china's lost girls


So I’m doing an essay on China’s one child policy and I came across this video .. and oh my god, I teared LOL. I’m so sensitive when it comes to these kinds of things. I’ve made up my mind though, when I’m older I’m going to adopt a baby girl from China. Ugh, these poor abandoned children. They’re so adorable too. </3

China's Lost Girls

Two days ago I watched National Geographic Explorer: China’s Lost Girls on Netflix. It was worse than I imagined it would be. It focused almost exclusively on the vertex of the adoption triad occupied by adoptive parents, and all the adoptive parents they showed were white. At one point the host, Lisa Ling, was gushing with emotions while talking about the atmosphere in a room of expecting adoptive parents, and she exclaimed, “I want one!” Near the end of the episode one of the adoptive fathers asked Lisa (who is of Chinese and Taiwanese descent) if there was going to be another Charlie’s Angels movie. Perhaps a scene on the cutting room floor shows that comment to be not as bad as it appeared, but there is absolutely no context that would make it okay, and it is frightening to think that someone like that can adopt a Chinese child.