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Movie Review: Descendants 2 (Spoilers)

Spoiler Warning: So much like my review for the first Descendants movie and because this isn’t a big cinematic blockbuster I’m only doing the one review which will include spoiler content. I am creating this review two days after the movie hit the small screens of America so if you still haven’t seen it overseas or haven’t been able to find it online anywhere else then don’t read on.

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I’m working on double sided Hetalia charms. On one side is their 1P, on the other side is their 2P.

EDIT: All done with the designs, now to make them into keychains~

(Wow, is it just me or does Tumblr over saturate or something?)

EDIT: I tried to link this to another post, but it didn’t work… The keychinas are done though! I worked super hard on them so make sure to reblog and/or buy them~♥

If you want to buy them, please PM me and pay through a paypal account.

$6 for an individual

$10 for a pair

$50 for the whole lot

  • France: big brother France is happy to announce that your dinner for today is Escargot~!
  • America: yay! What dat?
  • Russia: are these... Snails?
  • China: we're going to eat snails for dinner??
  • France: Yep~! And I made a special and unique one for England~ *winks*
  • England: um... You sound very suspicious but okay- THESE SNAILS ARE ALIVE!!!

anonymous asked:

So...I'm creating a character that will have a flower sleeve tattoo that represents her. What are some flowers that represent: dedication, loyalty, independence, solitude, full of love and understanding, dark, innocent, full of pain but hopeful for the future?

Hey Nonny!

That is a lot of meanings, but I’m pretty sure half of them already exist and we’ll be able to find nice sustitutes for those that don’t. Some of these meanings don’t exist in the exact form you asked for so I tried to find what comes closest to it, or I’ve split it up into it’s individual meanings. Alas there is nothing that means understanding in any way, so maybe they will have to incorperate the word itself into their tattoo?

  • Here’s a bunch of flowers that mean hope.
  • adonis (flos) - sorrowful remembrance, painful recollections, sad memories
  • alstromeria - devotion
  • allspice - compassion
  • amaranth (globe) - unfading love, immortality, hope in misery, unchangable
  • aster (china) - fidelity, variety (of charms), afterthought, I will think of thee, your sentiments meet with a return
  • baby’s breath - everlasting love, innocence, pure of heart
  • carnation (white) - innocence, sweet and lovely, pure love, woman’s good luck gift
  • catchfly (red) - youthful love, I fall victim
  • chrysanthemum (red) - I love, love
  • citronella - homosexual love (in case your character wants a little gay in their sleeve tattoo)
  • cosmos - joy in love and life
  • daisy - innocence, beauty and innocence, loyal love, I’ll never tell, purity, beauty
  • daisy (white) - innocence
  • elder flower - compassion, zealousness, zeal
  • freesia - innocence, trust, lasting friendship
  • furze - love for all seasons, love for all occasions
  • gerbera - innocence
  • heath - solitude
  • heather (lavender) - solitude, admiration
  • heliothrope - devotion, I love you, attachement, intoxicated with pleasure, the intoxication of love,  devoted affection, infatuation, I turn to thee, faithfulness
  • honeysuckle - devotion, genereous and devoted affection, fidelity, bonds of love, bond of love, I would not answer hastily
  • honeysuckle (coral) - the colour of my fate, I love you
  • honeysuckle (wild) - generous and devoted love
  • ivy - fidelity, friendship, matrimony, marriage, I have found one true heart, wedded love, affection
  • japonica - sincerity, symbol of love
  • lavender - devotion, distrust, mistrust, love, acknowledgement
  • lichen - solitude, confidence, dejection
  • lilac (white) - youth, youthful innocence
  • magnolia - love of nature
  • myrtle - love positive, love, joy, love in absence
  • nightshade - dark thoughts, truth, scepticism, falshood
  • oak (white) - indepence
  • phaesant’s eye - painful/sorrowful remembrance, remembrance
  • primrose (chinese) - lasting love
  • prince’s feather - unfading love
  • plum tree - fidelity, keep your promises
  • plum (wild) - independence
  • rose (bridal) - happy love
  • southernwood - pain, jest, bantering
  • speedwell - (female) fidelity
  • speedwell (wall) - fidelity
  • strawberry tree - esteem and love
  • veronica - fidelity
  • wallflower - fidelity in misfortune/adversity, faithfulness in misfortune/adversity, lasting beauty
  • zephyr flower - symbol of love, sincerity, expectation, fond caresses

Except for nightshade there are no flowers contain a meaning fo dark, however maybe one of these will fit. Here’s a list of what these flowers generally mean:

  • hellebore - scandal, calumny
  • cosmos - joy in love and life

  • calla lily - feminine modesty, magnificent beauty, beauty

  • lily - majesty, purity and modesty, majesty and honour, purity of heart

  • petunia - though art less proud than they deem thee, your presence soothes me

  • dahlia - forever thine, elegance and dignity, novelty, instability, dignity, my gratitude exceeds your care

I hope you find what you’re looking for on that list!

- Mod Jana


Rabbit’s Foot

A rabbit’s foot is considered a lucky talisman. This belief is held by individuals in a great number of places around the world, including Europe, China, Africa, and North and South America. It is likely this belief existed in Europe since 600 BC amongst the Celtic people.

Some cultures say the rabbit’s foot is actually the foot of a dead witch who was killed while in her familiar form.

The donor rabbit must possess certain attributes, have been killed in a particular place, killed by a particular method, or by a person possessing particular attributes.


  • First, not any foot from a rabbit will do: it is the left hind foot of a rabbit that is useful as a charm.
  • Second, not any left hind foot of a rabbit will do; the rabbit must have been shot or otherwise captured in a cemetery.
  • Third, at least according to some sources, not any left hind foot of a rabbit shot in a cemetery will do: the phase of the moon is also important. Some authorities say that the rabbit must be taken in the full moon, while others hold instead that the rabbit must be taken in the new moon. Some sources say instead that the rabbit must be taken on a Friday, or a rainy Friday, or Friday the 13th. Some sources say that the rabbit should be shot with a silver bullet, while others say that the foot must be cut off while the rabbit is still alive.

Another characteristic of the rabbit that probably made it such a widespread symbol of luck is its well-known and prodigious breeding habits.

anonymous asked:

axis, allies + canada, romano, prussia & spain- love at first sight???

Ooooh buddy this is gonna be good

America: America has come to believe in happily ever afters, and is an avid believer in love at first sight. At first, he’d be a little surprised, but would almost immediately recognise what just happened to him, and he would go out of his way to introduce himself to you. And, being an “if at first you don’t succeed, try a different road” kind of guy, expect all kinds of approaches from him until you accept that date. Everything from buying you a coffee, to flying a plane above you spelling out his intentions, or leaving cute notes and flowers on your bike- he’ll try it all until you give him a chance. (And don’t expect those romantic gestures to stop either. This boy is a sucker for romance, both giving and receiving.)

Canada: The minute he saw the flannel, he really should have known he was doomed. It was a lazy day for you, hair a mess, wearing an over-sized plaid button-up and ratty jeans so you could grab yourself something to eat and maybe a flick or two. You weren’t really paying attention to where you were going, and soon tripped over someone’s cart, almost falling to the floor if not for the giant that caught you. Your first thought, upon getting a glimpse of your savior, was “Holy crap- He’s a moose.” His was of course “Well, shit.” After mutual apologies to the elderly couple grumbling about how you nearly spilled their cart, and helping said ladies to their car, you both found yourselves awkwardly standing around, until sheepishly you found yourself thanking your hero, willing to offer dinner as a further thank you, but finding yourself shocked to see him grinning, already agreeing to your unspoken proposal.
Canada may not be the one to immediately come right out and instigate things, but he had timed it from the moment he caught you to the moment he showed up with more snacks and wine on how he was going to start making you fall for him, too. Your attempts to appease the women at the shop only gave him more ideas on how to charm you.

China: China could tell right away what he was feeling, but unlike most of the Others, he would be very patient in approaching you. It would start off as casually leaning against the railing near you, perhaps making a small comment about your book or the markings on your backpack, gently tugging you into a conversation. He would have been a little surprised at first, but would calmly accept his new feelings, and try to become your friend, leading the conversation into more personal territory. He would be as steadfast as a river, biding his time until you had fallen in love with him as well. As far as he’s concerned, he’s got all the time in the world to wait for you. (But that never stopped him from squealing in excitement whenever you did something extremely adorable.)

England: England would be simultaneously repulsed and captivated. The island nation doesn’t just loan his heart out to anyone, and yet here you are within a millisecond of bumping into him outside of the market, stealing his heart and laughing at the collision as if you hadn’t just completely ruined his life. You would be greeted with a look of pure disgust at first, which in the moment made you laugh harder, thinking it had to do with how half of his vegetables were now in your bag. But he’d quickly wipe away the expression, annoyance (and heavens help him desperation) making him spit out some sort of sarcastic comment, making you laugh all over again, the two of you getting lost in the crowd and each other’s jokes.

France: It has never taken a lot for France to fall in love. One of the few remaining souls on the planet capable of complete, unconditional love for any being, experiencing love at first sight is not a strange phenomenon for him. What is rare is having someone else fall in love with him upon first sight, much as the case was with you. But France is cautious, as he knows that for any relationship to grow, communication and compromise are key. And while your levels or admiration or attraction may not be completely the same, he would immediately be willing to please you, in any way you would need.

Germany: Germany was in the book shop again, looking for a new novel that might interest his brother, as well as a recipe book for himself. Austria had been pushing him to collect all of his creations in one place, and so he finally gave into pressure and decided to find a book to record them all. But vapid cursing had distracted him from browsing for that novel, eyebrow lifting in intrigue as he peered around the shelf, only to find someone hunched over, yanking terribly at their hair that had somehow gotten entangled in the shelf. He moved to help immediately, satisfied that you listened to his demand to hold still, both of you scarcely breathing as he untangled you. You stood up, and the two of you exchanged pleasantries, an unfamiliar but very much welcomed warmth flooding through him that made him act out of character, offering to buy you a hot drink at the cafe next door, sharing a story of when Prussia had gotten himself stuck in a cupboard.

Japan: This was the worst. You were in the middle of an unfamiliar neighborhood with only a few quid on you, and your new sandal decided to break on you. Backing up against a nearby wall, you were doing your best to try to fix the shoe enough to make it to a secondhand shop, but all seemed hopeless, especially when someone tripped over you, the two of you both sprawling on the conrete, your shoe and his book flying away in the chaos of limbs and pain. You were dazed and confused, but finally more bemused by this short, fumbling man now muttering apologies in Japanese, cheeks ablaze in his embarassment, pulling you up from the sidewalk and offering to buy you new shoes, all whilst digging through his rucksack for some bandages. That blush of his didn’t leave the entire time he helped you to a shoe store, and it never really faded the longer you got to know Japan either.

Prussia: Panic. Sheer, bloody panic. Prussia probably caught interest with a passing glance, distracted by the colour of the shirt you were wearing, or the inflection of your voice. But the moment he truly got a good look, he’d feel his entire heart constrict, heat rise to his cheeks, and any words he may have been saying would be gone. For a few moments, he’d feel almost trapped, panicking because he couldn’t understand his feelings. The only thing he knew was that he had to catch up with you before he lost you forever, desperate to understand what he was feeling. His confidence would be shot, and he’d be a stuttering mess, but amused you’d talk to him anyway, letting him slowly get back to his cockier self.

Romano: This awkward seaturtle is not normally the kind of guy you would expect to have any sort of charisma or charm. However, living with both Rome and Spain for most of his life, he has picked up a very specialised technique of flirting. If and when he sees someone he’s interested in, he will zero in on his target. For him, lust at first sight is normal, and he would approach you with the same swagger that he would any relationship. However, he would be hanging onto every breath, bending any and all of his self-determined rules he needs to just to make you smile, catch your name, and enrapture you as much as you have corrupted him. Whether it takes minutes or years, he will put every last hint of effort he has into seducing you, well and properly.

Russia: All he had wanted to do was get a small bouquet and a card for his sister before he went back to the meeting. The lunch breaks seemed to get progressively shorter as the years went by, and he was already losing patience due to America’s consistent whining at him about the recent election. It was like he and England had gotten themselves into another contest, except this time to see who was the more- Either way, the sooner he got back, the sooner he could take an aspirin, the sooner the meeting would be over, and the sooner he could go enjoy the jacuzzi back at his hotel. But there you were arguing with the only clerk about the meaning of carnations versus roses. It wasn’t until when he coughed for the third time that you turned around, guilt immediately written all across your face, and an offer that he go ahead of you that prompted him to hang back, suddenly nowhere near in as much of a hurry as he was before. Instead, he set his order on the counter, asked what the fuss was about, and helped you place your own order.
He ended up missing the meeting, but after getting your name and number, he figured it was well worth the absence.

Spain: He heard the shriek before he saw what was happening. The shout came from around the corner, and his instincts had him start sprinting, nearly colliding with a wall on the other side of the alley you stood in, ready to fight if he needed, anxious to help whoever was in peril. But you weren’t surrounded by hooligans, only a group of children, who all seemed rivetted by the story you were sharing with them, a cardboard sword in one hand and a ratty book in the other, half of your head covered in a bandana, and a hat that was three sizes too large. You were volunteering to read classics to children, completely invested in ensuring that your audience was on the edge of their seats with each rise and fall of your voice. He was starstruck instantly, and quickly joined the other adults nearby. He was absorbed by your voice, completely lost in how you carried your faux blade.
The story was over far too quickly for his liking, but he was determined to come back every afternoon to hear the next instalments. And, if he built up enough courage, ask you to dinner one night.

Veneziano: Much like his brother, Vene is more used to lusting at first sight, not love. He would think of how adorable you were at the pop-up market stand, speaking lowly with an older gentleman about the nautical devices he was selling, and feel himself lose his breath when you pushed your hair back, catching a glimpse of your face for the first time. He would join in the conversation, sharing everything he could possibly think of about sailing to catch your attention, your conversation gradually leading away from the vendor’s stand and throughout the rest of the city, his flirtations subtle and compliments many. Without you even being aware, he would be buying you dinner, guiding you through museums, and sharing stories with you as if you were lifelong friends. He would grow more relaxed and familiar with you as the day crept on, never taking his eyes away from yours for longer than he needed.

Anon, I hope this is what you were looking for.

Aux Fourneaux!

We all know our dear Marinette ‘From-the-bread’-Cheng lives in a bakery, right?  But WHAT would you find in a french bakery, actually? What pastries, what breads? If you’ve ever wondered about that, this post is here for you.

Note that this post is not exhaustive due to the wideness of french pâtisserie, but we tried to stick to the essentials~ !

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theanimetheif1  asked:

So Alice, have you meet any of the male counterparts? And if so, who is your favorite?

As of right now, I’ve met all the male counterparts of the Allies. Apparently, the Axis has counterparts as well, but I’ve yet to meet them.”

“I suppose I must be bias, but my counterpart is the only one I get along extremely well with. France and America are both – er.. charming?”