i saw too-much-green​‘s chikorita subspecies post and wanted to do a luvdisc subspecies set in a similar way, so this is the water 2 egg group with luvdisc as the mother o3o

light luvdisc are found in the wild with lanturn and chinchou schools; their lights (cheek and eyebrow blob) don’t glow as bright as their fathers’ do.

neon luvdisc are popular with ace trainers - most neons are bred as they are very hard to find in the wild. like the light luvdisc, the neon’s pattern doesn’t glow as brightly as that of a lumineon.

it is rare to find trainers with whisker luvdisc, as they are pure water types unlike their whiscash parent. despite this, whisker luvdisc enjoy being in mud more than the sea.

pin luvdisc are very hostile, preferring to stay wild and not be trained.

king luvdisc are a hit among contest trainers for their striking scale pattern, making them one of the most popular subspecies of luvdisc.

caring luvdisc are quite common to find in the wild, looking after schools of young luvdisc. caring luvdisc prefer to be caught by young couples who have settled down.

torpedo luvdisc are popular with young trainers due to their cool looks. they do not have the rough skin or the ferocity of a sharpedo, which is seen as a bonus as they’re safer for youngsters to handle.

despite the name, ink luvdisc cannot produce ink themselves. they prefer not to be caught by trainers and stay in the wild with schools of inkay and malamar.

lord luvdisc is the largest luvdisc subspecies, and a favourite of children and pokéfans due to its cute appearance. it is often seen around port towns playing with children.

relic luvdisc live at the bottom of the sea and are rarely seen, choosing to stay with their relicanth parent in hiding rather than be caught by divers.

cannon luvdisc, like their octillery parent, can use its suction cups to stick to things. however, due to not having any tentacles or fins, they often get stuck and have to wait for other pokémon or trainers to detach them.

storm luvdisc follow around their gyarados parent, snapping at other pokémon who come close. they are quite vicious and are avoided by weak trainers.

rezby asked:

Thoughts on Ampharos (and their sheepy wooly babies) and Lanturn (and its tiny Chinchou baby)?

they are neat yes.

lanturn is nice! chinchou is “eh”. very forgettable and im not a fan of its design


Generation 2, aka Gold, Silver and Crystal were a veritable treasure trove of absurd pokemon designs. 

Ranging from Chinchou, which is a bell pokemon to the strangely phallic sudowoodo, the designs just kinda went everywhere. Some of the dumber ones to consider are 

Join us as we explore the stupid side of pokemon, and remember the dregs of the trubbish that Ken Sugimori designed for us.

foxgloveprince asked:

I HAVE TO NARROW THIS DOWN TO 2?? scrEAMS. uhHHH. DRAGON and ICE! (but also ground, steel, water, electric, psychic (i think!!), and fairy!! UR GR8 GOOD JOB AE)

omfg you’re a sweetie. LET’S SEE HOW MANY POKEMON I AM.

Ice: I want to be closer to you. 


Dragon: I think you’re amazing.

(Aw, shucks.)

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M!Anon celebrates Wallace's return by turning him into a Chinchou for 3 days, fishbowl included.

You see, it`s things like this that make me leave in the first place.


It`s wonderful to be back.