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Chin Ka Lok & Angela Tong are married!

Yesterday it was 47 year old Chin Kar Lok’s turn to marry his 37 year old girlfriend Angela Tong, who is currently 5 months pregnant with a “snake baby”. Kar Lok and Angela have been dating for 5 years and are finally tying the knot. The couple chose to hold their wedding at Ocean Park, where the national treasure, giant panda, witnessed their marriage. Angela had on a 2 karat diamond ring, valued at several HK$100,000, which was given to her by Kar Lok and a sponsored wedding ring, valued at several HK$10,000.

The couple will be holding their wedding banquet tomorrow (11/15th) and share another good news with their guests. Kar Lok said: “Angela wants our guests to guess if the baby is a boy or a girl. The person who guesses correctly will win two business class tickets to Thailand. When the time comes, if its a strawberry cake then the baby is a girl and if its a chocolate cake, then its a boy.” When asked if they named their baby yet? Kar Lok laughed: “We thought about naming him/her Chin Jeun Jeun. It wouldn’t make sense for us to name the baby ‘Chin Sai’ (past life) or 'Chin Chat’, right?"