chinen idek


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this seems to be taken from a recent PV filming. I don’t know if it’s for this new song or CloveR or some other PV.

Shigeoka Daiki of Johnny’s West will play a student of Ryo’s in the upcoming “Gomenne Seishun”

Also, Kanjani8 will sing the drama theme song, titled “Itta Janaika” or “Told you, didn’t I” Lyrics by KudoKan, the drama scriptwriter and music composed by Mineta Kazunobu of Ging Nang BOYZ. This song would be a heartbreak song about the feelings of a boy dumped by a girl. An uptempo number befitting a girls and boys high school drama. Name(s) of K8 member will be in the talking part of the song. 

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Chinen will be a student of Maru’s Nuuubeee-sensei drama