chinese architechture

Under the summer heat: A doorway in Wat Pho, Phra Nakhon [More Bangkok] [More Two Baht Coin Travels]

Two teenagers in canvas shoes got off the river boat and walked into the angelic spotlight of blazing sun reflecting off the white stone walls that lined the street. Two Bangkok residents but really two tourists, my best friend and I, and the shimmering heat was tempered only very slightly by the small gusts of wind - in an ideal world, we would be taken so completely by the temples that towered on either side of us that the heat wouldn’t bother us at all, and with exhilirating wonder we would lose ourselves amongst the picturesque gold-framed elaborate Chinese-Thai architechture of Wat Pho. But of course it’s not an ideal world, and we walked through the glimmering jeweled archways straight out into a 7-11 to get air-conditioning and ice-cream. 

That was a day of freshly cut watermelon on the street, getting lost around democracy monument looking for the best pad thai store in Bangkok (which was closed), eating at my favorite Thai restaurant but ordering all the spicy food and forgetting that my best friend couldn’t eat any, finding small run down houses to photograph and walking up the temple of the golden mount under the quivering thin leaves of pink flowers and the gathering layer of rainclouds pierced with slahes of falling sunlight. As I populate this blog with missed moments, my two baht coin travels in my favorite city are the moments I miss most.