What a lovely surprise!

I found this book shopping at my local independent bookstore (thumbs up!) and it was just sticking out the shelf. There was nothing too spectacular about the cover or even the summary of the book. But something said buy and I am so glad I did.

Clare, a student in London who just finished her exams to get accepted into college, moves with her mom to Ravensmere, an historic English estate. At Ravensmere, Clare is compelled to do things such as midnight walks and she is drawn to a man named Mark who is considered the badass in town.

The book was bit slow in the beginning but it got really good once you get past the first 2 chapters. Clare’s mother I didn’t like *Kanye Shrug*It felt like she was being a jerk for no reason. I mean there is a reason but by time they are a second day living at Ravensmere her fights were just pointless.

I loved the book so it gets a 9 out of 10. Quick read, love the detail, love the setting. I completely recommend it.