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Have you seen the robe thing that Taylor Swift wore at the Victoria's Secret fashion show this year? It reminds me of your Aminta dressing gown :D

Isn’t that just peachy? I came up with this design almost six months ago, but none of that actually matters until someone established comes up with it. Here’s proof I’ve got a solid vision guys. 

But no one with money will actually back me. 

Everything is so fucking great right now. 

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psssst RANDOM QUESTION! I hope you don't mind (I'm kinda curious)...what are your thoughts on Alexander McQueen?



I think his designs are amazing and he’s able to strike my personal favorite balance of really far fetched designs that at the core are still classically stunning, yes he’s very avant garde, and this does not take away from that because his runway stuff manages to be crazy and classic and the same time and that is highly, highly admirable. Definitely on my list of favorite designers.

In fact, back when I was at the Phantom shop, a bunch of the drapers encouraged me to go and look at the Savage Beauty exhibit they had at the Met and I just remembered all these people who I held as THE epitome of talent costume makers were absolutely gushing about the tailoring on his pieces and that was the moment I was sold.

…and then of course I was sold again after seeing the exhibit.

ALRIGHT! Here goes:

Cast for (possible) All-Female Phantom Of The Opera

Erik: ladaae (1st Cover Erik: itsnicolenotnicola) (2nd Cover Erik: yetyoursoulobeys)

Christine: kristilg (1st Cover Christine: wordswillonlyserve) (2nd Cover Christine: stellacrystal)

Raoul: musicalnut (Cover Raoul: iaga)

Firmin: leroux-n-furter

Andre: erikspizzarolls (1st Cover Andre: piedrasplatas) (2nd Cover Andre: stuckinloveagain)

Meg: paper-faces-worlds-away (1st Cover Meg: amberangel112) (2nd Cover Meg: iamthecakefairy)

Madame Giry: chinatown84

Carlotta: latac

Piangi: prettylittlepandabear

Buquet: icantrememberwhereiputmyglasses (Cover Buquet: collecting-data)

Auctioneer: phantomslittledevil

Please remember this was on a 1st-come-1st-served basis so NO FIGHTS PEOPLE!! All parts can have up to 2 covers. Also, at this stage I’m gonna try not to give people more than one thing unless no one else wants to join it. Otherwise it’s just denying others the chance. 

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For the AP theory anon - find a/the chart/diagram that shows just about all the possibilities for chord progressions in major and minor, MEMORIZE IT. It is unbelievably helpful. Make sure you know your nonchordal tones and SATB voicing rules. And, in the end, just remember that it's a difficult test that's graded pretty easily. I'm sure you'll do great!

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what are your thoughts on the costumes in OUAT?

Honestly, I used to really love them (and there’s a ton of OUaT fanart in my tag to prove it). I was a big fan of Regina’s Apple as Red as Blood gown, Mulan’s Armor, Emma’s gown from Charming’s dream sequence, and a handful of others things but I feel as if the overall look has come off as a bit uninspired in the last season or so. 

I know that they don’t have the biggest budget, so a lot of the background characters (and the occasional piece for the main character) have store-brought items, and it’s at its most glaringly obvious during the ball scene in the season finale. 

But it really feels like not only have they they put less effort into masking the “modern-ness” of the purchased items, but that their custom made pieces for Snow and Regina (and now Emma) are less inspired than ever before. I touched on this when making the post on the GoT costumes, but costume design is more than just pretty dresses, it’s also designing in accordance with the world your characters are set in. And when I see some of these gowns, I just get ‘modern designer puts old world spin on modern pieces,’ and it SHOULD feel like the costumes look as if they were styles that exist completely in and of the Enchanted Forest.

These are all really pretty and I love how much thought and detail was put into the design:

This is really pretty but also really uninspired:

This is one of the ones I was thinking of when I say a lot of it feels very modern:

ALSO Belle is not Ruby and they need to remember that distinction when they style her in Storybrooke, because those 7 inch stilettos and really short tight skirts are causing me a world of cognitive dissonance.

At the end of the day, this is all just my opinion.