chin up bb

A message for queer teen girls who are struggling:

You are doing great. There is no timeline for you to come out, and you are not “lying by omission” by not being out. I can’t pretend to know your home life, I can’t pretend that your journey will be easy or fun or fast. But it will be worth it. If you are out, excellent! I’m so proud of you, you’re braver than I was.

I don’t mean to add to the never ending line of “uwu chin up bb” posts, but I want you to know that there are things in this world that make it worth living in. I say this as a formerly closeted queer girl. When I was a teenager up until very recently, I didn’t believe that. I didn’t want to be here. There were long stretches of time where my Anxiety and Depression were so bad, I wished my entire being would simply melt away. I didn’t see anything worth it.

I am so damn glad that I made it through that, because there is so much power in beginning to thrive. I am turning 22 in a few days, and I am genuinely grateful for every single day I live. I go to sleep wanting to wake up the next morning. I have a community of queer friends who support me in every single thing that I do. And I never would have made it to this point if it weren’t for the queer people I saw along the way who begged me to hold on just a little longer.

So this is me, begging you to hold on just a little longer my friend. You have a place in this world. I won’t tell you to hang on for the sunsets, and the flowers and all of that good shit, I will tell you to hang on for you.

Even if you do not believe a word I am saying, I believe them all with my entire being.

If you want to talk about anything at all, or ask me any questions about anything LGBTQ+ you can come ask me on anon or off. I will do my best to answer you myself, or refer you to an answer. My ask box will always be open whether you want to tell me about your day or you have an LGBTQ+ specific question that you don’t feel comfortable asking someone in your life.

I love you. Truly.

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Harries and 1d stans are already ruining zedds video with hateful comments about Liam and comparing him to Harry and saying the song is trash and Liams over blah blah and honestly I knew this was gonna happen but still.. I'm sad you know because it's not only Liam now zedd is also involved in this mess and it's like they're ruining his project and song and I feel so bad for him because the comments are so damn negative... they don't deserve this :(

oh nooooo it’s expected but still, please take some time to leave some nice comments and a like if you can!

ok listen. to all of u who are bein negative abt browan,, if rowan can forgive her mother (who put her through hell at school without knowing and/or caring) nicki (bullied her and stole her best friend away from her), trevor (do i really need to put anything here), and dunbar fucking rakes who terrorised her, literally tortured elisia, held a gun to rowans face and pulled the Nice Guy Routine while blaming her for everything he did while also trying to kill her!!!! she can forgive brandon who actually felt remorse for what he’d done and tried to apologise for it. hope is not lost @bellamyblak im lookin at u keep ur chin up bb


modern ; helga hufflepuff x rowena ravenclaw // the sun whispers for the stars

for my pottersecretsanta ; this is very messy yikes but you said you liked helga x rowena and i wanted to cheer you up and show my appreciation for you somehow, i love you lots and hope you feel better soon darling, i 🐝🍃  in you, chin up bb! 

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I used to go to school in NY, but I had to come back home because I was struggling AND my stepdad got sick. I'm not as stressed and/or anxious as I was in NY, but all of my friends are going back, having fun, and every time I'm on fb I see it on my newsfeed. It makes me feel like shit because I really miss my friends, and I wish I could be there. Now I'm back at home finishing my gen-eds and I feel like I could be doing so much better. How do I shake this feeling and move forward?

Firstly, well done on doing well on the stress and anxiety front! I’m glad that you were able to remove yourself from the situation that caused you to struggle because honestly, that’s a really hard thing to do, and it’s a really big step for anyone. Give yourself a pat on the back, bb; you did what was right for you, and not everyone can say that. 

Secondly, you have no reason to feel like shit! As I said, you’ve been incredibly brave, forward-thinking and determined to leave school. You haven’t failed at all. You’ve taken a different path, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good as the one you were taking before. I am very proud of you for finishing your gen-eds, although I don’t know what they are because I’m an ignorant Brit, and you should be too.

Keep in touch with your friends if you can. I have a friend who left university and it was a bit poo at first because I really missed her, and I don’t talk to her very often anymore because we both have busy lives, but she’s visited me several times since and I’m really glad we didn’t lose touch. It’s not too hard to make sure the lines of contact aren’t severed completely; the odd text or Facebook message will keep the sparks of friendship lit like a glorious bonfire of tenderness and emotions. 

You are already moving forward, bb. It might not feel like it - maybe you’re moving forward a bit diagonally at the moment instead of straight on - but you are, and you’re doing incredibly well. Also, your hair looks great today. Oh, stop it. You know it does.