HamilTalia Cast List

I have a Hamilton!Hetalia cast that I am about to list. Bear with me.

Hamilton: 1p!America
Burr: 1p!Cuba
Laurens: 1p!Spain
Lafayette: 1p!France
Mulligans: 1p!Romano
Washingtion: 1p!Prussia
Madison: 2p!Canada
Jefferson: 2p!America 
Charles Lee: 1p!China
King George: 1p!England
Samuel Saburey: 2p!England
Eliza: Nyo!France
Angelica: Nyo!Prussia
Peggy: Nyo!Spain
Theodosia (Wife): Nyo!Canada
Theodosia (Child): Seychelles
Maria Reynolds: 2p!Nyo!France
James Reynolds: 2p!France
Phillip: 1p!Canada
Eacker: 2p!Italy

-Originally, I wanted Prussia to be Mulligans, but I needed a country that’s sort of a leader, old, and also dead to be Washington
- I’m not sure how old each of the BTT countries are, but I’m presuming that Spain may be the youngest, so Nyo!Spain has been put as Peggy
-Nyo!Canada’s old husband is still undecided, but it could be one of the other UK bros
- I chose Cuba as Burr, because his relationship with America kinda fits perfectly if you describe it simply enough. They’re friends at first, then stuff happens, and they’re no longer friends
-1p!Canada is Phillip because he knows French, and he’s just as precious
-I have nothing against 2p!Italy, I’m just running out of characters. He could be 2p!Cuba, because of a headcanon of mine, but for now it’s 2p!Italy

EDIT: Theadosia (Child) Is now Seychelles!

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