chin pose


Ok guys here it is! 💙🙏🏼 Day 11, our last pose of #OpenYourHeartInFall is Chin Stand. This pose can be a bit intimidating for beginners so feel free to use any variation or modification (check in with other hosts for ideas).
The first variation I demonstrate is ideal for beginners because you still have one leg supporting you on the ground. For a more advanced variation of chin stand you have the option of keeping your legs straight in the air or dropping them in scorpion. Remember to rest the chin lightly on the ground. Use your hands to really support the weight and your fingers to grip your mat. Take your time with this pose and be mindful of your breath. Thank you all for playing with us! I hope this challenge really helped you to open your heart.
Huge thank you to our sponsor and hosts: @flexilexi_fitness @hannahtaha @yogaluls @aminahtaha

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my hair is still (fucking) green and my eyebrows are still sassy, but here’s ya girl with that classic chin on the fist pose. 😎👌
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Tyler Breeze

Thought & Hands

     Tyler Breeze ( or perhaps, this is a trait better attributed to Matt then Tyler ) is a surprisingly subdued person when the spotlights not focused on him. When he’s given a moment of reprieve from being placed center stage. He can be seen adopting the ever famed Thinker pose. His chin resting on his fist as he listens and considers what to say next. Perhaps the blond is a tad more thoughtful than assumed. Something to think about.

  • You, leaning against wall and doing the chin-in-hand pose: Hey, Riko! Check this out!
  • Yohane, same: Won't you become my little demon?
  • Hanamaru, same: Am I doing this right?
  • Riko, hiding her face: Ugh...
  • Riko: (Curse doujinshi!)
  • Chika: Look, this is how you do it!
  • Chika: *pushes Riko against the wall and gently lifts her chin*
  • Riko: Mmh...
  • Riko: (B-bless doujinshi!)