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Seungri speaking English on Vlive & asking the caller if she’s from North Korea….


so the dance majors at my uni did a cover of bang bang bang

it’s kind of amazing

(watch off mobile to see annotations on the diff dance types)

To save your Chinese language woes

I have a feeling that 90% of this small English Nirvana in Fire (琅琊榜) fandom are ABCs struggling with their Chinese people with some Chinese language skills, but not enough to feel comfortable heading straight into the Chinese fandom/ read Chinese fic/ read the original novel.

I strongly recommend that you get a Chinese dictionary extension for your browser.

There are plenty around, but this is the one I use and it has served me well.

Perapera Chinese Popup Dictionary:

It looks like this on your browser:

You can use it to browse Lofter (the Chinese tumblr, where there are lots and lots of Chinese fics):

You can even use it to tackle the original Chinese novel:

Let me know if this is helpful! 

war is peace.

the Korean War became a proxy war in the larger Cold War involving the US, USSR and then newly-Communist China. although the Cold War remained ‘cold’ in the sense that a feared nuclear confrontation didn’t materialise, it was a no less destructive conflict for those caught in the way.

from 琅琊榜 (Nirvana in Fire)….. I finished the last couple episodes today and should have watched it at home, because I bawled…. like five times…

highly recommend this drama… I havent seen something so epic and genius and tragic for a million years. I dont remember the last time I felt so moved by pure loyalty and friendship in a series, even “after” death and in death… 

this drawing is what I wish should have happened ;_; 

林殊你笨蛋!!!! ;;;;_____;;;;


160409 Top Chinese Music Awards
Roughly translated excerpt from Han Geng’s acceptance speech:

Today I heard that Mr. Lee Soo Man is also here (at this event), as well as [he lists a couple of SM staff and Kangta], are all here. Therefore, I hereby especially thank Mr. Lee Soo Man, because I believe he allowed me to be on this stage, allowed me to become a singer, become an actor. Without him, I don’t think I would be able to come on this stage today. Therefore, at this place, ‘thank you, Mr. Lee Soo Man’ (Han Geng bows).

Note: Han Geng won three awards today: “Best Male Singer,” “Best All-Around Artist,” and one for “I Don’t Give a Shit.” Lee Soo Man was there with Kangta, EXO, and NCT, and had been on that same stage earlier in the night to receive an award for “Best Producer in Asia.” The SM manager who was one of the people who helped select Han Geng to join the company, helped him out a lot during his early years with SM, and who was the only person Han Geng had publicly mentioned as someone he regretted not being able to let know beforehand about filing the lawsuit and leaving South Korea, was also there.