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A critically-endangered female northern white-cheeked gibbon named Polly at the @EndangeredPrimateRescueCenter in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam. She was a youngster, and instead of sucking her thumb, she actually sucked on her big toe during our photoshoot.
Because they are hunted for meat, used in traditional “medicines” and sold into the illegal pet trade, Northern white-cheeked gibbons’ main predators are humans. Their forest habitats in China, Vietnam and Laos are steadily being destroyed as logging continues, causing their populations to diminish along with it. In fact, there hasn’t been a Northern white-cheeked gibbon sighting in China since the 1990s.
The Endangered Primate Rescue Center is a not-for-profit project dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, breeding, research and conservation of Vietnam’s endangered and critically endangered primate species. Their final aim is to reintroduce and release these animals as stable family groups into well-protected natural areas.


Amazing UFO sighting filmed Over France, China & Australia – May 3 2017

  • Mongolia: What the hell are screaming abou - OH MY GOD *jumps into China's arms*
  • Beijing: *faints*
  • South Korea: *SCREAMS*
  • North Korea: *non-chalantly stares at the ant. sCREAMS AND JUMPS IN SOUTH KOREA'S ARMS.*
  • Tibet: *picks up the panda ant*
  • Tibet: Qulan, it's an ant.
  • Hong Kong: *drinks tea and doesn't really give a damn*
  • Mongolia: KILL IT WITH FIRE
  • Tibet: All of you were major empires and all of you are scared about an ant? Wow.
  • Mongolia: K I L L I T W I T H F I R E
Underwater City: Unveiling The Secrets At The Bottom Of Fuxian Lake

A mystery lies scattered on the unexplored bottom of Fuxian Lake, stretching out through Chengjiang County, Jiangchuan County and Huaning County in Yunnan Province, about 60 kilometers to Kunming City, China. The lake is rising 1,720 meters above sea level and encompassing 212 square kilometers of land.

The deepest part of the lake descends 157 meters; the Fuxian Lake is the second deepest freshwater lake in China.

One day, Geng Wei, a specialized diver, accidentally found a strange phenomenon under the lake, in form of stone materials including flagstones and stone strips with thick moss above them, could be seen.

According to an ancient local legend, a city-like silhouette under the lake from the nearby mountains can be clearly seen on a fine, calm day. To find out if there is something hidden in the calm waters of the lake, a Chinese submarine archaeology team stationed in Fuxian Lake carried on surveys and with advanced use of detectors, discovered lots of blocks scattered on the lake bottom, stones that formed a wall seen on a sonar display along with various flagstones.

High stairs appeared in front of them and flagstones covered with moss seemed to reveal an ancient sunken city. The team members found the scope of the site under Fuxian Lake was extremely big, and the traces of construction were everywhere along with earthenware.

Could the underwater site be the ancient city of Yuyuan, which disappeared mysteriously many hundreds of years ago?

Was the site under the lake the city recorded in The Book of Han (Hanshu), a classic Chinese historical writing covering the history of the Western Han Dynasty, 206 BCE-9 CE, that once recorded that Yuyuan City was north of Fuxian Lake?

After several days of observation, sonar scans and analyses, experts estimated the scope of the area is between 2.4 square kilometers to 2.7 square kilometers, and the site was possibly from the Warring States (475-221 BC) to the Eastern Han Dynasty. However, in order to find a more exact time, they had to find a subject that could be used for carbon 14 testing.

Additionally as reported, eight main buildings were found all under the water, including a round, colosseum-like building with a 37 meter wide base and a gap to the northeast and two large high buildings with floors, similar to the Mayan pyramids.
One of the large, high buildings has three floors, a 60 meter wide base and lots of small steps linking the floors. Another is even larger, with a 63 meter wide base standing five floors (totally 21 meters high).
A 300 meter long and 5 to 7 meter wide rock road connects the two buildings.

Carbon-14 dating of some shells attached to blocks they were 1750 years old, which means the site sunk during the Han period. However in the Tang Dynasty, there were still records about Yuyuan City remaining on land.

Therefore, the lost city was not Yuyuan, but rather the ancient unidentified structure of the under-lake construction, could represent the remains of the ancient Dian Country – a country with a high level of civilization that after 86 BC – mysteriously disappeared.

Fuxian Lake is a very large body of water – is still unexplored, so various legends have prevailed for more than 1,000 years and unfortunately their credibility cannot be confirmed.

According to one story mentioned in “Cheng Jang Fu Zhi”, a book in the region of Emperor Daoguang, a horse-like animal lived in the lake. Its body was pure white with red spots on its back. Sometimes it rapidly flew out of the water.
Was this strange animal perhaps a vehicle which modern ufologists today call – uso (unidentified submerged object)?


We are a race with amnesia. There is so much out there forgotten, unfortunately. There were amazing civilizations here from every single cultural groupings. Humanity has a history untold as of yet.

uhh question - so people fall in love with china at first sight, right? does anyone know if this was something she could control or it was just something that happened? like, was she choosing to make them fall in love with her or she was just so beautiful it happened anyway?

Hetalia playing Pokemon GO
  • China: How does it know where they are and I do not know where they are? Oh- OH MY LORD EKANS IS IN FRONT OF ME! CALL AN ARMY! KILL IT!!!
  • England: I would never play a child's game (finds all of them on the down low and is really excited when he finds one)
  • Russia: I started at my house and now I am at America's house...
  • Italy: *Phone goes off in the middle of the night* They're nEAR!
  • Prussia: *sniffs* I can smell how close the pokemon are to me

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Russia,China,and America finding love at first sight? Like how would it play out? Would they become embarrassed?

Ivan (Russia)- As soon as Ivan saw what he thought is the most gorgeous person in the world at the small bookstore he was currently in, he was instantly smitten. He would go dark red with a blush and would be pretty embarrassed at how quickly he fell for them. He would try and come up with a way to have a conversation with them, such as trying to nonchalantly look at whatever they were thinking of buying, but even if he came up with something, he’d still be a blushing mess  while trying to talk with them, so he might come across as a bit awkward. If he and the person hit it off though, he might shyly suggest going to a cafe so they could talk more. 

Yao (China)- When Yao caught sight of someone so perfect he had to stop what he was doing and stare.He was currently window shopping, but once he saw them he became completely distracted. However, he would quickly catch himself and look away, surprised and mentally berating himself at the fact that he had never even talked to this person and he was already falling for them hard. He would try to ignore this feeling at first, bu eventually he would decide he just had to go and talk to them. He’d be a bit embarrassed at first, but would quickly get over it as he made small talk with them. He would be extremely polite through the conversation, and if they warmed up to him quickly he’d ask if they’d like to grab dinner with him. 

Alfred (America)- Alfred’s petty clumsy, so chances are if he was in public and got distracted he’d end up running into someone. He’d quickly apologize and help the person if they dropped anything and would pick their things up. Once he looked up to hand them their things he’d be blown away by how beautiful they are. He’d blush a bit once he realized he’d said that out loud, but he wouldn’t try to cover up what he said. He would be very kind and would apologize several times for running into them, and would ask to make up for it by taking them out for coffee or lunch. It wouldn’t be entirely for making it up to them, but he  just didn’t want to just leave without learning more about someone so lovely. 

October 29, 2016

An o-shibori or hot towel in English is a wet hand towel offered to customers in places such as restaurants or bars in China and Japan and in some Chinese and many Japanese restaurants worldwide. O-shibori are used to clean one’s hands before eating, and have long been a common sight in China and Japan. Cold oshibori are used in summer, and hot oshibori in winter.


Turn the world UN Blue!

From the Great Wall in China to sights in India, Indonesia, Lebanon, the Leaning Tower in Pisa, Japan, Australia and Lebanon - more than 300 landmarks in more than 85 countries around the world are turning UNBlue, on UN Day, 24 October, to celebrate the United Nations 70th Anniversary. 

See the highlights here: 

Heta-Imagines #1 (s/o)
Axis+Allieswhen they first meet you


Germany: The first thing he would notice is how petite your frame was. Someone who would need protection. The next was that you were a woman. And the third thing he would notice? You were a beauty.
He’d blush and stutter, unsure how to act … That is, before Italy waltzes in half naked. Que the yelling.

Italy: He’d call out to you, complimenting you, switching between Italian and English. You’d smile and blush; the Italian would be completely bewitched by that gorgeous little smile of yours that graced your lips. He’d kiss the knuckles of your hand and offer his arm. Off you two would go, onto a gondola. He’d show you all the beautiful places of his home.

Japan: You accidentally bumped into the reclusive man and he’d apologize tenfold, not daring to actually look at you before you accepted his apology. But that voice of yours was silky smooth and the older man was glad to have the chance to take in your face. Oh, how he blush when realizing how pretty and cute you were. It would be a minute or two before he realized he was staring and quickly make his getaway.


Russia: He would stare at that young lady, sitting in his little meadow of sunflowers. His eyes drank in the sight of you and your appearance warmed every inch and cranny of his body. You wouldn’t notice him, until he spoke, his voice deep and low. He’d ask you how you found this place, and your cute little voice nearly cracked his heart when you replied you had gotten lost and fount out way to this perfect patch of sunflowers.

France: He would be minding his own business, baking in a friend’s bakery when you walked in. At first, he didn’t notice you, considering how quiet you were. He continued working, only looking up when the cashier greeted you and you replied with a tiny ‘hello’. His purple eyes met yours, and they lingered for much longer than necessary. Once you ordered, you walked over close to him, intrigued. He, in turn, would strike up a conversation, which resulted in a giving of a phone number and a few too many flirtatious lines.

England: He had been silently reading, comfortable in one of the many chairs of the library. You, a new worker, however, had dragged his attention away from the lovely book. His green eyes scanned you from top to bottom. You worked quickly, especially well for a new worker. Your hands were quick to slide books back into their correct spot, and every once in a while, to push your glasses back up your nose. However, once you got to one of the top shelves, you took a step back to see if someone had left a stool ther even, but no one had. Submitting to your fate, you attempted to slide in the books on your tiptoes, only to have another hand push it in for you. He grinned as you jumped up a little, startled, before thanking him. Your eyes looked over him and he felt a butterfly or two shuffle in his stomach. He was already starting to adore those two perfect eyes of yours.

America: He’d notice you, wandering the video game sections of the store. He watched in amusement as you nervously tugged on your beanie, before picking up a game and looking It over. You did this again and again and it was starting to drive him crazy. He walked over and questioned what kind of game you wanted. Blushing a little, which made his stomach tie itself up in little knots, you confessed that you were new to the gaming scene and had not a clue what to play. His eyes widened and he started to ask questions, such as what she looked for in a game and such. And each answer she gave, he could only keep falling into that deep hole called love at first sight.

China: He was barely able to fit all the merchandise he wanted from that little Hello Kitty ship onto the counter. You, as the cashier, could only giggle at the massive amount of stuff he wanted, and his face went red. He retorted, stuttering a little, as he slowly noticed that you were much cuter than the regular cha shirt who usually worked there. As you scanned each item in, you struck up a conversation, that was mostly one sided as he much rather preferred to stare at you and take in your voice. You were adorable and he much rather rather take you home than all the merchandise he was currently buying. Unfortunately for him, he had said that out loud and it was now your turn to blush. Quickly realizing his mistake, he quickly paid and took off, running, and leaving a very not functioning you behind.