chinati hot springs


Resident Cat - Mamiya NC1000 and Ektar 100

So, this is a funny story. At Chinati Hot Springs, there’s this cat. I can’t remember its name now, but I remember its personality. One Night Ana and I came across him, and then he sort of became attached to us. He followed us around meowing. We eventually had to say goodnight, but not until he got his fair share of attention. The next morning it was the same thing. When we had packed the car to leave, and began pulling out, I saw him in my side mirror, running behind us, mouth open with a big meow coming out. I don’t think I’ve liked a cat more than this one.


Drastic Changes - Mamiya NC1000 and Ektar 100

The drive from Marfa to Chinati Hot Springs on a backroad that runs though Pinto Canyon Ranch. It starts out on high plains, then drops down rather suddenly into this massive canyon. You travel through that for a while, and then it opens up to the Rio Grande river valley. It’s a pretty spectacular drive, but definitely in need of high ground clearance or skid plates, or both.