and he’s rude like that and he pinches your nose with the chopsticks too honestly like could he get more salty??
  • and you two are watching some dorky man anime like naruto or something horrific like psycho pass dear god there is no in between
  • and you’re wearing his sweatshirt as a pajama shirt and he’s taking like seventy two million pics of you but then he gets serious
  • “hey can we do gifts now”
  • and he has this cute speech about how he loves you so much and how he’s so happy to be with you and you tear up but then okay
  • gifts
  • he loves the watch okay but the point of this post is hawaii so you get the tickets and your eyes go wide and you give him this look and he’s oh shit did i do something wrong?? but you just tackle him in a hug
  • okay okay but now we talk about getting there
  • they’re flying obv and the airport is a wreck cause while they tried to keep everything under wraps well this fandom has their ways (smh) and jeongguk is really overprotective of you he shields you like no he is not casually holding your hand he is shielding you with his entire body and he’s managing to carry a cute stuffed panda pillow too it works nice
  • but you guys finally board and he’s making sure you’re okay and not hurt or scared and you just kiss his nose “hey i’m fine, i had you to protect me, remember that?” and he just blushes and smiles
  • would be the type to want window seat but then sees the look on your face and he just moves aside
  • would share earbuds with you so you could listen to the same song and would hold your hand too
  • but then he wants to play piano tiles and so much for the romance
  • jin sits directly behind you guys to make sure you behave even though jeongguk is a small child jin is just #paranoid
  • it’s such a long flight and he falls asleep on you and he sleep talks about how cute you are and how much he loves you and hoseok and yoongi end up recording it and probably take pictures for the scrapbook they have dedicated to you two
  • okay but you land and it’s so warm and sunny and you can smell the sea and the flowers and you just inhale and close your eyes to enjoy the moment and jeongguk is hugging you from behind and wow cute cute cute
  • ruins the moment with a pun though
  • you hit him and then head off to chill with joonie and yoongi in the bachelor entourage
  • you guys get to the resort and they have those big flowers right the pretty ones and these girls tuck them behind everyone’s right ears but then they get to you and jeongguk and they exchange looks and smirk and put them behind your left ears and it’s super cute and wonderful okay cause couple flowers!!
  • you guys have your own room like yoongi and hoseok share and joon and jin and then taekook but you two have your room and you have a beautiful view and once you unpack you flop on the bed cause wow this is a dream??
  • jeongguk isn’t paying attention to you though because “what do you mean there’s an active volcano nearby everyone knows that those things house lairs of evil villains, that’s basic scooby doo knowledge”
  • “im sorry am i dating a five year old”
  • he makes you watch scooby doo aloha on the plane btw
  • but there is seriously a lot of cool stuff you can do and imma list some of those things
  • one day you guys get surfboards becaue the water is clear and beautiful and you can see the bottom unlike the nasty atlantic ocean over here yikes and you two just paddle out pretty far and lay on your bellies and hold hands and see who can find the cuter sea creatures
  • like they just come on up to you like you could’ve sworn you just felt a fish and it’s so beautiful and you two just stay out there for hours and enjoy all of creation
  • and another day you go snorkeling!! near the reefs and the coral and he probably accidentally grabs your butt like ten times cause he thought your bathing suit was a shell (nice try though)
  • but it’s so pretty and you two find starfish and squid once or twice and tons of fish you don’t know the names of and lots of shells?? and the sun reflects on the water and makes it so bright and warm and it’s so pretty
  • another day you go on a hike to explore more of the foresty area (seriously im getting all my hawaii knowledge from scooby doo work with here) like the rainforesty area and it’s guided ofc but he sees a bunch of strange birds and points out everyone “that’s you”
  • and hawaiian food probably is amazing and he’s always trying something new he has his face stuffed every five seconds and then tries to talk to you?? with food spilling from his mouth??
  • his favorite is the macadamia nut pie though and it’ll be like past midnight and you wake up to find him looking up memes on his phone and eating some pie in your bed??
  • no wonder there are crumbs everywhere smh
  • sone days though you two lay out on the beach though and just talk while the others mess around but more than likely he’ll drag you into the water
  • you guys play beach volleyball a lot and here comes shirtless jeongguk with his muscles and his strength and athleticism and they even put namjoon and hoseok on your team to balance things out but y’all still kill it
  • and by kill it i mean you stare at his muscles in awe while he spikes the ball near yoongi because he knows his hyung will not move to get the ball when it’s this hot out no sir
  • now that you think about he’s been shirtless an awful lot of this trip…
  • not that you mind
  • and the luau idk how to spell!!
  • but you guys get the leis? i think its spelled so sorry if not but anyway you all get some and you have your flowers and some native hawaiians teach you the traditional dance and all of you are so flattered because this is a big part of their culture they’re willing to share with you??
  • jeongguk picks it up super quickly and when you don’t he guides you step by step and teases you for being a slow learner (teases jin and namjoon more though yikes)
  • lots of morning you two lay in bed and just listen to the waves crash against the shore
  • but some morning you get up at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise together and he kisses you all over and he’s such a sap
  • you two end up burying yoongi in sand while he naps
  • you spend the rest of the night hiding down in the dining hall of the resort under a table or something because yoongi has a fork and he is not afraid to drive it through your hand
  • he would probably spend so much money like without jin hovering over him he’s like yah i think i do need this twenty dollar keychain even though i dont have a car therefore zero keys for it
  • and you kinda babe please
  • but he buys you stuff too!!
  • and like the innerkid he is he finds shells on the beach for you and picks the prettiest ones for you and he’s so cute with his little pail running around the beach and he probably trips and falls and you have to come save him
  • he would push you around on an innertube in the ocean and then try to convince you there’s a shark nearby but he ends up scaring hoseok instead oops a daisy
  • but also pushes you over in the inner tube and laughs as you flail and sputter
  • then proceeds to pick you up bridal style and carry you out of the water as if he just saved your life or something smh  
  • tries to convince you that you need mouth to mouth cpr
  • the resort probably has a talent show that he enters and he embarrasses all of you by dancing awfully and singing pretty poorly??
  • ends up winning?? because the judges thought he was cute??
  • pulls you up on stage and thanks you for being the inspiration for his performance and you blush and stammer as everyone claps and cheers
  • dude probably packed like two days worth of clothes so ends up wearing one of those white dad hawaiian shirts don’t act like you don’t know what this is
  • he looks awful and he has sandals and you refuse to go anywhere with him until he gets his act together
  • seriously glares at anyone who tries to hit on you and gets all riled up when some people are being overly friendly and the older boys just laugh at him “jeongguk that was the maid chill out”
  • oh you go ziplining too okay you go ziplining in the rainforest area and take pictures for sure and it’s so much fun
  • and you snuggle every single night before you go to bed and talk about your favorite part of the day or what your favorite memory from the day was or your favorite scene or whatever
  • late night adventures and you take a flashlight cause the ocean at night is so different than in the daytime and it’s so breathtaking and the sun is setting and it’s just you two and he kisses you long and hard
  • every morning when y’all head down to the beach he writes your name in a heart and smileys too
  • then adds some shells to make it even prettier!!
  • you do end up exploring near the volcano though cause there are some forests nearby and some caverns and jeongguk is convinced y’all are gonna anger some spirit and get all of you guys killed yikes
  • yoongi does not like that talk around his son (the cat who somehow managed to make the trip) and threatens to push jeongguk off the side of the waterfall or whatever
  • anyway it would be a lot of fun they would probably end up in a dance battle with nct and exo tho cause all these trips are planned at the same time alright
  • closing note he tries to kidnap a stingray to take home as your guy’s baby and then gets severely reprimanded by seokjin
  • also drags you around the entire main island to catch some rare water pokemon honestly what a riot
  • it would be a lot of fun though and you two would never have a break okay

My Name is Yao Hai. I was born in 1980, a year the Chinese government began to carry out the one-child policy. My parents were both farmers and primary school teachers. We lived in a very rural village called the Garden in Zhangye, Gansu. My uncle’s father used to travel and collect many ancient bamboo books, slips bound together in sequence with thread, each slip is a long narrow strip of bamboo carry a single column of brush-written characters. I used to borrow the books from my uncle and read them in my parent’s wheat field and sometimes at school. My primary school teacher begged me numerous times to lend the book to him for one day. I used to ignore him because I didn’t think he could understand any of the content written in ancient characters. But I did borrow to him once.  One morning before I went to school, I brought one of the book with me wrapped in my worn out shirt. One day all the books were gone. My uncle traded all the ancient books to a businessman for a few hundreds. The businessman collected antiques from village to village. I was too young to do anything.

There was a man in our village who had great drawing skill. Villagers were willing to pay as much as they could afford to get this man to paint on coffins. My father used to think that i could paint on coffins too at my age of 7 and since then he never worried what I could do for living.

In 1999, I made all the way from Garden to the capital city Beijing where the sky was always blue in posters. Shortly after my arrival, not only I did not expect the polluted air, I also realized education fuels with bureaucracy and worship could ruin one’s consciousness.   

A few days ago, I wrote on my studio floor in Bushwick. An artist came to ask if my calligraphy was real characters or fake. I guess it doesn’t really matter.

My name is Yao Hai.

56 Bogart Street, Bushwick, New York