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As a follow up to this post, I made a few new designs and then added these stickers to my Etsy shop!

Thought I might as well make some crystal stickers while I’m at it too!

The skulls are of a Chinese water deer, red fox, stag, bearded dragon, tiger and a Griffon vulture.

A5 prints of each individual skull as well as a A4 / A5  group shot and crystal print are available also! It’s free UK shipping and international postage is available :D


Been messing around with ideas for enamel pins.. even though I could never afford to get these made into pins ;-; I will, however, be making them into prints, stickers and possibly patches - as well as continuing the series with other animal skulls! All will be made available through my etsy shop in the near future :0

The skulls are a tiger, chinese water deer and a bearded dragon.

These are also transparent, ooooo!

Marching into the new year with confidence ;)

Happy Lunar New Year ‘17!

Animals 动物 (dòng wù) (part1)
  • Pet -宠物 (chǒng wù)

Cat :猫 (māo) 

Bird :鸟 (niǎo) 

Dog :狗 (gǒu) 

Gold fish :金鱼 (jīn yú) 

Parrot  :鹦鹉 (yīng wǔ)

Rabbit  :兔子 (tù zī)

Tortoise :乌龟 (wū guī)  

  • Domesticated animals - 家养动物 (jiā yǎng dòng wù) 

Bull :公牛 (gōng niú)

Camel :骆驼 (luò tuo) 

Calf :小牛 (xiǎo niú) 

Chicken :鸡 (jī) 

Chick :小鸡 (xiǎo jī) 

Cow :母牛 (mǔ niú) 

Donkey :驴 (lǘ) 

Duck :鸭子 (yā zi) 

Goat :山羊 (shān yáng)

Goose :鹅 (é) 

Honey bee :蜜蜂 (mì fēng)

Horse :马 (mǎ) 

Lamb :小羊 (xiǎo yáng)

Ox :牛 (niú) 

Pig :猪 (zhū) 

Rooster :公鸡 (gōng jī)

Sheep :羊 (yáng) 

Turkey :火鸡 (huǒ jī)

Yak :牦牛 (máo niú) 


In the early 20th century, it was believed by western scientists that the only giant amphibians in the world were the Chinese and Japanese giant salamanders.  Therefore, the discovery of the goliath frog in 1906 came as a bit of a shock.  

quantifier  (part 2)


只(zhī)  匹(pǐ)  头(tóu)   条(tiáo)
dog  一只狗  gǒu
bird    一只鸟    liǎo
monkey   一只猴子   hóu zi
chicken   一只鸡    jī
elephant   一只大象   dà xiàng
sheep   一只羊    yáng
cat   一只猫   māo
mouse  一只老鼠   lǎo shǔ
butterfly   一只蝴蝶  hú dié
bug, insect. 一只虫 chóng
horse   一匹马   mǎ  
cattle   一头牛    niú
donkey一头驴   lǘ
mule   一头骡   luó
leopard    一头豹子   bào zi
snake一条蛇   shé
fish  一条鱼  yú
worm  一条虫   chóng


actual headcanon:

After settling on the surface, Sans and Alphys became lab buddies and they often brainstorm ideas together for miscellaneous projects… and the robots. Upon having different robots other than Mettaton, they decided that there must be a more efficient and “fun” way to clean them, externally.


mad dummy robot doesn’t wanna take a bath

anonymous asked:

Tell us...what's the petty thing for your painting

Oh ahaha it’s so stupid but it deals with my birthday and the chinese calender.
When i was super little i was told that my chinese calender year’s animal or whatever was the golden dragon (i was born in January 2000) and that was really important to me for some reason? I tended to use it as a base for developing who i was (subconsciously of course lol i was hardly aware i was doing that at the time) so i identified really really strongly with it and it became a quiet yet LARGE part of who i was (and am still lol)
Basically though around last year or maybe two years ago i found out that i wasn’t a golden dragon! I was born too early in the year so according to the calender i’ve been a rabbit this entire time!!!
I brushed it off but internally it was a tremendous shake to who i thought i was! I felt like a lot of my life had been a lie (obviously it isnt even close to that level of severity but i tend to dramatize things a LOT especially internal things lmfao) Eventually i realized like.. it doesn’t really mean anything but i am still slightly shaken by it LMFAO.
basically the painting is a representation of like “Um this isn’t me i’m still this thing i’ve deeply identified with and ingrained into my personality for all of my life” It’s stupid but i thought it would be fun to paint lol.
Also the sun in the background is supposed to allude to an event that occurred on my birthday in 2014. There was some sort of like.. idk some kind of fire or forest fire or something (it was really rwally large but thankfully i was at a safe distance from it) and there was an enormous trail of smoke that went across the sky (not covering it but still thick.) It covered the sun and gave the illusion that the sun was red!! I don’t know the science behind it but it struck me as being so funny (not in a “haha” way but like a “Huh i wonder why this happened on my birthday of all days” sort of way). Of course i fully understand it was a coincidence but i still feel it’s special in its own weird way.
BUT YEAH that’s the meaning behind it LOL