chin on the tank

The problem with being the local animal person is as soon as someone wants to get rid of a critter they call you first.

And the bigger problem is when you start thinking about what cages and supplies you have before they even tell you what it is.

“Don’t laugh.”

Steve had a palm pressed over his mouth, eyes sparkling with amusement. He tried. He really did.

“Don’t. Laugh,” Tony repeated, slower and looking more serious. Steve tried, he really did. But he had just walked on Tony during one of his crazy craving periods and saw him dipping a banana into mustard and eating just like that, mustard all over the trimmed goatee, dipping down his chin and straight on the white tank top, covering his round belly. Since Tony’s pregnancy became visible, Steve was walking on him eating all sorts of food combinations that were commonly considered as weird. Steve found it oddly adorable.

Steve curled his palm and coughed into it, to calm down. It was a mistake and a tiny, discreet chuckle escaped his mouth. It was more than enough to have tears immediately build up in Tony’s eyes and make him sniffle. „Please don’t laugh,” he sobbed out, feeling mocked by the soldier.

“Oh babe..” Steve laughed a bit more and sat next to his weeping husband, cuddling him close. Steve kissed Tony’s temple. „Shhhh..”

“I hate you..”

“I know..”

”You did this to me.”

“Yup, can’t deny it,” Steve grinned, stroking Tony’s lovely pregnant belly.

“I really, really hate you,” he continued to sob, unable to stop the tears. „Not my fault my taste changed.”

Steve laughed a bit more. He took the banana out of Tony’s hand and dipped it back into the mustard, biting off a big chunk, chewing with a grin. Tony watched with wide, glossy eyes.

“What? This was actually a hit at the parties back in the 40’s.”

“Ewwww, you weirdo,” Tony scrunched his nose in disgust. Steve commented with a laugh and gave Tony another bite of the banana.

Imagine getting a Pet for the Bunker, without Dean knowing

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“Honey, I’m home!” Dean called as he and Sam walked down the stairs. 

You had stayed behind on the case, since you were now carrying the small pea known as the future Winchester, and Dean was overjoyed to see you after a week of having to sleep in an empty bed with phone calls being your only form of communication. 

Sam started towards the kitchen in search of some cold water and rabbit food, as Dean ran to your shared room. 

 "Honey, are you awake?“ He asked as he slowly opened the door, to see you sitting at his desk, in a tank top and pajama shorts, your chin rested on your hands as you observed a glass bowl, filled with water and a skull, which was not there when he left. 

He walked up behind you and placed his hands on your shoulder, causing you to jump a bit before he said, "shhhh babe it is me." 

 And then he saw it, the black and blue fin was popping out from behind the skull that was in there. 

"Honey…. Why are you staring at a skull in a fish bowl?" 

 "Oh this is our new fish, I named him Zeppelin, I hope you don’t mind.” You said as you turned your head to look at him. 

“And you got Zeppelin because….?" 

"Well see I was lonely after the first two days, and I figured if I was going to spend the next 8-9months here alone or with a sleeping infant I would get a friend. I know we can’t have cats, dogs, or anything with hair. And a snake, reptile, salt water tank, or bird is too large and loud sometimes, so I figured a betta fish would be nice, quiet and Dean Winchester friendly." 

 "Whatever makes you a happy momma.” He said as he kissed your forehead, “However I know what will make me a happy daddy." 

 "Well I guess we can do that.” You smiled as you rose from the chair and said to Zeppelin before following Dean to bed, “it might get a bit loud out here bud so you might wanna go in your skull.”

The Day of Black Sun proved that the Earth Kingdom was never going to stop fighting, and would resort even to the use of child soldiers to strike at the very heart of the Fire Nation. The war had persisted for close to a century, with death tolls numbering in the tens of thousands, possibly even more. For the Fire Nation to commit more troops to the retaking of Omashu and the pacification of the Foggy Swamp Tribes and Sand Benders would have resulted in even more deaths on both sides as no amount of physical restraint is capable of preventing a sufficiently experienced Earthbender from using their chins to move mountains on top of tanks.

For this reason, even if you disagree with the motives behind the war in the first place, Phoenix King Ozai was still 100% justified in his plan to burn the Earth Kingdom from the Wulong Forest to Ba Sing Se in order to force King Kuei to surrender. There is nothing inherently immoral about the use of airships in war, after all, and I don’t see anybody complaining about the attack on the Air Temples during the previous Sozin’s Comet.

Yes, civilians may have died, but the actions of Jet’s band of terrorists proves that the Earth Kingdom was willing to sacrifice its own citizens to strike at Fire Nation soldiers, so really they would have died either way.

Anybody who disagrees with me either doesn’t understand history, or hates the Fire Nation for no reason.