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Livin The Dream

Summary: A slow day at work turns interesting when an unexpected customer needs some help, and the two of you hit it off right away.

Pairing: Soldier!Benny x Reader

Word Count: 1,700

Warnings: Language, flirting, fluff, mention of deployment, minor altercation with a drunk man

A/N: My new baby is here: Soldier Benny! This fic is a companion to @deanssweetheart23‘s fic Cross My Heart - you don’t have to read it to understand this story but I’d highly recommend it because it’s beautiful. Thank you twin for asking me to write it, and for helping me struggle through, well, everything. This part’s a bit on the short side, but the rest (five parts total) will be longer! Let me know what you guys think of my first ever Benny AU! 

(Images are not mine, found on pinterest)

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Bonnie and Clyde Pt. 1

Next Part  > (Coming soon)

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Fanfiction Masterlist

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut, mafia AU

Contents: Angst, drug mentions, smut, alcohol use, violence, mentions of violence, swearing, rough sex, biting, dirty talk if you squint

Word Count: 2,608 words


   The mafia world was full of surprises. But you certainly did not expect to be sold to the Kim family to marry their youngest, Kim Taehyung, aka the biggest douche in the mafia community, thanks to your father.

Music: I Love It by DEAN

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{ kiss me quick }

pairing: alexander x reader

prompt: “Could I request an A.Ham x reader where they have a flirtationship and the hamilsquad teases them for it so they kiss to prove a point (but realize they really do love each other) and you can take it from there BUT LOTS OF FLUFF PLEASE”

You knocked on the door to the boys’ loft, smiling widely as you heard the locks click and eventually, the door swung open. 

“Mon petit lion, your girlfriend is here.” Laf teased, pulling you into a hug when you walked in. You rolled your eyes, but hugged him back nonetheless, happy to see the Frenchman. “Be on your best behavior, now.” 

“Which one?” Alex called back smugly as Laf closed the door behind you. You shot Alex a glare, crossing your arms and eyeing him from where you stood. He looked up from his laptop to see you still glaring at him. 

Really? Your expression so clearly said. He had to hold back a laugh. 

He playfully gasped and smiled when he realized you weren’t budging and could actually be very pissed off. “My favorite one is here.“ He teased, saving his work and walking toward you.

Your glare only intensified. Laf snickered as he looked between you two. 

 “I’m only kidding, sweetheart. You’re my only one.“ 

“That’s better.” You grinned, pulling him into a hug and smiling when he kissed your cheek, humming obnoxiously loud as he did so. "Okay, quick question. Why does it look like a bomb went off in here?“ You looked around their place, laughing a little.  

“It was done this way to accurately represent my life.” Herc mumbled, making you laugh.

“Or because I’m the only one who bothers to clean around here,” Laf mumbled. 

“Not true!” John said in defense, looking up from his little notebook. His eyes were sparkling as he laughed a little, grinning at Laf who ruffled his curly hair. 

“Did you still want to go out?“ Alex asked, wrapping an arm around your waist nonchalantly. Everyone didn’t understand how you two would so easily hold hands, cuddle, and lean on one another, yet claimed you never had feelings for one another. 

Which was true to an extent. You had told everyone that you were in fact not dating, but you and Alex knew the truth. You both had little crushes on one another. You’d both confessed to one another and were excited to see how this would play out. It was just amusing right now to act like a couple without that label.

“Might as well take me out, Hamilton.” You sighed with a playful smile. “I came all the way over here.” You challenged, leaning into him.

“Mm.” He grinned. “You just can’t seem to stay away, can you?” 

“Guess you’ve got me.” You shrugged, feeling your cheeks redden slightly. If his smile could grow any bigger, it would have. 

You were just so cute. Your banter was always something he looked forward to. To see you walk through that door made him so happy. He really did love you.

Alex let go of you for a moment to fix his hair, taking the long tresses out of his ponytail. He ran a hand through his hair and shook it out a little. He caught you staring and gave you a smile. “Like what you see?“ 

"Why is your hair even prettier than me?” You pouted a little.

“Nothing could be prettier than you, darling." 

Lafayette snorted. Hercules let out a boo. John said “3 out of 10,” making you laugh a little. 

“Cheeeeeesy, Alex.” He chuckled. “You really fall for this kind of stuff, (Y/N)?”

You stuck your tongue out at him and he gave you a wink. 

You looked back at Alex, who for the time being let his hair down. He had his hands in his pockets and shifted his weight from his toes to his heels, rocking back and forth, almost amused with what he had done to you. You didn’t bother trying to hide your blush. You thought he was the handsomest man you knew. You liked his hair down better. 

"No work today?” You said quickly, eyebrows raised a little.

“Didn’t say that, but I just might be able to squeeze you in.” He said, looking down at you.

 "Wow, Alex, you really know how to make a girl feel special." 

 "Not to mention you’re a piece of work." 

 "Well, I’m a luxury few can afford, Alexander." 

 He chuckled, twinkle in his eye. "I know a good thing when I see one." 

 "Why aren’t you two dating?” John said, exasperated. “Kiss. Date. Fall in love. Get married. Have cute kids. Come on already.”

“Oui. What is stopping you two?” Laf asked from the kitchen, looking for something to eat. 

“She’s just so perfect. I dunno.” Alex shrugged, but the little smile was still there on his lips. He was looking into your eyes, making your cheeks warm up even more. You found the courage to look back at Alex, and smiled. You found yourself getting lost in his own pretty set of eyes.

“I’m just a l-little intimidated, I guess.” He stuttered, biting his lip slightly.

You laughed a little nervously, shaking your head and tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “I’m trash. Shut up.” 

“Then I guess I can pick you up and take you out, right?” He raised his eyebrows a little, a grin on his face as your expression changed before his eyes. “Eh? Eh? C’mon? That was pretty good.” 

You rolled your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest as he leaned in, clearly proud of his clever pick up line. 

“John, gimme a score.” 

“Eh, 7.5.” Laurens said, and you felt yourself finally break as you laughed a little more. Alex huffed, but said he would take it. It was better than a previous 3 after all. 

“I’ll see if I can fit you into my schedule.” You hummed. “See this, this really cute guy just asked me out,” You went on, grinning. “Used a cute clever pick up line and I’m really thinking about going.”

“Oh yeah?” Alex raised his eyebrows, leaning in a little closer. He crossed his arms over his chest, mimicking you. 

“Yeah!” You exaggerated, smiling wider. 

“Well, what’s he like?” 

“He’s incredibly smart. Witty. Funny. Great writer. Loves to argue with people.” 

“He sounds like a great guy. Sure he’s real cute too, huh?” 

“Yeah! How’d you know?”

“I probably know a guy as amazing as him.”

“Of course you know Jefferson! He’s  so great.” You exaggerated. “We have a couple classes together! Do you think I should go out with him, Herc?” You looked to the other boys for help, teasing Alex further as they encouraged you to go out with him. 

“Oh, you’re evil.” Alex chuckled, and ran a hand through his hair. “What does he have that I don’t?” 

“Weeeeellll, he’s about a head taller,” You smirked, getting closer to Alex and looking him right in the eye. Then, you leaned in, standing on your tiptoes slightly to whisper in his ear. “And he’s a great kisser.” 

Alex smirked, clenching his jaw slightly as you pulled away nonchalantly. “Is that so? Who are you comparing him too?” 

“He’s in a league of his own.” You hummed, hands innocently behind your back. You knew Alex was getting annoyed at this point. You could see the fire in his eye. 

“I beg to differ.” Alex said confidently. He had to be better at Jefferson in everything. 

“What are you going to do?” You challenged. “How will you prove it? Are you gonna … Kiss me? I dare you.” You smirked, pretty lips curving into the slyest of smiles. 

You could see in his eyes how badly he wanted to. You wouldn’t dare stop him if he did.

“You mean, y’all haven’t kissed already?” Herc scoffed from the couch. “I’m surprised at your self control." 

"Just do it already.” Laf mumbled, almost bored as he leaned against the counter, chin resting in his hand. “You’re practically a couple.”

“Yep.” John piped up. “All true statements.”

“It seeems we have an audience.” You looked back up at him, shrugging nonchalantly. “So what are you gonna do, Hamilton? Hm?” 

You were looking at each other, smiling so wide with flushed cheeks. The ball was in his court. If he didn’t make a move, you’d make one later. Thank goodness he did though. It wasn’t long before you felt Alex lean down and kiss you, holding you tightly by your waist and holding you close. You smiled against his lips, running your hands through his hair gently.

 The other guys didn’t expect you to do it. Especially so easily. 

Hercules’ eyes were huge when he looked back. Laf almost dropped the bowl of cereal in his hand. John looked right up from his notebook when he realized it was too quiet in the room. He felt his jaw drop at the sight. 

Alex’s lips melted against yours, fitting perfectly. You both slowly pulled away, almost hesitant to end the sweet kiss. When you pulled back, your cheeks were red and Alex’s eyes were sparkling. 

“Who’s Jefferson?” You breathed out, and Alex laughed a little as you bit your lip a little. “I’m yours.“ You smirked. Dang, he was a good kisser.

"I like the sound of that.” Alex leaned in a little closer, kissing your cheek repeatedly, making you laugh as he put his hands around your waist so you couldn’t escape. “What? What’s wrong?” He continued to kiss you, going down towards your neck as you giggled and tried to shove him off. 

“A-Alex!” You managed to squirm out of his grasp, laughing a little more and straightening yourself out. You smoothed out your clothes and fixed your hair. Alex’s eyes on you didn’t help at all.

“I was, um, not expecting that.” John said, chuckling a little as he looked between the two of you. 

“Me either.“ Alex said, with a little laugh, but there was no trace of regret in his voice. You joined in, laughing a little too. "Say that again, will you?" 

"Say what?” You raised an eyebrow slightly. 

“I’m yours." 

“Oh,” You smiled, taking his hand confidently. "I’m yours." 

He kissed your cheek, bringing you back into his side, making you laugh. "I could get used to this.” 

“Well, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Good. Because I want to do this again.” 

He leaned in, giving you another kiss that pleasantly surprised you. You didn’t fight it, letting yourself sink into his embrace and pulling him closer. He dipped you slightly, hands on your waist to steady you as the boys howled around you. 

“John, give me a score!” Was the first thing Alex said when you both pulled away happily.

“I think (Y/N) and I can agree that was a ten.” John smiled at you, once you had broken off the kiss from Alex. You nodded sheepishly, covering your face to hide your blush as the other guys cooed. 

You gently tiptoed to kiss Alex’s cheek, and smiled in turn when his cheeks reddened slightly. 

“Definitely a ten.” 

Pool Shark

Being a bartender, Eren had seen his fair share of assholes and douchebags, some good looking and others wishing they were. He’d seen a lot of things. Most of those things having to do with the couple of old pool tables lined up in the back of the room, surrounded by too many people that caused too much noise for Eren to enjoy.

Lately, the people had thinned out —not that Eren was complaining— and he was pretty sure that it had something to do with the man who always eyed Eren like the piece of eye candy that he was. Sure, people flirted with Eren all the time, men and women of all sorts but no one had eyed him like this man had.

It was his third week in a row he had come into the bar, always making his way to the back. He picked up a pool cue, eyeing it before looking up at Eren and smirking. Eren didn’t think much of it at first, wiping the counter down with a wet rag as he glanced over occasionally. The man was good, beating anyone and everyone that stepped foot up to the same pool table that he was playing at. He always left with a wad of money in his pocket.

As the days ticked by, the tips became more generous as he left. The bills he left for Eren became bigger and bigger and the flirting became bolder. Eren was enjoying it a little too much. He’d finally learned the man’s name a few days ago; Levi.

“You’re in a little late tonight,” Eren commented at Levi sat at the bar, tugging at his leather jacket. Eren swore that he never took it off because he wore it everyday when he came in. Eren wasn’t sure if Levi was trying to show off or prove how much money he was making as a pool shark.

“Did you miss me?”

Eren raised an eyebrow, glancing over to the other man as his lips formed into a smirk. “Something like that.” Eren replied with a casual shrug. “What’ll it be?”

Levi leaned forward on the counter, chin resting on his interlocked fingers as he brought his elbows up. “Give me a blowjob.”

Eren stopped for a moment. Of course he knew it was a drink, but it wasn’t one that he usually made. Levi’s expression was hard to read but from the look that flashed in his eyes, Eren could sense the innuendo behind his words.

He didn’t bother saying anything, giving a nod and Levi smirked even more, sliding off the barstool. He made his way over to the pool table, making sure to have Eren’s attention each time he leaned over it, sticking his ass out each time. Eren almost dropped the glass in his hand when Levi looked over his shoulder and bit his lip, hips giving a small thrust as he thrust the pool cue to hit the ball without even watching.

Eren sucked on his teeth, taking a moment to stare at the counter with furrowed eyebrows as he wiped it down aggressively. He ignored Levi’s drink order, waiting until the man came up to the counter with a slight frown on his face and his arms crossed over his chest.

“Where’s my blowjob?”

He shrugged, staring at the glass in his hand as he cleaned it before looking up at Levi with a smirk. “I’m a bit swamped right now, the bar is busy.” Levi opened his mouth to say something but Eren held up a hand to stop him. “But, my shift ends at one. Meet me by the back door and I’ll have it for you then.”

It took Levi a moment before a grin passed over his face and it was the most expressive that Eren had ever seen him before his face returned back to it’s usual stoic look. He smirked, giving a nod and placed a bill on the counter.

“I look forward to it.”

a writing commission i did for @dinklebert

I hope you like it bb!!! <3

Games (M)

Originally posted by dearvmon

a/n: can you believe I used to soft stan JK? Yeah neither can I

warning(s): smut

theme: You begin to get a little impatient with your boyfriend, and decide to take things into your own hands.

word count: 1.2k

“You’re going to get yourself in trouble.”

“Worth it.”

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Starving - Smut

Originally posted by he-is-the-best-part-of-me

Author: @dumbass-stilinski

Rating: NSFW 18+

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader/Scott McCall (Threesome)

Words: 4,399

Request:  Anon: i feel like a threesome with the reader and scott and stiles/dylan and tyler would be amazing

A/N: I got really into this, so I apologize in advance if this ruins your life. Thank you to @toppunks for reading this through. I half edited it as well cause I got lazy. Also thank you so much to everyone who sent me a kind ask or message yesterday making sure I was alright. I really appreciate you guys and this is dedicated to all of you. This is probably the dirtiest shit I’ve ever written?

Listen to THIS

“I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you.”

When Derek lost his status as Alpha you were sad. Mostly because it meant that you’d have to find a new pack. Luckily, Derek was friends with Scott, who was a True Alpha, which meant you didn’t have to look very far. Scott was, of course, happy to take you in. And everything was great except for one thing.

Stiles Stilinski.

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Double Shot

Characters - Steve x Reader, OFC Tesla (@bovaria ), Phil Coulson

Word Count - 1034

Warnings - Language

AU - Coffee Shop

A/N - I only have a few parts of this done. So far, it’s a slow burn and will have some twists and turns. There are OFCs, but it’s people that ya’ll should know by now.

Double Shot Masterlist

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5:30 am wasn’t your friend. In fact, 5:30 am was the mortal enemy that you rose from the dead to fight on almost a daily basis. With your alarm blaring throughout your room, you rolled over in your bed with a heavily annoyed groan. Normal people would just push themselves up, go have a cup of coffee, and start getting ready for their day. You weren’t one of those people, considering that coffee was basically your life’s work by now.

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Lovers of Books [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by @memento-amare: “How about reader and Jason meet in a bookstore and bond over similar taste in books? Just a note the “friends to lovers” trope would be really cute here, but I am gonna leave that up to you lol“


It’s a true statement to say you’re an avid book lover. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Historical, you’ve read every genre. Though your favorites being classic Literature. You couldn’t get enough of it. So your parents owning a book store was a god send.

Except for when they were out of town, leaving you to tend to the store and it’s customers, most of those being regulars. Very rarely you’d get someone new to visit your parent’s quaint corner bookstore.

It made things rather boring, especially now.

Leaning against the counter, chin resting in your hand whilst re-reading your personal copy of Pride and Prejudice. Hearing the bell above the door ring you called, “Welcome to [L/n] Family Books, if you need anything feel free to ask” not bothering to look away from the page.

Completely unbeknownst to the handsome, blue eyed, six foot, raven-haired male to just enter the store. 

He went on about his business skimming the shelves as you continued on with reading about the flaw that is Mr. Darcy’s pride. Stuck in the book until you were lured away by a deep voice.

“Excuse me” eyes flickering up from the page to meet stunning blue hues. “Oh, uh, sorry.” Setting the book down. “What can I do for you?”

“Don’t worry about it. Do you know if you have any Hemingway?” Shocked a bit at the author. Not many people around his age, which must be close to your own, read the legend unless they were assigned too. “Oh yes of course” stepping from behind the counter.

Heading to the Classic Lit section. “Anything in particular?” you glanced back at him. “Yeah, The Sun Also Rises?” he questioned.

“Ah, a good choice” you smiled stopping in the front of the bookshelves. “You’ve read it?” he inquired.

“I have, I was surprised to hear you request Hemingway. I don’t normally get requests for it for people under 40.” You chuckled.

“Looks like we’re both two of a kind then” he smiled. You reached up slipping the book from it’s place. “I guess so” handing it to him

“Awesome” he smiled whilst skimming the first page. You took the moment to get a full look at him. He had to be at least six foot, and his arms were huge! Damn he looked solid. Eyes immediately catching the white streak that ran in the front of his hair. You couldn’t help but wonder if it was natural.

Realizing your staring you blushed before saying, “I can ring you out whenever you’re ready” making your way back to the register.

“Thank you, uh” he paused where a name would be. “[F/n]. [F/n] [L/n]” holding out a hand.

He took it, “Ah, [F/n]. I’m Jason. Jason Todd”

You smiled before retracting your hand and returning to your own book. Once he was finished he found two more books and came over. You were impressed by the roster. Devil in the White City, The Sun Also Rises, and Martin Dressler.

“Oh wow I love this book” You commented picking up Devil in the White City. “Really no way! I had to get a new copy of it my brother spilled his coffee on it.” He laughed, a genuine smile gracing his face.

“Oh my god I would commit murder” You laughed totaling up the books. “Trust me I came close, my other brothers had to hold me back when he told me” You laughed, not realizing how true the statement actually was.

“Well your total is $21.09“ you smiled as he pulled out his wallet. “I’m going to have to come back here, usually I’d be paying like $30 for three books” handing you the money. Putting it in the register and giving him his change. “You should, it’s not often we see new faces. Everyone has gone online but I don’t get how you can enjoy a book without paper”

“I know right. But I really should go before my family thinks I fell down a well. It was nice meeting you [F/n] I hope it’s not the last time” taking yhe bag before sending you a charming smile. “I hope that too” smiling back before he made his leave.

And it was indeed not the last time you’d see Jason. He started by visiting once a week, then it was twice, then it was every other day. He really had taken a liking to the store and you guys became friends by bonding over books. Often recommending books for the other, you had even helped him pick out a book for someone named Alfred who’s birthday was that week.

Every time he came in when you were there you’d always insist on helping him even though your parents offered.

And today was no different. You were doing some re-stocking in the back when you heard the door chime. “Good morning Mr. and Mrs. [L/n] is [F/n] here today?” he asked coming to the counter.

“Good morning Jason, Yes –” your mother began but you emerged from behind the curtain. “Good morning Jason” you greeted with a smile. Your parents chuckling at the timing. They were well aware of your feelings toward the man, able to tell the first time they saw you helping him.

“Well we’ll leave you both to it. We’ll finish your restocking” Your father smiled before retreating into the back room with your mother.

“So what can I do ya for today?” grinning at him. “Hemingway? Shakespeare?”

“Uh I’m actually not here for books today“ Scratching the back of his neck nervously. 

“Really, what’s up?“ Face contorting into one that of confusion. “I was actually wondering when your lunch break was?” not meeting your eyes.

“Oh” feeling a heat rise to your cheeks. “It can be really whenever” smiling at the ground. Both shy like a couple of teenagers.

“Well uh, would you like to, um” meeting your eyes. “God why am I nervous I feel like I’m in high school” he laughed as you did the same. “Okay lets try again. [F/n] would you go to lunch with me today? You know, like a date?”

You blushed before bashfully smiling at the floor. “I’d love too” meeting his eyes again.

“Great, would you like to go now?” he asked gesturing to the door. “Yeah, sure. Let me get my coat” turning and going behind the counter. Slipping you jacket on and grabbing your bag.

Poking your head in the back room, “I’m taking my lunch break be back soon!” yelling to your parents. “Okay sweetie have fun” your mother called back.

Meeting Jason’s side again he offered you an arm, “Shall we?”

Grinning you linked yours with his, “We shall”

Purple Flowers

Characters: Benny Lafitte x Reader

A/N: this is 100% for my darling @daughterofthebrowncoats i hope this makes you feel better, love! (also it ends in smut because literally nothing is better for cheering up than benny smut) (also sorry it got so long,,,i’m a wordy bitch)

Warnings: smut, language, unprotected sex, public sex

Words: 2274

Tags: just my fellow benny lover @ravengirl94 ;) and also i think @feelmyroarrrr like benny?

It’s quiet at the diner, and you sigh and rest your elbow against the counter, your chin on your hand.  The heat out was ungodly, so there weren’t many people out and about, which meant no casual customers in the weird lull between lunch and dinner.  Which meant nothing to do except stare out the window.  Not that you minded.  You loved taking time to just stare out at the small path leading away from the diner.  

It was set back a little from the road, surrounded by a few beautiful trees and a spattering of purple flowers along the path.  You thought they may be weeds, since they’d been there so long and they just kept coming back every spring.  But you absolutely loved them.  Benny didn’t understand; they were messy and scattered, and honestly a little ugly, but you loved the color they brought to the otherwise dull path.

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nine fucking lollipops

Summary: Phil hates sweets, but for some reason he keeps finding himself at the same exact candy shop. And it’s not because of the boy that works there. Definitely not. 

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: none

The first time it happened, it was Chris’ fault:

Treading through the streets of London right after it had rained was not what Phil wanted to do with his morning. He wanted to be at home, in his lounge, reading some lame tweets or looking at meaningless Tumblr posts. He did not want to be headed to some stupid candy shop at ten in the morning on a Saturday.

He blames this entire endeavour on Chris; mostly because he was the one who asked Phil to go buy him candy in the first place, but also because it’s somehow always Chris’ fault. He wouldn’t even tell Phil why he wanted exactly nine fucking lollipops. The only explanation Chris had given was because he “needed them” and that he was “too busy” to get them himself. So, Phil, being the good friend he was had given in to Chris’ incessant begging and offered to go get the candy for him.

So here he was, on a Saturday morning right after a downpour, standing in front of a quaint little candy shop that was too far a walk for his liking.

Phil didn’t even like candy. In fact, he hated everything about it. He especially hated the really sweet kinds of candy, like gummies, or caramel, or any hard-candies, or practically anything that wasn’t milk chocolate. Milk chocolate was the only exception.

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black is the new black

It was a boring day with boring costumers. Well, at least they weren’t that many. It was too hot outside, in the usual opinion, and people preferred to stay at home or their offices.

Keith sighed and looked around. Just and old grandfather was sitting in a corner, he was regular. He usually drank cappuccino and did crosswords - and girl with her friend in the other corner. Keith didn’t have much to do.

He was elbowing on the counter, chin rested in his palm. It was a slow and boring day, he could fall asleep right away. Then the small bell over the door tinkled, signing a new costumer arrived.

Keith looked up, and as he saw the man, he was wide awake. He was tall, and handsome and–. Keith looked away. Don’t stare. He flashed a smile.

Undercover & Undone

Summary: (y/n) (y/l/n) was just a simple waitress living in a city torn between two warring mafias desperately grabbing for power. When her two friends Matt and Ben Solo come up with a plan for the Coruscant Police Department to get the upper hand on the mobs, (y/n) finds herself coming face to face with someone she thought she’d never see again…

A/N: To everyone who listened to my AU idea I wanna thank you so much!! Also thanks to @kylo-renne who came up with the title bc I suck at coming up with titles. Anyways, my inspiration from this kinda came from Gangster Squad so it’s very loosely based off of that, and I love the aesthetic of 50′s mobs but catch me using the aesthetic but eradicating the racism and sexism of that time period

Warnings: None

Word Count: 3.1K

Kylo frowned as he looked down at his watch. It was half past two, and he was late…again. He’d have to get a new driver if this problem kept on. After all, this meeting was critical, and showing up late didn’t bode well for his future business dealings with this family. If he made a bad impression, this family might take their business to Hux and his new First Order. That was the last thing he needed, especially with the constant fighting between their two forces. With a huff, he looked out of the window, discerning a small diner through the thick snow that fell so peacefully that when he watched the world passing by from the backseat of his Lincoln, it felt like he was in a dream of sorts. For a moment, he let his mind wander, away from his business dealings and organization, and to someone he hadn’t seen in a long time, someone he would’ve given anything to at least know how they were doing…

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That’s Not My Name

A cheesy pickup line isn’t as innocent as it seems.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 713

Warnings: none that I can think of

A/N: this is for @andtheraincamefalling Bad Pickup Lines Challenge. I signed up with my main blog @chumi-la-chula This didn’t have much flirting not only because I don’t know how to flirt, but it kinda just flowed with not much flirting. The pickup line will be in bold. Enjoy :)

Originally posted by wonderfulworldofwinchester

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Waiting Game [Yoonseok - M]

Author’s Note: I’m so late for posting this it’s not even funny, but I just hope the person this is for enjoys it! Once again, I’ve participated in the @btsbound fic exchange, and this is the result. 

Prompt: Hoseok is a bartender, and him and Yoongi meet at the bar he works at every Saturday, and spend the night together. It’s a no strings attached relationship and they both know little to nothing about each other. But everything changes when Hoseok notices he’s falling for the man he has been sleeping with for all these months.

Word Count: 6,248

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There are a lot of things you come to learn about a person from the other side of the bar, three drinks deep and you keep them coming. People rely on you for moral support, they come to appreciate an extra ear to listen, even if they know it’s nothing but utter bullshit spewing from your mouth at every word. You’ve suddenly replaced or have become their only therapist in life, supporting them through whatever has been thrown in their direction. You see who people truly are, discover their hidden secrets and darkest desires.

And yet at the end of the day, who does Hoseok have to rely on? Nobody but himself.

That is, until a brooding, silent man with tousled blonde strands and a permanent frown took residence upon the black, rubber stool in front of him on a slow Saturday night.

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usuk, "You want me to do what?” If you want that is!

“You want me to do what?” sputtered Alfred.

It was Alfred’s turn to do the dare. Truth or dare was a game they’ve played since they were children, except their version had no truth and was full of dares. They thought the dares made it fun. In fact, they thought it was fun enough to play fifteen years later, even after saying I do in front of the altar.

“You heard me,” said Arthur, scooping a spoonful of Lucky Charms. “I want you to say hi and bring a cake to the new neighbours.”

Perhaps Arthur had a burst of inspiration from his cereal.

Sundays were supposed to be lazy. It was the time of the week when they could stay at home wearing pyjamas and cuddle all day— Arthur forgetting about interior design project deadlines, and Alfred taking a break from his restaurant chef duties. Their quiet morning was going along nicely until Alfred almost choked on his cereal after Arthur gave his dare.

“Why would I do that?” He asked.

“Why not?” asked Arthur, raising an eyebrow. “You’re Mister Congeniality.”

Alfred fiddled with his spoon.

“Are you scared?” asked Arthur, the tone of his voice filled with sarcastic surprise.

The new neighbours in question arrived yesterday, and the only thing Alfred and Arthur knew about them was they moved from Sweden. Alfred was easily intimidated by the taller one. He was so big and muscly, and he looked like he’d never smiled his whole life, making Alfred think he was the type who would bite his head off before he could open a conversation.

“Hell no,” said Alfred.  

“Get on with it then,” replied Arthur, a smirk on his face.

They never backed out on each other’s dares as they were determined to one-up the other to prove who had more bravado (or who was more stupid). They had wilder dares back in high school and college, which had gotten them into more trouble than they bargained for. Now that they were married, they toned their game down a bit, or else, they’d be kicked out of society and live as hermits for the rest of their lives.

Begrudgingly, Alfred started making strawberry shortcake. Arthur watched him from the kitchen counter, his chin resting on his hand, while Alfred mixed dry ingredients to bake the sponge.

“That big guy actually looks like our chemistry teacher in high school,” said Alfred, taking the tub of cream cheese from the fridge. “Mr. Walter, you remember him?”

“The one who almost flunked you in his class?” asked Arthur. “Yeah, I remember him. He’d always suspected I was doing your homework, not the other way around. I thought he had a big crush on you.”

He stood up to dip his fingertip on the whipped cream mixture.

“Mmm…” He said. “Tastes good, chef.”

“You wait for my next dare,” Alfred said under his breath.

Arthur smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek. He reached for the bowl of strawberries. “I’ll slice the strawberries. I won’t mess up this one, at least.”

Slicing the plump berries carefully, Arthur quietly relished on the domesticity of their tasks. Despite not possessing any talent in cooking, Arthur liked spending time with Alfred in the kitchen. It was Alfred’s favourite part of the house (aside from the bedroom) where he could express himself freely and share his love for food with Arthur.

When whipped cream covered and fresh strawberries swirled around the top tier, they went outside for the moment of truth.

Arthur stood in the garden, pretending to tend to his rose bushes. Across the street, Alfred rang the doorbell. As soon as the door opened, a Maltese dog started barking at him.

Alas, the intimidating man answered. He stood there wordlessly, staring at Alfred. He wanted to turn back already.

He almost sighed with relief as the other man came into view. “Hello!”

“Hi!” said Alfred. “Uh, my husband and I would like to welcome you to our neighbourhood!”

He pointed at Arthur, and his husband waved, giving them a winning smile.

Alfred handed them the box of cake.

“Wow, that’s lovely!” exclaimed the shorter man.

The intimidating man nodded.

“That’s very thoughtful of you! I’m Tino, by the way, and this is my husband, Berwald.”

Berwald grunted. Alfred felt himself melt under his gaze.

“I’m Alfred,” he said, stretching his arm for a handshake. “And that’s my husband, Arthur.”

“It’s so nice to meet you,” said Tino, beaming. “Would you and Arthur like to come over for dinner tonight?”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” said Alfred. “That will be nice.”

“Does seven o’clock sound good?”


“Okay, see you then, Alfred!”

“See you.”

Tino turned to their pet, and said, “Look, Hana, they brought us a cake!”

Then, they closed the door.

Fighting the urge to cackle, Arthur joined Alfred inside the house. Realising Alfred still felt sheepish, he stopped laughing.

“Did he bite you?” He asked.

“No,” said Alfred, lunging at Arthur. “I will bite you. In bed. Now.”

Arthur yelled and made a bolt for the stairs. Laughter echoed on the walls of their house.

Sterek A-Z Challenge: one word prompts

Week 13: M - Model

“Just take your damn pants off, Derek,” Stiles snapped, which spawned the opposite reaction than the one he wanted.

Big bad, beta Derek Hale was sulking. He stood shirtless and barefoot in the middle of their loft, which wasn’t all that uncommon, except for the part where he was hugging himself like he wanted to hide. It wasn’t anything that Stiles hadn’t seen before. Not just the adorable shyness that occasionally overtook the former alpha, but the nudity too.

Just the night before, he’d licked every inch of Derek’s fucking beautifully sculpted abs, but the little pout on Derek’s lips and hunch of his shoulder made Stiles’ stomach knot uncomfortably.

Stiles ruffled his hair with both hands in frustration. “Derek-”

“I changed my mind,” Derek grunted.

“You, what? You changed your mind?” Stiles said and snatched Derek’s shirt off the back of the couch before his boyfriend could grab it. “You can’t change your mind. You promised!”

Derek reached around Stiles, clawing for the shirt. “Yeah, well, I just did.”

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27 - you have a sexy accent

[As a Brit I decided to do this one kinda reflecting myself, not sure who you wanted this for but I’ve decided to go for Ronnie because I haven’t written much of her yet and she looks like the kind of girl who appreciates accents - also I’m still doing these if you want to send them in!!!]

‘Hi,’ Y/N threw a charming smile at the waitress behind the counter, ‘I was wondering if I could get a triple cheeseburger, a side of fries and a chocolate milkshake to go?’

The unfamiliar voice caused the gang teens sat in the booth mere metres away to look up. Veronica eyes shined at the gorgeous figure that had perched herself on one of the high chairs, waiting for her order.

'I’ll be right back.’ She winked at Archie, sliding elegantly from the booth as she did.

Casually she perched on the chair next to Y/N, leaning her arms against the cool metal surface of the counter, her chin sitting delicately in her hands.

'Hey Mom, can I have another strawberry milkshake please,’ she asked coolly, 'and can you put this fine lovely young woman’s order on my tab too?’

Y/N looked up curiously at the girl sat next to her, her perfect olive skin caught the orange lights of the diner in a warm sensual glow. Her ruby red lips curled into a seductive smile and her deep brown eyes shone with a playfulness. Whoever this seductress was, she had Y/N under her spell immediately.

'You really don’t have to do that.’ Came Y/N’s gentle and polite reply.

'How else would I introduce myself?’ Asked Veronica teasingly, 'I don’t think “you have a sexy accent” would have cut it, do you?’

'You could have said anything to me and I would have been flattered.’ Y/N teased back.

16; vampire!yoongi

listen (16)
p: following the kiss with a series of kisses up to suckle an earlobe

yoongi had always been curious about the human body - or you in general. he notices how you’re sensitive at certain areas, at the area he sees you interacting with people the most. being within the vicinity of your station, he’s able to witness how if jimin comes around and tickles your side, you’d burst into a fit of giggles while trying to get him down (but it doesn’t work when he jumps out the window) or if taehyung appears out of nowhere and blows at your ear because he too, knows how you’d react, you’re whining and trying to get back at him but he follows jimin’s route, out the window.

so now yoongi’s wondering more and more of where you’d be sensitive most.

just as the lights dim down and the sound simmers over, with one whistle echoing through the air to get to him, he blinks and meets with your gaze from behind the bar. at the sight of only you and no one else, he gets up and paces over, slides his empty glass for you to slot down the sink and when it clinks with a signal you can close up, the look yoongi’s giving you makes you mirror him.

you lean over the counter with folded arms, levelling your eyes together and you narrow them a bit to get the full effect of being a replica of his expression.

“may i help you, yoongi?”

“…as a matter a fact, yes, you can,” he answers, and that wasn’t quite the answer you were looking for but you’ll do what you can with a small nod, “oh, okay. what are you - yoongi?” you’re certain yoongi can sense you’re confused at the way he appears beside you but you’re not surprised, complying when he puts an arm around your waist his other pushing the strands of your hair away so he leans in and kisses your cheek that - “yoongi?”

he seems unsatisfied with the reaction, and you can’t put your finger on what he’s aiming for. your hands settle on his shoulders, giving him a small squeeze, “do i want to know what you’re trying to do?”

“humans… they’re sensitive, right?”

“you’re asking because…?”

“i’m curious,” he mumbles, lips pursued and he seems to notice when you roll your shoulders slightly as you look away. there’s a small smirk on his lips before he tells you to stay still and a protest is jumbled in your throat when yoongi leans forward, pressing his lips to your neck for a gentle kiss.

when your heart picks up a beat, he makes a decision to keep moving upwards along the base of your throat, leaving soft, air-like kisses on your skin and goosebumps forming in its wake throughout the way. he doesn’t stop until he reaches a part of your jaw, towards your ear and when you squirm to move, he tuts and reaches up to hold you still by your chin so he can kiss the space behind your ear, before deciding to see how far he can go when he mouths at your earlobe and - “your scent’s changing,” he sing-songs, almost proud when he pulls back with a pop as he releases his mouth from your flesh.

“guess humans are sensitive,”

with a shaky exhale, you wrap your arms around him and tug him down a bit, to which he only stables himself with the arm remaining around your waist, the other releasing the hold on your chin to the counter behind you.

“are you curious to discover other sensitive areas or has your curiosity run dry?” when your legs move a little to graze his thigh and ankle, he makes a quick look down and raking his eyes over your body before reaching your eyes once more, smirks, and pulls you close to him, “i’m still feeling a bit curious,”

“do you want to conduct your little experiment here, or somewhere else?”

“anywhere in mind?”

“not really,”

“then get comfortable,” he smirks, pinning you against the counter by your hip and he uses a leg to pry yours apart in the subtlest way possible, with a hint of lust swimming in his eyes, “experiment’s beginning.”


A one-shot sequel to We Intertwined

An Ignis Scientia Story
Word Count: 2,550

A/N: Here it is! One of my one-shot sequels to my Ignis x Raine story. I have another one coming soon that starts where this one leaves off. Lots of angst under the cut.

“How far along are you?”

Raine shrugged. She was leaned against the wall beside Dave’s shop near the marketplace in Lestallum, subconsciously rubbing the base of her stomach. “Doctor says around six or seven weeks.”

Dave whistled low. “Has be really been gone for that long?”

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