Feeling the Culture.

Hans Solist. Trubz_93 . Hyper_Won

7th St @ Webster in Oakland, Ca

These three artists came together for the SF Meeting of Styles hosted by Mission Art 415 and did this small production on the fly when the Dragon School provided the wall space in Oakland Chinatown. The dragon was already there so they included it in the design. Notice the lanterns, lily pads, fish that form the U. Great fun watching them paint this.

Nice remembrance to Anemal who died 1 year ago just as this event kicked off last year.

They are all on Instagram with those names.

“All my mental problems get highly exacerbated by grass, but I figure– when in Rome. Or in this case, when in Chinatown with a Nigerian super, right? So I take a puff and zoom! I am off! I’m at warp speed, baby! Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto– see ya fellas! I’m in the nether regions of space and it’s like being back in the womb again. All my Oedipal things come back to me. I’m in the mother of space and I see these green dots! These green dots are coming to me. But they are not green dots. They’re little aliens. And they say, ‘who are you’? And I say, 'I’m Harper Gail. I do monologues.’ 'Oh like plays?’ 'Not really.’ 'Oh, so like standup comedy?’ 'You know, i–it–you–’ 'well that doesn’t sound very good.’ And they put me in this giant space cannon and they shoot me back to Earth and zoom! And voom. I’m back. Nine hours have passed. I’ve been curled up on the floor the entire time.”