Chin State- Myanmar

Chin State, in north-western Myanmar, is an incredibly mountainous region, with an average elevation of 5000 - 8000 feet. Its highest peak is Mt Victoria, which rises to 10,017 feet. The Chin people often do not have middle, or last names, but one name which may reflect the achievements of their grandparents, or the grandparents wishes for the childs future. The naming of children in this region is of great importance. 

When the going gets tough, the tough get…tattooed? haha.
After a rough couple months I thought I had earned a tattoo, so I got ‘Chin Up, Kid’ on my chin to remind me to stay positive. Positivity and keeping myself free of alcohol are the 2 main things getting me through this ordeal and this tattoo is a reminder of that.

Huge thanks to Kane at Monument Tattoos in Tallahassee for abusing the tender area of my chin haha… it came out exactly how I pictured it in my head.

Happy Holidays, tumblr.

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Ooh, #crimsonpunch - what a great addition. Will the mind healers find Sidious' meddling in Anakin's head? Imagine the guilt Obi-Wan will feel when he realises... *evil cackling*

Swallowing, Anakin kept his eyes on the green ones watching him, examining him with a steady calm look.

He flinched when Obi-Wan finally spoke, his voice calm and a bit cold. “Mace told me you’re having anger management meditations, speaking to a mind healer.” He offered.

“Y-Yes.” Anakin got out past the lump in his throat.

“…Good.” There was more warmth in Obi-Wan’s voice and Anakin swallowed.

The man stood and moved to the kitchen, pulling out a box of Anakin’s favorite juice and pouring it into a glass that he offered to the blond.

Numbly, staring at his former master, Anakin took it.

Wasn’t Obi-Wan angry at him?

The man stared at him for another moment then sighed. “I am not angry no. I am disappointed.” Obi-Wan returned to his desk and sat down.

Oh Force.

Anakin felt ill. Disappointment was so much worse then anger and it felt like a heavy stone in his stomach as he stared at the purple juice in his hand.

“I’m disappointed and a bit confused. But I’ve already forgiven you Anakin, not because I had to but because you’re actively taking steps to prevent this from happening again.” Obi-Wan rested his hands on the desk, watching his former padawan while opting not to tell him he’d forgiven him even before he heard it.

The blond’s eyes went glassy with unshed tears.

“But I’m not going to forget what you did Anakin. Its going to take me time, perhaps a long time to get over the fact that you punched me.” Obi-Wan’s voice was heavy.

Anakin nodded, unable to get a word out, his throat feeling too tight and his stomach heavy.

“…Take a sip of juice Anakin. You look pale.”

Anakin did.

“Good. Now please sit down, we have work to do. Or I do at least.”

Anakin once again did as told, settling on the couch.

Nodding in appeasement, Obi-Wan turned back to his pad, bending over it while giving Anakin his back.

If he knew what that did to Anakin…

‘I still have his trust. Oh Force I still have his trust.’ The easy surrendering of his back was all Anakin needed to know that and he took a bigger gulp of juice only to choke on it and splutter it out over the coffee table.

But Obi-Wan was there, patting him on the back, rubbing it with a faintly worried expression on his face.

Staring at him, eyes wide, Anakin dropped the glass and threw his arms around the others waist, pressing his face into Obi-Wan’s stomach. “I’m sorry Obi-Wan! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you!” And with that the tears came, great wails of regret and sadness and perhaps pain.

It opened up the floodgates of three years of war, of pain, of anger and regret.

Obi-Wan stared down at his his brother in all but blood and then wrapped his arms around him in turn, making soft noises while running his fingers through his hair, crooning quietly. “Its going to be alright Anakin, we’ll make it. Its going to be alright my friend…”

For the first time in a long time, Anakin believed that.


Settling the plate of cookies on the floor between them, Mo-gan gave a low hum. “…Forgive me if I say so Anakin but as good a friend as the Chancellor is…he seems to make you question a lot of the things that makes a Jedi…well a Jedi. And even what makes Master Obi-Wan into Master Obi-Wan.” He eyed the knight on the floor.

Anakin blinked, legs raised along the wall and back on the floor, his hands resting on his stomach. Mo-gan had told him to get comfortable and Anakin had taken that to heart after the first two sessions with the man. “I…I guess. I mean I don’t think he means anything by it, he just has questions and they’re good questions.” He tried cautiously.

The Miralan rubbed his tattooed chin before shrugging. “Perhaps but a lot of the questions he asks seems rather pointed. Every conversation you tell me you’ve had with the Chancellor seems to make you doubt the Order, your commitment or Obi-Wan.” He reached down and picked up a cookie. “But that’s just the appearance of it at least. I might be taking it the wrong way.”

‘Is he thought?’ Anakin reached for one of the cookies too, taking a small nibble, uncaring of the crumbles that got stuck in his tunic.

Frowning quietly as he thought, Anakin felt grateful that Mo-gan ate his own cookie in silence, allowing Anakin to think undisturbed.

His friendship with Palpatine…was it…healthy?

“…Can I have some time to…meditate on this? Can we talk about it our next session?” He finally settled on.

“Of course Anakin. How about we speak about…hmm your latest ship modifications?”

The knights face perked up at that.

Living in New Zealand I became engrossed in the traditional moko tattoos and was always hunting for moko tattoos on people around Wellington.  It is an endangered art in that part of the island, but my gigantic moko coffee table book and a few kanakas around town satisfied my curiosity daily.  Years later we were living in Northeastern Iraq and I was gobsmacked to see this woman selling chai door-to-door around our neighborhood.  This style of tattoo was common among Marsh Arabs, Berbers, and Bedouins in times past.  Nowadays Islam and assimilation have waned the practice onto the endangered arts list. A heavy language barrier made it impossible for me to know the symbolism of her tattoo, but I heard that these tattoos can be for beautification, empowerment, or talisman to ward off spirits meaning to do harm.  

Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite.

FINAL Chapter Summary: You and Thorin discuss, well, you and Thorin and you meet Dis.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 21

A/N: I know I said two more chapters, but this is the last one. Thank you guys for sticking with my sassy little badass hobbit! It’s been an amazing journey! I really don’t want it to end which is why the ending is crap so a series of one shots revolving around this character will probably happen eventually so keep your fingers crossed. Thank you all for everything! You can check out my other works at my Master List. Peace.

Drabbles - Imagines

You open your eyes slowly, the sleep from the previous night disappearing. 

You let your eyes roam over the shirtless body before you and questions of what is going on between the both of you pops into your mind.

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Hello!! How would Uta, Shironeki, and Juuzou react to their human s/o asking them to walk with them when they go somewhere at night because they're scared of being attacked?

ths is so cute klajsfdkljf;a;; im gonna have them all walking their s/o home bc i find that gesture super cute - u -


Uta gazes up from working on a mask just and just gives you a sly smirk at your request. He sets the mask down and rests his chin upon a fist, tattooed eyes looking at you inquisitively. You had already stayed at his studio all day, but it was about time for you to head home to go to school the next day. Unfortunately for you, your house was a few blocks away from where you currently were and you knew that petty ghouls lurked in the darkest of alleys during nighttime.

He told himself that some fresh air wouldn’t hurt by walking you home, however, your boyfriend decided to have his moment of fun with you.

“Oh? Is someone afraid of the dark?”

Your face flares up at his assumption. “N-No that’s not it at all! You know that there’s ghouls waiting to ambush someone helpless like me!”

Uta stands up and saunters up to you, pinching your cheeks gently. “That’s because you’re too cute to resist.”

Your hand flew up and grabbed him by the wrist and started dragging him out the door, hoping that he didn’t see the massive blush engulfing your face.

You and Uta walked in an peaceful but ambient silence back to your house.

“Ah, thank you for walking with me.” He just pats your head in response.

“See you back at the studio tomorrow?”



Shironeki gladly accepts your request of being walked home. He definitely knew the dangers of being out alone at night and he didn’t want anything to happen you whatsoever. If anything happened to you like what happened to him, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself.

Your house was a good walk away and you couldn’t have felt more safe than asking your boyfriend. For one, he was capable of defending both of you and secondly, well, who wouldn’t enjoy walking with their boyfriend even if it just was going to your house?

“Shall we be on our way?” You nod and smile happily at him, lacing your fingers through his as you two set off for your home.

While walking together you two talked about little trivial things, such as asking how each other’s days were, and asking if the other had read an new interesting books. You gradually shifted closer to your boyfriend and lied your head on his shoulder, enjoying the close contact and his company.

About 10 minutes later, you arrive at the front door of your home. Lucky for the both of you, no ghouls had shown themselves, let alone try and attack. You faced Kaneki, gazing up at him. He had his neutral expression as always. Stepping forward, you gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“Thank you for walking me home, Kaneki.”

Digits caressed your cheek softly, and a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips expressing that it was no problem.


Suzuya tilts his head, giving you his usual mischievous smile.

“Someone’s really afraid of ghouls!” He just giggles.

You give a pout in response. “Y-Yeah, but you’re apart of the CCG! You have those briefcase things that turn into weapons!”

“Then it’s a good thing I have these~” He opens his shirt to reveal a shit ton of hidden knives each with a small loop to hold them in place. A small part of you wondered how he managed to move around so nimbly without accidentally stabbing himself, but you shook the thought from your head.

“C’mon, Juuzou. Let’s get going. You can use those if someone tries to attack us.”

“Coming, coming~” 

He ends up walking on an elevated portion of a curb, hands straight out as if he was balancing himself on a balance beam. You watched him from a few steps behind. For as wild and spontaneous your boyfriend was, you were glad that you were able to place your trust in him walking you home.

As you finally reach your home, Juuzou stares in amazement.

“Your house is so big!”

“It looks like that on the outside, but on the inside, it’s pretty small…”

But before you could say goodnight, he’s already running to the front door and the next thing you knew, he was already in your house before you.

Giving a defeated sigh, you just followed and decided that he should just crash with you for the night.


Welcome back my beautiful babies! *v*

So, as I said, I’m bringing them back but in a little bit different settings X) Little reminder for those, whom haven’t seen my last text post ;)

This AU where they started their lifes is deleted and doesn’t exist anymore, so Garla and Roghosh are not siblings anymore! Whole four is multi-clan pack of friends, which arrived to Azeroth from Draenor after WoD’s goings-on.

Garla Wolfpaw (20) is from the Frostwolf Clan
Mag’Rak Bearclaw (26) is from the Warsong Clan
Roghosh Blackmane (22) is from the Blackrock Clan
Ruma Redcrest (18) is from the Laughing Skull Clan

Ah also - now all of them have eyebrows X) cuz why not? Garla’s hairs changed their color a bit and her earrings their shape. Roghosh won’t have his chin tattoo anymore. Rest stays without changes ^^