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Hetalia playing Pokemon GO
  • China: How does it know where they are and I do not know where they are? Oh- OH MY LORD EKANS IS IN FRONT OF ME! CALL AN ARMY! KILL IT!!!
  • England: I would never play a child's game (finds all of them on the down low and is really excited when he finds one)
  • Russia: I started at my house and now I am at America's house...
  • Italy: *Phone goes off in the middle of the night* They're nEAR!
  • Prussia: *sniffs* I can smell how close the pokemon are to me

More pictures are to be released by China apparently show nuclear impact craters and building debris caused by explosions in an effort by NASA to destroy the truth. China is moving toward full disclosure of the Extraterrestrial reality, if these images and future ones are verified genuine then NASA should be investigated for fraud and treason. China will be releasing all the data and more images from the Chang’e-2 in the coming weeks and months, lets hope this is the beginning of a new era.

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allies and axis love at first sight please :)

I’m just gonna give a slight headcannon to where they’d fall in love, what they’d see when falling in love at first sight, and why


  • Where: In his cooking class
  • When: the pizza dough landed on your face after throwing it up in the air
  • Why: He’d think you were so cute when you pouted and he felt his heart pound when you asked him, yes HIM, for help


  • Where: The park, while he was walking his dogs
  • When: You jogged by with your own dog
  • Why: Seeing you sweat first off made him blush but seeing that you enjoyed dogs and working out made his heart pulse with excitement


  • Where: The book store
  • When: You went for the same manga as him
  • Why: Practically pulled out from a shoujo manga, he’d flush at your beauty and apologize profusely as his pulse sped up like the Flash. He felt a connection from your touch and your love for the same manga.


  • Where: McDonalds (ofc)
  • When: You walked by with a large amount of burgers
  • Why: When he noticed you carrying the burgers, he felt an instant connection from the food amounts and the way you carried yourself with no shame for that many.


  • Where: The wine aisle in the grocery store
  • When: You backed into him when your friend pulled out some french wine
  • Why: Not only were you beautiful, but you were repulsed by the frog’s wine!


  • Where: His restaurant
  • When: You yelled at your friend for ordering ketchup with their meal
  • Why: He felt so honored that you remembered that the French hate ketchup


  • Where: The World Meeting
  • When: You pulled him into the closet to hide from Belarus
  • Why: He noticed how you weren’t afraid of him and were even willing to protect him from his sister.


  • Where: The gift shop at the zoo
  • When: You had trouble reaching the large panda plush on the top shelf
  • Why: Not only were you being adorable jumping up and down, you were reaching for a panda plushie!!


  • Where: The ice rink
  • When: You ran over to him and told him how amazing he was at hockey
  • Why: You noticed him

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Russia,China,and America finding love at first sight? Like how would it play out? Would they become embarrassed?

Ivan (Russia)- As soon as Ivan saw what he thought is the most gorgeous person in the world at the small bookstore he was currently in, he was instantly smitten. He would go dark red with a blush and would be pretty embarrassed at how quickly he fell for them. He would try and come up with a way to have a conversation with them, such as trying to nonchalantly look at whatever they were thinking of buying, but even if he came up with something, he’d still be a blushing mess  while trying to talk with them, so he might come across as a bit awkward. If he and the person hit it off though, he might shyly suggest going to a cafe so they could talk more. 

Yao (China)- When Yao caught sight of someone so perfect he had to stop what he was doing and stare.He was currently window shopping, but once he saw them he became completely distracted. However, he would quickly catch himself and look away, surprised and mentally berating himself at the fact that he had never even talked to this person and he was already falling for them hard. He would try to ignore this feeling at first, bu eventually he would decide he just had to go and talk to them. He’d be a bit embarrassed at first, but would quickly get over it as he made small talk with them. He would be extremely polite through the conversation, and if they warmed up to him quickly he’d ask if they’d like to grab dinner with him. 

Alfred (America)- Alfred’s petty clumsy, so chances are if he was in public and got distracted he’d end up running into someone. He’d quickly apologize and help the person if they dropped anything and would pick their things up. Once he looked up to hand them their things he’d be blown away by how beautiful they are. He’d blush a bit once he realized he’d said that out loud, but he wouldn’t try to cover up what he said. He would be very kind and would apologize several times for running into them, and would ask to make up for it by taking them out for coffee or lunch. It wouldn’t be entirely for making it up to them, but he  just didn’t want to just leave without learning more about someone so lovely. 

October 29, 2016

An o-shibori or hot towel in English is a wet hand towel offered to customers in places such as restaurants or bars in China and Japan and in some Chinese and many Japanese restaurants worldwide. O-shibori are used to clean one’s hands before eating, and have long been a common sight in China and Japan. Cold oshibori are used in summer, and hot oshibori in winter.


UFO closes chinese airport! This same U.F.O was spotted in 4 different location’s around China !


Morphing UFO Sighting China August 2015, images are from a news report in China.
There doesn’t appear to be any official records of a UFO ever shutting down a major airport in the U.S. In China on the other hand, it’s happened three times in five years. Are Chinese air traffic controllers more respectful of UFO airspace … or more fearful?

The latest instance of a Chinese airport closing down because of a UFO sighting happened on August 29th, 2015. Above are the images from this sighting!


Turn the world UN Blue!

From the Great Wall in China to sights in India, Indonesia, Lebanon, the Leaning Tower in Pisa, Japan, Australia and Lebanon - more than 300 landmarks in more than 85 countries around the world are turning UNBlue, on UN Day, 24 October, to celebrate the United Nations 70th Anniversary. 

See the highlights here: 

Metamorphosis (Part 3) StevexReader

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(GIFs aren’t mine…again)


Prompt: You were found by Shield at only two years old, at the sight of a building collapse in China. Over the course of your life you’ve has been hidden from the Avengers Initiative because of some emotional instability and a very dangerous secret. But now SHIELD and the rest of the world need help trying to stop an alien invasion. Will you be the one to save the world; or destroy it?

Words: 3230 - ok but you guys like it so I’m trying to make longer chapters!

Warnings: Swearing, but did you expect any less from me?

Authors Note: So the plot of the first Avengers movie may be over, but I’m working my way into Winter Solider with a VERY different personal twist! ALSO I may or may not have said before but I’m totally incorporating Agents of Shield, hopefully that’s cool guys!

The next week passed slowly.

You passed all your medical tests and were out of the infirmary in less than two days. The second you left the medical wing you were out in New York, helping clean the mess that Loki’s army had left. Though the battle was over, there was still a lot for the Avengers and SHIELD to do to help the city.

The joke was that Loki was actually helping rebuild the city on demand of Thor and the royal court of Asguard. It wasn’t Nick’s favorite thing, but Thor had assured him that his brother showed some form of remorse for his actions. That and you figured that King Odin’s orders were probably never ignored.

As everyone cleaned the city, Thor found out that you’d lived in a steel building your entire life. So he began to tell you wonderful stories about his home - Asgard. While he told you of the rolling hills and the beautiful gardens, you could swear that there was magic in his words because you could picture it so vividly, it was like standing right in the middle of the royal courtyard.

He promised that one day he would bring you and the others to Asgard, to be honoured as hero’s by his father - Odin.

Four days after the Chitauri war you and the Avengers were almost done fixing most of the civilian architecture. Stark Towers however, was still a complete disaster. Tony’s baby was almost completely ruined, aside from the buildings infrastructure and some of the building’s insides. It seems like the Chitauri were drawn to the building that the portal was placed on, because Stark Tower took most of the damage that day.

You’d heard Maria ask Tony about it earlier in the week when you were walking around SHIELD HQ, trying to find Nick.

“There’s so much damage,” Maria pouted, a frown on her face.

“Oh, I’m not too worried.” Tony waved off her concern about his ‘baby’. Actually if you’d seen it correctly, he had a smirk on his face. “I’ve got plans for Stark Tower.”

You were sure that the big-boy billionaire would find a way, not only to fix his baby, but to improve it from the previous design. Stark wasn’t one to back down from a challenge.

And now it’s day 7.

A whole week since Loki destroyed most of central New York.

Exactly one week later and you’re in the same place as you started your adventure; sitting on the floor. The only difference is that now you were in the actual Triskelion - the SHIELD HQ building in Washington, instead of the helicarrier. Your room here was so much more familiar to you than the cold, empty one from the helicarrier. You had things that belonged to you in this room; a small keyboard, old textbooks from your online schooling and Polaroid pictures of yourself with friends and some of the crew.

Your knees were pressed against your chest, your hands clenching at your ankles tightly. You were wearing a pair of plain acid wash jeans, a new pair of white sneakers (since your last ones were toast) and a black Aerosmith t-shirt. The comfort of normal clothes was so much better than the purple catsuit had been, no matter how cool it looked when you’d been fighting monsters.

Over an hour ago Nick called an Avengers meeting down in one of the conference rooms and you hadn’t been invited. Which is why you felt extremely edgy and borderline freaked out. You’d went behind Nick’s back and put yourself and everyone else in danger by involving yourself in that fight, so that you could make a point. 

Just because it went well and the good guys won, doesn’t mean that Nick Fury no longer thinks you’re a danger to the people. They’re probably down there discussing how to most effectively dispose of you - idiot!’, You thought to yourself.

There was a light knock on the door. “Ma'am, Director Fury is requesting you join us.”

You raised an eyebrow, bringing yourself to your feet and opening the door. Steve Rogers stood there, his hands clasped behind his back and his eyes meeting yours. He was wearing a white t-shirt, covered by a plaid flannel and a light brown leather jacket, followed by dark jeans.

Your mind flashed back to the battle, his skin-tight uniform was so different compared to his regular clothes that it was almost laughable.

“Lead the way Cap.” You followed him as he walked through the tunnels of SHIELD’s underground, the silence felt awkward and deafening.

“How are you?” He asked quietly, “You fell so far, it was a miracle you survived. But we’re all very happy you did.”

The question threw you off. How are you? You don’t even know how to answer that.

“I feel like I’ve been on auto-pilot for the past few days. I’m not really sure how I feel.” You mumbled, playing with your fingers and looking forwards as the two of you continued to walk. “I definitely don’t feel the same as before, I feel different but I’m not sure how just yet.”

He sighed, running his fingers through his hair and smiling at you softly. “Battle changes people, I know more than most what that feels like. Change is ok, it lets us grow and move on. As long as your heart stays the same as it did before, you will be ok.”

You smiled, “Wise words old man.”

He stopped walking and turned to you, his eyes looked big and blue and full of something you couldn’t place. He honestly looked like an overgrown puppy with far too much muscle.

He managed a small smile, “I try Agent Y/L/N.”

Steve pushed open a big black door and you walked in after him. The room was large and filled with many people you knew. Nick stood at the front of the round table, his hands folded neatly behind his back and his single eye watching you carefully. Agent Hill stood behind him, sneaking you a small smile before her face turned back into it’s perfect poker-face. Agent Simmons was behind her, allowing herself a small finger wag in your direction and you smiled in return.

Thor, Tony, Natasha, Clint and Bruce were all sitting around the table along with Agent Coulson. Phil’s presence surprised me as you were told he was undercover…playing dead. [A/N: This mildly contradicts the Tahiti thing from AoS, but I’m pretending that 'Tahiti’ already happened and Coulson is getting ready to lead his Agents of Shield team on request of Nick Fury]

“Agent Y/L/N, Rogers, take a seat.” Nick said. “We have a lot to discuss.”

You followed Steve, taking the seat beside him and bringing you knees up to your chest.

Nick looked at you, his face completely devoid of emotion. “Today we will be discussing you.”

You raised an eyebrow, “Excuse me?”

He didn’t answer, just turned to the rest of the room slowly. “Agent Y/L/N has been with SHIELD since she was barely two years old when she was found in China at the sight of an explosion. There were 114 causalities in the collapsed building but Y/N, just a two year old baby, was completely unharmed - ”

“Nick, stop.” You hissed, glaring at him, looking around to the people at the table. Of course Phil, Maria and Jemma knew your story but the others didn’t, and they didn’t need to. “This isn’t story time!”

He narrowed his eyes and everything clicked. This was it, this was your punishment. He’s not going to yell at you for disobeying him, he’s just going to make you as uncomfortable as possible. Fucking fantastic. “Oh I think it is. You wanted to be a hero Y/N, and now you are. You have teammates now. That means you swap life stories and tell each other your deepest darkest secrets.”

You huffed, not bothering to speak. The sooner he gets out his story, the easier this will be for everyone.

“Now where was I?” He trailed off before catching himself. “Oh, explosion, right.”

This man was so goddamned sassy sometimes.

“After the explosion, SHIELD was called in to investigate. We found Agent Y/L/N and brought her here to our base in Washington. We uncovered…differences between Y/N and normal children. As she grew up, each temper-tantrum showed us new abilities she possessed. She was a bit of a handful.”

You rolled your eyes, “You were all a handful. None of you should have been licensed to raise a child. My play toys were unloaded guns and dull throwing knives.”

Phil laughed playfully, “Yeah but they were dull and unloaded. You were completely safe! Plus you turned into a giant panther and tried to eat some of the interns when you turned five, scared us out of our minds.”

You snorted, the playfulness on his tongue baiting you as you turned to face him. “I’m sorry, aren’t you supposed to be dead?” You scoffed.

Tony started laughing from across the table, “She’s got you there Phil.”

Nick cleared his throat, gathering the attention back to the front of the room. What an attention whore this one-eyed-man is. “Agent Phil Coulson’s death was an important placebo that helped kick-start the Avengers Initiative.”

‘If this man tries to make a joke I swear…’ You thought to yourself.

Phil smirked, “Just call me Agent Placebo Coulson.”

You pretended to wince, your hand flying to your chest. “Oh no! Phil - dad joke - I…Can’t….” You faded off, pretending to suffocate to death.

“Y/N!” Nick Fury’s angry voice boomed across the room, making you sit up straight in the chair, the emotion wiped off your face completely. Natasha was sniggering from across the table. “Are you capable of being serious for longer than thirty seconds?”

“Yes Sir.” You replied, dropping your eyes to the suddenly fascinating table. “Sorry Sir.”

You traced the swirls in the mahogany wood, refusing to bring your eyes off the table. Nick is going to draw this conversation out as much as possible; he’s going to tell them everything SHIELD knows about you and there’s nothing you can do to sway him from that.

“Agent Y/L/N is a trained level 6 SHIELD agent, she has a PhD in Informative Technology and Technical Engineering, she can speak 8 fluent languages and she’s got a knack for mainframe hacking.” Nick pressed on quickly. Without even looking up you could tell his gaze was on you, so you kept yours on the table. “From a young age, her powers were uncontrollable, but around the time she turned 13 we started her assessment for the Avengers Initiative. She never passed but we kept her name on the list just in case. Her abilities were classified as unsafe because of an easily provoked alter-ago, much like Dr. Banner’s.”

There was a moment of silence before Natasha sat forward, her elbows folded neatly onto the table. “I assume she’s been under your supervision the entire time we’ve been battling against Loki?”

“Correct Agent Romanoff.”

Natasha looked confused, “If she’s easily provoked, how did the explosions on the helicarrier not set her off? Even Dr. Banner was…indisposed.” Natasha glanced over to Bruce, giving him a small apologetic smile that he returned with a nod.

Your eyes snapped up to meet Nick’s, wondering how he was going to answer this one.

“She was asleep for most - ”

You cut him off quickly, “They shot me with a horse tranquilizer Agent Romanoff, that is how they kept me subdued.”

“Oh.” Natasha looked down.

“It’s part of my deal with SHIELD, if I am ever out of control or if I’m bordering between myself and Meta, I am to be made comatose.” You finished, turning to Nick, “Don’t lie to them. You want them to know everything? Fine tell them everything little detail about my life. It’s not like I’ve ever had a shred of privacy here anyway.” As your voice got louder, the room became overwhelmingly silent.

Nick’s mouth was pressed into a firm line and Maria was frowning behind him, her hands fidgeting beside her. You turned to the team of superheroes in front of you.

“I killed my parents, brother and 111 other people when I was barely two years old by making an entire building fall to pieces. I have a psycho alter-ago that wants to murder people whenever she gets the chance to control my entire fucking body because she thinks it’s fun. Oh and let’s top it off with the fact that my mother ran a drug infested tea-house and now I have a life dependency to opium!” You shouted to the room, getting out of the chair and breathing heavily. “Is that everything Director or did I miss anything?”

Nick frowned, “I think you covered it all. Now take a seat before you overexert yourself.”

You shrieked, pulling your hair. “Stop talking to me like I am 5 years old Nick! You’ve kept me locked up my entire life and then you have the nerve to talk down to me all the time.”

You turned away, feeling your hands heating up and your mind whirring. If you aren’t careful, the Avengers would be getting a front row seat to the crazy show. You took a deep breath and clenched your fingers into tight fists, trying to keep your heart from beating out of my chest.

“Deep breaths Anna, you’re ok.” Bruce spoke from behind you.

At least someone understood, someone knew what it was like to have no control over their own body.

“You’re right.”.

You turned back around slowly, eyeing Nick carefully. “I know I am, what’s your point?”

Nick rolled his eye, “You have been locked away, but that changes now. Last week you proved that though your control is lacking, you are still capable of being a hero.”

You walked slowly back to your seat, avoiding the eye contact of everyone else in the room. “What do you mean it changes now?” You asked, lowering yourself back into the chair.

“Stark and I agree that it’s best if the Avengers lay low for the next few weeks.” Nick directed the comment at everyone sitting at the table. “Agent Coulson and Agent Simmons are going under cover in a mission that is crucial to SHIELD. The rest of you will be laying low in the Swiss Alps, Mr. Stark has a facility there for all of you to stay away for a little while, Anna you’ll be going too.”

The part about the Switzerland was definitely odd, but Nick telling you that Jemma Simmons wouldn’t be coming with you was what struck a chord.

Your eyes widened, “Wait no! I need Jemma!”

Nick looked over to the far end of the table. “Dr. Banner will be administering your treatments from now on. He’s highly capable and there will be no more discussions on the topic. Now I have to go, I have a meeting with a very angry group of councilmen who want the Avengers in handcuffs.”

He stormed out of the room, Maria walking slowly behind him. She patted your shoulder before running out behind him, leaving you with your two friends and the Avengers.

Phil stood up, giving you a small smile. “I almost wish I was going with you. But, you know, duty calls.”

He hugged you lightly and as he shook hands with the others, Jemma ran to your side.

“You’re going to be fine.” She soothed as she hugged you tightly. You couldn’t tell that you were shaking until she started running her fingers through your hair. “You’re going to have fun and I’ll see you when you’re back!” She pulled back, “Don’t stress, promise me?”

You could only nod.

“Doctor Banner has been debriefed several times and he knows exactly how to take care of you ok?”

You nodded again.

It took you several minutes to unclench your fingers from her jacket and when you did Jemma pulled back and gave you a watery smile. You’d never even thought that this would be just as hard for her as it was for you. No one has touched any of your medical documents or treatments since you were 12 years old and almost died of an asthma attack, when the intern bio-chem student saved your life.

You gave her a small smile in return, “Have fun on your mission. Kick some ass for me.” You spoke quietly.

“I’ll try,” She winked.

And then along with Phil, she was gone. The room was quiet for about thirty seconds before Tony popped out of his chair and walked to the front of the room, where Nick had just been standing.

“All right Avengers, listen up.” He smiled, speaking quickly and clearly. “We leave for the land of the frozen in about - ” He checked his arm that had no watch on it, “ - Oh, I would say an hour so be ready to go. I’ve had Jarvis and Mrs. Potts prepare you all rooms and if you have any special requests, let me know before we leave because I hate making in-flight calls. Gives me headaches and then - ”

“Stark, you’re giving me a headache, get to it.” Clint barked with a smirk on his face.

Tony made a face at him and pressed his hands together, “Right well…Avengers, dissemble!”

Natasha raised an eyebrow, not impressed with Tony’s attempt at making at joke.

The room was silent until Thor’s booming voice cut into the emptiness, “Was that a command, Man of Iron? Are we to dissemble one another?”

You couldn’t help it, you started laughing. “No big guy, that’s not what he meant.” You wiped away a tear but couldn’t stop the laughter, “S-Someone else explain it to him - HAHA, I can’t do it.”

You looked over and the smile on Steve’s face was huge. “I think Stark wants us to go and get out things Thor. Instead of assemble, we dissemble, to go and do our own thing before the flight.”

Thor laughed and stood from his seat, sending his chair flying back into the wall behind him, making you laugh even harder than before. “AH, YES! Good joke, I understand now.” He boomed, patting the closest person to him on the back (Bruce) a little too hard.

If you had been anywhere close to calming your laughter, the uncomfortable look on Bruce’s face sent you spiralling back into fits of it. Thor was laughing, Steve was chuckling at the both of you and even Natasha was smiling brilliantly.

You coughed slightly and your laughter faded as you coughed a little more. You covered your mouth and smiled at the others who now looked concerned. You coughed a few more times before quickly wiping my hand on your Aerosmith shirt.

You didn’t even have to look down to know that there was blood on your hand, it was a withdrawal symptom from the opium and it just meant that you needed to take some soon or you’d get sicker.

You smiled meekly, “Well, I’m going to go pack. I’ll meet you at the airbase in an hour.”

And with that you bolted up and walked quickly back to you room so that you could pack for the Swiss Alps.

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I liked writing this chapter, mostly because I love writing dialogue for Nick Fury, but the other stuff was fun too! I’ve had a really rough couple of days, but you guys have been so supportive and kind about this story and my other writing and I don’t know, I just really love you guys. 

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