Akumatized Marinette

I know everyone is all on board the Marionette or Miss Fortune thing, and idk if what I’m about to suggest has been thought of before or not but…

  • Marinette getting possessed by an akuma
  • it happens because something happened to make her feel empty, alone, fragile, hurt; maybe Adrien rebuffed her affections putting Marinette at an all time low, and maybe Chloe saw that and took her chance to make Marinette feel so awful
  • She transforms and becomes China Doll; she is now essentially porcelain, and her outfit is more traditionally Chinese
  • At her touch, things turn to porcelain, and they stop being able to move. This way nobody can leave her again, and they won’t be able to hurt themselves either. How perfect, a world of glass is, as long as it’s undisturbed.
  • But really, who can trust a cat around glass things? Of course one would disturb what China Doll has created.
  • He spots her and he recognizes her as Marinette. He tries to appeal to her, to make her stop, because he doesn’t want to break her further.

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“The Favorite Doll”: a lovely antique dolly in all-original condition, right down to the box and tissue paper. Made in Germany circa 1920s. Her head could be either painted bisque or celluloid.

Photo source:

History Has Its Eyes On Broadway: The 2015-2016 Season in Playbills

Eerie antique bisque dolly, eyes in “sleep” position. She reminds me of Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

(I probably found this on eBay, but no longer remember for certain - please contact me if you can add credit info)

@megatraven Slight alterations to China Doll’s design. Added mask because a good number of the villains have one and it helps her be less recognizable as Marinette (and part of the whole show revolves around the fact that Adrien can’t recognize Marinette in a mask, upping drama when he does recognize her as an akuma :P) It also serves to let her be more emotionless. 

Other than that, extra ball joints and a bow + bleeding heart to make it more interesting.