Abyss Training!    -Warning!- you need to go through the wilderness for a short time, so there is chance of bieng pk’d

For those who dont know about this amazing training ground, here it is and how to use it!

MAGIC - you can use ancient magics like the blood burst or blood barrage, both give amazing exp/hr, its recommended to use non degradeable armors to save cost, and to use legacy mode for 100% splash damage.

RANGE - you can use legacy or full manual here, and again, armor that doesnt degrade to save cost and extend the length of trips here. rangers will have to use chinchompas and an offhand crossbow to maximize exp/hr

MELEE - this one is a little more tedious, youll want to wear hybrid armor or armor that doesnt degrade, preferably bandos at least. now heres the kicker. your going to want to use a halberd or a noxious sythe and use the rs3 combat system, utilizing the Quake, Hurricane and Cleave abilities. some players use the meteor strike ability, i personally didnt use it, and the exp rate was amazing still.

its highly advised that you use any stat boosting potions, such as strength potions or better for the entire combat triangle, and for the melee and ranged tactics, its VERY advised to have a blood fury amulet or a bunyip to maintain health and minimize food usage.

Warning! - Players will try to lure you into the wilderness by trying to “buy” your spot, youll be asked to go to the middle to trade them, then they may suggest meeting in edgeville instead, from there, theyll say to meet them in the middle of the abyss again, players will attempt to run into the abyss again, only to get ambushed at the zamorak mage.