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How would the Allies react to having a really short, sweet and cute s/o, but if you tick said s/o off, they're literally the most intimidating person alive. Like, they're a cutie pie, but if you say or do one thing wrong, they become more terrifying than Russia and Sweden combined. Thanks!

Alfred (America)+ Francis (France)- Both of these guys would be kind of hesitant to approach their s/o if they saw that they were angry or upset with someone, partially out of fear. Not because they thought their s/o would ever hurt them, but just because they can’t handle how scary they are when they’re mad. However, they certainly wouldn’t be complaining if their s/o was on their side of an argument. 

Arthur (England)+Yao (China)- Arthur and Yao would both prefer an s/o like this (as long as they weren’t fighting with either of them). They’d be proud of how well their s/o can scare people off by themselves without help. Arthur might even try to convince them to use their intimidation against people he doesn’t like or those he himself is arguing with. 

Ivan (Russia)- Ivan is super intimidating already, so if his s/o was the same way, anyone who does anything wrong will get doubled team with two very, very terrifying people. He would be completely fine with this, and even a little happy that he’s dating someone that can meet his level of intimidation. If his s/o would act like this a lot though, he might get a bit tired of it, but only if it’s directed at him.

Online Gaming
  • America: heya guys, and thanks for coming to this new online game that me and C created!
  • England: 'Canada and I'.
  • America: fuck off. Anyways, so we made this game where we based the characters on everyone! We even have super cool moves and shit! And the point of the game is to fight each other until the enemy team dies! Let's start!
  • Canada: I'll be with Germany, Italy, and Japan to make it somewhat fair~
  • Japan: I'm ready- oh, they are us. Shall we choose ourselves?
  • Germany: I guess so.
  • England: okay, let's find the enemy team- oh, I see Italy.
  • Canada: Italy, how are you already there??
  • Italy: Gyaaahhhh!!
  • France: Let me get him with this move- what the??? Why are flowers surrounding me??
  • America: that's your fancy-francy dome shield. And my turn to get out my TRUE AMERICAN GUN!!
  • China: of course, and my weapons are wok and laddle...
  • Italy: Gyaaaaahhh! Germany, Japan, C... Canada, help me!!!
  • Canada: you forgot my name in the middle of-
  • Germany: I'm coming- what the?? I just grew twenty feet tall??
  • Canada: Germany you got your ultimate move already??
  • Japan: Germany, please, for me.
  • Russia: whoah, is that cheating? Anyways, let me show you my ultimate that Estonia hacked for me- ...I became a circus bear... hahaha- I'm going to beat you America.
  • America: Ha, no friendly fire bitch!
  • England: America... WHY ARE MY SCONES GRENADES????
  • France: Hahaha! And my ultimate move is- *gasps* MAGICAL STRIKE-CHAN!! EAT MY BAD ECONOMIC SITUATION, GERMANY!
  • Japan: oh, my ultimate's up- ... I'm a harem protagonist... how is this an ultimate ability???
  • China: WHY IS MY ULTIMATE ME IN A MAID DRESS- aaand I'm throwing cheap-ass china plates at Italy... nice.
  • Italy: it hurrtttsss!!
  • England: haha, Italy we've got you cornered! Time to unleash my ultimate move- ... IM AN EYEBROW???
  • America: BWAHAHAHA!! Now for my ultimate move! AMERICAN EAGLE TO THE RESCUE!!
  • Canada: not if I've got anything to say~ Ultimate move; Canadian Hockey Gear ON! Hockey stick attack!
  • America: whoah! C, you're so OP! Guys, do something!
  • France: I'm on it~! MAGICAL FRANCE STRIKE!!
  • China: can I throw anything else but cheap-made Chinese products??
  • England: at least you're not an EYEBROW!! WHAT DO I EVEN BLOODY DO- wait... is it fucking complaining???
  • Germany: wait, does England's eyebrows complaining makes me lose health???
  • Japan: what an amazing ability. Meanwhile, I'm just here making people slower because I'm that dense of a harem protagonist.
  • Russia: I want to run America over with my unicycle but I can't. Estonia, hack.
  • Italy: ooh, I want to use my ultimate ability now!
  • Canada: wait, Italy-
  • Italy: Let's go~ ...I DIED???
  • Germany: *slams head on keyboard* you surrendered.
  • Italy: oh. Ca... Canada, America, why???
A Skeleton goes House Hunting

As I mentioned before, September has taken to looking at different containers and similar objects to see if he wants to live in them.

Today, he’s looking at a bit of an unusual object…

I really only bought this cage for decorative purposes. Are you sure about this, September?

The paper is so you won’t hurt your feet on the grating.

I guess you could say it’s open and lets in a lot of light…

…and that it comes with a nice step for you to sit on.

True, you can also climb on it.

And it does come with a pre-installed ‘friend.’

Oh, September…


There’s another ‘friend’ there, too.

It makes for a great perch?

Won’t you feel trapped behind bars, though?

You’re doing a sleep test. Okay.


You had a nightmare.

I must say I’m glad you won’t live in the cage. You’re not a pet.

Please don’t be sad. I promise we’ll find the right home for you yet, September.


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China Doll

The eyes of a broken boy.
The arms of a shattered girl.
The soul of a dog, kicked too much,
And skin damage by a single touch.

It’s a glass doll.
A perfect china doll.

Her chips are covered,
And her pretty face she kept.
She lays, undiscovered,
As she slept.

Until the day,
I watch her rise.

Heaven or hell,
For my sweet china doll.
Shall you be broken more?
Or fixed?

    “Frozen Charlotte” doll with white satin dress, late 19th century.

    The little china doll has no joints in the arms or legs, so she is “frozen” in one position. The dolls were popularized by a Victorian story in which a girl was so vain, she refused to cover her beautiful dress up with a coat during a carriage ride home in the winter. When the destination was reached, Charlotte was discovered to be frozen solid. 

    This doll is wearing a white satin gown - possibly meant to represent a wedding dress - with a long train, edged in lace. Its somewhat clumsy construction indicates it was probably made by the child who owned the doll, likely from dress scraps. The doll’s feet are bare, which may indictate this was a “bathing baby” doll, instead of a dress doll, which often had painted feet and stockings.


Day 24: Moment that shocked you the most in any anime

This fucking doll in fucking Ghost Hunt. I watched the first case of Ghost Hunt and was like ‘This doesn’t seem too bad, it’s not even scary’ then fucking case 2 happened and I died. HOW IS THIS NOT TERRIFYING?! IT’S A CHINA DOLL THAT CAN’T BE DESTROYED. It definitely shocked me how much I can get scared from an anime -.-