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I’m working on double sided Hetalia charms. On one side is their 1P, on the other side is their 2P.

EDIT: All done with the designs, now to make them into keychains~

(Wow, is it just me or does Tumblr over saturate or something?)

EDIT: I tried to link this to another post, but it didn’t work… The keychinas are done though! I worked super hard on them so make sure to reblog and/or buy them~♥

If you want to buy them, please PM me and pay through a paypal account.

$6 for an individual

$10 for a pair

$50 for the whole lot

  • France: big brother France is happy to announce that your dinner for today is Escargot~!
  • America: yay! What dat?
  • Russia: are these... Snails?
  • China: we're going to eat snails for dinner??
  • France: Yep~! And I made a special and unique one for England~ *winks*
  • England: um... You sound very suspicious but okay- THESE SNAILS ARE ALIVE!!!

echoesoffireworks  asked:

Hi! I was wondering where you got your prints, stickers, charms, etc. printed?

I print my stuff in Taiwan whenever my family goes back so this is probably not helpful > <

  • Prints and books: 樺舍 (they can ship overseas but you gotta find someone who speaks the language… otherwise super friendly and helpful I love them)
  • Stickers: 帕里瓦格 (a small studio so you’ll have to be local or at least the in Greater China region…)
  • Charms: A friend organizes the group order so I’m not sure who the printer is but they’re based in China. Probably on Alibaba?

I used to print with Zap Creatives until uhhhhh some stuff happened (plus they’re too expensive for me), but others had good experience so you could check them out. I’ve also heard about Cat Print from friends for paper stuff, but I’ve not tried it. Personally I think it would be best (convenience and probably money-wise too) if you can find a local printer! Remember that you might be charged customs if the printer is not in your country :00

Rabbit’s Foot

A rabbit’s foot is considered a lucky talisman. This belief is held by individuals in a great number of places around the world, including Europe, China, Africa, and North and South America. It is likely this belief existed in Europe since 600 BC amongst the Celtic people.

Some cultures say the rabbit’s foot is actually the foot of a dead witch who was killed while in her familiar form.

The donor rabbit must possess certain attributes, have been killed in a particular place, killed by a particular method, or by a person possessing particular attributes.


  • First, not any foot from a rabbit will do: it is the left hind foot of a rabbit that is useful as a charm.
  • Second, not any left hind foot of a rabbit will do; the rabbit must have been shot or otherwise captured in a cemetery.
  • Third, at least according to some sources, not any left hind foot of a rabbit shot in a cemetery will do: the phase of the moon is also important. Some authorities say that the rabbit must be taken in the full moon, while others hold instead that the rabbit must be taken in the new moon. Some sources say instead that the rabbit must be taken on a Friday, or a rainy Friday, or Friday the 13th. Some sources say that the rabbit should be shot with a silver bullet, while others say that the foot must be cut off while the rabbit is still alive.

Another characteristic of the rabbit that probably made it such a widespread symbol of luck is its well-known and prodigious breeding habits.

Aux Fourneaux!

We all know our dear Marinette ‘From-the-bread’-Cheng lives in a bakery, right?  But WHAT would you find in a french bakery, actually? What pastries, what breads? If you’ve ever wondered about that, this post is here for you.

Note that this post is not exhaustive due to the wideness of french pâtisserie, but we tried to stick to the essentials~ !

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theanimetheif1  asked:

So Alice, have you meet any of the male counterparts? And if so, who is your favorite?

As of right now, I’ve met all the male counterparts of the Allies. Apparently, the Axis has counterparts as well, but I’ve yet to meet them.”

“I suppose I must be bias, but my counterpart is the only one I get along extremely well with. France and America are both – er.. charming?”

[Straps] Hetalia: The Beautiful World - Rubber Strap Collection

Company: Movic
Release Date: July 2014
Retail Price: 450 Yen Each, 3600 Yen for a box of 8 
Size: Total length incl. strap 12cm; Character body approx 4.5cm x 6.5cm
Material: PVC 
Specifications: 8 charcters; blind boxes, you won’t know which character you will get in the box.
Characters: North Italy, Germany, Japan, England, USA, Russia, China, France
Bootleg version? No