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fiercendflawless  asked:

Hey I wanted to ask how do you avoid tangles in your hair. I big chopped about a year ago and I'm at chin length now. I like to put my hair in cornrows as a protective style but every time I take them down to wash and deep condition my hair it tangles as soon as it gets wet which leads to a lot of breakage. Do you have any tips on how I can avoid that? I love your blog/instagram btw. Your hair journey is beyond inspiring!

Thanks! Hmmm, for me I’ve found that the amount of tangles I get is dependent on what product I’m using, as well as how much of the product I’m using. I have VERY HIGH EXPECTATIONS for my conditioner. Like, I need SLIP. Massive slip. Lots of it, and it needs to be thick and creamy. The more slip I get, THE LESS TANGLING AND BREAKAGE I GET!  I’ve found that with Aussie Moist, I get lots of slips. And I COAT my hair in it. Like globs of it. I don’t care, I don’t believe in using a “dime sized amount”..And when I do this my curls just clump perfectly together, and even after I rinse the product completely out, my curls are tangle free and hydrated. So just to like summarize what I do:

1. Take cornrows down

2. Finger detangle, then go through with wide toothed comb

3. Wet hair and apply conditioner, comb through

4. Apply deep conditioner let it sit

5. Rinse out deep conditioner, and do about 2 conditioner washes

(as you can see I prefer to co wash most of the time)

Hope this helps! 

[Image description: A scan of a photo of me at 11 years old. I am standing in the kitchen of our house and facing the camera. I am neither smiling nor frowning and my arms hang by my sides. I am wearing a loose pink t-shirt, eyeglasses with ovular frames, and my shoulder length hair is messy with bedhead.]

This is a photo of little Amythest, the morning after my 11th birthday. I’m doing my thing where I kind of tilt my chin back and look at stuff out of the bottom of my eyes. I also am holding my arms by my sides because I never knew what to do with my limbs (actually I still don’t know).

I think that’s the longest my hair has ever been. I always get fed up with it and cut it, for sensory reasons mostly but also because of executive dysfunction, even when it’s only chin length. Now I just keep it short.