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after many years and lots of fandom changes i think it’s finally time to start fresh. i’ve spent a lot of time on this blog i’ve learned new things and been interested in so many different spheres and this blog has been with me through some of my most significant and formative years so far, so it’s pretty hard to finally bring it to a close but i’ll be starting anew over at @pinkpidgeon

and don’t worry I won’t be deleting this blog~ there’s still lots of useful references on here and just posts i like to revisit so it won’t be going anywhere

Thank you so much to the 913 people who’ve stuck around til now and all the masses of people who’ve come and gone over the years and changes. i’ve appreciated your support no matter how invisible and all the ways you’ve shaped my experience on this site and to certain extent my teenage experience. 

over at @pinkpidgeon i’m starting pretty much completely from scratch, no followers and no one i’m following. i’m not even really sure what kind of blog i’m looking to curate so i will be checking out every blog that follows me over there. as always my goal is to create a personal, appealing, safe place for me to spend some of my free time and then share some of that with others. So I’m asking you please if we are friends/mutuals and I don’t refollow you on this new account please don’t take it personally or think that it means we aren’t friends anymore!! just cause we don’t post about similar things anymore doesn’t mean we can’t be friends!! specifically for this scenario i’ve made chat/im available to everyone and of course the askbox will always be open like always.


ps. If you do follow me there don’t be alarmed if my url/themes/icon change in the next few months I’m still figuring things out!

Also spoilers, maybe?

Donnie is that one overprotective mom at the soccer game that wants to shut the whole game down because his kid tripped once on the field and isn’t even hurt. 

Except instead of his kid, it’s his crush, and instead of a soccer game, it’s a fight. 

He just wants to keep his beloved chinchilla safe and sound, but he has got to learn to let April do her own shit, he’s been doing this for seasons now. I get that he’s known her since before she could fight, so he still wants to protect her, but she’s come a long way. 

I like how he’s the one who told Raph to “not rain on her ninja parade”, but when shit gets real, Raph is the one who had to tell him to let April fight her own fights. 

Anyway, after all that, I couldn’t help but think that Donnie is going to be such an overprotective, doting daddy someday. 


Can you imagine the phone call Karai made to Shinigami to get her to come join her cause? 

“Hey girl, so remember my crazy dad? So some shit went down, his not my dad, he actually my enemy now, my real dad is actually a giant rat, and I’m gonna take over the city, you want in on this?”

I do love the fact that Karai is doing her own thing rather than just joining the turtles outright. 

things EXTROVERTS need to know about us INTROVERTS
  • Introverts act, look, smell, and sound like chinchillas. For all intents and purposes, we introverts are chinchillas. 
  • Introverts are very delicate creatures. If you so much as look at us funny, we will shit our pants and scream John Green quotes at you, because we have only ever read young adult fiction. 
  • We all have two assholes, right next to each other. Most E X T R O V E R T S only have one anus, so we’re pretty special. 
  • Introverts hiss at makeup because makeup because we are allergic to society’s standard of beauty. I have actually pooped myself in the cosmetic’s aisle of a grocery store on three separate occasions. 
  • Introverts have feelings, something extroverts cannot relate to as extroverts are high-strung robots incapable of feeling. 
  • If you do not look/dress/act like me, I will consider you the enemy. No netflix account? You can go ahead and SMEAR MAKEUOP ON YOUR FAcE. 
  • BbBbBbBbBBbbBBBBooooyyyyssssxzxzzz???? 

I got my order from @radio-silents and they’re soooo nice!!! the printing and paper is really lovely and she even included a little note!!! I’m so happy with it ^o^
i tried to find a better place to take a picture but my room is so messy because I’ve been sick :(


a cat cafe that collaborates with the local pet shelter so all the cats in the cafe are adoptable!

it makes room in the shelters, gets adoptable cats more exposure and chances to be adopted, and provides cats that would otherwise be spending there days in cages with lots of socialization and love!!!

this is such a good idea!! i want to do it so bad!!!

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This blog is completely filled with unauthorized reposts mainly from pixiv and twitter. It is no longer active but a lot of the posts are still circulating (some with 10k+ notes :/ )

The blog mainly reposted Haikyuu!! fan arts but they also have reposted NGE, Free!, MAGI, YowaPeda, and other fanarts so PLEASE keep an eye out and do not reblog posts by this user.

The user moved to another blog @kzs43 which appears to have been deleted since but it’s still a url to keep in mind incase there are still posts by them floating around