Pick up your Journal from Challenge Mistress Fara @ Burthrope

3-4th May: Slayer Weekend

  • Double Slayer Reward Points
  • 50% Bonus Slayer XP
  • Improved Drop Tables
  • Additional Charm Drops
  • Increased Ring of Wealth

10-11th May: Skiller Weekend

  • Double Experience and Reputation from Artistans Workshop
  • Better nodes and more points from Runespan
  • Even more Plunder from Pyramid Plunder (increased chance at ibis outfit)
  • Double enriched nodes for Divination (every 10 mins)
  • More persistent resources from fishing, woodcutting, divination and mining.
  • Big chinchompa Bonus xp

17-18th May: Mini Game weekend

  • Castle wars extra Tickets
  • Stealing creations, pest control, conquest and souls wars Double reward points.
  • Double credit boss kills in the Dominion tower.
  • Livid Farm double points

17th - 31st: Mini game weekend (Player owned Ports)

  • 30% more goods from port voyages
  • Extra Voyages every day.

26-1st June: Dungeoneering Week

  • Floors and sinkholes give Double Tokens
  • Sinkholes give 50% experience boost.