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Hongcun Village

Hongcun is a village in Yi County in the historical Huizhou region of southern Anhui Province, China, near the southwest slope of Mount Huangshan. This village goes way back to the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

Hongcun has many beautiful sites, one of them is Chengzi Hall, which includes a small museum. Moon Pond, which is centered in Hongcun Village reflects its views of the buildings and sites on the surface.

Interestingly enough, the village is arranged in the shape of an ox with Leigang Hill interpreted as the head, and two trees standing on it as the horns. Four bridges across the Jiyin stream can be seen as the legs while the houses of the village form the body. Inside the “body”, the Jiyin stream represents the intestines and various lakes, such as the “South Lake” (Nanhu) form the other internal organs.

How to Get There

Buses are available from Huangshan Bus Station in the downtown.Besides, there are also buses from Tangkou Bus Station to Hongcun.Tangkou Bus Station is located at the foot of Huangshan Scenic Area

It takes an hour and 10 minutes to get there if you’re taking a tour vehicle or taxi.

To keep in mind, the village opens at 7:30am-5:30pm and it cost you an entrance fee too, which is 104 yuan (17 USD)

Fun Fact

The very popular 2000 movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was filmed exactly in this village. This brought popularity in Hongcun as the film became widely popular even in the West.