chinese bang

mom : who is oppa?

mom : why are you crying?

mom : they all look the same.

mom : what do you mean he’s 22, he looks 15

mom : what does he need to stop?


mom : oh god…


mom : deja de escuchar esa música de chinos


ID #24193

Name: Alan
Age: 19
Country: China

well, i’m in my first year of college and always looking forward a pen pal. i like to exchange my experience with you. i like to travel (i’ve been traveled lot of domestic places ) i like to read (mostly novels ) i like american series (GOT, House of cards, bigbang theory, balabala) i also like movies ….but i believe we can talk more than these .

Preferences: i hope we can talk with english unless you wanna learn Chinese…

from 琅琊榜 (Nirvana in Fire)….. I finished the last couple episodes today and should have watched it at home, because I bawled…. like five times…

highly recommend this drama… I havent seen something so epic and genius and tragic for a million years. I dont remember the last time I felt so moved by pure loyalty and friendship in a series, even “after” death and in death… 

this drawing is what I wish should have happened ;_; 

林殊你笨蛋!!!! ;;;;_____;;;;

war is peace.

the Korean War became a proxy war in the larger Cold War involving the US, USSR and then newly-Communist China. although the Cold War remained ‘cold’ in the sense that a feared nuclear confrontation didn’t materialise, it was a no less destructive conflict for those caught in the way.


Seungri speaking English on Vlive & asking the caller if she’s from North Korea….