2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Cast List


1. Adriana Lima - June 12, 1981 - Brazil

2. Alessandra Ambrosio - April 11, 1981 - Brazil

3. Behati Prinsloo - May 16, 1989 - Namibia

4. Candice Swanepoel - October 20, 1988 - South Africa

5. Lily Aldridge - November 15, 1985 - United States of America

6. Elsa Hosk - November 7, 1988 - Sweden

7. Jasmine Tookes - February 1, 1991 - United States of America

8. Josephine Skriver - April 14, 1993 - Denmark

9. Lais Ribeiro - October 5, 1990 - Brazil

10. Martha Hunt - April 27, 1989 - United States of America

11. Romee Strijd - July 19, 1995 - Netherlands

12. Sara Sampaio - July 21, 1991 - Portugal

13. Stella Maxwell - May 15, 1991 - Northern Ireland

14. Taylor Marie Hill - March 5, 1996 - United States of America

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Hiya everyone and happy early Christmas!!! We were thinking of making a secret Santa event in this blog until the 26th of December!! The event is simple; out of the top twenty characters that will be presented below, you guys will vote on…

Country A:  the one giving the present to..

Country B: the one receiving the present!

The votes will then be total up on the 23rd, and the top five countries with the most votes will feature on the 24th, 25th, and 26th!! The reactions will sure be different for each one ;) Vote on the characters through messaging us or commenting on the post or reblogging! Suggestions of gifts are fine as long as they are MESSAGED to us! We don’t want to spoil anyone ;) 

Here are the 20 countries!! (we’re trying to put other countries in the mix too) 

1) USA
2) England
3) France
4) Switzerland
5) Liechtenstein
6) Iceland
7) Lithuania
8) Seychelles
9) Mexico
10) Belarus
11) Hungary
12) Austria
13) Russia
14) Ukraine 
15) Portugal
16) Romano
17) China
18) Japan
19) Spain
20) Prussia

I like this coconut juice. It’s cheap and yummy and let me reiterate–so much cheaper than in America. We’re talking 2.5 yuan here.

When I first came to China, shopping was exciting and confusing and actually really overwhelming. My reading skills were non-existent. People in shops often crowd around you, hoping to help but often just leading you to decide to leave instead of browsing.

I thought it might be nice to create a little online database of sorts, filled with yummy/convenient/nice things that Peace Corps China volunteers have discovered. Of course, it’s fun to find things out on your own…but I’m curious about what everyone else is loving!

So. If you want to contribute to this venture, you can add your faves under #pcchinalikes here on tumblr, and I’ve also started the same hashtag on Instagram.

I hope my China PCV friends will be into this idea…I wanna learn what stuff you like at your site! Feel free to reblog this to let other PCVs in on the fun too :)

Life is life here. Every morning is no longer a gigantic novelty. I’m starting to just…live.

My apartment feels like mine. My street, my neighbors. My colleagues. I still remind myself “Hey, whoa! You’re in China!”. But it’s different now…it’s feeling very real.

For a while, I felt like I was surfing a giant wave of incredulity. Like, this can’t possibly be! And how different all of this is!

Every morning, we walk around the corner to a street where people have set up little food carts. And I no longer gawk and smile daftly as J tugs on my arm. I can dodge the motorbikes, buy a bag of bananas, and walk past stalls of butchered animal parts swinging from hooks. When people gape at me (which, let’s just face it, they do) I ignore it or smile back. And I’m trying my damnedest not to feel like a freak of nature. I stare too, so it’s all good.

We’re getting the hang of this China thing. But I still excitedly get J’s attention every time I see a new ridiculous t-shirt slogan….(ABSLOUT VDOKA)