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Oolong tea (1) - IRON GODDESS OF MERCY (Ti Kuan Yin)

Also named ‘Tie Guan Yin’ the translation means Iron Goddess of Mercy. The story behind the name is of the goddess, Kuan Yin (Guanyin), showed a farmer in his dreams where a tea plant was to thank him for his restoration of a temple and of his worship. This tea plant is now one of China’s most famous teas.

To be enjoyed anytime of the day due to its well known thirst quenching properties and low tannin content, oolong tea is also known for its digestive properties - so enjoy with a meal! It also doubles as a good palate cleanser. The tea is only of 10% oxidisation so this means it is very green in taste, giving it a refreshing, sweet taste. Enjoy with spicy foods, salted dishes and white meats.

taste: low astringency, nutty, caramel, sweet, peach.
brew: 85-90 degrees C, 3 minutes the first brew followed by upto 6 infusions of 30-40 seconds (same temp.).


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By the end of this story I think we all need a cup of tea, Derek. Get the kettle on!

Types of Teas

Written by Ines // Photo by Tee
I’ve always loved drinking tea, it makes me feel calm and at peace with my surroundings. I drink about 3-4 cups of tea each day and this summer on my trip to China I had the chance to experience an actual tea ceremony, where I tried loads of different varieties of tea, many of which I’d never even heard of before. It was a fantastic and very atmospheric experience and it helped me to appreciate the wonder of tea even more.

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