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Any chance of a few good modern au fic recs for this piece of enjoltaire trash?

oh I’m sure I could think of a few… *winks with both eyes at the same time*
(also, here’s a list I made from a while back of some good e/R fics!)

Still the One by kjack89

Enjolras and Grantaire’s 50th wedding anniversary.

I don’t want to give it away, so I’m just going to say you should read it. Seriously

Word Count: 3,438

Oblivious by kjack89

The trouble with approaching your relationship the same way you approached your at-times contentious friendship is that apparently, no one realizes you’re actually dating. Or else Enjolras and Grantaire just have the absolute most oblivious of friends.

Or both.

I’m so used to the “everyone except Enjolras and Grantaire knows they like each other” trope, so this one was really fun to read!

Word Count: 4,567

flightless bird by sarahyyy

Combeferre grins. “How long did you wait before you called me?”

There is a short pause. “Two minutes?” Grantaire says, and Combeferre can’t help but to huff out a laugh. “He said three hours!” Grantaire says defensively.

“He’s fine,” Combeferre says, shaking his head in amusement. “He’ll call. He always calls.”

Damn….it’s the slight ambiguity at the end that gets me… (not to be read if you’re in the mood for fluff!! You might cry!!)

Word Count: 1,883

Years Since It’s Been Clear by lady_ragnell

Grantaire really doesn’t expect Enjolras to force him to move in with him when he hears how shitty Grantaire’s apartment is. And he definitely doesn’t expect Enjolras to want him to stay, or how easy it turns out to be, or the way Enjolras has a habit of doing his studying in the sunshine on the living room floor …

Yeah, he may be in some trouble.

Everything. Everything about this. SO GOOD (ps there’s some smut at the very end, just in case you’re not into that)

Word Count: 10,726

Of Roommates And Hallways by madlyie 

Prompt: “we both got kicked out of our rooms because our roommates are having sex so now we’re standing in the hallway avoiding each other” au

Enjolras learns that the guy from apartment No. 27 is much more talkative than a closed door.

Ok this is super frickin cute and the ending is just perfect. 11/10

Word Count: 1,376

I’ll be your Shelter, I’ll be your Storm by missandrogyny

Just pay me back with one thousand kisses.

Fluff! So much fluff! Good things and happy thoughts!

Word Count: 5,532

One Hundred Ways to Say “I Love You” by the_sky_is_forever

In which Grantaire and Enjolras take a very long time to actually say those three special words, but if you pay attention, the words are there.

Love love love love love. I felt super content (in an “I’m wrapped up in a warm blanket sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter’s day” way) after reading this and honestly that’s one of the best feelings to have after reading a fic (for me personally)

Word Count: 16,484

nothing alike by nightswatch

Enjolras comes across a guy who’s trying to steal his car. Except that he’s not actually stealing his car.

The second hand embarrassment is real (I may or may not have buried my face in a blanket while reading this)

Word Count: 2,023

We’re All Stories, In The End by theglitterati

Les Amis discover fanfiction. About themselves.

I had to put this one on here just for fun because I was cackling when I read it

Word Count: 2,210

Ice Ice Baby by sigh_no_more

In the almost four years that Enjolras had known his friends, he always managed to avoid ice skating with them. This was very purposeful. It had to be. After all, they lived in the Northeast, so plenty of opportunities arose for him to go ice skating. He just never took advantage of them. Because Enjolras had a secret. A dark, terrible secret.

Given how nosy and internet savvy his friends were, it was kind of a miracle that only Combeferre and Courfeyrac knew about his past.

But it was time.

(Or the Amis go ice-skating and find out a surprising truth about Enjolras.)

Ok I had to include this one on here too because when I was rereading it just now, it kinda reminded me of Yuri on Ice and that made me happy sooo :)

Word Count: 2,945

France's Contact Names
  • America: burger bitch
  • England: don't answer
  • China: we can both cook
  • Italy: cute kid
  • Germany: hitler
  • Japan: yaoi author
  • Spain: ass
  • Romano: should've kidnapped him when i had the chance
  • Turkey: we can both cook
  • Greece: kitty daddy
  • Netherlands: make it rain
  • Belgium: chocolate
  • Canada: my little mattieu~
  • Norway: Put the volume high
  • Finland: sweet as candy
  • Sweden: sexy stare
  • Denmark: put the volume low
  • Iceland: sexy middle baby
  • Prussia: Partner in crime

General Relationship Headcanons: Allies


  • hooo boy does this man love to make you laugh.
  • 110% here for morning cuddles.
  • do you like surprise dates and gifts? cause it’s a guaranteed deal with him.
  • he’s the type of boyfriend to cry and eat ice cream with you.


  • oml he would so treat his s/o like royalty.
  • whenever you and him aren’t busy you two are either sitting in his garden and drinking tea or cuddled up on the couch watching telly.
  • i feel like he’d really love taking trips and traveling with his s/o.
  • loves it when you two cook together and you attempt to teach him.


  • would probably buy you roses every week.
  • on valentine’s day and your birthday expect a hella nice date and to be smothered in affection and love.
  • imagine slow dancing with him in the kitchen as you two cook together be still my beating heart.
  • there will never be a moment in your relationship that you didn’t feel loved because he would make sure of that.


  • what wouldn’t he do to make you happy aw.
  • not a fan of a whole lot of pda but boy howdy does this man love to snuggle up to you at home.
  • he loves being out in the snow with is s/o.
  • one of his favorite things to do is to tell you russian folklore stories while you’re in bed at night.


  • i feel like he’d like taking you out on dates where you both just wander around the city and stop and markets and sightsee. 
  • please ask this man to tell you about his history he loves telling you.
  • would love to see you in a cheongsam/changshan.
  • likes it when you play with his hair.

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I love your art so much!! Rochu is like in my fav top ten OTPs (ok,sorry I have a lots of ships) But I have a question ( also forgive my English ) Does male Belarus ever gets jealous of fem!China? Yah know because of her relationship with fem!Russia.Like, have ever tried to poison her tea or something.

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

the assholes to teachers & troublemakers:
2p america, 2p canada, 2p germany

the Stoners & smokers:
2p china, 2p france

the Straight A student:
2p england, 2p russia, 2p prussia

the bored one who doesn’t give a flying fuck but still got straight A’s ????:
2p japan

the Playboy that all the guys hate and all the girls love:
2p italy

The-one-point-everyday fashionista:
2p south italy

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oo what about platonic headcanons for Hong ice and Seychelles? :)

Heyy it’s ya girl Amanda saying she’s about these three being pals and nothing romantic or sexual happening between them yay friendship

Go to the mall and arcades often

They eat so much fast food it’s not even funny. It makes China crazy. He calls Hong Kong just to ask what he’s eating. If he could figure out how to use FaceTime he would do it to make sure he wasn’t lying.

The boys meet Sey at her place to hang on the beach.

If you don’t think they prank call/actually prank England, you’re wrong. The only one who can actually pull good pranks is Hong Kong. 

Whenever they take group pictures, they’re always grinning and flipping the bird at the camera because they are #edgy

They like to play fortune telling games, play with ouija boards, and do other occult stuff. One time they convinced Norway to do a seance and it was wild. Denmark was there and that boy almost pissed himself

Since they’re teenagers they talk about sex a lot. 

90% sure they all have at least a little crush on America

Hong Kong is cool and skateboards. Ice and Sey are nerds who read books and fall off skateboards.

Binge watch anime like whoa. 

One time they scored weed off Netherlands just to try it. They made the mistake of trying to hit a bong rather than just smoking a joint and it ended in disaster. Actually, Sey was able to hit the bong once but declared that it tasted like rotten spices and was never going to do it again. Hong Kong was grounded when China found out. Nor and Den were Very Disappointed TM in Iceland. Sey is older and doesn’t answer to any guardians anymore.

Basically they’re just a bunch of dorky teen friends who hang out and act like fools

Mod Amanda

Allies/Axis and the Nordics reacting to accidentally touching the s/o's chest

















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I don't know if you're still interested in the Teenage Mecha Ninja Turtles short (but if you aren't, feel free to ignore this message), but I noticed that the children are also named after more contemporary artists that relate to their heritage. Frida = Frida Kahlo, Basque = Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kusama = Yayoi Kusama, Jackson = Jackson Pollock. As an art major who barely passed art history, I got all giddy for recognizing the names! Thought this might be fun to share!

holy shit the artist symbolism goes deeper

i’m kicking myself, that’s so great??? like i didn’t even know that stuff (art history was never my strong point, i was more the sort to do whatever the fuck i wanted in class and BS my way through everything else because **~art is interpretive~**), but i’m so pumped that it’s a thing!!

i’m so happy the creators of that short put so much thought into their work- the continuation of the artist names thing is really quite sweet, and shows how much they loved the story idea, (i love it even more now omg) not to mention that it states the races of each kid, which makes me even happier as a fan-writer. so much possibility, now that i’ve got canon info.

so yeah much thanks to you anon, i can work with so much more depth now that i’ve got this info. plus add jokes about fate since all the kids have artist names despite not being related (that we yet know)