When the going gets tough, the tough get…tattooed? haha.
After a rough couple months I thought I had earned a tattoo, so I got ‘Chin Up, Kid’ on my chin to remind me to stay positive. Positivity and keeping myself free of alcohol are the 2 main things getting me through this ordeal and this tattoo is a reminder of that.

Huge thanks to Kane at Monument Tattoos in Tallahassee for abusing the tender area of my chin haha… it came out exactly how I pictured it in my head.

Happy Holidays, tumblr.

Chin State- Myanmar

Chin State, in north-western Myanmar, is an incredibly mountainous region, with an average elevation of 5000 - 8000 feet. Its highest peak is Mt Victoria, which rises to 10,017 feet. The Chin people often do not have middle, or last names, but one name which may reflect the achievements of their grandparents, or the grandparents wishes for the childs future. The naming of children in this region is of great importance. 

Gas Station-Fluff Friday

Sakura glared at the crack in her rearview mirror and reached for it again, angeling it to see higher into the back of her skeleton rig. She was supposed to be empty, towing nothing, but the back still dragged with an extra weight. She felt it in the drifts, when she turned into the winds and expected to fight the gusts, her backend stayed down like it was filled with fuel, and now she was hearing things from back there.

Marauders from the dunes? She hadn’t stopped since the Avalon Alcove, an oasis colony hidden deep in the earth, but knew that passing through the dunes was to risk an encounter with the sand riders and the sand people. She didn’t doubt some of them were talented enough to sneak up behind her rig and attach themselves to her rear with a little help.

Of all rides to pick up trouble!

Sakura turned hard to the side and then countered to send her back end careening sideways, nearly tipping. If someone was hiding in the back fuel tank they would be sorely tossed. 

Parked, she ripped out the wheel to her rig and latched it onto the back of her belt buckle, clicking it into the komodo dragon armor that moved over her backside like living scales. She slid from the driver’s seat like her armor’s namesake and stalked around her rig like a snake.

She leveled a sawed off double barrel with her left hand and kicked off the latch. The metal came away shirking on hinges until it banged into the side and bounced before settling. A pair of blinking eyes stared up into the light of the afternoon sun, haloed around her hooded face, while a third face turned away entirely.

Sakura had been right about the stowaways, wrong about the sand people theory.

One of the males groaned and shrank further back, hiding his face behind gold shackles. Sakura’s eyes went to what little was left of their clothing and cursed out loud when she recognized the court attire of seraglio boys and the gold ink tattoos.


Sakura kept her gun close to her hand, set across her lap and she reclined against the base of a ruin while the boys ran out to stretch their legs. The blond one had too much energy and, like a mutt, needed to be walked regularly. She called him mutt in her head, even though he had told her his name after their discovery. She hated to admit how quickly she had forgotten it.

Off to the side the one with teased black hair, styled in a way that set him aside from the common, starving boys, crossed his arms at Mutt’s excitement and scowled. Beside him the other dark hair lad smiled in a stiff manner and offered some words of advice? Sakura couldn’t read lips, but even if she could she wouldn’t have cared enough to eavesdrop.

“Sakura!” the blond screamed for her across the dirt. She tensed on reflex and readied her shotgun, eyes roving behind the vizor she hadn’t removed since the day before when she found them.

One of the two boys hit the blond and cursed at him. “You’re going to get shot that way.”

“What?” Sakura gruffly interjected, standing from her crouch under the shade of the ruined wall.

She kept her gun in hand never the less, just in case they decided they could drive her rig without her. Just because she had let them live and agreed to take them where she was going didn’t mean she trusted them to not slit her throat in her sleep. She wished she had Karin with her as a second.

“I’m hungry. When do we get to eat again?” he chirped, sounding more cherry than the other two.

“We just ate.”

“Y-yeah, but that was breakfast. What about lunch?”  His smile seemed to dim as he looked behind him at the other two only to see their blank stares. There was no back up there. “Whhhat?” he whined, dragging out the sound of the word.

“Where do you think the food is coming from, idiot?” the boy with the chicken butt hair hissed.

“B-but I’m hungry.”

The mutt’s blue eyes had the audacity to waste water in emotion.

“You should have thought about that before you decided to joyride in the back of my rig for a jaunt.” Sakura took a half step back adjusting the weight of her body so that it was more evenly distributed and balanced. She could spring any direction in a moment If she needed to.

The blond looked down, rightly chastised. It was enough to make her almost regret her stern tone, so she looked away, off to where she parked her rig. Shielding her eyes through her visor with a hand above her covered brow she muttered under her breath. “I don’t swing by the oasis for weeks. How do you think you’ll get back?”  

“We’re not going back,” the last boy stated, hearing her when she was sure none of them would. His words made the others perk up.

“That’s what you say,” Sakura groused, stalking off towards her rig. The three started to trail after her. “But I’ve never heard of this Kakashi fellow you’re all looking for and I’ve a living to make. You should have planned better.”

“There will be someone who knows. He is skilled. He will find us.”

Sakura looked back, trying to match the voice with the face. It was hard to tell them apart sometimes even though they looked so different, but she was sure it was the stupid hair boy that said that last part.

“What the hell are your names again?” she asked, hoping she would remember this time.

“Naruto!” the blond cheered before either of his companions could open their mouths. He jumped up and pointed to the other two. “This is Sasuke!”


“And this asshole is Sai.”

“You can call the blonde dickless, he’s still a virgin.”

The blond turned bright red and started to squawk and yell while Sakura rolled her eyes behind her visor and turned back to her rig, not caring how they treated each other. Sasuke was the first to follow her, but Sai and Naruto were close behind, the latter running ahead of them all.

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ridesagain replied to your post “((is Maui the only demigod in maori/polynesian mythology? it sure…”

( welp, i’m sold. share! )

((her name is Whetu, she’s quiet and serious and wields a big spear. 

 her dad is the god of stars and her mom is a little lady that is pretty much that one happy-go-lucky mom friend. she takes after her dad.))

anonymous asked:

Hello!! How would Uta, Shironeki, and Juuzou react to their human s/o asking them to walk with them when they go somewhere at night because they're scared of being attacked?

ths is so cute klajsfdkljf;a;; im gonna have them all walking their s/o home bc i find that gesture super cute - u -


Uta gazes up from working on a mask just and just gives you a sly smirk at your request. He sets the mask down and rests his chin upon a fist, tattooed eyes looking at you inquisitively. You had already stayed at his studio all day, but it was about time for you to head home to go to school the next day. Unfortunately for you, your house was a few blocks away from where you currently were and you knew that petty ghouls lurked in the darkest of alleys during nighttime.

He told himself that some fresh air wouldn’t hurt by walking you home, however, your boyfriend decided to have his moment of fun with you.

“Oh? Is someone afraid of the dark?”

Your face flares up at his assumption. “N-No that’s not it at all! You know that there’s ghouls waiting to ambush someone helpless like me!”

Uta stands up and saunters up to you, pinching your cheeks gently. “That’s because you’re too cute to resist.”

Your hand flew up and grabbed him by the wrist and started dragging him out the door, hoping that he didn’t see the massive blush engulfing your face.

You and Uta walked in an peaceful but ambient silence back to your house.

“Ah, thank you for walking with me.” He just pats your head in response.

“See you back at the studio tomorrow?”



Shironeki gladly accepts your request of being walked home. He definitely knew the dangers of being out alone at night and he didn’t want anything to happen you whatsoever. If anything happened to you like what happened to him, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself.

Your house was a good walk away and you couldn’t have felt more safe than asking your boyfriend. For one, he was capable of defending both of you and secondly, well, who wouldn’t enjoy walking with their boyfriend even if it just was going to your house?

“Shall we be on our way?” You nod and smile happily at him, lacing your fingers through his as you two set off for your home.

While walking together you two talked about little trivial things, such as asking how each other’s days were, and asking if the other had read an new interesting books. You gradually shifted closer to your boyfriend and lied your head on his shoulder, enjoying the close contact and his company.

About 10 minutes later, you arrive at the front door of your home. Lucky for the both of you, no ghouls had shown themselves, let alone try and attack. You faced Kaneki, gazing up at him. He had his neutral expression as always. Stepping forward, you gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“Thank you for walking me home, Kaneki.”

Digits caressed your cheek softly, and a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips expressing that it was no problem.


Suzuya tilts his head, giving you his usual mischievous smile.

“Someone’s really afraid of ghouls!” He just giggles.

You give a pout in response. “Y-Yeah, but you’re apart of the CCG! You have those briefcase things that turn into weapons!”

“Then it’s a good thing I have these~” He opens his shirt to reveal a shit ton of hidden knives each with a small loop to hold them in place. A small part of you wondered how he managed to move around so nimbly without accidentally stabbing himself, but you shook the thought from your head.

“C’mon, Juuzou. Let’s get going. You can use those if someone tries to attack us.”

“Coming, coming~” 

He ends up walking on an elevated portion of a curb, hands straight out as if he was balancing himself on a balance beam. You watched him from a few steps behind. For as wild and spontaneous your boyfriend was, you were glad that you were able to place your trust in him walking you home.

As you finally reach your home, Juuzou stares in amazement.

“Your house is so big!”

“It looks like that on the outside, but on the inside, it’s pretty small…”

But before you could say goodnight, he’s already running to the front door and the next thing you knew, he was already in your house before you.

Giving a defeated sigh, you just followed and decided that he should just crash with you for the night.


As requested by Anonymous.

Sequel to Fancy. With a little help from this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit.

Warnings: Grumbles. Word stumbling.

Word count: 950


Well, he’s definitely not in the bush. There is, however, a frisky looking squirrel.


Last you knew, Dwalin was not that tall or hairless, but you wave the Elf down anyway.

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what would be GOM's reactions (-Akashi) to their s/o having a tattoo on the whole back? like the whole back covered, up to you what design it would be ^.^

Ooooh. This is a nice one! I’m planning on getting one myself… you can take your guess which one from those I described here it is!ヾ(・ω・)シ This got pretty long, so I’m putting some under read more. I started with Aomine, intending to keep it all short like that one, and then it kinda escalated… Here we go, Kuroko, Aomine, Kise, Midorima, and Murasakibara!

You and Kuroko had spent most of night studying for an exam (… mostly), and now you were in the kitchen of his family home, patiently waiting for the water to boil to make coffee. You probably looked like a scarecrow, with shadows under your eyes, dishevelled hair, and slightly bloodshot eyes, never mention the wrinkled t-shirt you got from him to sleep in. Sure, Kuroko wasn’t that tall, but his clothes were too big for you anyway, and this particular tee was slipping to the side, showing quite a bit of the back of your shoulder.

“Good morning,” Kuroko said from the door. He had learned not to startle you after you punched him in an automatic defence response, before realising who had dared to scare you… and it had happened a couple of times.

You glanced at him over your shoulder with a smile. Kuroko frowned and for a moment you were confused.

“Is that a tattoo?” he asked, stepping closer to lightly trail his fingers over the tiny bit of the picture that was poking out from underneath the t-shirt. You felt your skin tingle. “Can I see?”

“Y-yeah…” you mumbled, moving your hands to pull up the fabric on your back. Kuroko held it above your shoulder blades and looked in silence at the stylised koi fish, lotus, and waves marking your skin.

“Did it hurt?” he asked quietly.

“A bit, yes,” you replied. “Do you like it?”

You couldn’t help a little shiver when Kuroko kissed the skin over the top of your spine before letting the cloth fall back into place.

“It’s really pretty.”

“How about this one?” Kise’s hand slipped inside the changing stall with another dress on a hanger. “It’s a nice cut, it’s going to look fantastic on you!”

“Would you wait a moment,” you hissed. “I’m still not done taking off this one, I think, ugh… I think I’m stuck.”

“Need help?” Kise asked with a shade of not-so-innocent hope in his voice.

“… yes, please,” you replied, not thinking much of it. There was no way Kise would do anything so… Aomine-like, not like this at least. Besides, the two of you hadn’t gotten all out yet anyway. Just maybe… like halfway. Just hands down each other’s pants and- uhm. You pulled your thoughts away from those memories and turned around when Kise stepped in to help you with removing the dress.

“You have a tattoo?!” Kise exclaimed before covering his mouth, peering all over the colourful florals covering your back. “It’s so beautiful…”

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