72 Hours of Weibo: May 15th-18th

By: John Roberts

A selection of Sina Weibo’s trending topics and viral campaigns of the last three days

1. Narendra Modi and Li KeQiang pose for selfie

As we’ve mentioned before, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently joined Weibo to complement his diplomatic tour of China. He’s been an active poster, gaining himself an online following and definitely getting Chinese netizens talking about Chinese/Indian relations.

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I forgot how big planes are when you fly over the ocean!

When we went to China in high school our orchestra basically filled a plane like this. I remember walking around during a lot of one flight, sleeping sprawled all the way across the four seats in the middle, and also throwing things at my friend in another row. If anyone on that plane wasn’t associated with our youth orchestra, I feel bad for them.

Alipay Partnership Opens up 800 Million Chinese Users for the International Tourism Market

On November 5th, Alibaba’s online payment arm, Alipay, launched a partnership with Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP), the private network run by airlines like Air New Zealand, Delta, Aero Mexico, Qantas, and Japan Airlines. Alipay, China’s leading 3rd party online payment platform, has 800 million users, which means 800 million potential Chinese tourists can now make travel arrangements abroad without a credit card. 

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On the way to #Shanghai #上海 to meet up with the rest of @micappella with a new streak of color in my hair courtesy of Leslie #PrivateHairStudio . Looking forward to seeing our awesome friends and fans in #China !

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Shuhe Old Town par China Tours
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Shuhe Old Town is one of the oldest settlements of Naxi ancestors. The best time to visit It is peak season from May to October. However, in peak season, the place will be a bit touristy. Luckily, it is beautiful all year round. Scenic spots Qinglong Bridge Qinglong Bridge is thought to be the… <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”></a>


The Hulunbuir Prairie is located at the western foot of the Greater Xing’anling Mountains, near China’s border with Russia and Mongolia. Natural grassland occupies 80% of the whole area, making it the richest big prairie in China. The area is home to Hulun Lake, one of China’s largest freshwater lakes.

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High-speed Trains Available in Huangshan and Guiyang par China Tours
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China has been taking a lot effort to build a high-speed train network all over the country. Good news for tourists who would like to visit Mt.Huangshan, Wuyi Mountain and Guiyang: High-speed trains between Shanghai and Mt.Huangshan, Wuyi Mountain, Guiyang will be available on July 1st this… <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”></a>