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Before you say you made a Filipino character or headcanon a character as Filipino

Please ask yourself what kind of Filipino exactly.

There are at least 175 ethnolinguistic groups (or ethnolinguistic nations, if you prefer the term) in the Philippines — quite an impressive number for such a small archipelago, yes? — with their own distinct languages, cultures and traditions, yet I keep seeing the same vaguely Catholic, Filipino-speaking flavorlessly pan-Filipino characters running around. Why?

Filipino is more of a national allegiance than an ethnic identity. Filipinoness is not a monolith. There is no such thing as just a Filipino. Filipinos are regionalistic and intensely clannish, and might even be antagonistic towards each other. For example: Tagalogs and Cebuanos are going to be different from each other and they will gladly tell you so, and these are both lowland-coastal Catholic ethnic groups.

To put things into perspective:

As was previously said, there are over 175 ethnolinguistic groups in the Philippines, only twelve of which number over one million members. Namely and in order from most to least populous: Cebuano, Tagalog, Ilocano, Hiligaynon, Central Bicolano, Waray, Kapampangan, Albay Bicolano, Pangasinense, Maranao, Maguindanao and Tausug. The first nine are predominantly Catholic and the last three are predominantly Muslim. Each group speaks a different language and adheres to its own set of traditions.

The majority of Filipinos are from lowland-coastal Catholic (or some other Christian denomination) ethnic groups that have been subject to Spanish colonization, but there is also a sizeable and growing Muslim minority that had never been under Spanish control with cultures quite distinct from their Catholic brethren; might I add that the arrival of Islam predated the arrival of Catholicism in the Philippines? There are also the indigenous peoples that comprise over 100 ethnic groups but only an estimated 3% of the population. The term is a misnomer — the vast majority of Filipinos are indigenous — and what they mean to say is non-Hispanicized, non-Christianized, non-Islamicized, mostly upland/highland or hinterland-dwelling ethnic groups. There are exceptions, though, and some groups that are otherwise classified as indigenous peoples have largely converted to Christianity (i.e. Ibanag) or Islam (i.e. Sama-Bajau). The lines can be arbitrary. There can be any number of mixtures and overlaps between these three major groups.

Then, there are immigrant and mixed populations, such as the Spanish mestizos (who, contrary to popular belief, are a small minority of the population), Filipinos of American descent, Chinese-Filipinos, Japanese-Filipinos, Indian-Filipinos, Koreans and Indonesians. Of course, they will have their own culture and traditions. Some of these groups have been here for centuries and, as such, have adopted a syncretized culture that combines the foreign culture with Philippine culture, leading to even more diversity.

The Chinese-Filipino community alone is already very diverse in itself. It is very old, with contact between the people of what would become China and the Philippines being established since the 9th Century BCE and immigration taking place as early as then. Roughly 2% of the population of the Philippines is Chinese-Filipino and up to 27% is of Chinese descent. Within this group, you can have different combinations of place of origin, ethnicity and social status in China, wave of immigration, method of and reason for immigrating to the Philippines, number of generations from the mainland, and where they settled in the Philippines and level of insularity vs. integration, and each configuration is going to be different, wildly or mildly, from the others. Some are going to be very similar to the surrounding community while some would be practicing and preserving traditions which are long gone and forgotten even in its native China.

tl;dr: The Philippines is ridiculously diverse for such a small collection of rocks by the Pacific. Disabuse yourself of the notion that you can simply say a character is Filipino and be done with it. Choose one and research.

The same applies to any ethnic group or race which you may wish to write or headcanon.


Overlooking Mickey Avenue by Jared Beaney

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okkk so do u take requests bc i got a charles xavier x reader 1 where they have a small fight over smth and since y/n didnt come from a great home(at all.)she gets geared up and ready for like 3+ hours of (unfair) arguing but when charles gives in almost right away and smiles @ them after(isnt passive aggressive or anything)shes like hold on.You're gonna use this against me later right and hes like no??and they eventually talk abt how bad her family was and stuff??if you write this ill marry you

I expect the ring delivered in the mail in two weeks

Warnings: mentions of abuse, self depreciation

“Charles look ou-!”

The brunette just barely managed to dodge out of the way as a chair smashed into the wall just in front of him, shards breaking off and impaling themselves into the plaster, a bright blue aura sparking and bubbling with energy around it. The vibrations caused the bookshelf close-by to waver, and you were left watching in horror as it came tumbling down.

No no! You flung out your hands out but only managed to stop the bookshelf from moving - the various pieces of fine china and glass statues were already pouring out.


You stared at the cracked and shattered remains of the precious figurines on the floor, slowly putting the bookshelf back down, your aura dissipating from around it.


“Oops?” Charles rose an eyebrow, crossing his arms.

Oh jeez.

“Yeah, oops,” You swallowed, laughing nervously. 

“May I know what in the world you were doing?”

You sighed, already feeling yourself become small. Charles was the nicest man you had ever met, but sometimes he had quite the strict side.

You mumbled something underneath your breath.

“Hmm? You’ll have to speak up.”

“I was just messing around with my power,” You repeated, louder, looking to the side defiantly. “Its not a big deal.”

“Not a big deal?” Charles pinched the bridge of his nose. “Y/N, you barely have a grasp on your powers, you can’t just expect to-”

“It was working-”

“-what if you had-”

“-listen to me-”

“-you need to understand-”

“I know!” You said, trying to make him understand. Your heart rate was already quickening, and you could see the tell tale signs of an argument picking up, triggering a fear deeply and subconsciously placed in your stomach. You had only met the man a couple of months before hand, and it just came to you that you had never really had an argument before. Sure, a couple of light disagreements, but never a full blown squabble. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to surprise you-”

“You have to be more careful next time,” He made his voice firmer so that the point would come across. Unbeknownst to him, his tone only made it worse, bringing up memories you thought you had locked away long ago.

“Charles, I-”

His mouth turned downwards. “You’re strong, but you can’t be reckless. You could hurt someone if you’re not cautious! Hurt someone seriously. We’ve talked about this.”

I know. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You felt your throat tighten, your hands shaking. Suddenly you weren’t yourself but a child again, and Charles was a hulking shadowy figure, shouting at you. You felt yourself cower, black creeping in on the edges of your vision. You readied yourself for the long, harsh talking to come, the argument that would last for another couple hours. I won’t do it again. I’ll be good, I promise. I’m sorry. Please don’t - just please don’t hurt me. I promise I’ll be perfect-

In the midst of your fear you heard it, a sigh.

“Anyway, come on, lets clean up,” He rolled his sleeves up, shaking his head out of it with a small huff. “It’ll take a while to get the small shards. Wouldn’t want to step on one.”

You could only blink at him.

He noticed your stare and blinked himself. “Y/N? Are you alright?” Rich, sky blue eyes roamed your figure as he narrowed them. “You’re not hurt are you? That burst of power might have drained you out.”

You didn’t understand.

“I’m fine. I just don’t…” You blinked again, hard, trying to regain your bearings. “That’s it?”

“What do you mean that’s it?” A confused wave passed over his handsome features, and he smiled softly to combat it. “Are you sure you’re doing well?”

He stepped closer and you instinctively took one back. Charles stopped, wary, the smile disappearing.

“Sorry,” you choked out, and it was all you could say. “I’m sorry. So sorry.”

“Hey, hold on,” He lifted his hands, taking another step towards you, this time hesitantly. You didn’t move, but perhaps it was because your legs had suddenly turned to jelly. “Its okay. It’s really not that serious, Y/N. I’m not mad.”

“You’re not…mad?” You let out a wavering breath. “That’s right, yeah. It was just an accident…normal people wouldn’t…”

Gentle yet calloused hands took hold of your arms, supporting you. (When had he gotten so close?) It was a good thing he had, because your legs almost immediately collapsed. His chest was the only thing stopping you from hitting the ground.

Pine, you thought. He smelled like pine. Pine and his cologne, and old library pages and a whiff of toothpaste, plus that odd yet pleasing aroma that was just him. 

“I think we need to talk,” His voice rumbled through you. You flushed, still trembling.

“I just,” You inhaled deeply to steady yourself, staring at his shirt in order to pretend that you didn’t feel those enigmatic eyes boring into you. “I didn’t have the best…past.” You struggled for words. “My parents were abusive I suppose, though of course I didn’t realize that when I was younger. And this was without them even knowing I was a mutant. I-It made me suppress my powers that much more because I was s-so scared, and I’m terrified I’ll never be able to use them properly now. That argument just brought back- I-”

You choked up again, embarrassed at your proximity to him, frustrated at your inability to communicate yourself, just angry at everything.

“Shh,” He brought you from out of his chest but you still looked every place but him. His fingers placed themselves so lightly underneath your chin you would have thought them not to be there until he slightly tilted your head up. 

You expected to see pity in his eyes but was surprised to see the overwhelming understanding, joined with sympathy and another emotion you couldn’t quite place. 

“If you can’t speak, then…” He visibly bit his lip in nervous thought, and you watched his teeth drag the flesh into his mouth with a fascination that burned your cheeks and flushed you to the tips of your fingers. “Can I…?”

You realized what he was asking when he shifted his hand from your chin. 

You wanted to tell him no. You wanted to tell him that you were too scarred, that you didn’t want him prying into your personal business, your memories, your entire past.

But just the fact that he had asked, and so respectfully at that, had your heart melting.

“Yeah,” You breathed.

He appeared surprised but smiled again, hand shifting upwards further. It paused to cup your cheek before his fingers were sliding along your temple. You watched his eyes flutter close and couldn’t help it when you felt your own do the same.

Relax, Y/N. His voice, unmistakable, spoke quietly in your mind. Just let yourself go back.

And so you did.

You went back through the screaming, the tension, the times you hid in your bedroom just to escape the nasty shouting. You went back through the derogatory comments, the instances when your own mother claimed you were a mistake, the days you went without dinner when you forgot to do a simple chore, the cold atmosphere forever in the house. The verbal abuse - never physical because otherwise people would notice the bruises - and the constant guard you had up. The nights you cried yourself to sleep, the nights you stared at your hands, wishing you were different, knowing that you actually were different as your fingers glowed blue at your will, but that that would just make things worse.

“Ugly.” “Spiteful.” “Lazy.”

You went back to the point where after everything, you had begun to believe all the things that were said to you.

You were brought back to your senses when you felt something wet slide down your cheek. Charles’ presence left your mind, and it was like the feeling of stripping dried glue from your palms as a kid - not unpleasant but odd and weirdly soothing. 

You were shaking but then you realized you weren’t, but Charles was. He was hugging you now, so tight you couldn’t move, and then you realized that the wetness you had felt on your cheek also wasn’t yours.

“Hey, don’t cry,” You said, voice just as rocky as you nudged his head that was pressed to yours. “I’m good now. I’m past it.”

“You are beautiful,” He said, and it was so sudden and out of context you didn’t understand.


“You are beautiful,” Charles repeated, inside your head then on his lips so that it was three times. Ugly

You tried to look away and brush it off, despite the warmth making your head spin. “Hah, you don’t have to-”

He cupped your cheeks. “You are so beautiful sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself.”

Your heart stuttered.


He continued, unperturbed. “You are also kind, and it is shown in your soul every time you speak.”


“You are the most hardworking person I have ever met. After suppressing your abilities for so long, you work day and night to improve yourself. It is amazing to watch.”

“You’re going to make me cry now,” You laughed, but it was a wet sound as you were already crying. 

“I’m just telling the truth,” He smiled softly, eyes twinkling, and you were drowning in them, drowning in blue.

You only let your head drop back onto his chest.

Thank you, you thought.

You weren’t sure whether he heard you or not, but his arms tightened around you and a thumb brushed a lock of your hair behind your ear with a feather’s touch. Ever so softly.

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Megatraven’s ML Fic Masterlist

Hey friends, Megan here! I asked earlier how okay it was to post a masterlist of my own fics, and it was received pretty well. This list will have three sections: Fluff, Angst, and Both. I will order my fics based on which ones I enjoy the most and think are well-written. My crack fics will not be included on this list. Happy reading!


Signature | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “Real smooth, tripping over air.” (Marichat)

Of Brains and Brawn | Multi-chaptered | Status: On-going
Summary: Started from the prompt “Bitch better have my money.” (Adrienette)

Reunited | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “So… did you miss me?” (Djwifi)

More Precious Than Gold | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: She only saw him, just as he only saw her. (Djwifi)

Escape Plan | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompts “Quit staring! They’ll notice use!”, “Do it. I dare you.” and “Bro… that’s so… not cool.” (Platonic Adrienette, minor Djwifi)

Trading Advice | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: When Nino and Marinette hang out, they get advice from each other in regards to relationships. (Platonic Ninette)

All Is Right | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: The battle is over, and everything is alright. (Adrienette)

Realization | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Adrien comes to realize what his feelings for Marinette really are. (Adrienette)

The Language of Love | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “You speak my language?” A Percy Jackson au. (RoseMari)

A Different Kind of Gift | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Chat Noir and Ladybug plan a special event for the many orphaned and/or fostered kids of Paris in time for the holidays. They have a visitor that didn’t come with the others, but is given the same, kind treatment as the rest of them. (Platonic Ladynoir)

Cat-ch Me If You Can | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “Real smooth, tripping over air.” (Ladynoir)

Cosplay in Costume | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “Zero fucks given. Next, please.” (Marichat)

Requited | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “How about you make me?” (Ladynoir)

Not His Fault | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Chat pays Marinette a nighttime visit in order to receive some attention. (Marichat)

Consteyellations | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: There are no stars seen from Paris, so Alya finds them the next best thing. (Alyanette)

Unfocused | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: A spat between Marinette and her friends replays in her mind all throughout the day, even when an Akuma attacks. Chat Noir notices Ladybug’s distractedness, and opts to try and help her through it. (Ladynoir)

Bully Be Gone | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “You look like an accident.” (Lilanette)

Different Kind of Gift | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: A crack appears in the stone heart of Gabriel Agreste, and decides to give Adrien a gift himself for his birthday. (N/A)


Not Enough Time | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: “It’s cruel, don’t you think, Kitty?” (Ladynoir)

Of Sweaters and Holes | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: “Christmas Sweaters” for an angst prompt. (Alyanette)

China Doll | Multi-chaptered | Status: On-going/hiatus
Summary: When confessing her feelings doesn’t go as planned, Marinette has to fight off akumatization. Her efforts fail when Chloe ultimately pushes her over the edge. (Eventual Marichat, minor Djwifi)

Don’t Cry | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “I won’t remember you, will I?” (Alyanette)

Roles Reverse | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “For once, I need you.” (Ladynoir)

Countdown of Lives | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: The eight times Chat got back up, and the one time he didn’t. (Ladynoir)

According to Plan | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: After an encounter with an akuma, Ladybug’s and Chat Noir’s usual routine is put on hold when Ladybug has a strange look on her face. (Ladynoir)

Stay Good | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Sometimes akumas strike too fast for LB to save herself and Chat. (Marichat)

Too Much | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “Forget it. You fucking suck.” (Chlonette)

Pincushion | Multi-chaptered | Status: On-going/hiatus
Summary: Marinette believes that as a superhero of Paris, she shouldn’t burden others with her own problems and feelings. She pays the price for keeping to herself when the negativity is too much for her to keep hidden. (Eventual Adrienette)

Aloha | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: She slips off the railing, and he can’t grab her in time. Based on the song Hello by Evanescence. (Adrienette)

Seven Seconds | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: In which seven seconds is all it takes for things to go wrong. Or; if Copycat hit Ladybug with Cataclysm instead of the chain. (N/A)


Unconditional | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Mme. Agreste has a big heart, and it’s one of the few things she passes onto her son Adrien before she goes missing. (Ladynoir, Adrienette)

Is This Goodbye? | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: When Adrien meets a non-magical end, Ladybug finds her lucky charm keeps bringing him back in the form of his heroic persona. (Platonic Ladynoir)

Ladybug Will Come | Two-shot | Status: Complete for now
Summary: For the prompts “When I tell you to run, you run” and “Do you know who I am?” (Djwifi)

Pressure | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary:  Pressure can make or break a lot of people and things. Marinette is one of those people, and even at her worst, Paris’ favorite cat wants to help. (Platonic Marichat)

Moving On | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Adrien has to stop anchoring Marinette’s spirit to the world of the living and move on from her at her own suggestion. (Adrienette)

My Only Sunshine | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Marinette visits Adrien. Based on the song You Are My Sunshine (Adrienette)

I See Him! | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Marinette watched Adrien from afar, and he can’t seem to see her anymore. (Platonic Adrienette)

As It Happens | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: For the prompt “How about a hug, hm?” (Platonic Tikki/Plagg)
Note: I put this in this section because it is up to interpretation on whether it’s fluff or angst.

Miraculously Meaningful Moments | Multi-chaptered | Status: Complete
Summary: A collection of drabbles and one-shots that will spring forth from tumblr prompts more often than not!
Note: There are warnings for each drabble in the note at top telling if it will be angsty or not

Death by Embarrassment | One-shot | Status: Complete
Summary: Ladybug gets very injured, but when her and Chat’s transformations both drop, she realizes she can’t die, because how embarrassing would it be to die in front of your crush? (N/A)