china accidentally

Paper cut

-Somewhere in China-

Yixing: *accidentally gets a paper cut*

Yixing: Ouch..

*phone suddenly starts ringing*

Yixing: Hello–



Vas por la calle tranquilamente y de repente…

2p!Allies + Canada accidentally hurting s/o during a fight!:

2p!America/Allen Jones-
“Look, I said that was enough!” Allen stormed off, tired of debating. But you weren’t having it, not this time.
“You need to listen!” You grabbed his jacket, hearing a few seams in the hood loosen.
“God damn it!” He turn around and swung, aiming for the wall. But instead he caught the edge of your chin. You cupped your face and hissed, already feeling a dull throb. He hadn’t actually injured you, but that didn’t change the fact he had swung.
“Shit. Shit. Shit. I‘m so sorry, I-I didn’t mean to-” You waved his apologies away, you weren’t actually angry. Pulling your hands away he observed the damage and then ushered you into an embrace.  
2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
“Matthew!” You screamed for the god knows how many times today. He’d been insufferable lately. This was mostly due to the fact he couldn’t wrestle with his brother. His anger and aggression was building up.
“I said no!” He barked, shoving you away.
“You need to stop!” You took another brave step forward, refusing to back down from the man. But that fearless approach would prove to be a mistake. His hands planted on either side of your shoulders and shoved, sending you into the wall. You sank down to your knees, both of your sockets burning from the impact.    
(I‘m not going to end the rest happy. Suffer.)
2p!China/Xiao Wang-
It was a reflex, that much you were sure of. But what confused both of you was that he wasn’t comfortable enough with your presence to relax. You’d spilled the hot beverage on his lap, but that wasn’t a good excuse. His hand immediately raised and crossed your cheek. The resulting swollen red area was the only thing his eyes could focus on. He was in just as much disbelief as you.
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
?????????????????? No?????????? He could never??????
2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-
“I said shut up.” He replied smoothly as ever. You’d been ranting for only a few minutes. But it was the same old argument. Francois barely paid attention to you. He was distant and you were quickly growing sick of it.
“No, I‘m not going to shut up just because you don‘t want to listen! You used to at least talk to me, do you even care?” You settled down as the last sentence tumbled from your lips. Just as fast as you’d let the barb out his hand was wrapped around your throat. It was in the passion he didn’t realize how hard he was clutching.
“I care about you, but I am not going to say it like some little school girl.” After you nodded and he let go, you saw the horror in his eyes. There was a faint purple line crossing your flesh.    
2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
I honestly feel like he has far too much self control to injure you by accident.


Accidentally telling Renjun he’s cute while he’s visiting some friends in China…

(You and Renjun accidentally being stuck with each other’s phones for a week after a collision on the train ride home, featuring salty Donghyuck as your bff (2/?))

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Hi! I am absolutely loving your blog - sorry about the people constantly breaking the rules. I was looking through them and accidental hurt is okay?? I was wondering how the allies would react if their s/o accidentally cut themselves while cooking. Thank you! xxx

America/Alfred F. Jones, France/Francis Bonnefoy- His concern is minimal, because it’s just a little house hold accident, no biggie. He’ll help you clean and dress it, and then joke about getting child-safe kitchen utensils. 

Canada/Matthew Williams- Little more concerned and cleans the wound up and all of the things you were using. asks if you want him to finish cooking just in case. Goes a little overboard, but he’ll calm down the second you ask. 

Russia/Ivan Braginsky, China/Yao Wang- After getting you a band-aid of some sort he will not let you complete the cooking, you’re sitting down and staying away from the sharp thing, okay? Not up for debate.  

England/Arthur Kirkland- You may get a light scolding but other than that he’ll leave you to it. You’re an adult and know how dangerous sharp utensils are, he needn’t hover…for more than a minute or two. 

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Hi you lovely darling! Can I request how the Allies would react to walking out of a world meeting and to their surprise their small s/o is there to pick them up in their car?

Alfred (America) and Yao (China)-Both would be really glad to find their s/o outside waiting for them. World meetings can be stressful sometimes, so seeing his s/o first thing afterwards would really brighten both of their days, especially since neither of them would have to drive home alone. Alfred would be really vocal in his thanks, saying how great it was for them to pick him up, but Yao might be more quiet about it and just give a smile and a thank you. It would really mean a lot to him though. 

Arthur (England) - Arthur would be embarrassed at how grateful he felt towards his s/o when he saw their car outside. By the end of a world meeting he’s usually super annoyed with a lot of the others, so he almost always rants about what went on, so it’s no wonder he’d be happy his s/o was there so he could start right away. If he was particularly exhausted after the meeting he’d be very open about thanking them for driving all the way there too. 

Francis (France) and Ivan (Russia) - Both of them are usually tired after all of all the interaction and talking that goes with world meetings, so they’d both be very relived to find their s/o outside. They’d both thank their s/o sincerely, and the car ride back would be pretty quiet with both of them except for an offhand comment about the meeting here or there. If it was a long drive back, it wouldn’t be surprising if Francis fell asleep at some point. Ivan wouldn’t though, he’d just be enjoying the silence after the usually super loud meetings. 

Imperialism is not a stage, not even the highest stage, of capitalism: from the beginning, it is inherent in capitalism’s expansion. The imperialist conquest of the planet by the Europeans and their North American children was carried out in two phases and is perhaps entering a third.

The first phase of this devastating enterprise was organized around the conquest of the Americas, in the framework of the mercantilist system of Atlantic Europe at the time. The net result was the destruction of the Indian civilizations and their Hispanicization-Christianization, or simply the total genocide on which the United States was built. The fundamental racism of the Anglo-Saxon colonists explains why this model was reproduced elsewhere, in Australia, in Tasmania (the most complete genocide in history), and in New Zealand. For whereas the Catholic Spaniards acted in the name of the religion that had to be imposed on conquered peoples, the Anglo-Protestants took from their reading of the Bible the right to wipe out the “infidels.” The infamous slavery of the Blacks, made necessary by the extermination of the Indians—or their resistance—briskly took over to ensure that the useful parts of the continent were “turned to account.” No one today has any doubt as to the real motives for all these horrors or is ignorant of their intimate relation to the expansion of mercantile capital.


The second phase of imperialist devastation was based on the industrial revolution and manifested itself in the colonial subjection of Asia and Africa. “To open the markets"—like the market for opium forced on the Chinese by the Puritans of England—and to seize the natural resources of the globe were the real motives here, as everyone knows today. But again, European opinion—including the workers’ movement of the Second International—did not see these realities and accepted the new legitimizing discourse of capital. This time, it was the famous “civilizing mission.” […] The second phase of imperialism is at the origin of the greatest problem with which mankind has ever been confronted: the overwhelming polarization that has increased the inequality between peoples from a maximum ratio of two to one around 1800, to sixty to one today, with only 20 percent of the earth’s population being included in the centers that benefit from the system. At the same time, these prodigious achievements of capitalist civilization gave rise to the most violent confrontations between the imperialist powers that the world has ever seen. Imperialist aggression again produced the forces that resisted its project: the social revolutions that took place in Russia and China (not accidentally all occurred within the peripheries that were victims of the polarizing expansion of really existing capitalism) and the revolutions of national liberation. Their victory brought about a half-century of respite, the period after the Second World War, which nourished the illusion that capitalism, compelled to adjust to the new situation, had at last managed to become civilized.


Today we see the beginnings of a third wave of devastation of the world by imperialist expansion, encouraged by the collapse of the Soviet system and of the regimes of populist nationalism in the Third World. The objectives of dominant capital are still the same—the control of the expansion of markets, the looting of the earth’s natural resources, the superexploitation of the labor reserves in the periphery—although they are being pursued in conditions that are new and in some respects very different from those that characterized the preceding phase of imperialism.

Samir Amin, “Imperialism and Globalization”

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Headcanon that when Nico first accidentally shadow traveled to China accidentally he was too weak to go back and he wasn't really sure how either. So he lived in a rice plantation for a couple of months and kind of understands chinese and can do a mean tangyuan. He also used to go back there through the labyrinth to bring them food and hugs.

I love this. Imagine they come across a demigod who only speaks mandarin and Frank is Trying His Best (which is pretty ok) but then Nico breaks out his singapore colloquial and just. Nico?? When???

I can imagine him growing up to be the guy that starts speaking Tagalog in the middle of a Czech conversation while taking notes in Arabic and everyone is just like ‘yeah ok’

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America, China and Prussia with and s/o who likes to sneak up behind them and scare the sh*t out of them

America: He freaks the fuck out. It’s actually quite cute but he will do the same to his s/o. 

China: He accidentally flips out on them on accident out of instinct. If he hurt them, he’ll chill on the scolding and hug them. 

Prussia: He falls over the first time but tries to say he did it on purpose. Liar. He tries to fire back at them, scaring them as much as they do to him.

-Mun Kai 

You know, while I am excited for Wolfenstein 2, I honestly thought we were finally going to see what happened to the other parts of the world in the Fallout universe. Like we know Operation Anchorage, but what about what happened to mainland China, did a nuke accidentally land in Japan in the crossfire in the Anchorage war? What about Russia? Germany in Fallout would have had a trickle down effect of post world war 2 socialism and economic restructure. What about the entirety of Africa. They wouldn’t have been affected by the retrofuturism that Fallout portrays. And I was only upset because I thought at least one of these questions was about to be answered.

omg apparently one of my relatives in china accidentally checked into a hello kitty themed hotel complete with themed curtains, bedspread, slippers, and cups

*eats a sandwich*
*accidentally quotes APH Switzerland*                  

*talks about important stuff -money-*
*accidentally quotes APH Netherlands*

*is on the Throne of Satan*
*accidentally quotes APH Finland*

*is about to propose on someone*
*accidentally quotes APH Belarus*

*is at chemstry explaining about the reactions and combinations of substances*
*accidentally quotes APH Russia*

*accidentally quotes APH Poland*

*the Hell has so much blood*
*accidentally quotes APH England*

*is talking while eating*
*accidentally quotes APH Sweden*

*is about to kick someone’s ass*
*accidentally quotes APH China*

*talks about everyone*
*accidentally quotes APH Romano*

*talks about myself*
*accidentally quotes APH Prussia*

Imagine Nico taking Jason to all the beautiful places he’s been both intentionally [maybe the view from a cliff] and accidentally [China].

Imagine Jason still a little terrified of shadow-travelling, but thinks it’s worth it when they get to their destination. He gets used to shadow-travelling with Nico, but he still grips Nico’s hand as tightly as the first time.