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Did Frank Lucas’ wife really buy him the fur coat and hat?

Frank Lucas fur coat and wifeYes. According to the American Gangster true story, it was Frank’s wife, Julie Lucas, who bought him the fur coat, which he at first thought was her new coat (BET, American Gangster). Frank is convinced that the chinchilla coat was what led the police to take note of him. The movie uses the $50,000 chinchilla coat and $10,000 matching hat in an attempt to show the pitfalls of being an over-flamboyant gangster. In real life, Lucas also spent $140,000 on a couple of Van Cleef bracelets. -New York Magazine

Did the fur coat really give him away?

“No,” Richie Roberts said in an interview. “Law enforcement knew of him. Frank doesn’t believe that, but law enforcement certainly knew of him and his people. But certainly it brought a lot more attention onto him, that coat. You don’t go around showing that kind of money when the people who are trying to arrest you are making in those days $25,000 a year, and you’re showing a coat that’s like five years salaries. It gets these guys a little angry. So, it was a bad mistake” (HOT 97 FM). Specifically, Richie is speaking of the flamboyant mistake that Frank made when he wore the chinchilla coat and hat to the March 8, 1971 Frazier vs. Ali fight at Madison Square Garden. The above picture of Frank Lucas and his wife Julie was taken on the night of the fight. The detectives in attendance noticed Frank, whose seats were closer than those of the Italian Mafia (BET, American Gangster series).

Snejana Onopka
“I am the greatest thing to happen to the fashion industry.” — Snejana Onopka “Why should it surprise anyone that I don’t walk for many designers? Today, fashion loves the plain girls. Where would I fit in? Nowhere. That is like putting a fine Russian fur next to a dirty sock.” — Snejana Onopka “You’re so pretty, you’re so beautiful, gorgeous, lovely” Blah blah blah. Okay so you’re not blind.“
— Snejana Onopka "Once you get to know me, I’m really not that nice." 
— Snejana Onopka - In response to being called bitchy "I’m gonna get twins. Tease their hair at age 3, buy them their first chinchilla coat at age 5, teach them the art of treachery at age 10. They’ll be spoiled Russian Stunners. The American dream." 
— Snejana Onopka Interviewer: These days your annual income is about 300,000 euros. What do you spend it on? 
Snejana: Well first of all, I earn a lot more than what you said. "My favorite artist would have to be God, because he created me and I am a masterpiece.” 
— Snejana Onopka “If you want to spot me, my apartment is on Rue du Platre. I’m usually shaking my *** in the window. Come say Hi” 
— Snejana Onopka “I got out of the shower one day and caught a glimpse of my nude wet body in the mirror and thought “any man would be lucky to have me.”” 
— Snejana Onopka “I’m not a food enthusiast. Vodka and sex sustain me just fine.” 
— Snejana Onopka

Which Beyoncé Song Matches Your Zodiac Sign?


You got: “Diva”

Arians are outspoken, just like Queen Bey on this unapologetic anthem. Your energetic and confident personality makes you a fierce leader. And as the No.1 diva in the game, you like to be the centre of attention.


You got: “Halo”

Just like Halo, Taurus are spiritual, warmhearted and have an eye for beauty. You’re loyal to the ones close to you, and everyone wants you around.


You got: “Grown Woman”

Team Gemini are extremely independent and you can do whatever you want! Your playful personality is infectious, and you’re pretty good at communicating too, just like Bey getting her point across on this FIYAH track.


You got: “Ring The Alarm”

The Crab is known to be insecure and prone to suspicion. And because one of your key traits is loyalty, questions of trust do NOT go down well. If and when you get your way, you can be damn sure nobody gon’ be rocking your chinchilla coats!


You got: “Run The World”

The Lion makes a great leader: Both fearless and powerful. Any task that you set your mind to will be completed… including world domination. And though some may find you domineering, your persuasion can build a goddamn nation.


You got: “Flaws And All”

Virgos have a constant craving for perfection and can be overcritical. On occasion, you will need someone to see potential in all of your flaws and motivate you. In spite of that, you are BRILLIANT… just like fellow Virgo Bey!


You got: “Love On Top”

Libra doesn’t crave independence, instead putting a strong emphasis on being involved in a partnership. And you’re easy to love, just like this catchy song! You are idealistic and can’t say no to a bit of romance.


You got: “Why Don’t You Love Me?”

Jealousy and obsession are trademark Scorpio traits, and if life throws a curveball, you do NOT sulk and NEVER give up. “Why?” is probably your favourite word, because you want to know EVERYTHING.


You got: “Single Ladies”

Independence is key to a Sagittarius, and you wait for NO ONE. You can get very restless if your current adventure is not fulfilling. Thanks to your active nature, you can channel that restless energy into a killer project.


You got: ”***FLAWLESS”

You’re ambitious, hard working and never lose sight of your goals. Capricorns are literally ***FLAWLESS. You take some time to live life, and your patience ends up rewarding you with much better things. YAAAASSS!


You got: “Drunk In Love”

Aquarians are unique and brilliant with words, just like this double-entendre-loaded SMASH. You can also be very unpredictable and rebellious people. “How the hell did this sh*t happen?” is a question you ask yourself daily.


You got: “XO”

A true Pisces is a sensitive and tender being. Your escapist nature might be a slight downfall, but your willingness to go out of your way to create light from darkness for the ones your love makes you a perfect addition to anyone’s playlist.