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Falling Part Two: Harry X Reader

Part One

It had been two weeks since your entire world came crumbling down. You’d been banished for your repeated visits to The Isle. You’d never see your sisters again, or any other mermaid for that matter.

After a long mind numbing swim you entered the cave and emerged from the rock pool, only to be surprised by numerous figures surrounding you. You recognised them as the crew of The Lost Revenge but they all did not move as you glanced at there faces.

“Well” you spoke up, “go on then, kill me!” They all looked at each other unsure how to react, “come on boys, get on with it.”

The tense silence was interrupted by a females evil heckle from the shadows. An unknown object swiped into the back of your skull and everything went black.


You awoke in a daze, struggling to open your eyes you adjusted to the light and took in your surroundings. You were lay in a tank just big enough to fit your body, fin hovering over the end and hands tied at either side.

The door flung open, and the captain of The Lost Revenge entered, followed by Harry.

“Welcome to my ship” she spoke walking closer towards you, “my name is Uma, and I understand you’ve met Harry” she gestured towards him and he shot you a mischievous smirk.

“Oh Harry did you change your mind about the whole selling my fucking tail?” You spat in the boys direction.

“We aren’t going to kill you” Uma explained smirking as she swaggered towards you.

“No not at all darling, you fascinate me” He added, slumping into a couch parallel to the glass case you occupied.

“Then what? Are you going to keep me as a pet? Shall we have the tank in your quarters or right on the deck?” You laughed into her face, you had nothing left to lose, “oh, or how about you tie me to the hull as a decoration?”

She chuckled with you and turned back to look at him. “You were right Harry, she is a feisty one.” A wicked smile plastered across his face.

“Aye, I told ya so” he stood and stalked towards you, dragging his hook across your cheek. “I’ve missed ya darling, told Uma here all about ya saving me life.”

“Is it true then?” Uma questioned, sitting in her chair and placing her feet on the desk in front of her. You raised your eyebrow in confusion, urging her to continue. She rolled her eyes as she spoke “Is it true your magic isn’t affected by the barrier?”

“Maybe, why don’t I try something on you two and we will find out?” Harry’s amused heckle echoed through the room, both shocked and excited by your response. You curved your wrist as far as your bonds would let you and attempted to throw the boy to the floor, yet your powers did not seem present.

“What the fuck” you muttered quietly. Uma and Harry giggling at each other.

“The liquid your in” Uma gestured towards the tank with a casual nod.

Harry grabbed your chin forcefully, leaning so close you could feel his breathe on your cheek. “It makes ya kinda useless sweetheart, very hard for me to find round here. Is your fish family not worried about you bein’ round here darling? I’d know if a beauty like you was missing” he released his grip and sauntered around the room.

“I don’t have one anymore” you felt sadness wash over you, “I have been excluded from my Pod.”

Harry’s eyes almost looked sympathetic “A mermaid alone, now that’s a terrible sight ta see.”

Uma stood and moved to hover above you, “I have a proposition for you, you need friends and I need a magical ally like yourself, we could help each other out.”

“How so?” You were weary of her motives yet intrigued.

“Maybe I have a way of giving you legs” her hands caressing your tail “you could become a member of my crew. That way no one will want to kill you, or at least no one will dare try.” She smiled smugly.

Harry joined her to hover above you, the twos presence was almost intimidating. “Of course you’ll have to prove your loyalty first love, or it’s back into the lonely deep blue sea for ya.” His hand flicking as he spoke, a manic giggle escaping his lips.

Your mouth dried and voice shook.

“What are you asking me to do?”

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Aftershocks Part 7

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Captain America

Warnings: PTSD, ALL THE FLUFF, and a bit of smut too ;) (This is just the beginning, the smut storm is coming)

Word Count: 3625 (I know, I’m a wordy mother fucker) 

Summary: After your first mission you seek comfort in Bucky, finding more than just reassuring words. 

Authors Note: Uggg this might be my favorite bit so far but I feel that way about every new piece. This one is a little longer than usual and part 8 will be as well but that’s because part 8 is gonna be smut city. Thank you so much for reading this and all the lovely words of encouragement, let me know how you all like this one, feedback is deeply appreciated. Tagging is open, just ask <3

Tags: @crapythings @buckyismyaesthetic @endless-dawn

Aftershocks: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 8b, Part 9, Part 10, Part 10b, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Post Credit Scene

You finally arrive back at the compound and everyone goes their separate ways to shower and recover. “Any injuries go to the medical bay,” Cap orders, “The rest of you, get cleaned up and get some sleep, we’ll debrief tomorrow. Good work today team.” You move forward, slightly dazed, gliding down the hallway. It is only when a slight pressure is applied to your hand that you realize your fingers are still interlocked with Bucky’s. 

He moves you forward down the hall until stopping in front of your door, “You alright doll?” He questions, noticing your vacant expression, concern etched across his face. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just tired. Need a break. Shower.” He continues to look at you, trying to read your face, you smile weakly. “Ok…” he says tentatively, squeezing your hand gently. “If you need anything, I’m right down the hall,” he smiles, that perfect little half smirk, “we both know I don’t really sleep so don’t hesitate.” 

“Thank you” you sigh, giving his hand a tight squeeze, your arms aching to be wrapped around him again, your chest wanting nothing more than to be pressed against his, your eyes swim with desire and confusion. He gently raises your hand to his lips, brushing a small kiss across your knuckles, his blue eyes not moving from your face, “Goodnight.” 

The moment is over before you even realize it happened, he leaves you, standing there with your heart pounding in your chest, watching his perfect form as he strides down the hallway. You sigh, retiring to your room and to a much-needed shower.


You sob gently into your pillow, your wet hair adding to the saturation. Sleep is not something you are afforded tonight, your head battling with painful memories, making your heart race and your body shake. You get up to go get some water from the kitchen, walking down the hallway you stop to stare at Bucky’s door, a light shines underneath the crack between the door and the floor. 

You take a deep breath, debating whether or not to knock. You bite your lip, throwing caution to the wind as your knuckles gently rap against the wood. The door creaks open slightly at the force of your knock but there is no response on the other side. “Bucky” you whisper tentatively, stepping cautiously into the room. 

The light is on in his bathroom and you can here gruff and strained noises coming from him. You step warily towards the noises, taking a sharp intake of breath as you catch site of his shirtless form in the mirror, as he digs at a hole on his back. 

“Bucky” you splutter, identifying the mark as a gun shot wound, “Y/N” he stammers out, his face flooding with shock and embarrassment, “are you ok, what’s wrong?” He abandons his medical instruments and moves quickly to you, taking your hands gingerly in his. 

“You’re hurt,” you whimper, “You got shot. Why didn’t you… why didn’t you say anything, or go to the medical bay?” He smiles slightly at how concerned you are about him, his face flushing with joy, but then breaks your gaze, eyes moving to the floor sheepishly. “You… you got shot protecting me, didn’t you?” “It’s fine doll, it’s just a bullet wound, it’ll heal, just have to get the damn bullet out.” 

You stare at him for a moment, his eyes focused on the floor, his shoulders hunching slightly in shame. You nod and release his hands, moving forward into the bathroom and picking up the tools that he had left abandoned on the sink. “Come here,” you instruct him, your voice firm, almost scolding. 

He smiles at your tone, “I’m in trouble now, huh” he laughs guiltily at your stern expression. “Sit” you instruct, pointing to the toilet, he lowers himself onto the closed lid, straddling the cold porcelain, his sweatpants straining across his thick thighs. You move behind him, noticing the perfection of his carved shoulder muscles, peppered with scars and burns. 

You set to work on his right shoulder, gently cleaning the wound before digging in it with forceps. He sits very still, not making a sound, not even flinching. You hear the steadiness of his breathing and try to take a deep breath yourself to steady your own hands. Your palms grow slick as you feel the intensity of the heat radiating from his bare back.  

You finally make contact with the bullet and with a smooth pull you are able to extract it. “Thanks” he sighs; making to stand up, you push him back down “Sit. I’m not done with you” he grins at your firmness, “As you wish” He chuckles quietly, resting his chin on his forearms as he leans against the water tank. You clean the wound once more before stitching the skin together; you then wrap it carefully with gauze and tape. 

“There” you finish, washing your hands off in the sink. “Good as new” He smiles standing to admire your patch job in the mirror. “So help me god Bucky,” you turn round to face him, aware of your uncomfortably close proximity to his bare chest, “if you ever get hurt and lie to me about it again, I will kill you myself” He smiles at your concern, “Understood” he says, wrapping you in a gentle hug, his hand finding it’s way into your hair again. 

You breathe deeply taking in his scent as your arms wrap easily around him, as if they already knew their place. You feel your whole body slacken into his warmth, your muscles relaxing for the first time since the mission. 

“Now,” he continues, hands moving to your hips and suddenly applying pressure, picking you up and plopping you down on the bathroom counter at his eye level, “Why did you come over?” He asks, hand moving to your cheek, his thumb pressing small circles into your smooth skin. The tip of it grazing the dark circles under your reddened eyes, he looks so worried, so gentle, how could this be the same man who lost his temper with Sam, who tore through so many Hydra agents earlier.  But it was, he was the same man that held your hand on the plane and helped you keep control. “Couldn’t sleep?” he asks gently, interrupting your thoughts. 

You nod your head, softly pressing your cheek into his hand. “Come on.” he says, picking up your hands as you hop off the bathroom counter, he leads you back into his bedroom. “Here,” he pulls back the thick navy comforter on his mattress, motioning for you to get in the bed. “Bucky, it’s fine, it’s just a few nightmares, I’ll just watch some tv.” You insist, feeling as if you are encroaching. 

“You know,” He sits on the foot of the bed, holding back the comforter to expose soft gray sheets, “when Steve first found me I couldn’t get through the night without screaming, he would sleep in my room every night until it started to get better.” You stare for a moment before nodding calmly, you slowly move forward towards the bed, towards him. “Sometimes it just helps knowing you have someone here with you.” He finishes, gazing up at you. 

You stand in front of him, hands shaking slightly as you steady your breathing. “It just feels so real sometimes. It feels like I’m back there, trapped again.” You whisper as his warm fingers find your hand once again, sending a jolt to your stomach at his touch. “I know. It will get better in time, I promise. But you should get some sleep,” he pats the exposed sheet next to him, you nod, grateful for his offer. 

You move forward and sit on the bed, lifting your legs onto the soft mattress as he stands and draws the blanket up around your shoulders, his fingertips gently grazing along your curves. You take a deep breath, biting your lip at his touch, your head swimming, his sheets smelling of his intoxicating scent. 

He moves around his room as you lay there, heart pounding, waiting for his presence in the bed. He sets a glass of water beside you and goes to rummage in a drawer, pulling a tank top gingerly over his head “I won’t ever let them take you.” He confesses, turning around to make eye contact with you as he settles into the chair beside the bed, leaning forward to cradle your face gently in his warm palm.

“I told you, I will always protect you, I promised you that…” You bite your lip, gazing up at him, heart pounding quickly as heat radiates from his palm on your face down through your stomach and between your legs, you inhale sharply as you feel your clit twinge slightly. 

He gazes at you, something flashing in his eye as he abruptly pulls away, clearing his throat awkwardly as he settles back in the chair, “Humf, I mean… ahem… We all will. All the Avengers. We’ll protect you. You’re safe here.” He finishes awkwardly, fingers tapping uncomfortably on his thigh, his eyes looking around the room, looking at anything but you. 

He suddenly pulls a blanket from beside the chair and raises the footrest, making to settle into a sleeping position, continuing his campaign to look anywhere but at you. You feel a sinking feeling in your stomach as you realize that he will sleep on the chair, not with you. Never with you. 

He would rather sleep on a chair than share a bed with you. “Goodnight” he grumbles, closing his eyes and feigning intense exhaustion. “Goodnight” you whisper, a lump hard in your throat. You curl up in a ball, forcing yourself to stay in the bed and not make it more awkward. You squeeze your eyes shut, confining the stinging tears.

Bucky’s POV:

His fingertips glide over her skin, his brain whirring as he feels the soft heat of her every curve. His eyes flicker up from the progress of his hands to her face. Her delicate face, the rosiness of her cheeks making his own flush, he groans internally as she bites her lip, that plump bottom lip, how I wish I could bite it, suck on it, taste the perfection of her mouth.

He felt his cock twitch warningly in his sweatpants and turned quickly away from her, bustling around his room, trying to regain control. He brings her over a glass of water, stealing one more glance at her perfect features, watching her face curl into his pillow and wishing that it were him beneath her soft cheek. 

He turns away once more, pulling a tank top from his drawer and stretching it over his head.  “I won’t ever let them take you.” He confesses, turning around to face her, her sparkling eyes, wide and staring, he falters slightly, noticing the red tint now flushed in her pouted lips from her biting. 

He breathes shallowly, giving into his urge to be near her again and positioning himself in the chair next to the bed. I wish I could hold you, wrap you in my arms and make you feel safe. He thought, wishing to climb over her body and sink into the bed beside her. 

In a hope to satisfy his craving to be near her he leans forward and gently places his right hand on her exposed cheek, letting his fingers slide softly into her hairline. “I told you, I will always protect you, I promised you that…” He implores, looking for some indication that that was what she wanted, that she needed him, wanted him. 

She bites her lip again her heart rate quickening beneath his hand, her wide eyes stare up at him. He thinks about curling his fingers into her long silk hair and crushing his lips against hers, drawing redness too them with the pressure of his kiss. She inhales sharply; he quickly retracts his hand, fearing that he’s scared her. 

It’s too much for her, he thought, cursing himself for pushing it, Of course she’s scared of you, how could she not be scared of you? “Humf, I mean… ahem… We all will. All the Avengers. We’ll protect you… You’re safe here.” He finishes awkwardly, tapping uncomfortably on his thigh, hoping that she’s ok, but unable to look at her. Unable to control himself if he saw those eyes again. 

He moves swiftly, drawing a blanket around himself and shifting into a sleeping position, forcing out a fake yawn. “Goodnight” he grumbles, squeezing his eyes shut. “Goodnight” she whispers, her soft voice causing his stomach to tighten, as he imagines her whispered word at his ear, her breath against his skin and her small form wrapped in his arms.



“NOOOOO!!!! PLEASE!!!!” Bucky sits bolt upright, quickly turning to see your thrashing body in the bed in front of him, your sobbing cries gurgling out of your mouth. He moves quickly until his hands are at your shoulders, gently shaking you, “Y/N! Y/N honey wake up, it’s just a dream, it’s just a dream!” Your eyes finally flash open, your breathing ragged as you focus on the man in front of you, his eyes two glowing blue specks in the dark, you start to sob, shaking and bending forward into his arms. 

In one swift motion his arms are under you, lifting you out of the tangle of blankets and into a cradled position. He sits back down on the bed, bringing you to rest in his lap, holding you closely and making gentle shushing noises. “It’s ok, you’re safe, I got you. It was just a dream. You’re safe.” You cry softly into his shoulder as you melt against him, your heart rate beginning to slow as you regain control of your breathing. 

“Bucky” you whimper pathetically as you grip at his shirt, pulling yourself more securely into his grasp. “I know, I’m here doll. Not going anywhere.” He answers softly, moving the arm behind your back up slightly to cradle your neck and rub gently at your scalp. 

You shiver slightly and he moves backwards onto the bed, pulling you smoothly with him, as he wraps you both back in the comforter. “You… In my dream… my nightmare… I lost you.” You sputter, trying to explain your distress. “Don’t worry love, I’m not that good at hide and seek.” He jokes, you feel the rumble of the small laugh in his chest and you can’t help but smile slightly at the sound. 

“No,” you continue, tilting your head up to him, seeing his eyes staring down at you. “You died. There was nothing I could do, I lost you.” You choke on another sob as a beaming smile spreads across his face, his hand moving up to cup your jaw. “I’m not going anywhere doll” he reassures you. “It was just so real” you continue, shaking slightly, your fingers gripping tighter on his shirt. 

He moves to shift you, sliding you off of his lap and to his side, keeping his right arm wrapped around your shoulders as he slides you both into a laying position in the bed. “Here,” he says as he gently repositions your head onto his hot chest, pulling you even closer to his body. 

Your heart speeds up as you lay on him, every inch of your body pressing against his smooth, muscled, form. “You hear that?” he asks, his hand reaching up around you to knot in your hair again, pulling soothingly at your damp locks. “That’s my heartbeat, I’m alive. I’m right here next to you.” He sighs gently as you swing your arm over his torso, encasing him in your own embrace. 

“I’m not going anywhere” he whispers, his lips gently ghosting over your hairline as you curl into him tighter still. Feeling safe in his arms. Feeling warm. You smile softly as your mind relaxes, reveling in the feeling of his rough fingertips gliding over your soft skin, breathing in rhythm with his rising and falling chest. You sigh contentedly, and allow yourself to drift off again, knowing, that you are safe.  


Thump. You move slightly, adjusting the pressure of your hips, hearing the sound of fast movement through the hall. You curl in deeper, the warmth of the bed swallowing your relaxed body, feeling a slight pressure of heat against your back and across your stomach. 

You stir more actively now, rolling your shoulders and motioning to move your hand, finding it interlocked with the warm, long fingers of the arm stretched underneath your head. You shift slightly, causing Bucky to stir behind you, his metal arm curling tighter around your abdomen, pulling you closer. You stretch cautiously, rolling your hips back against him, not wanting to wake him but needing the movement. 

You hear him moan quietly behind you, his hot breath tickling your neck. Something jumps in the pit of your stomach, forcing your legs to squeeze tightly together in response to the heat rising at the apex of your thighs. His metal arm moves down your stomach, sliding under your shirt, fingers lightly playing at the waistband of your shorts. Your breath catches in your throat, the heat in your core begging for his fingers to travel lower. 

He pulls you tighter to him, his hips curling up against your backside. You can feel the stiff pressure of his thick cock, hard against your ass, straining against his sweatpants. You concentrate on the pressure, him grinding against you ever so slightly. His breathing growing slightly labored as his heavy breaths brush against your neck. You feel the wetness pool between your thighs, forcing your awareness of how badly you want him, how badly you need him. 

You can’t help but imagine the satisfying feeling of his thickness sliding into you, wanting his hands to dig into your skin as his hips slam against you. You moan inaudibly, arching your back slightly, forcing the curve of your ass to grind harder into his swollen member, you are met with a sharp intake of breath behind you and an increased pressure on your abdomen. 

He clears his throat, finally starting to wake up and come to full attention. His shoulders tense beside you as he becomes aware of his actions, dislodging his hips from behind you and distancing your bodies except for his arm still trapped underneath your head. 

You wince at the sudden cold now tickling your skin, the lack of his heat not being the only thing you miss, you exhale slowly trying to regain control and frustratingly aware of the wetness between your legs. You make to turn to face him and meet his closed eyes and furrowed brow. “Bucky,” you whisper with concern, he purses his lips opening his eyes and looking down at you. 

“Morning,” he says politely, redness rising in his cheeks. “Morning…“ you repeat back slowly, confusion etched across your face. You thought for a moment that he wanted you, that he needed you the way you needed him, the distant expression on his face now told you otherwise. You were just a warm body to a sleepy man. 

“Buck?” you hear a knock on the door and Steve’s anxious voice radiates through the walls. You tense, freezing in bed, eyes wide, staring at Bucky as his arm stiffens under your shoulders. He slowly presses a finger to his lips, you nod in understanding. “Yeah pal?” He answers, eyebrows rising, gaze locked on the door. “Have you seen Y/N this morning, I can’t find her anywhere and I wanted to check on her before debrief.” 

Bucky looks down at you smirking slightly, you slowly shake your head, and he suppresses a chuckle. “Can’t say that I have, bud, sorry. Try the training room, she sometimes likes to workout around this time.” He finishes, barely keeping his composure. “Ok, thanks, let her know I’m looking for her if you see her.” Steve finishes, disappointed. 

You hear his footsteps pad heavily down the hall as you sit up in the bed, dislodging yourself from Bucky’s warmth. He smiles behind you, eyes locked on your curves, your tight shirt drawing attention to your hard nipples, exposed in the cold air. “Steve is looking for you.” Bucky laughs moving slightly to drag an arm back around your waist. 

Not noticing his move, you stand up, removing yourself from the bed. “Thanks,” you roll your eyes, reaching for a sweatshirt on his desk chair, “Kinda got that impression.” You slide the sweatshirt over your head; it’s size swallowing you whole. Bucky snickers at the site of you, “By all means borrow my clothing, no need to ask.” His joke elicits an eyebrow raise from you. “It looks better on me anyway,” you grumble, pressing your ear to the door. 

“That it does, can’t argue with you there” Bucky smiles, eyes scanning the exposed skin of your thighs peaking out under the hem of his sweatshirt, “What are you doing?” he questions noticing your curious actions against the door. “Making sure that no one is in the hallway” you respond, preoccupied with your listening. 

His face falls, the smile quickly slipping off it as he gets up quickly from the bed, “Right,” he grumbles, “wouldn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.” You turn around to say more but only catch the whisper of his steps as he walks into the bathroom and shuts the door behind him. You feel a sinking in the pit of your stomach, “Bucky,” you whisper, as you hear the shower turn on. You sigh as you take your leave, quietly slipping out of his room and into the empty hallway.

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Hi~~ Could you please make an imagine where Rick had an old friend but when he realized that he was attracted to her, he left her, but for some reason they meet again? I hope you like the idea. bye~~~

I’m sorry I took so long! Sometimes I post not according to time of request, but I try my very hardest to do so! I tried to focus on a good memory the reader has of Rick in this writing for the fluff, but idk! Rick is still an ass to the reader, but I was testing my ablity to write fluff! I really love this song and came up with the idea! Man, the character development in Rick and Morty has me more invested for writing them!Here ya go!

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Blue Grass- Chapter 2: Plan

Would you lookin there @i-am-a-fan I wrote the second thing for this fanfic! I hope you’re happy about this… I think this chapter thing came out pretty good. Tell me what y’all think, though.

Marvin grabs a handful of the blue grass he believes Anti speaks of, easily holding it with his webbed fingers. He then floats back to the surface, handing the slimy plant to the human waiting. Anti makes a face as he takes the plant from the merman’s hand, an obvious look of disgust at the gross feeling. Marvin has to admit that he didn’t like the plants either.

“What now?” Marvin asked curiously, secretly hoping that the human would not simply leave after getting what he wanted. Marvin truly does grow achingly alone after being left alone for what feels like a decade of living in this damn pond. His is the first intelligent being he’s had that he didn’t drown, that he talked to in years. He doesn’t want to go back to being alone.

“I need to take the grass to a witch doctor I’ve heard about that lives by a further off lake,” Anti explained and Marvin’s eyes widen as he hears the word lake. He pushes further from the water excitedly, the tip of his tail wagging with his excitement.

“Lake?” He repeated in a chirping tone, clicking his tongue. “I go too?”

Anti makes a face at his words and purses his lips, eyebrows scrunching together. “Um… you have a tail,” he points out and Marvin frowns. The human quickly says next, “I mean I would but that’s going to be hard, ya know?”

“Lake is home,” Marvin said softly, slowly lowering himself back into the water. His fringe floats in the water around his face as just his eyes stick from the water, staring widely up at Anti who is now looking down guiltily. “Been stuck here long time.”

“But you…” Anti groans as he trails off, stuffing the blue grass into a pocket with a squelch. He cringes and shakes his head in frustration. “How am I gonna get you there?”

Marvin perks up a little, sticking his top half from the water once more. “Take me to certain tree and I get legs,” he informed, remembering an ancient spell that all mermaids know by instinct that makes it where they can grow legs. Every mermaid knows the spell by heart, but not every mermaid is strong enough in magic to make it happen. Marvin has always been strong and capable with magic so he believed he could do this spell. He just has to be taken to the tree that will make is possible.

“What tree?” Anti inquired, glancing around at all of the nearby trees by the pond’s shore. “Any of these?”


“Of course not,” Anti said heavily, running a hand down his face as he mulls things over. Marvin tilts his head as he waits, the tip of his tail sticking from the water’s surface once more. A catfish lazily floats up beside him, easily being the size of his entire top half. He pats its head and it blinks slowly up at him, slightly leaning into his webbed hand. “Okay, okay…. I guess I owe you one,” Anti said and Marvin nods in agreement. “Okay… I’m going to have to get a car… Okay, I’ll be gone for like, ten minutes, okay? I’ve gotta get a car.”

“Come back?” Marvin asked with great concern, frowning once more as the human pushes to his feet to leave.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I will,” Anti replies with great conviction in his tone. “I just have to get a car. I’ll be back though, I promise. Just give me like… twenty minutes. Then we can go to this tree, get you legs and then go to the lake.”

Marvin grins widely now, relief rushing through him. “Home,” he said softly, watching Anti walk away until he disappears in the trees. Then, he stays floating there for a while on the surface, lifting the catfish and twirling in his boredom. After a few minutes of that he swims back underwater, going back and forth as he waits, twisting and turning impatiently. The catfish of the pond lazily follow beside him, at least ten on either side of him. There are quite a lot of catfish in the pond.

He ends up drifting to the bottom of the pond, stretching his tail out behind him, propping his chin on his arms, second eyelids drifting shut. He watches the catfish hover around him as the water begins to darken, sun slowly setting above the surface. He sighs heavily, turning onto his back, kicking at the water with his catfish tail. This sends some of the catfish darting away, not having been expecting his sudden movement.

He begins to worry that Anti isn’t actually going to come back as he breaks the surface once more to see the moon rising into the now dark sky. He bites down on his lip with his sharp teeth as he watches the stars twinkle above him. He shuts his eyes once more, mind drifting to when he had been captured:

The water was cold as he swam through its small waves, following close behind his friends. They were curious to see the “night swimming” humans who would only ever swim at the beach as the moon rose into the sky, splashing in the shallows they hardly frequented.

They were quickly able to see the splashing feet and hands as they neared, blinking at the loudness of the human’s voices. Marvin has always thought them strange with their skinny legs and arms, muscles flabby with hardly any definition. Almost every mermaid had defined muscles because of their constant swimming, fighting against the water currents.

Marvin had wanted a closer view and had began to swim forward, reassuring his friends that he would be okay going past the invisible line that had been set. He drifted past, using his webbed hands to push forward more than his tail in that moment. He had stopped a bit further off from the leaping humans, watching their movements curiously.

That’s when he felt a sharp pain in his waist. He had instantly twisted to see what it was, crying out as it began to pull. He quickly realized that it was what the humans called a fishing hook tearing at his scales, trying to pull him towards the shore. He reached for it as another powerful pull yanked him forwards. He began to push back, to pull himself away, looking to his friends for help as he was pulled farther and farther forward.

He tried to dig his claws into the sand as he was pulled past the leaping humans, bumping into one of two of them. He had thought he’d be able to pull himself free but somehow more and more strength was being added to the line and he let out a yell as his tail broke the surface. His friends had been panicking as well, unsure of what to do as he was pulled further and further away until finally his ears also broke the surface.

“Holy shit!” He heard a loud human yell, clear shock in his tone. “Is that a person or a fish?!”

“Who cares!” Yelled another. “Let’s get him boys!”

And then more hooks began to dig into his skin and scales, causing him to scream. Two dug into the fins of his tail, one into the skin of his neck. And as he yelled out in pain, another hooked into his cheek, making his head fly backwards with the yank. The swimmers had all stopped to watch him being pulled out, thrashing and screaming in pain as the hooks tore more and more into his flesh, tears and blood mixing with the dark water around him.

As the pain worsened that was the only thing he could think of- pain pain pain(dirt and sand clinging to his stomach and tail) pain pain(hands grabbing him, rope being wrapped around his arms and tail as he struggled) pain pain pain-

The sound of footsteps breaks Marvin free of his thoughts. He’s about to sink back beneath the water’s surface when his night vision eyes discern the human to be Anti returning, sitting in what he had called a car. The window is down and his arm is resting on where it normally would be before he hops out, opening the trunk. Marvin tilts his head once more as the human pulls out a large glass container, setting it down on the shore before the lake.

“I have no idea how the hell i’m going to do this,” Anti informed matter of factly, looking from Marvin to the tank and then the car. Marvin shrugs, having idea either. “This is going to be heavy as fuck with water and you in it.”

“Fill tank first?” Marvin suggested, pointing to the tank and then the water. “Might help.”

Anti purses his lips as he thinks this through, ending up chewing on his bottom lip. He grabs the tank once more and dips it into the water beside Marvin, watching as it sinks beneath the water. “Well shit,” Anti cursed softly. Marvin waves him off and dives to grab it, lifting it back up with the help of come catfish. Anti then grabs the edge and strains to lift it from the water, growling as he does so. He eventually gets the glass from the pond, struggling to carry it back to the car. Marvin frowns as he can only watch, unable to help him.

Anti pushes the container into one of the car doors and then looks to Marvin. He hums in thought as he stares at the merman, tapping his chin. “You think you able to crawl into the tank in the car?” he asked a second later, glowing eyes sticking out from the shadows on his face.

Marvin hums and measures the distance from the pond to the truck in his mind. Ïf you bring it closer,” he answered and Anti sighs heavily, climbing back into the car. He moves it closer and opens the door to Marvin, gesturing to the tank inside. Marvin clears his throat and sets his eyes, determined to get inside.

Bracing his arms and tail, Marvin grabs onto the edge of the pond and pulls at the grass and dirt, fingers digging into the sediments. He grits his teeth, the pull of gravity on his heavy body fully weighing him down. He grits his fangs together, eyebrows scrunching together as he strains to lift himself out. He kicks with his tail madly for more propelling, fully dragging himself onto the ground about minute later. He pants heavily and looks up to Anti. “Help lift?” he asked sheepishly, grabbing onto the chair the tank is on. Anti shakes his head but steps forward, placing his hands on Marvin’s stomach and beginning to lift as Marvin continues to pull himself upwards.

After what feels like an hour, both straining and growling to pull himself up, Marvin finally slides into the tank, water enveloping him once more. He let’s out a sigh of relief, stretching out in the long tank. He leans against the side, eyelids drifting closed as Anti climbs into the front seat.

“Okay,” Anti said, slamming the door shut and turning the car on. “Keep an eye out for your tree and we can stop at it, alright?”

“Yeah, okay,” Marvin replied breathlessly, leaning his head back, hair falling in his face as the car begins to move.

He’s finally leaving that damned pond.


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Don’t Shtup the Babysitter Pt. 5

Summary: Reader and married!Jensen have a one night affair.  She becomes the au pair.  Will it happen again?  Is Jensen guilty? What is everyone hiding? Find out. NSFW gifs under the cut.

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Daneel, Jared, JJ

Pairings: Reader xJensen, Jensen x Daneel, Jared x Gen

Warnings: cheating, extramarital affairs, sex, guilt, angst, swearing


JJ was right, Jensen’s food was the best mac and cheese she had ever tasted.  Creamy, sharp, cheddar, and the pasta was al dente; just right.  Not that she’d say so, but her orgasmic eye rolling did not go unnoticed by Jensen who happened to smirk her way, “You like it, huh, YN?”

Before you could censor yourself, you confessed, “it’s better than se-,” Jensen let out a loud guffaw feigned by a cough.  You both looked to JJ but she was too engrossed in licking the cheesy mess from her fork.  “I’m so sorry, Jensen,” YN felt the heat rise in her cheeks, but Jensen just shrugged it off, looking at his daughter.

“Look at her, YN, she’s in la la land,” he thumbed towards his little Bug.  She was smacking her pouty lips and her tiny tongue continued to lick at the cheesey fork.  It was adorable, yet…gross.  YN sniggered, reached for JJ’s chin, and wiped it, “there, all better?”

“Tanks, YNN,” JJ’s blue eyes blinked up at her.

“Sure thing, buttercup,” YN winked causing her to giggle.

“What’s a buttercup,” she asked innocently.

YN tapped her button nose twice, “you, you’re a buttercup.”

“Let’s get you in the bath, what do ya say?”

Jensen watched the interaction between you and his daughter and he could see why the agency highly recommended you- you were a pro at this whole child care thing.  If only Daneel was at least half the woman you were, as a parent, but no, her photoshoots, movie auditions, God knows anything else to do with her outings, when he was off on hiatus.  He couldn’t remember the last time the three of them had a family dinner.  He cringed at the thought.  YN noticed the forlorn look in his eyes and excused herself from the table,

“I’ll clean up when I get the little princess bathed,” but Jensen shook his head.

“No, no, it’s okay, I’ve got dish duty,” Jensen shook his head of his reverie.

After Mr. Bubbles and JJ were prunes, YN got her dressed in rapuzel pajamas, braided her long blonde hair, and got her ready for bed.  JJ asked for a story which you were happy to read and you heard heavy footfalls on the stairs.

“Where’s my Princess?” Jensen called from the hallway.

“Daddy!” she raised her arms out for a hug and he kissed her goodnight.  She blew you one and grabbed a stuffed unicorn and snuggled into her father’s side.  He looked up at you as you were unsure of where to continue to sit.

“I usually sing to her when I’m home,” he motioned to the door, “meet me downstairs in a few?”

“Sure, yeah,” you backed out of the bedroom, closed the door over and as you walked away you heard him start to sing and your breath hitched in your throat.  He was singing what sounded like a lullaby but it was the song, Angeles, and his voice was bringing tears to your eyes.  “Fuckin’ A, YN,” you swiped at the tears, “get a freakin’ grip on yourself.”

Seriously though, you thought to yourself, what doesn’t this man do well? He’s a gentleman in bed, his voice is like vanilla flavoried ice-cream with chocolate chuncks to make it just gravel like enough, and those fucking freckles you wanted to lick constellations across.  While you pictured yourself doing just that, you found yourself examining framed photos on the mantel, picking up chotskies, and your eyes landed on a large scrapbook on the livingroom table.  Jensen told you to meet him down here, so you figured, you might as well get comfortable. 

“Might as well entertain myself,” you sighed, grabbed the ornate book, and sat with your legs under yourself on the couch.  Flipping it open you saw familiar eyes and those damn freckles, and that goddamned adam’s apple, but he was so much younger in these photos.  He was in another photo with a man, a head taller, hair longer, and the backdrop said “Supernatural Season One”.  Hmm, so this was his show?  Chalk that one onto the “to do list” since you very well couldn’t do him anymore.  You were so engrossed in the photos that you didn’t feel Jensen sit along side you on the couch and point to one of the photos, it was one of him holding JJ as a baby.

“Happiest day of my life, right there,” he broke the silence.

“She’s such a beautiful child,” you complimented him, “I’d say she took after both of you, but she’s really all you,” you laughed.

“YN, what are we doing?” Jensen took the book from your hands and sat it back on the table.

“I don’t know about you, Jensen, but I was looking at photos,” you smirked, you couldn’t help but be cocky around him.  

“You know what I’m talking about, you, me, this, us,” he turned to face you, running a hand down his scruff, “you’r right, this isn’t going to work.”

“I can’t bear the thought of you being in this house, across the hall from me, from my daughter who clearly adores you, for a day, let alone a week.”

You were taken aback by his confession and part of it stung you.  You were willing to give this a try, for JJ.  She had burrowed her way into your heart and you weren’t going to just throw that away and disappoint her.

“I’m doing this for JJ,” you sounded more confident than you felt, lying apparently came easy for you.

“What about me, what about us?” Jensen asked sincerely, “You flinch at my touch, you snap at me when I look at you for too long, but I can’t help it, YN, I want you.”

“I- I want you too, Jensen, but this is so fucked up!”  Tears began to fill your eyes and Jensen wiped one away with the pad of his thumb, shushing you, pulling you into his arms, promising you it would be alright.  That’s when it struck you, it was never going to be right, but it was right for now, and you pulled your face back from his chest and like magnets, you were both drawn to one another.

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The Girl Who Cried Wolf: Peter Parker Short Fic: Part 5

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Peter Parker x Stark!Fem!reader. (Described as curvy but obviously can be any body type and gender, just changed the words in ur head x)


Warnings for all parts: Mental Health, swearing, probs some violence at some point, emotional/physical/sexual abuse, sexual nature (consent), emmm emotional rollercoaster throughout. I think that’s it?? Please tell me if not.

I’m so sorry about the spelling in this, I wrote it really quick as I’m catching up on all the homework I forgot to do and school starts in less than a week 😂😭.

If part has triggering parts for sensitive reads I will say.

Mentions of physical abuse from a ‘parental’ figure, old self harm scars, mentions rapists name, mental health issues, mental health medication, description of rapist, FLUFF.

Also because this has taken longer to update I have made it longer!

*Reader’s p.o.v*

I rolled over to my side to check the time, 3:34am. I let out a groan as Peter Parker’s face ran through my head, along with mums and Caleb’s. I tried with all my might to block out his voice, the words he said to me over and over again as he pulled my clothes off.

Think of something positive, please just think of something positive.

My heart beat started to increase and my body started to warm up as I remembered Peter’s arms around me, I felt a smile cross my as all the negative thoughts went away and Peter’s beautiful face was the only thing I thought about.

I feel like this is more than a crush, every time I see him my body heats up and all I want to do is smile as well as giggle at his adorableness.

I suddenly heard my phone buzz, I sat up slightly to grab my phone from my bedside table. I rubbed my eyes, the light of my screen hurting them slightly. My heart fluttered as my eyes skimmed through the text.

From: Peter💕🙈
Hey, can’t sleep and thinking about you, hope you’re okay. Text me in the morning about school X :-).

My cheeks heated up at the thought of him thinking about me and worrying if I was okay. What is life?! I let out a small giggle at the smilie face face he left.

To: Peter💕🙈
Hey, can’t sleep either thinking about shit. Why can’t you sleep? X

I hesitated before pressing send, I bit my lip waiting for his reply. I soon saw the typing symbol making me smile widely.

From: Peter💕🙈
Aww I wasn’t expecting a reply :-(

I let out a laughing knowing what he meant but I wanted to tease him.

To: Peter💕🙈
Wdym? Are you upset that I replied…emm I’ll stop then sorry

I let out another laugh as I pressed the send button and it didn’t even take five seconds for him to text back.

From: Peter💕🙈
is typing….
is typing….

I started to giggle and leaned back into my bed to start typing again.

To: Peter💕🙈
I’m messing! I know want you meant dork😂

I pressed send whilst bitting my lip, we talked for another hour or so before I started to get tired.

To: Peter💕🙈
I’m going to try and get some sleep if that’s okay? X

If Peter wants me to stay up because he can’t sleep I will of course.

is typing….

From: Peter💕🙈
No, please go to sleep. If you don’t come in tomorrow I’ll stop by to drop off some work. Night X

I smiled to myself and typed a simple goodnight and put my phone on charge. I soon felt my eyes close as I once again thought of Peter Bloody Parker.

“Miss Stark!” A deep voice yelled slightly causing me to shoot up, I let out a small scream when I saw Vision in my room. I brought my duvet up to my chin as I only had a tank top on and you can see my scars and bruises from Bobbie.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you Miss Stark but it’s one pm. Miss Romanoff tried to wake you up for school but as she put it  'you were flat out’. But for health reasons I suggest you get up and moving before your sleeping patten becomes irregular.” Vision said and came over to the side of my bed to hand me a glass of water and my daily tablets.

“I couldn’t find any of medication when I unpacked your bag, so I took the liberty of using the ones you keep here” He said again, I sat up still trying to hide my upper chest and my arms. I let out a sigh knowing it’s impossible to take them off him whilst trying to do so.

“Don’t tell anyone” I said letting the duvet fall slightly, I noticed his eyes scan over my now green bruises and a couple of scars on my arms. Some self inflicted some not. I reached out to take my high dose of setraline (which helps with my depression, anxiety and PTSD) along with a quite low dose risperidone (antipsychotic). I gulped them down with little water, already used to talking them.

“How old are your bruises?” Vision asked, I shrugged lightly.

“A couple of weeks, why?” I asked and coved them up again getting self conscious.

“You must of got them with force” He commented, all I did was nod. I closed my eyes thinking back to when Bobbie started to beat me up about two and a half weeks ago, I don’t know why he did it. My fingers lightly traced the hardly visible bruise on the side of my lips where Bobbie had first punched me and as I tried to get away he clawed at my chest.

“At least that ones healed” Vision cutting me out of my thoughts, he was now looking where my fingers are.

“Yeah” I said, he let out a small sigh.

“Your hand is a different story, it doesn’t look like it will be healing anytime soon. I think we should get it X-rayed or maybe a MRI to see if anything is damaged” Vision said and generally took my hand in his.

“It’s not broken though, I was thinking more about ligaments and tissue” He added, I nodded again not really wanting to say anything. I knew it wasn’t broken from Peter.

“How about you get changed and I’ll take you down to medics. Just you and me, no one had to know” I sent him a smile and another nod.

“Thank you Vision” I whispered as he headed for the door but still heard me as he sent a nod my way. I sighed then leaned over to my phone as the door shut after him. Peter had sent me a text telling me how maths is boring without me, then Ned sent me a text saying Peter got caught on his phone and now it’s confiscated. I let out a laugh as I got out of bed to clean myself up in my bathroom.

When dad found out that he could have parental responsibility over me and even have me over to stay, he went a little over the top with my room. I remember when I was little and being in a meeting with an Interior designer on how I want my room, any size and anything. Now every year on the fourth of March I get to change it, new wardrobe, new bed, new everything. I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world when I’m at my dads.

After I’d finished in the bathroom I walked over to my walk in wardrobe as I connected my phone to my surround sound system. I pressed shuffle on my downloaded music and Oasis came on. I smiled to myself as my favourite part came on and I started to sing loudly.

“Maybe I just want to fly
I want to live, I don’t want to die
Maybe I just want to breathe
Maybe I just don’t believe
Maybe you’re the same as me
We see things they’ll never see
You and I are gonna live forever”

I quickly picked out something to wear as I remembered Vision is waiting for me. I rolled my eyes when it happened to be a Gucci top and some Nike leggings, I don’t understand why thinks he needs to buy me 500 dollar tops when I’m happy with something from forever 21. I still got changed into as I have to admit it’s a beautiful top, it’s a white t-shirt with a UFO on it with rainbow beams coming out of it with GUCCI written in bold on the top. Once I had put the items on I grabbed my Harry Potter Y/H hoodie to hide my arms then finished my 'outfit’ off with some trainers.

I put my phone in my pocket after turning off the music and walked out and down to the medical ward. I soon reached the nearest lift and went to floor four which is where the medical department is.

Everything turned out to be fine, the reason why it bruised so bad was because a knuckle dislocated but popped its self back in.

“Vision do you know when dad will be back? I asked as he checked the deep scratches on my chest and lower neck.

"Mr Stark said he should be back later today, would you like me to tell him to find you when he’s back?” I nodded but winced when he rubbed some alcohol on an infected one, I just haven’t had time to sort them out as normally I treat myself with a first aid kit I keep under my bed. Dad has been training me in paramedics for as long as I can remember, sometimes I have to patch him up. But with school and exams I’m too busy studying to do anything other than that.

“You’re going to need a shot of antibiotics for the infected cut once a week for a month or so” Vision said looking at the swab results, I let out a sigh but nodded.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. I told the nurse who let us in that I’m reviewing your medication.” I sent him a smile, as he went over to get a needle.

“Right close your eyes and take a deep breath then breath out when I tell you” I nodded and bit my lip before closing my eyes.

“Okay deep breath in. 1, 2, 3 and breath out” I followed his instructions and jolted a bit cause of the pinch I felt to my skin as the needle went in. I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling the the liquid go into my bloodstream. He took the needle out and I opened my eyes.

“Why’s over half of it left?” I asked lifting my eyebrows.

“It’s one shot but goes in four times in different places” I nodded and let him get on with it. Once he was done I put my t-shirt back on then I stood up just wanting to get back to my room.  

“You can go now, but if you start to feel sick or get dizzy don’t worry as it’s a common side effect. If you feel anything else please come and get me.” I nodded and started to walk out but suddenly turned around to give him a hug.

“Thank you Vision” I then quickly turned back to walk out the room. I got out my phone out to see what time it is.


Peter will be here in half an hour or so, I walked into my room and looked in my mirror. Should I put some makeup on? I bit my lip and nodded to myself. I only put some clear lipgloss on and some concealer for the now faded bruise next to my lip but just incase.

“Friday” I called out as I made my bed.

“Yes Y/N?” The A.I’s voice echoed into my room.

“I’m going into my tv room, when Peter gets here will you let him in and direct him to the room?” I asked whilst getting a book from my bookshelf.

“Of course Y/N, I will let Mr Parker in” I smiled and went to one of the many doors in my room.

“Thanks Friday”

*Peter’s P.O.V*

I bit onto my lip as I walked up to the FQ’s security gate. I went into my bag taking a shaky breath as I got out my 'level 2’ pass. Only people who live in the FQ have level 1. This is the first time I’m coming here without Happy or Mr Stark with me.

“Sorry kid, we don’t do tours” A guard said as I stopped at the scanner, I gave him my pass with my name and picture on.

“Emm I’m P-Peter Parker and I’m here to see Y/N Stark. I’ve brought her some work cause she wasn’t in school today” I said, he scanned my pass and nodded.

“Emm thanks err sir” I said and put my pass back into my bag then walked through the gate.

I walked through the main entrance and saw Mrs Sally, she’s one of the receptionist that normally takes me to Mr Stark.

“Peter?” She said with a smile, Mrs Sally is a middle aged woman with dark skin and wore red lipstick every time I saw her. Her hair is always tied back into a tight bun as well.

“You haven’t got a meeting with Mr Stark, is everything okay?” She added as I walked over and leant my arms on the front desk.

“Y/N missed school, I said I’ll come and bring her some work. Can I go straight up?” I asked, she looked down at her computer.

“I’m guessing you don’t want Mr Stark to know, he normally doesn’t let boys her age near her when she’s in his care” I blushed and started to drum my fingers nervously against the desk.

“If you wouldn’t mind, n-not th-that anything is going to happen! W-we’re just friends” I mumbled, I heard her laugh and start to type.

“You we’re here yesterday as well it says on the system, so you already know Mr Stark isn’t home until around five” I raised my eyebrows.

“He’s not back yet?” I asked feeling a little more confident, she shook her head.

“Normally you have to sign in as you know but Y/N needs a friend right now so I’m going to let you off this once, just this once” She said, I nodded and pushed myself off the desk.

“Thanks Mrs Sally!” I called as I reached the elevator, I pressed floor two.

“Please scan your pass, full name and reason on visiting the living quarters” F.RI.D.A.Y’s voice echoed into the small space. I shrugged having never done this but got my pass out and pressed it against the glowing green light in front of me.

“Err Peter Benjamin Parker and I’m here to see Y/N Stark cause she missed school and I’ve brought her some work” I said rambling a little.

“Welcome Mr Parker, Y/N waiting for you in her TV room. If you go into her bedroom then I will tell you which door to use” I nodded to myself as the doors to the second floor opened. I gripped onto my rucksack as I walked down the hall and to Y/N’s room, along the way tripping over my feet but I caught myself at the last minute. I jumped back up and straightened myself out. Phew thank god no one saw-

“Mr Parker, are you okay?” F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice came out of nowhere chasing me to jump slightly.

“Oh yeah that I meant to do that” I said casually, she’ll believe that won’t she?

“You are telling me that you tripped up on purpose?”

Nope she won’t.

“Yep” Was all I said mentally cringing, I soon reached Y/N’s room and was about to knock.

“The door is open” F.R.I.D.A.Y said making me remember she’s in her 'tv room’. I took a deep breath as the slide door opened.

“Please walk toward the door wear the keypad is glowing blue not green” I found the right door then walked over to it.

“I will tell Miss Stark that you are here, she will be with you shortly.” I nodded to myself and ran a hand through my curls then pulled on my shirt. I heard the door open and my breath caught in my throats when I saw her.

She looked so simple yet so breathtaking, her eyes slightly red making be think she’s been crying. I felt myself look down at her lips which were a bit shiny and so kissable-

“Peter, what happened to your face?!” She yelled slightly grabbing my hand and pulling me to the end of her bed. Wait what is she talking about?…wait oh shit I got into a fight last night with a mugger. I stared at her wide eye as she pulled my face closer to hers and lightly ran her fingertips over my bruise on my right eye, she traced it down to my lower cheekbone.

“Well?” She whispered, her hand not moving. My heart beat increased and I’m scared she will be able to feel the heat radiating off my cheeks.

“I-I-I h-hit my-my face on my bunkbed” I tried to say without telling her what actually happened or saying something creepy. Her eyebrows raised as she took her fingers away from my face, my skin already missing her touch.

“You hit your eye and not your head?” I mentally swore to myself, I felt her hand slowly take mine in hers. I watched her teeth take her bottom lips in between them, I felt myself let out a shaky breath.

“You know you can tell me anything Peter, I won’t judge. You’re my friend, my best friend really” Her voice getting quieter with each word, a smile broke onto my face but it soon went as I felt guilty about not telling her that I’m Spider-Man.

“I got into a fight” The words just slipped out of my mouth not realising what I said until after.

“With who?” She asked softly and brought her hand back up to my bruise but her fingers started to wonder as she noticed a scab on my lip, my mind screaming 'KISS HER, TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL!!’ I held my breath, her thumb ran over the red scab but she seemed to notice what she was actually doing, killing me that is.

“Sorry” She whispered moving further away from me. All I wanted to do was grab her hips and pull her closer to my own body.

“Itsfine” I breathed out in one breath causing her to giggle making my heart skip a couple of beats as her nose scrunched up slightly.

“If was Flash” I lied, I felt guilty for lying to her but not about saying it was him. She nodded but then moved closer once again, putting her head on my shoulder.

“I hate Flash, he’s brought back so many bad memories for this this week” I leaned my head onto hers, the sent of her shampoo hitting my nose.

“He’s a bastard” She laughed and snuggled into my shoulder more, I wish we could do this all the time.

“Is that why you have been crying?” I whispered, she looked up at me pulling away from me slightly, it took her a couple of seconds before she nodded.

“You noticed?” She asked, I nodded myself.

“Did you get into a fight this morning? It’s bruised quickly” Y/N said leaning closer to get a better look. She was obviously trying tot change the subject but I don’t want to push her.

“Emm yes, my skin is sensitive and he hit me hard” She sighed, I then suddenly remembered why I’m here in the first place.

“I got you’re school work, it’s mostly maths cause we had double today. MJ got your art homework and there’s some English, not a lot though as we watched the end of Macbeth. You had psychology as well so I asked Betty Brant to write you notes. Then on the way here I colour coded everything because I see you do it all the time.” I rambled slightly but stopped when she giggled. I looked over at her to see her bright red.

“What?” I asked blushing myself.

“You noticed that I did that?” She said, I bit my lip not wanting to sound creepy.

“Yeah” I whispered, I turned to my bag which had fallen off my shoulder just a couple of minutes before.

“Here, after I wrote the math notes I also colour coded them as well.” I said handing the pile of work to her.

“Thanks Pete, you’re the best” She said and leaned over to kiss my cheek, her lips lingering for a little. I didn’t know what to do, should I turn my head? But I couldn’t as she pulled away.

“S'Okay” My voice broke causing her to laugh. I watched her look through the notes with a smile.

“Theses are perfect, thank you” I nodded, I looked down at my watch to see it’s 4:15pm but something red caught my eye.

“W-Whats that?” I asked leaning over to see a drawing of my Spider-Man mask in her sketch book and fucking hell its amazing.

“O-Oh em it’s you know Spider-Man. I kinda got interested in him after what happened in D.C” She whispered and her hand wrapped around her left wrist.

“Oh yeah, he saved you and Liz right?” I asked pretending that it wasn’t me who actually saved them.

“Yeah” She said with a smile.

“I didn’t tell dad though” She added, making me raise an eyebrow. “I didn’t want him to worry, he probably wouldn’t of let me out of the house again” She laughed nervously.

“Is he your favourite hero?” I asked jokingly expecting her to say no.

“Yeah, don’t tell Dad. He’ll kill me” She laughed again and got up to place the school work on her desk. Wait what? I’m her favourite. Fuck yes!

“Do you want to stay for a bit? You don’t have to but you know if you want to we can watch something maybe.” I heard Y/N say from the other side of her room not looking at me.

“Yeah!” I said a little too quickly, I cursed to myself. Y/N turned back around and came to sit down next to me again.

“Great, I get lonely around here since Steve left. Steve is Captain America by the way” She added, I laughed nodding.

“I know” I noticed her cheeks turn red but she looked over to the side, her eyes losing their glow.

“Were you two close?” I asked and timidly took her hand in mine. She looked at her with a small smile and a nod.

“Yeah, Steve would help me with my homework whilst dad was away. Which was a lot. And he was also like my big brother which is a bit weird but yeah” She sighed at the end, I kinda feel guilty now for kicking him in the face.

“I’m sure him and Mr Stark will make up soon” I trailed off trying to sound convincing but it obviously didn’t work as she let out a bitter laugh.

“Thanks Peter but not going to happen” I nodded and it went quiet. I felt her hand grip onto mine tighter making my heart start to go faster and my hands started to get sweaty.

“Thank you for listening yesterday Peter, it means a lot. I-I get really self conscious when it comes to em that subject, like in class when people are talking about sex and shit I just freeze. I start to feel his body on top of me and the feel of his stubble against my cheek” I wanted her to stop as her nails started to dig into my palm, it didn’t hurt just a sting but she’s reliving a horrible memory. That’s what makes me want her to stop. But she needs to let this out and I’m not going to stop her.

“Then I start to smell his weird scent, I don’t know what it was but it was a mixture of like dirt, sweat and I don’t know something else that smelt horrible.” She stopped talking suddenly, noticing what she was saying.

“I’m sorry” Y/N mumbled, I noticed her eyes had now filled with tears. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder pulling her into my chest. I really don’t know how I’m so confident around her now….sometimes. I’m only confident around her when she needs someone to hold her and just needs a laugh.

Her fingers gripped onto my jumper as she sobbed, I ran my own through her hair trying desperately to calm her down. I’d never seen her like this before thinking back to when she moved to my middle school in 6th grade.

(A/N okay bitch the American school system is so fucking confusing to me. So they are 11-12 I hope I got the grade and the school right.)

Y/N was always popular but for the first year or so I knew her, well knew of her, she didn’t show emotion and now I guess I know why now. Recently she’s been showing a lot more emotion, but she’s also being crying a lot. She doesn’t think I’ve been noticing her red, puffy, eyes or the fake smiles and the watery eyes when she thinks no one is looking. I didn’t want to ask her about it as I knew she’d just change the subject.

“I’m sorry, for the past two days I’ve just been crying on you. I’m normally not like this but everything is just building up and getting to me” She mumbled pulling away and wiped her eyes with her palm.

“Oh I’m sorry! I’ve ruined your favourite jumper” She sighed and tried to wipe away the tear stains away but just made it worse.

“Hey, hey it’s fine don’t worry” I laughed and wiped the rest of her running tears off her cheeks. She sent me a smile and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“I can buy you a new one if you want” She sniffed and got out her phone, I gently grabbed her wrist and made her lower her arm.

“It’s fine really, I think I have another one in this colour” I said looking down to check if it’s the blue I’m thinking of. “Yeah I do”.

“Of course you do” She giggled, I blushed looking away and bit my lip. I heard Y/N let out a sort of 'dreamy’ sigh. I turned back towards her to see her already staring at me.

“You okay?” I asked, her eyes went wide and her neck started to turn a rose colour.

“Fine, fine. Just thinking about shit” Things got quiet once again and I realised that I had taken her hand in mine at some point.

“Peter?” Her soft voice cut into my thoughts.


“Em w-what do you think of me? L-like when we were in the bathroom last week y-you said I was beautiful, and-and no one has said that to me before. Well Dad and Steve have but that doesn’t count.” Y/N said I turned to her with red cheeks. Oh bloody hell what am I going to say? I’m just going to make her uncomfortable and probably something creepy.

“Well-well you are beautiful, gorgeous in fact. On the inside and out, like when you smile the whole room lights up. And that glow in your eye you get when you’re really happy, it just makes me happy-” I rambled on, listening all the things I love about her but the next thing I knew her hands were pulling my face towards her and our lips connected. My eyes still wide open as I stared at her closed eyelids, my mind screaming 'MOVE YOUR FUCKING LIPS, YOU’VE BEEN WANTING THIS FOR YEAR’. Her lips moved against mine trying to get mine to move but my whole body was frozen. Her hands soon left my face as she pulled away, my lips already missed her. Both of us breathing deeply, I still hadn’t loved I don’t think I’ve even blinked.

“I’m so sorry, I-I don’t know-” Her voice cracked as she spoke but my body suddenly started to work again and I leaned in smashing my lips back onto hers. I didn’t know what to do with my hands as hers went back up to my cheeks. Our lips moved slowly against each other’s, her lips a little dry and my teeth bumped against hers a couple of time. But soon (a couple of seconds) we got used to it and shared the perfect kiss.

I felt like I was in heaven, my heart banging against my rib cage. My hands rested on her thighs and they naturally started to glide up but then I stopped and quickly pulled away realising what’s actually happening. I let out a quiet groan when I saw her lips all swollen.

“I can’t” I whispered, I can’t do this. She’s not in the best state of mind right now, she might not even know what she’s doing.

“Why?” She asked, hurt laced in her voice making my heart physically hurt. I brought my hand up to her cheeks and rubbed circles with my thumb against her smooth skin.

“Y/N, you know why. No matter how much I want to and fucking hell I want to, we can’t. Not right now, not when you’re this emotional. Tomorrow you might remember what you did and think 'fuck, why did I do that?’ When you feel better mentally then m-maybe w-we can you know, go on a date or something.” She nodded and looked down, biting her lip.

“Don’t do that” I mumbled, pressing my forehead against hers.

“Sorry” She giggled.

“I’d like that, I mean go on a date like that will be fun. I’ve never been on one before.” She added and took my hands in her once again.

“Me either” I said smiling brightly, my face hurt from how wide my smile was but I didn’t care. Y/N FUCKING STARK IS GOING ON A DATE WITH ME.

“Thank you for stopping Peter, that was an amazing thing to do. You’re right I’m not in the right state now” She said not looking at me, I put my index finger under her chin making her look at me.

“It’s okay” Her hand moved up to my cheek once again and I leaned down to kiss her nose as I held her closer.

Her head fell into my shoulder as she wrapped her arms around my neck. We stayed in that position only God knows how long but Y/N’s doors opened causing us to jump apart. My eyes went wide when I saw Mr Stark raising an eyebrow at us.

“Interrupting something am I?” He asked in a stern voice, I looked at Y/N panicking but she looked so calm.

“No Daddy” She said getting up. “Peter came by to drop off my school work and was trying to make me feel better. And in all honesty I just needed a hug so I asked him and he said yes” She lied straight through her teeth as she went to hug her father. Thank god she’s obviously lied to him before.

“Right, well thank you Mr Parker but you can go now. No work needed at the internship today.” My face scrunched together for a second forgetting Y/N didn’t know.

“Oh right em yeah. I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N” I said getting my bag then started to walk over to them. I stood and stared at her with loving eyes as she sent a smile my way. Mr Stark cleared his throat and nodded to the door.

“Sweetie, I need to talk to Mr Parker about a project. Why don’t you do some online shopping in your tv room whilst you wait for me and I’ll come and get you after” Y/N nodded and waved at me as she walked over to the room.

“Bye Pete, I’ll em text you” She said blushing making my cheeks go red as Mr Stark staring me down.

“Bye-” I tried to say but Mr Stark grabbed my elbow. Oh god I thought as I saw his face.

“Walk with me Peter” He said and started to walk down the long corridor.

“O-of course sir” I said and ran to catch up with him.

“When are you planning on telling my daughter that you’re spider man” I let out a small sigh of relief as he didn’t say that he was secretly spying on us and saw us kissing.

“Em I don’t know, I have enemies sir and I don’t want to put her in danger” I saw him nod to himself and as the lift doors opened he took his sunglasses off.

“I see your point kid, but Y/N cares for you a lot I’ve gathered over the past couple of days. I also looked into the school system and saw you take a lot of the same classes. Also the security cameras at the school show that you spend a lot of time together. Also her phone bill has been going up in price recently and I suspect that has something to do with you” I felt my palms get sweaty and I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. I opened my mouth to say something but he lifted his hand up stopping me.

“I’m talking, I just wanted to say thank you Peter. My daughter hasn’t had the easiest life in the world we needs a friend, that friend is you. But she trusts you Mr Parker and I think you should tell her about your alter ego.” I nodded not knowing what to say. I hadn’t even noticed that we had reached the main entrance.

“Well that was a nice chat wasn’t it, I’ve already got a car waiting for you. Mrs Sally seemed to forget to wipe the entrance scanner when she said you can come in without going on the system.” I turned to look at him with desperate eyes.

“Mr Stark, please don’t put any blame on her. It was my idea, I threatened her!” I yelled slightly causing a couple of people to look over at us, he sighed and wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

“I highly doubt that Peter, but don’t worry nothing is going to happen to Mrs Sally. She’s one of my best workers. Now cars outside, please sign in next time you come won’t you?” Again I nodded, he patted me on the back.

“Until the next time Mr Parker, which will probably be soon as I’ve just got a text off Y/N asking me to ask you to come and see her again to watch a film. So I’ve asked you, sort it out yourself but I need to do something quickly so I can spend some time with my daughter. Bye Peter” I stood in shock for a couple of seconds, trying to proses the information.

“Right” I muttered to myself and walked towards the drive way and I saw Happy. I smiled.

“Hey Happy!” His face fell slightly when he saw me.

“Ugh get in. When Tony said he needed me to drive someone home I wasn’t expecting you” He groaned and walked back to the drivers side, normally I would feel a little down that he said that but nothing could bring my mood down.

On the way back to Queens, my mind was racing and I kept on touching my lips.“You alright Parker?” Happy asked, noticing my happy mood.

“Amazing” I sighed looking out of the window, the buildings becoming familiar once again. My leg started to bounce uncomfortably as I started to think about the date. What the fuck do you do on a date?

“Bye Happy!” I yelled as the car pulled up, I heard him yell my name as the car was still moving slightly. I sent him a wave and a thumbs up. I ran up the stairs all the way to my apartment, I opened the door with force causing a bang. I tripped then slid into the living arena.

“May! I need your help!” I yelled causing her to look up from the telly.

“What? Peter are you okay?!” She asks standing up, looking concerned.

“Fine! Perfect! I have a date soon” I yelled my smile covering my face once again, her own lips turned into a smile.

“With who?” May asked and walked over to me pulling me into a hug.

“Y//N! I actually have a date with Y/N!” She laughed at my excitement.

“When is it?” I shrugged getting shy.

“Em I don’t know, like she’s going through some things at the moment and I don’t want to take advantage of her” I mumbled blushing.

“Oh Peter, I raised you well” Aunt May sighed pulled me back into a hug.

“We kissed” I muttered into her shoulder, not being able to keep it to myself any longer. I pulled away with a huge smile.

“Oh did you now?” She laughed crossing her arms, all I could do was nod and bounce on my feet.

“May you don’t understand, it was the best feeling in the world. Like ugh, I’ve never felt this way before. After I tried to be really sweet and everything just how you taught me!” I shouted now waving my hands around.

“Peter, sweetie calm down. You’re going to hyperventilate” She said grabbing my shoulders and shaking them.

“Sorry, sorry. But now you need to help me! I’ve never been on a date before. Please Aunt May” I pleaded with her, practically begging her.

“Of course I’ll help Peter, now tell me what she likes”


Heyy, thanks for reading. Sorry this took so long to update but this is soo cute yet sad… please share and shit so I know you want me to continue. Again thank you for reading x

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The problem with being the local animal person is as soon as someone wants to get rid of a critter they call you first.

And the bigger problem is when you start thinking about what cages and supplies you have before they even tell you what it is.

Cat & Mouse:Rust

A/N:So didn’t mean to turn Randy into the bad guy but…the story writes it self. Also Luke Harper is in it and uncharacteristically chatty. lol

Warnings:Angst,Smut LOTS of it. Ritualistic Sex,Oral,Power Exchange. but still fluffy moments XD

This is the last part and therefore a lot longer than the others!

Part 3

I woke the next day to metal and chain breaking,then a male voice. 

“Roxy!” “Bray?” I wondered still half asleep. Then looked down at the dirt stained hem of my dress. It would have to be dry cleaned I thought to myself. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and raised my head up to see Randy’s bright blue eyes stare back at me with concern. “Roxy what happened? what did Bray do?” 

“Nothing. yet,but….” I frown wide eyed. “He’ll be here soon. I think. You should leave.” 

Randy grabs my hand. “Not without you.”

I look at him confused. “How did you find me? How did you even know?” 

“I heard you scream. I asked Luke for help and he brought me here.” 

I looked behind Randy finally noticing the wild eyed man standing guard by the exit. Before I could think I had climbed out of the cage and ran to hug Luke Harper. 

I couldn’t help it,he was still one of my boys whether a Wyatt or not. “I’ve missed you.” 

Luke gave me a warm smile,something he didn’t do very often,as he let go and placed both hands on my arms looking me straight in the eyes. “I missed you too. But Mother we have to go. Bray will be back,he can’t find us here.” 

“Let him come.” Said Randy. Luke just looked at Randy like he was crazy and Luke knew crazy. “Are you kidding? I’m not worried about us,i’m no longer under his spell. But Mother….” 

I looked at them. “Guys I’m not. I love Bray,I know he feels the same.” 

“It’s true Fath-Bray can barely function without Sister Abigail anymore.” Luke says. 

Randy just looks at me. “What about us?” I look away. “I don’t know…” 

Randy just sighs in exasperation. “We don’t have time to do this here.” That’s the last thing I hear as I feel a hit to my head and pass out. 

When I wake I’m on a soft bed,I groan getting up my head becoming dizzy for a moment.  I feel strong hands shore me up. “Careful Rox.” I knew that quiet tone had to be Randy.

“What happened? where…” I trail off wincing. “Am I?” I finish.

“You’re in my hotel room.” Randy answers. 

“What?!” I feel the back of my head. “Wait…did you knock me out?!” I exclaim aghast,hitting Randy hard on the arm. 

Randy rubs his arm in mock pain and grinned. “Yes because we needed to talk before Bray interrupted,I didn’t think you’d go willingly and I knew you could take it.” 

I gave him a look and say sarcastically. “Gee thanks. You are right though. Nia Jax hits harder than you.” 

It was time for Randy to look offended now but he just laughed. “Well I didn’t want you out cold.” Randy gave me a long look. “I assume Bray found out.”

I nodded. “I told you he would.” 

“I can deal with him. I can protect you. I’ve done it before.” Randy leaned over me,inches from my face. I could kiss him right now but it would only make things worse. 

So instead I put a hand on his chest and said. “You don’t need to. I told you Bray would never intentionally hurt me. But I hurt him so he’s acting out,he thinks I’m not Sister Abigail anymore.” 

Randy gives me an intense look. “You’re not.” 

“I am to him.” 

Randy plays lightly with my hair. “I am so much better for you.” “Randy…” I trail off as he touches my lips. 

Just then a knock sounded on the closed door and we froze or at least I did. “Luke?” I whispered. 

“No he went back to his room. I carried you in here.” Randy answered. 

We hear it again but this time it’s a tapping sound as a raspy sing song voice calls from the other side. “My dear I know you’re in there and I know who took you.” 

I start to say his name but Randy puts a hand over my mouth and a finger to his own lips as he slides off of me and crouches to the floor facing the door. 

Another knock and Bray’s voice sounds again. “Randy My boy,let her go or we’ll have to have our fighter earlier than Tuesday.” 

My eyes widen as the door opens and Randy says “No Problem.” A glint in his eye,Randy springs up as Bray steps in and gives him an RKO out of nowhere!

“Bray!” I cry as i get up then kneeling to where Bray lay there,he was breathing and conscience but not getting up anytime soon. “Randy what the hell?!” I yell angrily. “That is not helping things!” I wipe away an angry tear as I check on Bray. “You’ll be okay.” I whisper to him.

Randy just looks at me,unfazed. “What did you expect? I told you what I would do. I mean what i say.” 

I just shake my head,frustrated. “Forget it. I can’t deal with this right now. I have to get Bray back to our room. I need help. Rowan!” I yell,hoping he’s nearby. 

Eric shows up,takes one look at Bray on the floor and Randy standing there arms crossed,and makes a beeline towards Randy who is instantly alert. 

I’m faster,barely. I stand between them arms out as they glare at each other. “Not now boys. That’s enough!” I grab Rowan by the beard to make him look at me. “Eric Daddy’s hurt.” “Yeah and he did it.” Eric growls. 

“I know. But right now Bray needs your help to get back to his room. So no fighting,yet.” I give Randy a glare as I say the last word. 

Randy’s arrogance dissipates for a moment as he goes to reach for me. “Roxy.”

“No Randy I can’t do this right now.” I help Rowan with Bray and,looking over my shoulder,see Randy drop to the bed head in his hands. But I don’t have time to sooth egos,as I walk out the door. 


Once we were in the room I had Rowan lay him on the bed. I thanked him then laid beside Bray as Rowan left. 

Bray might be mad at me right now but we still loved each other,I knew that. I didn’t want to let him go while he still wanted me here,I knew by him coming to get me that Bray wouldn’t let me go either.  I lied there my arms around him and closed my eyes,the rhythm of his breathing lulling me to sleep. 

I woke up a few hours later to an empty bed. I sat up in worry until I heard the sound of a chair squeaking. 

I looked over to see Bray sitting in his rocking chair rocking slowly back and forth. Dressed in white pants and a black tank top. His chin was resting on one hand and he seemed lost in thought,his long dreads falling in his face,he didn’t seem to notice me until I stood up.

Bray raised his head then,shaking the dreads from out of his face. I stood there suddenly nervous and self conscious as he stared at me. I wasn’t sure how focused he was on me until he gave a ghost of a smile and held out a hand. 

“Ah you’re awake,come here Roxy.” I frowned in concern,he never called me by my wrestling name. 

I was Abigail,his lamb,sometimes just Sister. But never Roxy. That name came with ties,My last name WAS Mcmahon after all,he liked to think I was his alone. I winced. I suppose that wasn’t true anymore. 

I walked to him and took his hand. “How are you feeling?” I asked. Bray looked up at me,the small smile he gave making him appear more innocent then he was. 

“Much better no thanks to Randy.” His eyes darkened for a moment before turning his attention back to me. “Thank you for helping me.” 

“Of course Bray.” The fact that he thanked me meant that he wasn’t sure that I would have helped him or not. I bit my lip before saying. “I noticed you didn’t call me your little lamb.”

Bray’s hand stilled on mine from where he’d been rubbing and my hand became cold from his lack of touch. “Are you still though? Mine?” His voice broke on the last word and I raised his face to look at me. His eyes were no longer angry or distant.Just hurt and sad. 

My heart broke and shutting my eyes I came to a decision. “I am. I want to be.” I opened my eyes and stared into his. “I won’t be with Randy,not if it means I lose you,lose this family.”

“Truly?” Bray looked skeptical,but I placed my forehead against his. “Yes but please no more cages. have it out with me if your angry.” 

“I didn’t want to hurt you. Not like that.” Bray said softly. “I was actually coming to talk to you after I calmed down. But then Randy and Luke took you.”

“Eric told me you were planning on punishing me.” I told him.

“I was.” Bray took my hands then as I stood,only in my underwear,between his legs. “But I decided better of it,as angry as I was,thinking of all the things…”He trails off. “Well,I’ll save those methods for Orton. But…” He stares at me serious,that dark glint returning to his eyes. “I can’t let you off the hook. We need Sister Abigail.All of her.”

“Then take all of her.” I said staring at him,his blue eyes darkening with intensity. Without another word I climbed on top of Bray as he puts his hands on my hips. 

He gives me a lustful,possessive gaze as he trails kisses down my arms and wrists,he kisses my stomach then nips at my side. I jump when he bites down on my other side. 

Bray gives me a sly smile then rubs where he had bitten and makes a soft noise. “Shhh. I won’t hurt you,anymore than you want me too Little Lamb.” 

My eyes close and I drop my head back as he wraps his hands around my shoulders. “ I want you to do whatever you see fit My Lord.” 

I feel Bray take a breath as he brings me down for a kiss. “As you wish My love.” 

One minute we were making out in his chair and the next Bray was carrying me over to the bed,one hand encircling my waist,the other tangled in my hair as he kissed me passionately. 

Bray lays me down onto the bed. Trailing his finger tips down my body,his long dreads brushing my skin as the same time he did. His gaze locking onto me felt like he was trying to see through to my soul,and maybe he was,but I could also see apprehension there and also Possessiveness. 

I touched his hair. “I love you Daddy.” I needed him to know,i really did. That seemed to chase the doubts from his eyes as he gave me a soft smile.

“I love you too little lamb.” He whispered as he trailed more kisses down my neck and taking my bra off expertly,kissed my breasts,biting my nipples. I shut my eyes as that euphoric feeling came over me. 

As Bray let up on my breasts,he loomed over me,his gaze was hypnotic as he lightly ran his fingers across my face and then my lips,as if memorizing them. 

“Open.” Bray ordered. I opened my mouth as he put two fingers in and my tongue licked and sucked on them. My head lolled back as my eyes rolled closed,wishing it was more than just his fingers. As Bray’s head did the same and his eyes closed with a shudder,I’m pretty sure he was wishing the same thing. 

Bray removed his fingers then and placed his hands on my hips as he slid down,kissing and licking down my body as he did so. My eyes opened but I knew the look was far away and not all there. 

As I felt how I felt the first time and every other time with Bray. Like I wasn’t in my body,I was in another world whenever he touched me. I had forgotten how that felt. But he would remind me. 

This time was like the first,A Spiritual union,a Magic ritual,A connection filled with suspense,passion and worship. My heart swelled as I put my hand through his rough hair. I didn’t just love him,he was My God and you defied a god at your own peril. 

I looked down through half lidded eyes when he stopped and looked at me a wide grin on his face as he slowly pulled down my underwear. Bray stopped at my opening seeming to study it for the first time. “Randy Orton had this. Randy was the last one to taste you.” It wasn’t a question but I Iet out a guilty, “Yes.” 

Then a yelp as Bray pinched my clit harshly. “Lets remedy that shall we? I think you need to be reminded of why they call me the eater of worlds.” 

With that Bray parted my legs further as he gave a slow lick to my insides testing the waters. At my nod and sharp intake of breath he puts his tongue inside me harder and with more need,as I wrapped a hand in his hair to keep him there. 

I didn’t need to worry as he gripped my thighs tighter,they’d be bruised in the morning but I didn’t care,as his tongue plunged in to me I felt the bristles of his beard as his teeth grazed over me,then Bray opened his mouth and took all of me as he bit down,hard. I cried out as my body jerked in pleasure and pain.  

Bray lifted his head. “So you don’t forget what I can do. I told you I can be incredibly generous or I can take what I want.” I knew than that this wasn’t all fun,for me at least,but I would learn to play the game or be conquered. Not that I minded. 

My thoughts dissipated as Bray brought his tongue down on my clit,flicking it over and over,pushing two fingers into me as fast as he could. Not letting up as I came with a cry and moan of pleasure,my back arching up off the bed. Bray sucked my pussy hard as I came into his mouth,breathing heavy. 

Bray let up and crawled up me,licking my lips as he gave me a wide sadistic smile. “That is only the first time of many that you will come for me. So many more.” He promised his eyes wide. “Find me.” 

My eyes closed,I felt a brush of fingertips across my face then nothing but a cold breeze as his body heat left mine. I slowly opened my eyes still under the spell that Bray wore over himself like an invisible cloak. 

I realized then that he was gone. The Room dark. I start to panic for a second but then tell myself that this was part of his game,he wanted me to chase him and to chase me. *Just like the first time.* I remembered. 

The lights flicker on then and I hear the creak of a door as I see The Bureau in the corner slowly open a crack. I slide off the bed,still a bit shaken from earlier,but in a good way,and walked towards the bureau. I noticed I wasn’t cold despite being naked. Then I heard and felt the warmth from a heater,i smiled slightly. 

I turned my attention back to the bureau opening one of the doors slowly,it was then I saw a white dress hanging up. It wasn’t my old Sister Abigail dress but a new one. Same long sleeves but tighter,same boned sides but zipped in the back like a bustier to make it easier to get on by myself I realized. The silky material of the skirt flowed but was cut short in front and long in back. 

This dress was beautiful but still practical and I knew where I was heading next as I slid on the dress,the back of the hem reaching just past my knees. I forgo shoes and underwear,I wouldn’t be needing them. 

I left the room then,quietly padding down the hall and out the exit. A large forest surrounded the hotel that was in front and I walked towards it at a brisk pace,grateful the night air was warm with a slight breeze.

When I reached the wooded entrance my pace slowed and I walked cautiously. My feet going from the feel of cold concrete to damp soft dirt and twigs. 

Suddenly I felt a warm breath on my neck and voice that I knew as Bray’s,whispered in an alluring yet commanding tone. “Run.” then he was gone. 

I gave a slow smile,so that’s what he wanted, my darling boy wanted to play Cat & Mouse. My heart in my throat but a fire building down below,I took a breath and ran,looking for clues to where he wanted me to go. I found them in the form of Fireflies lighting up one area in the center of the woods. My eyes lit up as I ran towards them. I could hear his footsteps now,the breaking of heavy boots on branches as Bray came for me and wanted me to KNOW he was coming for me. 

Then I heard his loud and captivating voice as he called for me. “My dear lamb,where are you darling?” I could tell by his tone that he was enjoying this. So was I to be honest. I grinned running away from his footsteps,even as I wanted to run towards them.

I ran towards The Fireflies instead,to where he wanted me to go. Those bright bugs brightening up the night sky. I saw him then as I broke into the clearing.

Bray stood in front of a tree,besides his clothes from earlier he also had on a distressed soft blue jean vest,the hood shrouding his face,lantern in hand. Which he blew out when I got to close. It got darker and harder to see as I stepped closer to the tree and noticed he was gone. 

I put a hand on the tree and felt leather straps tied around it. “Bray where are you?” I whispered. “I’m here.” I heard a voice and felt him behind me. 

Before I could react he had turned me around and pushed me against the trunk of the tree,his body pinning me against it. 

“Are you ready?” Bray asked his eyes glinting in the fireflies light,a devilish grin on his face. 

I nodded breathless. My heart pounding in both fear and anticipation. “So ready,Big Daddy.” I give him a wide grin,peering up at him underneath my hair. 

“Good.” Bray grabs my wrists tying them together with the strap around the trunk. Lifting up the skirt of my dress,he palms my ass digging his fingernails in. “I see someone forgot underwear.” Bray growled. 

I winced when he dragged his fingernails up one ass cheek,leaving red claw marks. “I didn’t think I’d need them.” 

“It’s true Daddy forgot to lay some out. Regardless My Baby Doll shouldn’t have been so presumptuous or so eager.”  bray growls into my ear as he yanks my head back. “But Daddy has been waiting for this for too long to go slow now.” 

I hear him undo his pants as they drop,picking me up he drives his hard cock into me as I wrap my legs around him. My hands gripping onto the tree for support as he fucks me fast and hard. His hands on either side of me,he captures my lips with his own,his tongue exploring my mouth as he kisses me as hard and deep as he fucks me. “Oh My God Bray.” I moan around his lips.

“Well you’re right about that I AM your God.” Bray snarls against my lips. As he grips my ass with both hands driving himself deeper into me,as far as he can go. I have no control and I don’t want it. 

“Come My little Lamb.” Bray whispers in my ear. I press my lips together holding in a moan but Bray yanks my head back. “Don’t hold back Little one. Scream for me.” He demands softly as he grips my throat,the other still gripping my hair and looks me straight in the eye,that wild hypnotic look back on his face. At that look and his constant pounding into me I cum instantly. Not letting up he cums with me as I scream his name,my body tightening around his. 

After I lay my head on his chest,trying to catch my breath. Bray pulls out of me,then walks behind the tree to untie me. I almost fall,I had forgotten how draining a spiritual communion could be,but Bray catches me in his strong arms. “Careful Darling.”  Bray lifts my head up. “Can you finish?” I nod. I may be weak now,but I’m not sated,I can still feel the magic pull on us,they are not done with us,with me yet. 

Bray scoops me up into his arms. “Good. I told you I’d make you cum many more times than that.” Bray brings me deeper into the woods,I turn my head from his chest and see a large slab of concrete with a blanket over it and candles circling the outside. 

It was time. Truly time to be his again,to be one again. 

Bray laid me down,taking my dress off and then stripping himself. We stare at one another for a moment. The heat pooled in my stomach,my pussy tingling at the sight of him and the fact that he was hard again. Despite the cold. That’s sex magic for you. 

“You know what needs to happen now. You can’t have the pleasure without the pain.” Bray says roughly as he slowly grabs a leather flogger and walks gradually around the makeshift Altar,he trails the flogs tassels down my body with drawn out purpose. 

I close my eyes sedately. “Please.” Bray lifts the flogger from my body. “please what?” “Please My Master,hurt me.” My voice catches on the last words but I manage to get them out and I can practically feel Bray’s wicked side emerge as he lands the flog hard against my skin.   I hear the whistle of the wind as he snaps the flog down onto my stomach. I flinch involuntarily,but lift my body up slightly so he knows I want more. 

“How’s that My Lamb?” Bray asks,his voice taking on that sadistic,dominant tone I loved. “Very good Master. More….please.”

 I don’t have to ask twice as Bray lands quick lashes to my stomach with the flog. One ends up being too hard and slices my stomach. I bit my lip in pain but say nothing. Bray stops in concern. “Lamb?” I shake my head. “No Master. it’s alright,it’s what she wants.” 

Even so Bray switches gears and strokes a hand up my inner thigh,trailing the flogger up me. “Open.” He demand’s and I open my legs. taking in a breath as with a sharp sting the flogger hits my pussy. I cry out and am almost in tears by the time the 4th one is done and Bray puts the flog down,crawling over me,I open my eyes as he hovers over me and touches my face. 

“Hush My love,you’re safe.” He stares down at me,his eyes Spellbinding. “You are so Beautiful.” He says to me. I smile as he kisses me gently on the lips. Bray reaches down to touch me and smirks. “Well how about that.You came again.” 

I look at him surprised,I hadn’t even noticed. I had been so lost in everything,the pain,the magic,his power. I hadn’t even felt the third orgasm. 

“Why don’t we let you have one you can feel. But first…Daddy Bray needs some too.” I know what he means as his dick brushes my lips,I open automatically as he slides himself into my mouth and I begin to suck. Bray thrust in deeper and faster as he grabs my chin and makes me open wide,basically mouth fucking me. 

“Just your tongue.” Bray orders. As my tongue darts out swirling around his head then licking the length of him,Bray grabs my hair and roughly pulls me up,moving his hips as he goes deeper into my mouth.  I press my mouth around his dick,sucking hard. That’s all it takes as Bray groans out,his eyes  closing,head back,making a fist in my hair,he shudders when the tip of him touches the back of my throat as he cums,spilling down my throat. I miraculously don’t choke as it goes down smoothly and doesn’t taste bad,thank the lady. 

Bray lets go of my hair,breathing heavy,sweat glistening,he lets me stroke a hand through his beard as he kisses me softly. “My turn.” His eyes glinting wickedly,Bray swiftly puts a hand up me. I gasp in surprise but also want. 

Bray stops,his hand stilling inside me. He gives me a slow smirk. He want me to beg. 

I stare at him,eyes pleading. “Please My Lord,please make me cum again.” I should be spent,exhausted. But I’m not,I needed to cum one more time. 

“As you wish dear. Lets see if I can’t make it a fourth time,shall I.” With those words,Bray sucks on my nipples,rolling his tongue around the edges as he pulls his hand out of me,I start to protest,when he immediately puts three fingers inside my wet pussy to reach my G spot,curling his fingers he pumped while the other hand stroked my sensitive clit. 

I cried out,My pussy going numb with each stroke,he went slow at first then faster as my body shook and my eyes widened,I literally saw stars explode behind them,I felt like I was going to pass out as my orgasm built then ripped through me in a rush,my pussy clenching then pulsing around his fingers. I screamed out his name then,cumming again as he whispered.                 “Come back to me Sister Abigail.” 

Bray removed his hands from me then looking into my eyes,I knew he could see it all,My feelings for him,the passion,our connection. She was back,I didn’t need to say anything,as he kissed me deeply,he knew it all. 

I love you Bray.” I managed to say,my orgasm finally subsiding. “I love you too Abigail.” 

Spent,breathless and tired we laid there as Bray stroked my hair. I couldn’t help but wonder,although my crush on Orton had dissipated. “Bray what are you going to do about Randy?” 

Bray tensed beside me and said in a low dangerous tone. “Don’t you worry. I’ll deal with Randall. I-we well get our Payback.” 

Bray relaxed then and kissed my forehead a hand on my cheek. “For now lets get some sleep. Restore our energy.” 

I murmured in agreement and laid my head on his chest as we lay there,entwined in each others bodies,naked underneath the warm night air,The hoot of distant Owls,the sway of the trees,the flicker of candles and fireflies. Protected and sated as The Lord and Lady watched over us. 

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What’s Wrong, Noona? pt. 2

Original request:  I request a scenario where you’re jungkook’s noona and he decides to pull a stunt and strip tease from the captain clothes police uniform? thank u so much >.<

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Jungkook tugged at his collar as he power-walked down the halls. He felt like it was choking him. He didn’t expect the performance managers to make them perform in all of their gear from the “Dope” video. Not only was he hot, he was aroused once again from the pelvic thrusts on stage. His thoughts immediately leaped to you—your flustered, crimson face as you leaned against the wall, defenseless against his advances. He thought about how your teeth worried your lower lip in desire as you looked him up and down.

You weren’t in your usual spot, which Jungkook noted with disappointment. All of his leather gear bounced around him, and he thought in frustration that he was ready to rip it all off. As he turned into his changing room, he was surprised to see you standing next to his clothes in extreme nervousness.

“I… um…” you stuttered, surprised by Jungkook’s rugged appearance. He was sweating, and his gaze was dark. “They told me to put your clothes in here so you could change.”

The maknae smirked at you and ran his fingers through his hair. His weight shifted as he shut the door behind him, eyes immediately locking on yours.

“I was beginning to wonder if you’d even seen the concert,” he purred. He moved in your direction as he started to unbutton his shirt. You realized what was happening and quickly tried to excuse yourself.

“I’ll just get out of your way!” You tried to move past him, but he caught you swiftly. Your face was turning red as he locked gazes with you. When he spoke, you could feel his warm breath brush across your lips.

“Don’t you want to watch, Noona?”

Your eyes widened in surprise, and you tried to look everywhere but at his face. You let him lead you back towards his clothing. You watched in an almost awe as his fingers bumped over his shell holders, trailing down to the empty gun holster and unclipping it from his belt. He pulled the strap from underneath his belt, and your eyes followed his fingers longingly. He did the same with the magazine case on his right side before removing the shoulder holster completely. He stepped towards you until his toes were almost touching yours. You squeezed your eyes shut as he leaned forward, but you felt his arms move around you; he was propping the shoulder holster on the coat rack behind the table. Your heart almost stopped as the tip of his nose brushed against yours momentarily.

Jungkook backed away from you, leaving you wanting and sexually charged. You tried to control your heavy breathing, but it wasn’t working. He unbuttoned his shirt slowly, despite how overheated he was. He was wearing a white tank top underneath it, which was damp with his sweat. It clung to his chest, and you got a better view as he untucked his collared shirt. His shoulders rolled and flexed as he removed the shirt completely.

You bit your lip in attempt to hide your lust, but he saw through it. He pulled off the tank top, tilting his chin back as he relished the cool air against his torso. His abs crunched a little as he hooked his fingers into his belt buckle. His hands slipped over the metal, and he looked back up at you. His head lolled to the side.

“Hey, Noona, I’m having some trouble with this,” he said with faux innocence. “Could you unbuckle it for me?”

You froze for a moment, and as the heat settled in your face and core, you moved forward to unbuckle Jungkook’s belt. His shoulders and chest were still shining, and you watched his stomach move up and down as he breathed. His muscles were very distracting; your hands lost their grip several times on his buckle. You glanced up as you felt him move, and your face grew impossibly redder. He was undoing his earrings. He wasn’t having problems with his belt at all; he was playing with you.

“If you get on your knees, it you might have an easier time,” the maknae smirked. His words just urged you forward, and you unbuckled the belt without getting on your knees at all. “That’s too bad; I was hoping you would,” he murmured as he removed his belt. He held his hand behind his back. You watched him curiously as you backed away and sat on the table.

Jungkook pulled out a folded leather pouch, and his pants sagged a little to reveal the tops of black boxer-briefs. You averted your gaze from his underwear for your own sanity. You focused instead on the folded leather pouch. Jungkook waved it emphatically.

“These are an addition to the uniform; they’re a present for you.”

From the pouch came a pair of shiny, metal handcuffs. He found himself in front of you, and his presence pushed you backwards on the table. You spread your legs instinctively as he crawled on the table between them. His lips hovered in front of yours, and you heard a click behind your back. Your hands strained against the cuffs, which had been hooked behind the coat rack.

You gasped from arousal as Jungkook’s nose barely brushed the side of yours, but instead of continuing, he pulled completely away from you. He fished for something out of his pocket—the key to the cuffs. He twirled it in his hand for a second before looking back up at you.

“Could you hold this for me, Noona?”

Jungkook held the key against your lips, and you gripped it with your teeth. He smiled devilishly at your flustered, needing appearance. He stepped back and bent over to remove his boots. He took his time, and his eyes never left yours. He removed his pants leisurely after he kicked off his boots. His boxer-briefs looked like they could barely contain his erection, and you eyed him greedily.

“You have no idea how much I want you,” he growled. He walked forward and trailed feather-light fingers up your thighs. Your hips wanted to buck up, but you restrained yourself. He leaned over you and reached for something behind you: his clothes. He pulled on a t-shirt and jeans, and your body was almost screaming for him to take you already.

Jungkook returned to you, leaning close to your face. With your lips painfully close together, he took the key from you with his mouth. His arms wrapped around you, and you felt him undoing the handcuffs.

“Remember this feeling,” he murmured against your ear, “and remember that I’m the only one who can satisfy it. Don’t you dare touch yourself before I can get to you.”

He pulled the handcuffs away, pushing them into his jeans pocket. He almost strolled to the doorway while you reeled from your arousal.

“I’ll see you around, Jagi,” he smiled before leaving. You let out a huge breath that you had been holding, thinking about the need to change your now-soaked underwear.

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Imagine #39

A/N : Wah, more Diablo love? *whimpers* What else I could write for this dummy? Protect the precious babu squad here###!

Prompts used from the Fluffy ones by buckysmeme.

15. “If I could, I would kiss away all your scars.”

18. “It’s not bad to cry. In fact, I think it makes a person stronger.”

19. “Mmm…you’re warm.”

1. “Your hair is so soft…”

Warning: Fluff!! And crying Diablo!!!

You knew Harley was being an idiot every five minutes or so, but you couldn’t believe her yelling at Chato after he admitted he killed his own family.

That shit was fucked up and she didn’t even give him a minute to recover over the breaking memories. Huffing, you gave the blonde a harsh glare, scooting your chair closer to your fellow teammate only to place your chin atop his shoulder, smiling lightly when he stopped staring into the half empty glass of water, and spare you a glance.

“If I could, I would kiss away all your scars.”

You whispered, pressing a slight kiss to his cheek and lean back, standing up from the chair and tug on his hand, taking him to the next level of the building and nudge him towards a still usable room.

Your lips pulled into a full smirk while he watched you with confused eyes, they still shone in the slight light from the tears that he was fighting back to not show.

“It’s not bad to cry. In fact, I think it makes a person stronger.”

You encouraged, hands wrapping around his neck while falling back on the bed, letting his face bury into the crook of your neck while fresh tears fell down your skin, soaking the shirt there, but you didn’t mind them one bit, you only cared about the male in your hold.

And you stayed like that for more then twenty minutes, calming him down and rubbing circles on his lower back, giving encouraging and soothing words to him while adding he can find the right path once he calms down and completes this mission.

“Hey, after this is over, let’s go on a real date, ok?”You asked while puffing your chest out while Chato chuckled and lean back, muttering he just cried in front of you and you simple care about your guys future date.

Probably that’s what he loved in you. That little hope spunk you always had, the light at the end of his dark tunnel, as he would call you.

His sunshine, his hope and his new opportunity to recover and heal up the scars that might not disappear from his soul, but it could be replaced, molded by a new future together, with you.

“Mmm…you’re warm.”

Your voice broke him from his thoughts only to see you nestled in his arms, chin placed on his shoulder while your hands snaked under his white tank top, pressed flatly against his chest while feeling the fire burning in his veins heat up your cold palms.

“(Y/N), you say the most weirdest things in the most uncomfortable situations…but…I love you.”The male whispered, slightly nuzzling your hair and taking in your scent, his own hands moving to grop your hips in an almost scared movement, like he was scared he could burn you down to a crisp but your own hands moving to grip his wrists and place them back on your hips was the impulse he was waiting for.

“Your hair is soft…”

He whispered softly, closing his eyes and leaning on his side while making you shift around, still pressed up against him only to flush darkly at the comment, letting him keep cuddling you since you knew this what he needed for now, some anchor, some comfort, someone to keep him still sane and to fight for.

Someone to come back and say ‘I’m home.’

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Random Mass Effect headcanon -
(several decades after the Reaper War)

“We don’t see many asari in this part of Tuchanka.”

She didn’t reply to the remark. It was offhand yet deliberate. A means of sizing her up, which he also did with his eyes. Not in a lascivious manner - more like she was some livestock being judged for the proper ratio of fat to muscle.

“Huh.” He scratched idly at his neck. “So why me? Plenty of other crews to join up with if you’re feeling restless and looking for a job where you might get to put a bullet in someone’s gut.”

“I heard your team was the best.” She leveled her gaze at him. Not a challenge, not quite.

He crossed his arms and snorted. “Of course we are. But we work our tails off for that. We don’t just take on any welp or maiden looking to flex their muscles and play badass.” He turned back to the Tomkah he had been working on, a shift of interest, a dismissal. “You gotta have quads to join up though. And to last.”

“My father was krogan.” She said it low, half a whisper, almost a threat. He turned to look back at her and his eyes narrowed.

“Having a krogan daddy doesn’t give you any claim…”

She stepped closer, shoulders back and chin slightly raised. “So says the tank-born.” She rocked backwards then surged forward, slamming her forehead into his.

He reeled a fraction, and for a moment one hand wavered over the pistol at his side. She continued to face him with her feet planted firm but she was wincing. A thin line of blood had slid down into her left eye to make a bloom of purple shadow.

They stood in tense silence until he began to laugh. “Well shit. Maybe you do have the quads.” He tossed her a rag from his workbench and she caught it deftly, disregarding the smears of grease to dab at her wounded forehead.

“So give me a trial run.”

“You still haven’t given me the real reason for hunting me down, unless it was just to flatter me.”

She folded the rag and regarded it a moment before looking up, her jaw clenched. “A century ago, Aralakh Company went down to investigate a team missing on Utukku, a team that was killed by infected… modified rachni. Commander Shepard was there too, and found my father’s body. You managed to clear those tunnels for her, and to make it out. You were the only krogan to survive. And the Commander was able to bring my father’s last message to my mother.” She took a deep breath. “So if I was going to join up with anyone, why not with a crew led by someone who beat seemingly insurmountable odds, and who did so with some honor.”

She couldn’t decipher the look that he gave her, a look that seemed to stretch an eternity while she held her breath.

He made some noise, a growl or a grunt, and then held out his hand. “A trial run.” She nodded and met the pressure of his grip. “Pay’s not great. Not at first tier. And you’ll need to hold your own, krogan daddy or no. You’re going to be pushed, and pushed hard.”

“Wouldn’t expect any less.”

“And you’ll never get it.” He drew himself up and gave something of a crooked smile. “So what do they call you?”


“Welcome aboard.”

day five; favorite scheme // “We gotta start with Dennis. Can you get him so drunk tonight? On tequila, but like, a lot of it.”

Mac is sitting across from Dennis at the bar and the lights are low. He thinks maybe if it were a girl in front of him, it could almost be considered romantic. But it’s his friend, it’s Dennis, and he’s trying to get him drunk.

“Why don’t you show me again ‘cause I’m getting just a little bit confused,” Mac says in the most naive and innocent way he can muster. He tries not to get derailed by the tequila dribbling down Dennis’ chin or by the tight tank top Dennis decided to put on before going to the bar.

Mac’s eyes shouldn’t linger. Dennis is not a girl.

Still, Mac’s breath hitches when Dennis licks the salt off his hand, can’t help but follow the trail of Dennis’ tongue chasing after the salt. Maybe Mac is a little drunk too.

Dennis can barely take that shot, Mac notices. He grins despite himself because Dennis is a sloppy drunk and there’s a feeling in the pit of Mac’s stomach, the kind of feeling that makes him smile when he’s around Dennis. The kind of feeling that will fill him up with guilt when he’ll think about it before falling asleep.

“Oh that’s great,” he comments, watching Dennis sink his teeth into the lime.

He knows Dennis is drunk, drunker than he’s been in a while, but Dee told him to get him so drunk he can barely stand so Mac decides to push his luck and make him do one more.

“Alright! So I’m gonna do the shot first…”

Dennis interrupts him with a chorus of “no’s” while Mac places the shot of tequila between them. “Oh, please dude, you’re not listening to me,” Dennis slurs and he’s fighting a losing battle to keep his eyes open.

“Well, I’m just not getting it, bro,” Mac lies and he listens as Dennis teaches him again, the proper way to take tequila shots.

Mac thinks he could go on like this, in this playful back and forth with Dennis, forever. He knows he can’t though, and not just because Dennis liver would give out sooner than later.

He can’t because he knows he’ll never have Dennis forever. Dennis is bound to move on to great things. He’ll find a girl, and settle down with her and probably get married. He’ll find a real job, with his fancy Ivy League degree and he’ll forget all about that time he shared an apartment and owned a bar with the weird kid from high school who used to sell him weed.

And that’s fine. That’s the way life is supposed to go. Mac certainly doesn’t want to wake up one morning, being forty and still living in a shitty apartment with his best friend.

He wants to be happy. He wants the white picket fence, a beautiful wife with giant tits by his side and maybe a couple of kids running around in the front yard. He figures that must be what happy feels like because that’s everything he never had growing up.

He looks up at Dennis. His eyes are shut and he’s swaying dangerously on the other side of the bar, the alcohol in his hand sloshing all over the floor.

He’s still got time to figure out his white picket fence life. For now, he’ll settle for Dennis.

(Because, maybe in a twisted way, happiness can also be two codependent losers and their fucked up group of friends getting up to no good.)


Robbie Lawler Highlights

By: Sewak mma Prods 

Robbie Lawler’s (27-11) 2nd UFC stint has to be one of the greatest run of fights anyone has ever had in their career and I can’t think of any title reign that was as good. The first Hendricks fight, the Condit fight, and especially the MacDonald fight are all some of the very best fights the sport has ever seen. But all great things come to an end. Just over a year ago, Lawler would lose the UFC welterweight title on a big right hand from Tyron Woodley. With all the wars in his recent past, it’s fair to ask how much Lawler has left in the tank after getting his chin checked like that against Woodley.

We will find out if Lawler has another run in his this Saturday (July 29) when he faces off with Donald Cerrone (32-8) on the main card for UFC 214.

Pairing: Momo x Mina for @bnhararepairweek
Prompt: Day 1 - Aquarium
Rating:  G
A/N: Since I decided to join in the middle of the week, I didn’t do the first day prompt. Just finishing the week a little late. Pairing is courtesy of @dragonshost and delayed by two hours due to being forced into playing Ticket to Ride.

Momo felt a rush of relief followed abruptly by a wash of pure fury. Fortunately, the darkened room was perfect from hiding her murderous expression from the general public and the small children darting around because she’d be so embarrassed if they saw her. It also provided cover from the person she was angry with, and she stalked forward intently, sure that they weren’t going to get away this time!

As her hand clamped down, her date whirled around dramatically clutching her chest and grinning with a smile that could light the sky, “Momo, there you are.”

“There you are. There you are? Mina, I have been searching frantically for over an hour. You were not answering your phone, I could not see you and I had thought something bad had happened! I even checked the lost child’s station up front and had them call you over the PA system, Mina.” She was giving tiny little shakes with the end of each sentence, completely exasperated.

“I guess I didn’t hear it; the PA doesn’t work in the jellyfish exhibit hall probably. Sorry, Momo, but you found me now.” She didn’t seem particularly contrite as she immediately went back to pressing against the round glass tank full of pink and purple glowing blobs and string. “Besides, you’re the one that wandered off, not me! I turned around and you were gone.”


“Momo…” she repeated back in the same tone, hand reaching out and floundering around before grabbing on to her arm and drawing her close, “Relax. It’s fine. Chill and watch the jellies. Have you ever seen anything so cool?”

Momo instinctively looked down at the sign and started reading softly allowed.

“Not the sign!” Mina grumbled, grabbing her chin and making her look up into the tank, “The jellies! Honestly, you can read dumb facts on your phone. I love how smart you are, I do, you ’re so smart and love to read, but can’t you just look at what is in front of you for once? Please For me, Momo? Please, please, please?”

A big sigh whooshed out as she leaned against the rail, let herself peering into the tank. After a few minutes, and she wasn’t sure how many, Mina leaned against her softly, hooking their arms. A few more minutes passed then a few more. At some point she realized she wasn’t looking at the jellyfish anymore.

“Aren’t they amazing?” Mina mumbled, her head now using Momo’s arm as a pillow and her golden eyes blinking drowsily, completely content. “I could watch them all day.”

“I could watch you all day.”



A silly smile broke out on Mina’s face, lit by the neon colors of the exhibit, and she bounced up, the tranquility broken, “Come on, I want to show you my favorite. And my other favorite. Oh, and this other one was really neat too!”

The taller girl allowed herself to be dragged along, certain if they were connected there’d be no way to lose her again. It seemed like a better solution than the child’s leash she’d gotten ahold of and hidden in her belt after all.

“Don’t laugh.”

Steve had a palm pressed over his mouth, eyes sparkling with amusement. He tried. He really did.

“Don’t. Laugh,” Tony repeated, slower and looking more serious. Steve tried, he really did. But he had just walked on Tony during one of his crazy craving periods and saw him dipping a banana into mustard and eating just like that, mustard all over the trimmed goatee, dipping down his chin and straight on the white tank top, covering his round belly. Since Tony’s pregnancy became visible, Steve was walking on him eating all sorts of food combinations that were commonly considered as weird. Steve found it oddly adorable.

Steve curled his palm and coughed into it, to calm down. It was a mistake and a tiny, discreet chuckle escaped his mouth. It was more than enough to have tears immediately build up in Tony’s eyes and make him sniffle. „Please don’t laugh,” he sobbed out, feeling mocked by the soldier.

“Oh babe..” Steve laughed a bit more and sat next to his weeping husband, cuddling him close. Steve kissed Tony’s temple. „Shhhh..”

“I hate you..”

“I know..”

”You did this to me.”

“Yup, can’t deny it,” Steve grinned, stroking Tony’s lovely pregnant belly.

“I really, really hate you,” he continued to sob, unable to stop the tears. „Not my fault my taste changed.”

Steve laughed a bit more. He took the banana out of Tony’s hand and dipped it back into the mustard, biting off a big chunk, chewing with a grin. Tony watched with wide, glossy eyes.

“What? This was actually a hit at the parties back in the 40’s.”

“Ewwww, you weirdo,” Tony scrunched his nose in disgust. Steve commented with a laugh and gave Tony another bite of the banana.

A Hatching (Un)Kindness

Anon prompted: Old feathers and broken glass

I call this the Modern Magic AU. It’s set in modern day, but all of the magic and fairies remain intact. So far, I like it. We’ll just have to see where this crazy train takes us. 

A Hatching (Un)Kindness

The Otherside streets swam in gold. Barely risen sun stroked the edges of skyscrapers like Midas’ unwary hand. The promise of flight lingered in the air. For a moment, in the brief breath of sunrise, a proper fairy city rose from the bucked pavement.

But as with everything fae, behind the glamor one found only cobwebs.

Autumn winds rustling her feathers, Maleficent walked on through the heart of Otherside.

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