chinese aviation


The image is of the captured p-51 fighter “Evalina”. I believe it was captured over China by the IJA. 

“I had such confidence with this P-51 that I feared no Japanese fighters.” 

-Yasuhiko Kuroe

The Japanese’s impression of the Mustang was that it was an excellent all-round aircraft with no major fault and excellent equipment. The absence of oil leaks was surprising to most, as all Japanese engines leaked to some extent. Several pilots were invited to fly the fighter. Among them was Yohei Hinoki, one of the first to shoot down a Mustang in November 1943. (A few days later, he himself was shot down by a Mustang and lost a leg. Eventually returning to combat with an artificial leg, he ended the war with a dozen victories): 

Temeraire 30 day challenge - Day 3

3. Favourite female human character

Jane Roland, forever and always. Ultimate role model and Queen of the aerial corps. 

Seriously, you’ve got to be kick-ass to become an Admiral in 1800′s patriarchy-ruled Britain. 

I wish there were more female characters to pick from. The ones that are in the books are all perfect and well-rounded characters, there just aren’t as many. Like I’d wish a Chinese aviator had joined the group, given how China’s entire aerial corp is employed by women. (And Laurence and co. adopt someone from every continent they visit. It would have been perfect).


The Chinese (PRC) AVIC TA-600 amphibious flying boat, one of the very few modern aircraft of this type to see the light of day, which is alleged to be the biggest to see mass-production, with an estimated 60 units to be completed in 15 years. 

It’s interesting to note that nowadays, only Canada (Canadair), Russia (Beriev), Japan (ShinMaywa) and China still produce this type of aircraft, other countries either passing them out completely, or simply converting existing small general aviation planes to this role with the use of floats. 

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