china man... china man... holy shit

anonymous asked:

Which 1P Hetalia girl would each 2P would get along with the most? (I mean by canon girls, not Nyotalia)

Ukraine: Germany (tig ol bitties), Prussia (will be embarrassed about her breasts but she’s nice company), England (she is a sweetie and will probably think she is amazingly kind)

Belarus: Austria (“she’s creepy as hell i love her”), Italy (she’s beautiful and she’s homicidal), Japan (he knows she isn’t just creepy and she’s a good person inside)

Liechtenstein: Romano (will treat her like a dress up doll), Russia (she is a sweet girl who is nice to him)

Hungary: America (“that bitch is gr8 like she my main man”), France (will respect that she doesn’t need a man to protect her), Spain (she’s badass and doesn’t take shit)

Wy: Canada (she’s small and angry), China (holy shit she’s salty and cute)