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Little displays of affection mean so much to me. Put your hand on my knee, tuck the stray hair behind my ear, tilt my chin up when we kiss. The smallest things have such a huge impact.

Tsukkiyama Headcanon

Ok ok just imagine Tsukki and Yama going on a fancy dinner date and Yama gets there first and he reserved a more secluded table so it takes a moment to find someone. Yama sat down and waited patiently and suddenly he sees Tsukki walking in

“Who’s that hot guy?”

Yama stopped and looked at two girls sitting at a table next to his and overheard their conversation.

“He’s tall and handsome, maybe he’s an athlete!”
“No way, he looks like a college student or a young teacher.”
“Hmm do you think he has a girlfriend?”
“I don’t know but what if he’s actually gay?”
“That could never happen, he’d be throwing away his chances of having a family!”

Yama immediatley faltered and started tearing up (bless him I can’t) but then Tsukki came over and lifted his chin up to kiss him.

“Finally found you,” he said,“Did I keep you waiting?”

“Not at all”

Yama then gave him his cute ass smile with his cute ass freckles looking like stars and the two girls shrieked loudly.

who initiates the first kiss between law and luffy because either one is equally plausible/adorable and for the life of me i can’t decide?


I just want someone to kiss me. Just few minutes of really good kissing. I just want someone to grab my wrists, push me against the wall, kiss my neck, kiss my chin and jawline. And my lips, please, give ‘em what they want…


“I’m so sorry babe!” You both turned and looked at eachother, blushing and panicking. 

“Wait, did he just call you babe?” Ellen asked, everyone in the audience screaming. 

You both just grinned in embarrassment before he grabbed your chin and kissed your lips, the audience going insane

Fantastic Kisses and When You Find Them - (Newt Scamander x Reader)

·         When the two of you have just woken up in the morning, Newt’s arms around you, and you’re both still just sleepy and warm. His eyes are barely open, still drowsy. Leaning forward, he barely brushes your lips, almost kissing your chin. You smile, and ruffle his still messy bed-head.

·         After you get home from work or school, he greets you by the door with a hug and kiss. This kiss is short and sweet, but the both of you keep coming back for more. Each of you can feel the other’s breath on their face, you’re still both so close after the kiss.

·         You’re sitting in a chair, reading your favorite book. The sun coming through the window highlights your face and makes your hair seem to glow. Newt is sitting in the chair across from you, but can’t focus on his own book. All he can do is study you, a faint blush dusting his cheeks. Caught up in his own thoughts, he leans across and presses his lips onto yours. You drop your book, surprised, but the kiss is just so hot and passionate that you can’t seem to stop. It leaves you both breathless and blushing.

·         Newt is leaving on one of his expeditions to search for more creatures, and you’re bidding him goodbye at the door. Your hands are clutching onto his blue coat, and his arms are wrapped around your waist, forehead resting on yours. His green eyes slowly flutter shut, and he leaves a quick peck on your lips. As soon as he pulls back, you pull him in again with his coat and press a quick kiss to his chapped lips. This goes on until he finally forces himself to pull away, tucking a stray lock of hair behind your ear.

·         You are in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Sleep evades you, and you can hear Newt puttering around somewhere inside his case. Letting yourself slide into your own thoughts, you are jerked right back out of them when you feel someone climbing up onto the bed. Looking over, you see Newt leaning over you with a small smile on his lips. You start to open your mouth to say something, but before you can get it out Newt is kissing you. One of his hands is running through your hair, and the other is resting on your hip. Your eyes snap shut, and you melt up into him. There is tongue in the kiss, and both of you let out a few needy whimpers. When you pull back with a gasp, you can only lay there for a moment, panting and trying to process what just happened. He hides behind his hair, face bright red.

·         Newt is sitting at the kitchen table, watching you cook. You are so involved in what you are doing that you don’t notice his puppy dog eyes when he asks you to come spend time with him. “Cooking, hold on…” You mutter under your breath, measuring out some flour (you had always found the muggle way of cooking much more fun). Newt just hums, coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. His chin resting on your shoulder, he watches the concentration in your eyes. You still focus on your cooking. He starts pressing little kisses onto your neck, your face, your arms, anywhere he can reach to try and get you to pay attention to him.

I want kisses and kisses and kisses and kisses and kisses and more kisses and cheek kisses and nose tip kisses and chin kisses and ear kisses and kisses

TW Preference - How they let you know they love you without saying it

A/n: I had a lot of fun writing this so I hope you like it ^-^ 

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Stiles Stilinski 

Stiles liked to kiss you whenever he could. Usually when you were in public or with the pack it would be on the cheek or on your forehead but both of you favoured them. Whenever you made a witty comment or pointed out something important that the pack had missed he would pull you closer with his arm around your waist and press a kiss to just below your hairline. If you or him had to leave to go somewhere without the other, Stiles would not let anyone go anywhere without placing a quick kiss on your cheek. But sometimes, mainly in private, he’s just so in awe with how beautiful and talented and wonderful you are that he will place a finger under your chin so he can kiss you properly and you know exactly what he’s trying to convey when he does.

Scott McCall

While he was very proud of how hard you worked and everything you did for the pack, Scott knew that sometimes in the whirlwind of life you forgot to take proper care of yourself. Scott would turn up at your house in the early hours of the morning and found you sitting at your desk still researching, he knew he would never convince you to go to bed so he would close your laptop and lead you there. Without a word, he would lay down with you and wait until you fell asleep before he would close his eyes with you in his arms. Every so often you wouldn’t turn up in the cafeteria for a few days and Scott would find you in the library. “Have you eaten today?” “Urm.” “Y/n, when was the last time you ate a proper meal?” He would see your guilty smile and roll his eyes but you knew he only did all this because he cares. 

Isaac Lahey 

You knew that Isaac had a troubled past but you’d never be able to tell on a normal day because he puts on a happy face and is ready to make sarcastic or funny comments whenever they’re needed. This is all most people see. But you know when he’s seeming a little off and when you get to your house later you tell him that it’s okay and he usually immediately falls into your arms. You can practically see the walls that he’s spent years building crumbling in your hands and you know that Isaac would let them fall for anyone else. You knew how much trust it must take and you were glad that it was in you. 

Derek Hale 

Most of your evenings were spent in Derek’s loft and so he took the opportunity to cook the most wonderful food he could for you. When you arrived after school the loft would usually already smell of the spices he was using to prepare it. Time after time you told him that he’s too busy to be bothering with all this effort. “It’s not too much effort if it’s for you.” If you couldn’t stay for dinner he’d either give you some to take home with you or a few cookies or a slice of cake to have after whatever you were going to have at home. Although you were still a bit apprehensive about the whole thing you’re favourite was when he gave you a box wrapped in brown paper with the instructions to put it in the fridge and eat it at school the next day. It was always amazing to unwrap it in the cafeteria or the library and find one of his wonderful recipes and a note on top reminding you to enjoy your day.

Liam Dunbar 

Liam had been nervous when he asked you out and this anxious energy hadn’t seemed to disappear, only shift. During the school day he would find you between classes to check that everything was okay and once you’d reassured him he would shuffle quickly to his next class after placing a kiss to your forehead. You had to keep your phone on silent and away in your bag because it was always vibrating with texts, how are you? x, everything okay? x, just checking in x. To some they would seem annoying but you appreciated how much he cared about you. Once, during a Lacrosse game, after you had been hurt a little by a werewolf looking for Scott, Liam would hardly take his eyes off of you where you were safely guarded by Lydia, Malia and Kira. He got ran into more than a couple times and eventually Coach had to bench him after he was completely swept off of his feet, it was all quite endearing. 

Jordan Parrish 

“You’re so intelligent" 

"Have I told you how beautiful you are?" 

"How did I get so lucky?" 

"I’m so proud of you, you should be proud of yourself too" 

"Sorry, I just keep getting lost in your eyes" 

Every time Jordan gave you a compliment you’d feel the blush spread across your cheeks immediately, you could never stop it. Whether it was over text or face to face, he would never go more than half an hour without telling you that you ‘made things so much better when you were around’ or that 'your smile lights up the whole room’. He knew that you had struggled with self-esteem issues and wanted to completely change that. So while it was sometimes embarrassing, Jordan made you feel a whole lot better and you wouldn’t trade him or his ways for the world. 

Allison Argent 

While you and Allison had things in common, there were obviously still some differences. Most of them were what you got up to in your free time. What surprised you most is how keen Allison was to give up some of her free time that she could have spent practising archery going with you to take part in your hobbies. You could tell when she wasn’t really enjoying it and knew that it wasn’t likely that she would do it again with you but you were so grateful that she tried when most people would have a conversation about it with you once before changing the subject. After a while of experimentation, you and Allison found something you could do together which often turned out to be the highlight of your week. 

Lydia Martin 

Lydia talks a lot, you definitely knew that, but what you didn’t know that the majority of the time when she was talking to others the subject was more often or not you or something you’d done. When Stiles told you about it, you were completely blown away. Apparently, she loved to talk people’s ear off about how kind and caring and intelligent you are. When you asked her about it, you found her innocent and slightly embarrassed face adorable and you couldn’t believe how lucky you were.

Kira Yukimura 

As you found out pretty quickly, Kira wasn’t the best at showing her affection for you, but she was always making up for it. Before you even opened your locker you knew that there would be a sticky note on the inside of the door below the picture of you two telling you that 'I haven’t seen you today but I know that you look stunning’ or 'I hope you have a wonderful day’ or 'Keep your head up, someone might be falling in love with your smile (p.s. Someone is and it’s me’. You would tuck it into the front of your notebook so you would see it all day before putting it in a small box in your room with all the others. But that was not the only note you would find all day. You are pretty sure Kira had other people doing it for you because, during the day, even more notes of the same nature would turn up. Your bookmark would be replaced when you got it out to read it at lunch. The page you were working from in your text book had a small post-it note that she’d doodled a heart and a smiley face on. You’d open your pencil case in your third class of the day to find another that had definitely not been there in your other classes. Sometimes you just could not believe the extent that Kira would go just to show her affection.


Outfit Idea

“Boo.” Raphael chuckled when he failed to make you jump. When you smiled and turned to face him, he gripped your chin and kissed you softly, vanishing as your siblings rounded the corner and caught up with you.

“You look flushed… are you ok?” Alec pressed a hand to your forehead which you batted away, turning towards the building you’d hurried to in an attempt to beat your siblings so you could have even a second alone with Raphael.

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TVD FINALE 8x16 reaction gifs

Me when I see Nina/Elena for the first time and cringe at the fugly wig (seriously make up department, what the fuck):

When the first DE reunion turns out to be Katherine/DK:

When I realized they’re wasting too much time on Katherine’s bitch ass:

Also when he had an emotional Donovan reunion with too much screen time:

Damon & Stefan scenes in that cave (or whatever it was):

Stelena goodbye:


Caroline’s message for Stefan:

Stefan dies:

(he*, you get the point )

Bonnie gets a workaround and wakes Elena up:

Daroline moment:


Ian was not even trying:

He kissed her chin, it was not even a proper kiss:

The Klaroline scene/Klaus’ letter:

The last 2 and a half minutes of the episode and Delena finding peace:


BTS Reacts to You Being Too Short to Kiss Them

relax-okay: Can you do a BTS reacts to you bring to short to kiss them please? I love the Seventeen and Got7 ones

GOT7 Version

Seventeen Version (Vocal Unit)


V:“Awww! Let’s be cute together!” He finds your struggle adorable and when you playfully hit him because of it, he just laughs even more.

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Jungkook: When you accidentally kiss his chin, he starts to giggle like a school boy. He didn’t think you could get any cuter but you proved him wrong.

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J-Hope: He’ll try to cheer you up by doing silly things when you’re pouting cutely. He convinces you not to pout and he makes you feel better by randomly kissing you throughout the day.

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Jin: “I’m tall enough for the both of us.” He doesn’t mind your height and it’s not a problem for him to bend down to kiss you, he LOVES kissing you.

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Jimin:  He starts to laugh when you miss his lips and he starts to run after you chase him for laughing. “Jagiya! You know I love your height, don’t kill me!”

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Rap Monster:  “Since you’re too short to kiss me, why don’t I just pick you up!? I hate it when you’re sad you can’t kiss me.” The idea pops into his head before you can protest and he’s already got you in his arms, kissing you sweetly.

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Suga: He’ll do anything to make you feel better, so he dances. It’s not the best but it certainly makes you feel better about your height.

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