china mclaine


So I just realized something…Uma is like Ember in that:
1. Both have sea foam green hair.
2. Both are wearing pirate outfits.
3. Both sing songs about people saying their names.
4. Both have spell capabilities.

And Harry is like Youngblood in that:
1.Both are wearing pirates outfits (duh).
2. Both have hooks.

Also, ironically Ember’s last name is McLain, which is the same last name as the actress who played Uma (China Anna McLain).

anonymous asked:

When it comes to Ursula in live action form in media, I found curious she is always represented by a black woman: OUAT actress, Queen Latifah, China Ann Mclain (play as her daugther but the point stand), do you know why? I'm not against that but I dont know if there something about The character that can be read by de fault as black. I found it kinda fishy...

I’ve noticed that too… I really couldn’t tell you why that is, but it is this weird, specific thing.


i’m thinking of all the black ppl white ppl have said i resemble and i’ve been told i look like whoopi goldberg, willow smith, china anne mclain and there’s probably more but i can’t think of them right now