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China's Reaction to becoming part of the Mongolian Empire
  • China: ...
  • Mongolia: hmmm, what's wrong China~?
  • China: ... you know, this isn't going to work.
  • Mongolia: what?
  • China: this empire! All of it! Do you know how big this is? From my place all the way to Europe?? It's unstable!
  • Mongolia: oh stop being a grouchy old man, my empire will last for centuries! Plus, it can't be THAT complicated~!
  • China: ... do you even know how to govern?
  • Mongolia: ... shit.
Countries Reacting to India's Independence
  • India: so this is goodbye then... England~
  • England: y-yeah, it is... well, good luck and thank you for everything.
  • India: same to you, England- Oof!
  • Nigeria: *hugs India* OH MY GOODNESS YOU DID IT!!!
  • China: nice job, India! Congratulations on both you and your people's efforts! Beat those white colonists!!
  • Libya: do you think it'll be my turn next??
  • Indonesia: India, we heard!! This is amazing, congratulations!! Join the gang~!
  • Congo: This calls for a celebration!!
  • India: haha, thank you, everyone, ~ I don't know what will lie ahead, but let's enjoy the moment and celebrate everyone's achievements!!
Things I’ve gathered from the 2013/2014 Halloween Event from the Hetalia webcomic

I read them out of order so bare with me here

  • APH Moldova is super cute but terrified of APH Russia
  • APH Luxembourg likes to scare the shit out of APH Belgium
  • APH Canada thinks up costumes for Kumajiro
  • APH Italy’s old bosses are now watching him and he thinks it’s creepy
  • APH China can get crazy sad when it comes down to things
  • APH France is scared of Napoleon
  • APH China can exorcise things
  • My cats are really fucking weird and make weird sounds
  • APH Romania is sad that APH Moldova choose APH Russia over him (which he did out of fright)
  • APH Bulgaria is really bad at cheering people up
  • APH Bulgaria and APH Romania are the top two biggest disappointments in the EU
  • APH Latvia eats screams (idfk, he was eating the words)
  • APH Prussia was most likely crying in the bathroom during the Halloween party
  • APH Russia stuffed APH Poland in a teddy bear (seriously, wtf)
  • APH Romano dressed up in Roman attire for Halloween
  • Both APH Romano and APH Iceland think their guardians are thickheaded (i.e. APH Spain and APH Norway)
  • Both of them don’t mind it too much but APH Romano won’t admit it
  • APH England is a secret fanatic of ninjas
  • There is a ninja five consisting of APH America, APH Turkey, APH Sealand, APH Japan and APH England
  • APH Monaco likes acting as an onlooker
  • APH Romano acts kinda the same when drunk but is definitely more up to ideas
  • APH Portugal has a lot of foolish stories he uses as blackmail against APH Spain
  • APH Greece is weirdly observant and I as a person find it creepy
  • APH China is bad at putting costumes on and got himself stuck
  • APH Liechtenstein calls someone Mr. Pervert but I can’t pinpoint exactly who (my money’s on APH France)
  • APH Switzerland isn’t as protective as everyone portrays him to be (considering he left APH Liechtenstein alone with a bunch of people to tell stories including Mr. Pervert)
  • People can become nations, apparently APH NikoNiko trained to become one
  • APH Japan was actually really surprised when APH NikoNiko became a nation
  • You get out of shape based on your economy
  • APH NikoNiko was making sure it was normal to stop aging
  • People become nations
  • People become nations
  • What the cazzo, people become nations this is a breakthrough for me
  • People become nations
  • APH Australia lifts up APH Wy everytime he sees her
  • APH Denmark and APH Norway thought APH Iceland was lonely so they went to comfort him (he really wasn’t lonely)
  • APH Finland wore a dress for Halloween based off this one ghost
  • APH Iceland immediately assumed it was supposed to match APH Sweden’s
  • APH Taiwan thinks APH Belarus is gorgeous (ship senses are tingling) (she said ‘Whoa! Gorgeous lady at 12:00!’)

anonymous asked:

I don't get why everyone loves Yao Jinnan. like........what's so special about her?

Oh boy.  If this don’t blow ya mind, I don’t know what will:

But as for what’s so special?  Welp, I mean, I’m not a die-hard Yinnan fan, but I think her 2014 Worlds UB EF routine def has a tonnn of special in it.  The Chinese team is bomb at pirouetting, but that set was like….geez.  And even though this is from a diff year and not even nearly as good as those done in 2014, it still a gif that shows all THREE (and a half) of them:

And she’s just one of those girls who makes seriously hard stuff look seamlessly easy:

And, on a Chinese team, where vault is their notoriously weak event, she’s like, I’m gonna be a bamf and have a basically perf DTY:

But, you don’t hafta like her.  This is your opinion and feels and preferences, and it’s okay to not “get it”.  We all have very different interests.  These are just all the things I admire about her gymnastics.

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How would the Yandere!Allies treat their s/o, after they kidnapped them?

America/ Alfred F. Jones- You’re his lovely darling, aren’t you? So you’ll be treated like it. He’ll make you anything you want….at any time. Midnight and you need food? Done deal. 3am? Fine. He learns to get out of meetings so he can keep an eye on and spend time with you. Be careful because he has a tendency to overfeed you. He makes you sleep in his bed, because that’s where you belong.

Canada/ Matthew Williams- Closer to a queen. You’ll have your own bedroom that’s decorated with all the things he knows you love. You’ll have your own television, gaming system(s), no Wi-Fi of course…but that’s okay, he’ll play with you all the time! He won’t let you get lonely…he loves you too much! He’s at your beck and call every single moment of the day.

China/ Yao Wang- Also a Queen, expect with the limitations of his own room. Still, you’ll be fed and taken care of on a strict schedule. Because he’s afraid that if you don’t have structure you’ll be upset, and oh he can’t have that! He’ll teach you to sew and knit, any hobbies that are good to keep you busy. After all, an idle mind is such a terrible thing…

England/ Arthur Kirkland- Slightly like a pet, but not the way you’re thinking. He may at first visit your room only to give you food and make sure you’ve not gone insane. But he’s so convinced his sweet little captive hates him…you do, don’t you? He knew this was a bad idea! How can he make it up to you? A cake? Maybe some other sweets? You’ll like that won’t you? Maybe he’ll move you to his room…yes, that’s better, seeing him more will ease your frazzled head. And perhaps even his own. 

France/ Francis Bonnefoy- You’ll be in his room of course, since it’s the best one in the home. But you want your own? He’d rater not. Can’t you sleep with him? You get so cold at night…he has to warm you up, no amount of blankets can wrap around you like he can. So you’ll stay there? Good! Then it’s extra special dinner for tonight! Even though every days it’s a five star meal…he’ll find a way! Maybe extra dessert? Anything you want…whenever you want it.

Russia/ Ivan Braginsky- You’ll have your own room…unless you want to sleep with him? He promises not to let his hands wonder…too much. No really! Sunflower you have to sleep with him tonight, it helps the dark thoughts stay away. You’re a beam of sunlight. You’ll stay right? He’ll let you go outside tomorrow, won’t you like that? You can both explore the garden. Pick flowers…anything you want to do, please just let him hold you.