china cats

panicwiththegiant  asked:

The 2ps cat-sitting for a day?

2P!America: *cat hisses at him* … *he hisses back*

2P!China: *cuddling the cat* i love you forever you are my sunshine *cat struggling to escape his arms*

2P!England: *ties a pretty pink bow onto the cat’s tail* you are so precious  ≧◡≦

2P!France: *cat meowing at him* fuck off

2P!Russia: i am not fond of all this cat hair on my furniture

2P!Italy: *cat scratches him once* y o u  f u c k i n g  s p a w n  o f  s a t a n

2P!Germany: this is so boring, it doesn’t even play fetch what the heck

2P!Japan: *pets it once* that is all the affection you are being graced with from me today *five minutes later* come back i was not finished with you yet

2P!Canada: *absentmindedly pets it while watching tv*

2P!Romano: *holds it up like simba* fabulous flavi’s taking care of you today !! (▰˘◡˘▰)

2P!Austria: ah yes, a black cat, now all i need is a broomstick

2P!Prussia: “hello, police? i accidentally stepped on my cat’s foot and need to be arrested”


The clouded leopard is so called because of the distinct, cloud-shaped patches on its coat.  These same patches are, in China, believed to resemble mint leaves, and so in China these cats are known as “mint leopards”.  In Malaysia, the arboreal habits of these predators have given them the name “tree tigers”.

Everyone’s all excited about the bee Kwami but I’m still obsessing about the Shanghai special. Like:

Marinette in a pink cheongsam?

Seeing Adrien practising his karate?

Reunion with Mari’s uncle?

The miraculous have freaking Chinese origins so maybe more about that

Master Fu comes along for the ride?

Chat accidentally speaking Chinese?!

LB training dragons again?