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Baby panda wants mail.

Although giant pandas spend most of the day eating and sleeping, they love to climb and play. Here a year-old cub explores the treetops in an enclosure at the Wolong center of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, where captive-bred pandas are trained to live in the wild. If the animal passes tests to gauge its survival skills and instincts, it will be released into the mountains.By Ami Vitale


panda santuary2 by SAFA US
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Panda Sanctuaries are the largest remaining habitats of the giant panda. The sanctuaries are the species’ most important site for captive breeding.

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This. Is a lot. Of. Panda.

To celebrate the release of KFP 3 !! 

here’s the actual developement character piece, that triggered the style for the show …then the talented nico , took over with his magic wand ! 

fun times!!!!

concept d’origine pour le film Kung Fu panda, afin de trouver le style de design pour les personnages. 

Hetalia Nicknames America Style
  • England: Iggy or Princess Leia
  • Canada: Baby Bear
  • France: Kermit the Frog
  • China: Dragon King and Panda Bear
  • Russia: Commie or Jabba the Hutt
  • Germany: G.I. Joe
  • Japan: Spock
  • Italy: Mama Mia
  • Romano: Luigi
  • Spain: Spanish Jack Sparrow
  • Prussia: Brother from Another Mother
  • Hungary: Hungry
  • Austria: Piano Man
  • Switzerland: Ranger Rick
  • Liechtenstein: Angel
  • Belarus: Psycho
  • Ukraine: Fairy Godmother
  • Estonia: Twin
  • Lithuania: Sidekick
  • Poland: Pony Boy or Barbie
  • Latvia: Cry Baby
  • Sealand: Seaworld or Mini Me
  • Finland: Mama Bear
  • Sweden: Chewbacca
  • Denmark: Viking
  • Norway: Jack Frost
  • Iceland: Ice Cube
  • Hong Kong: Karate Kid
  • South Korea: K-Pop
  • Taiwan: Mulan
  • Seychelles: Seashell
  • Greece: Sleeping Beauty
  • Turkey: Turkey Burger
  • Belgium: Waffle
  • Netherlands: Big Bird
  • Romania: Transylvania
  • Australia: Crocodile Hunter

Dear diary,

Today Canada and I got into an argument about which is cuter: polar bears or pandas. (The answer is OBVIOUSLY pandas of course.) His polar bear was cute, but my panda was cuter. We argued for a few hours, and then Russia came over and said that BROWN BEARS were the cutest. We disagreed of course, but then again neither of us wanted to argue with Russia, so we just dropped the topic.


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