Descendants 3 on Disney Channel? SPOILERS BTW

Okay time to go on a little rant. So I finished watching Descendants 2 and in the end they obviously are gonna make another one since Uma basically hinted it at the end. As an aspiring actress I really would like to work as a villain or maybe a daughter of a princess on the third movie. I was thinking if I was a villain, I’d be Mother Gothel’s daughter. Also since all the villain kids names take after their parents (Maleficent and Mal, Evil Queen and Evie, Ursula and Uma, Jafar and Jay, Cruella de Vil and Carlos, Captain Hook and Harry, Gaston and Gil) Mother Gothel’s daughter would be Genevieve (???) Or if they introduce a new Auradon princess kid, it could be Pocahontas. Her daughter could be named Phoebe (???) I just think it’d be a fun movie to work on. I wish I could work on Descendants 3 but that will forever be just a dream.


Descendants 2 + text posts (pt 2)