china quotes

woozi: I’m the backbone of svt

woozi: you guys would be flops without me

jeonghan: I’m the little toe of svt

jeonghan: everyone bangs me

minghao: jun is the gall bladder of svt

minghao: moderately useful, but we could live without him


incorrect pirates and recreation (3/?)


me, on my deathbed: i need to tell you something

my child, in tears: i love you

me: i love…

me: [Choreography Video] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴)-HIGHLIGHT

  • Minghao’s internal monologue as he writes in his diary: today is Junhui’s birthday. I think I should cut him some slack. he has been cute lately. I will allow him a singular hug just this once. I won’t hit him after either. maybe i’ll even laugh at one of his jokes. maybe.
Online Gaming
  • America: heya guys, and thanks for coming to this new online game that me and C created!
  • England: 'Canada and I'.
  • America: fuck off. Anyways, so we made this game where we based the characters on everyone! We even have super cool moves and shit! And the point of the game is to fight each other until the enemy team dies! Let's start!
  • Canada: I'll be with Germany, Italy, and Japan to make it somewhat fair~
  • Japan: I'm ready- oh, they are us. Shall we choose ourselves?
  • Germany: I guess so.
  • England: okay, let's find the enemy team- oh, I see Italy.
  • Canada: Italy, how are you already there??
  • Italy: Gyaaahhhh!!
  • France: Let me get him with this move- what the??? Why are flowers surrounding me??
  • America: that's your fancy-francy dome shield. And my turn to get out my TRUE AMERICAN GUN!!
  • China: of course, and my weapons are wok and laddle...
  • Italy: Gyaaaaahhh! Germany, Japan, C... Canada, help me!!!
  • Canada: you forgot my name in the middle of-
  • Germany: I'm coming- what the?? I just grew twenty feet tall??
  • Canada: Germany you got your ultimate move already??
  • Japan: Germany, please, for me.
  • Russia: whoah, is that cheating? Anyways, let me show you my ultimate that Estonia hacked for me- ...I became a circus bear... hahaha- I'm going to beat you America.
  • America: Ha, no friendly fire bitch!
  • England: America... WHY ARE MY SCONES GRENADES????
  • France: Hahaha! And my ultimate move is- *gasps* MAGICAL STRIKE-CHAN!! EAT MY BAD ECONOMIC SITUATION, GERMANY!
  • Japan: oh, my ultimate's up- ... I'm a harem protagonist... how is this an ultimate ability???
  • China: WHY IS MY ULTIMATE ME IN A MAID DRESS- aaand I'm throwing cheap-ass china plates at Italy... nice.
  • Italy: it hurrtttsss!!
  • England: haha, Italy we've got you cornered! Time to unleash my ultimate move- ... IM AN EYEBROW???
  • America: BWAHAHAHA!! Now for my ultimate move! AMERICAN EAGLE TO THE RESCUE!!
  • Canada: not if I've got anything to say~ Ultimate move; Canadian Hockey Gear ON! Hockey stick attack!
  • America: whoah! C, you're so OP! Guys, do something!
  • France: I'm on it~! MAGICAL FRANCE STRIKE!!
  • China: can I throw anything else but cheap-made Chinese products??
  • England: at least you're not an EYEBROW!! WHAT DO I EVEN BLOODY DO- wait... is it fucking complaining???
  • Germany: wait, does England's eyebrows complaining makes me lose health???
  • Japan: what an amazing ability. Meanwhile, I'm just here making people slower because I'm that dense of a harem protagonist.
  • Russia: I want to run America over with my unicycle but I can't. Estonia, hack.
  • Italy: ooh, I want to use my ultimate ability now!
  • Canada: wait, Italy-
  • Italy: Let's go~ ...I DIED???
  • Germany: *slams head on keyboard* you surrendered.
  • Italy: oh. Ca... Canada, America, why???
  • [At a World Meeting, everyone is standing around a broken coffee machine]
  • Germany: So, who broke it? I'm not mad, I just wanna know.
  • Italy: I did. I broke it.
  • Germany: No. No, you didn't. France?
  • France: Don't look at me. Look at Britain.
  • Britain: What?! I didn't break it.
  • France: Oh, that's weird. How'd you even know it was broken?
  • Britain: Because it's sitting right in front of us, and it's broken.
  • France: Suspicious.
  • Britain: No it's not!
  • Canada: If it matters, probably not, but Romano was the last one to use it.
  • Romano: Liar! I don't even drink that crap!
  • Canada: Oh, really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Romano: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Canada!
  • Italy: Okay, let's not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it, Germany.
  • Germany: No! Who broke it?!
  • Britain: Germany... China has been awfully quiet.
  • China: REALLY?!
  • [Everyone starts arguing]
  • Germany: [to the camera] I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict 10 minutes from now they'll be at each other's throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick.
  • Germany:
  • Germany: Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

MinGyu: Honey bun?

WonWoo: Yes?

MinGyu: (blushing) I meant, would you like one?

WonWoo: (blushing) Oh. Yeah, sure. Sugar?

MinGyu: Yes?

WonWoo: (blushing harder) I just meant, would you like some in your coffee?

MinGyu: (further embarrassed) Oh. Yeah, sure.

Both: (flustered)

Jun: (from a distance) Even I am getting embarrassed from watching them.

The8: I think I know what you mean.