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Meant to Be (Taeyong - NCT)

Requested by: @kookiexdae

Word Count: 2155

Inspired by BTS Serendipity and DNA

* Note: In case you haven’t noticed already, I have a strange habit of twisting requests into weird prompts for myself. For this scenario I thought it would be kinda cool to make it a modern soulmate thing where you find your S/O via DNA. I apologize in advance if it’s not what you wanted.

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anonymous asked:

u have to admit that while magnus/alec do get some unnecessary shit from anti malec stans, this giftset [candyumbrella. tumblr. com/post/173857126171/alecs-one-many-lines-of-inconsistent] does show that hey maybe they might have some point

  • candyumbrella is a Jace / Alec / J@lec stan, who last year, before the whole homophobia scandal came to light, said that everyone in the fandom loves Jace and everyone in the fandom would’ve loved if Jace and Alec got together.
  • candyumbrella is that person who keeps writing pathetic and delusional series of meta about Jace and Alec paralleling Ted and Robin from HIMYM (the show they hold to some high standards. Ironically the show was incredibly Anti-Asian, and generally was very white and not great at representing the few characters of color they had in the background) and who said that they see Magnus as Ted’s dead wife. 
  • candyumbrella is the person who sees Magnus as nothing but a “prop” to Alec, who sees him as a China doll stereotype and who sees Malec as nothing more than a Madama Butterfly scenario (that meta was written specifically about that person and their jaylick clique last year). And they always saw Malec like that
  • They posted a similar gifset like that last year saying that Alec doesn’t care about Magnus, because he tortured Magnus in Val’s body. And when people confronted them about being hypocritical, they admitted that they don’t care about Magnus and only care about Alec. 
  • candyumbrella said that they don’t want to settle for Malec when there’s so much “passion” between Jace and Alec. You know, it’s funny considering that Jace and Alec are both portrayed by het men, one of whom is homophobic, who don’t have a task to play romantic feelings, who are not playing romantic feelings, but people still see “sexy passion” in their scenes and refuse to see chemistry between a canon IR MLM. I wonder why…
  • There is a group of jaylicks like candyumbrella, laufire (the author of this meme), and people who associate with them, who want to ship their homophobic fanon white slash, but also want to be seen as “woke”. So, in order to make their white fetishy ship “superior” (they actually use word “superior” referencing Jaylick) they discredit Malec at any chance they get. So they constantly frame Magnus as a Chinadoll. They see Magnus as inferior to Alec. And constantly gaslight about Malec being “unequal match” (the “equal” match is obviously J@lec). They are constantly being Anti-Asian. And I personally know several Asian fans who confronted them but were talked over by these people.  

You can find all receipts that prove everything I said above on their own blogs under the tag “anti-malec”. I have them blocked, so I don’t want to go to their blogs and touch that racist dirt they spew on Magnus even with a ten feet pole.

There’s a difference between racist gaslighting and actual critique. What these people are doing is the first. 

But one thing is true. Jamie Gorenberg’s colorblind writing did fuel their racism even more. Jamie’s writing did give them reason to feel validated and justified in their Anti-Asian racism

Anyway. Anyone who supports candyumbrella and / or that gifeset – feel free to unfollow and block us. I for my part do not want to talk about these people and their racist gaslighting anymore. They really don’t deserve that kind of an attention.


The way we, as viewers / readers, see and interpret a work of fiction and fictional characters says about us, and our worldview quite a lot.

It’s not a coincidence that people, who go out of their ways to discredit Malec, eventually end up seeing Magnus as either a “manipulative predatory” Villain (Fu Manchu), or an “endlessly suffering” Victim (China Doll)

There really are no in-betweens. It’s like people just feel the need to strip Magnus of all of his complexity, and cage him in one of these two boxes of anti-Asian stereotypes.

And the funny thing is about these stereotypes is that they, like the double-edged-sword, work both ways. Alec stans, that perform various forms of mental gymnastics in order to paint Magnus as some evil!Asian that Sessue Hayakawa played in 1900s, whether they’re realizing or not, eventually end up painting Alec as some helpless white damsel from the Cheat. Effeminization of cis gay men is an old and tired stereotype.

Whereas Alec haters (pro-Magnus people), who keep demonizing him in his relationship with Magnus (again, there’s a fine line between a valid critique and blatant demonization), whether they intend it or not, end up “chinadolling” Magnus. Emasculization of Asian men have been perpetuated in Western subconsciousness for ages. It’s not cute, it’s counterproductive. It’s racist.

But the funniest out of the bunch are the self-proclaimed Alec / Matthew stans / J@lec shippers, who go out of their ways to deny Alec’s love for Magnus, to the point of discrediting Matthew’s acting skills … The thing is that these people end up describing not Alec, but Pinkerton from Madama Butterfly

The Madama Butterfly trope is racist and anti-Asian, it paints interracial relationships as some “dirty mésalliance”… but even within the story Pinkerton is never presented as the good guy. He is presented as a calculating and cynical racist. And if that’s how these Alec “stans” insist on seeing and interpreting Alec… it says a lot about their views.

Speaking of Alec stans, who have a strange way of showing their love. I have been seeing quite a lot of people justifying Alec’s keeping the Soul Sword secret by saying that he was motivated by the fear of him getting de-runed by the Clave. And while I can get where people are coming from, this interpretation also implies that Alec - a soldier, the Head of the Institute - is either some infantile coward, or a calculating cynic, who knowingly put his own self-preservation and career above the prospect of genocide of the entire dpwnworld race, above the life of the person he loves. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought that these people hated Alec. Alec doesn’t need haters, having “fans” like this.

What’s interesting, these kind of justifications, whether people realize it or not, also end up derailing the point about Clave’s systematic institutional racism, because they present Alec, the white Shadowhunter, as the “true” victim of the oppression, and not you know… the downworlders of color, as it is in the canon narrative.

anonymous asked:

Not only does my brain hurt, but so does my heart ;A; I'm actually holding myself back from crying. The Colonel got the worst of it, cause not only did he lose all of his dear friends (and possibly the love of his life?), he completely lost his mind. And seeing us come back to life, it's why Wilford is so trigger-happy: he actually believes that anyone he shoots will come back to life. Our resurrection is what made him snap. THIS HURTS ME. I AM NOT OKAY. -Chinadoll

Awww now I have feels. I didn’t even think of that!! Poor Wilford/Colonel.