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Syzygy (JJP x Reader)

Request: could u do a fluff polyamorous relationship w/ jaebum an jinyoung pls?

Member: Got7′s JB x Got7′s Jinyoung x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I balanced my chin on my palm as I looked lovingly across the ottoman at Jaebum. He was buried deep in the rule book for scrabble, his tongue stuck between his teeth as he groaned along to different words he scanned over. I tilted my head focusing my eyes on the younger boy next to him, Jinyoung’s face was hidden behind a dictionary as he flipped through the pages quickly, muttering to himself. 

“I’m going to assume it’s not-” I began quietly, looking back and forth between them. 

Jinyoung lifted up his finger to hush me as his eyes remained glued on the book before him.  

“Oh no, I’m certain it’s a word,” Jaebum grumbled. “Jinyoungie wouldn’t dare put down something if it wasn’t a word. I just don’t know if you’re allowed to get that many points in one turn…” 

“Ah-ha!” Jinyoung gasped, his finger tapping the page quickly. “Syzygy, a conjunction or opposition, especially of the mood with the sun.”

Jaebum rolled his eyes before continuing through the rule book, flipping back and forth helplessly. 

“I believe that is 25 points…with a triple word score…” Jinyoung whispered happily to himself as he arranged the tiles. Jaebum’s eyes grew as he looked back and forth from Jinyoung to me, his expression soon growing sour. 

“That’s it, we’re breaking up,” he said, shaking his head quickly, tossing the rule book to the side and beginning to stand. 

“Yah! Jaebummie!” I cooed, trying not to giggle as Jinyoung’s jaw dropped and he looked up at our boyfriend. “You know Jinyoungie wins every time we play this!” 

“Plus wouldn’t that be awkward? If you broke up with me…but kept dating Y/N…and I kept dating Y/N,” Jinyoung said, a charming smile on his face as he rubbed Jaebum’s calf. “Plus you’d have to see me at work, the whole thing would just be so messy.” 

Jaebum crossed his arms, shimmying his shoulders as he pouted. 

“For someone who claims he has no aegyo, he sure is adorable when he’s upset,” I whispered, reaching over and pushing Jinyoung affectionately. 

“It’s not fair when you two gang up on me,” JB grumbled, shuffling over to the couch. He plopped on the aged leather and drew his feet up to sit behind me. 

“You like the attention,” I laughed, standing as well. My attempts at leaving the living room were futile as Jaebum wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled me into him. I landed comfortably in his lap as he held me to his chest and nuzzled into my neck. 

“What? Does the winner not get any accolades?” Jinyoung gasped, fake shock on his face as he walked over, plopping alongside of Jaebum and setting his legs on top of mine. JB unravelled one arm from around my body and set it lightly on Jinyoung’s thigh. 

I smiled to myself as I watched them interact. I knew I was incredibly lucky to be in a relationship with both of these men. One of the best parts of my relationship though, was being able to watch the loving dynamic in which Jinyoung and Jaebum operated. They didn’t have to be overwhelming in their show of affection for one another, but it was a quiet adoration. They loved each other so deeply that they didn’t have to scramble to figure out how to convey it. I was just the fortunate bystander who managed to get caught in their crosshairs. 

I leaned my head back against Jaebum’s collar bones and sighed contently. I thought back to the day this all began. 

Jinyoung had sat me down on this very couch, angling himself on the ottoman before me so our knees knocked. Jaebum paced anxiously behind him, rubbing his chin with his hands as he shot me the occasional nervous smile. 

“I was going to draft a contract, but JB said it would be too creepy,” Jinyoung had sighed, a smile lighting up his face. 

“Contracts…” Jaebum grumbled as he quit his pacing. “How many times did you end up reading Fifty Shades of Gray?”

I smiled goofily as I looked up at my two best friends, completely lost in all of their dramatics. 

“What we’re trying to say is…we’ve both been talking. We both have…really strong feelings for you, Y/N,” Jinyoung continued quietly. Immediately a shiver ran down my spine as I looked at them. Surely they wouldn’t force me to choose between them? Each boy had their merits. Jinyoung was warm, considerate, responsible, and devoted. He enjoyed reading and cooking. Meanwhile Jaebum was insightful, dependable, strong, and steady. He lived and breathed the music he surrounded himself with. They were both dancers, singers, and overall incredibly talented people. 

“And we both want to date you,” Jaebum sighed, cutting through my thoughts. “But the issue is…we’re already dating each other.”

My mouth opened and closed as I tried to process the information being fed to me. What? 

After discussing the logistics for what seemed like hours, we finally came to the decision that we should give each other a chance. All of us. All or nothing. This would be my first polyamorous relationship, but if it were to happen, I’m glad it would be with them. 

That was nearly a year ago now and I couldn’t imagine life as anything different. Of course like any other relationship, we had our difficulties, and of course our difficulties were not the normal for the majority of relationships, but we worked through them. We trusted each other, and loved one another and that was what mattered. 

“What are you smiling about over there?” Jinyoung cooed, rubbing his hands along my legs. 

“Why are you complaining about her smile?” Jaebum chuckled, smacking JInyoung playfully on the arm. “Our jagi is happy.” 

“I see that!” Jinyoung spat. “But I like to know what she’s thinking.”

Jaebum sighed, smiling simply at Jinyoung as he placed his hand on his cheek. Jinyoung nuzzled his face into Jaebum’s palm and kissed the skin there. 

“That, that right there is why I was smiling,” I whispered. 

“Hm?” both boys hummed, their heads snapping to look at me. 

“You two,” I nodded, my voice a little bit louder. “You two are the reason why I smile.”

“Why?” Jaebum chuckled, shaking his head. His hand twitched on my side as he played with the fabric of my shirt. “We’re a pain.”

“Speak for yourself!” Jinyoung said, his smile wide. 

“Nothing worth having has ever been easy Bummie,” I giggled, flicking him in the middle of the chest. “I’m sure I’m just as much of a pain for you guys.”

“Only when you don’t do the dishes, or when you put the toilet paper on facing the wrong way,” Jinyoung nodded, his brows furrowed in thought. “Those are really things I’ve chosen to look over though.”

Jaebum rolled his eyes as he pulled both of us closer. “You two are probably the most worth while pains in my ass I have ever had.”

“Don’t let Jackson hear you say that,” I whispered. “He’d be so hurt.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not looking to pick up another boyfriend anytime soon,” Jaebum smiled. “I have my hands full here.”

“Once again, I don’t understand. I am a literal dream,” Jinyoung said, fluttering his eye lashes. I looked back and forth between the two boys before we all collapsed into a puddle of giggles and limbs. 

“A dream who cheats at Scrabble,” Jaebum hissed, shooting a quick wink my way. 

“It’s not cheating, it is winning aggressively!” Jinyoung gasped, becoming defensive immediately. “Don’t be jealous.”

“How could we be jealous?” I smiled, looking at the boys lovingly. “We have all we want right here. I think taking a loss in scrabble is a fair compromise.” 

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“You’re the perpetual frowner in class and one day as I’m answering the teacher I intentionally make a very cheesy pun and I can hear crickets but you’re laughing out loud and that makes me feel very much accomplished” AU where MC is the frowner and 707 makes the pun pls n thnk

Saeyoung sat in his assigned desk two seats to the right of the wall and one seat forward to the front of the class, where the teacher was currently speaking to them about the second World War, again. 

‘I mean honestly, how many times have we heard this same lecture before?’ Saeyoung thought to himself, tipping his head from side to side, his chin balanced on his palm. The only thing that actually made this class worth showing up to (otherwise, he would just skip it) was the girl that sat in the back of the class. She was cute, too cute to be as quiet and antisocial as she was. Her hair was dark brown, cut into bangs that covered her eyes while the rest of it cascaded over her shoulders, bare shoulders, Saeyoung noticed, which were holding up frilly pink bra straps that he could clearly see. 

‘Calm down, calm down.’ Saeyoung reminded himself. He was lucky that from where he was sitting, he didn’t need to fully turn his head to look at her, otherwise she might have seen him eyeing her, though he was never certain where she was even looking. 

He fully turned his body towards the front again, not at all trying to pay attention, but he needed a distraction from the girls’s bare shoulders. Instead, he turned his attention to the boy in front of him, sitting with his shoulders hunched, leaned forward like he was actually interested in the lesson. And why wouldn’t he, he looked nerdy enough. He was even wearing a nicely pressed shirt with a collar. A collar! A collar which was exposing the back of the boy’s neck, his brown hair swirled into a single curl on the back of his neck. Saeyoung thought about leaning forward and leaving a bite mark onto his exposed neck. 

Suddenly, his mind caught wind of the conversation their teacher was having with them. “Many Jews were separated from their families, torn from their own homes, and to top it all off-” 

“Psst.” Saeyoung turned to the boy beside him, beckoning him with his hand to come closer. The boy didn’t bite, and was looking at him with confusion. Saeyoung sighed, raising his voice. “Hey, what’s the difference betwee-”

“Saeyoung!” His teacher bellowed. He cringed, turning towards him and flashing him a chaotic grin. “Would you like to share that with the rest of the class?” 

“Gladly.” Saeyoung said, standing from his seat for emphasis. He cleared his throat, all the while still grinning. “I was saying, what’s the difference between boy scouts and jews?” He didn’t give anyone a chance to answer. “Boy scouts come home from camp.” 

The entire room was silent. Saeyoung tried not to let his grin falter, he honestly should have guessed his dark sense of humour wouldn’t fly with his classmates. All eyes were on him, staring at him with astonishment. 

Suddenly, a cackling sound came from the back of the room. Saeyoung turned, only to see that it was the girl, always silent, yet now she was laughing! She was laughing harder than anyone he’d ever seen, clutching her stomach, her high octave voice lifting in the air. 

Saeyoung felt a sense of pride, he’d made someone laugh! And not just anyone, the girl who seemed to be virtually emotionless. Even better, this girl seemed to have the same dark humour as he did. 

Saeyoung sat down, while the girl’s laughter still ceased to quiet down, and he thought to himself how he should go about talking to her after this class ended, supposing he didn’t get detention for making such a joke in the middle of class.  

image: two generally featureless figures in black outline on a white background. the first stands contrapposto with their right hand tucked contemplating under their chin, and the other balances their weight on their left heel with the other leg pointing out, a hand behind them and the other on their cheek, looking off in dreamworld

thanks, art block, for these mannequin-esque arts i guess

(self-insert fic, don’t read this lmao, the tumblr messenger was effin up)

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Minghao gave Alth a solemn look, his hand reaching out to touch her own.

Alth took a deep breath and gazed into his eyes, curious with his soft action. “Hao?” She asked, intertwining their hands together. “Is something wrong?”

Minghao looked at their linked hands, a soft quivering smile on his face, flashing it to Alth who titled her head to the side in confusion.

“What’s up?” She said, her eyebrows raised.

Minghao smiled with his eyes and swung his arm around Alth by surprise, pulling her closer to him.

Alth’s posture stiffened as Minghao balanced his chin on top of her head, the boy giggling at the height difference they had.

“Umm. Hao?” Alth spoke up, her curiousity switching to confusion. “Is everything okay? You seem clingy today.”

“I…need this.” Minghao whispered. “I don’t think I can look you in the eye when I tell you what I’m about to tell you.”

“Quite wordy too.” Alth muttered, very new with the situation.

Truth be told, she was the clingy one in their friendship, the one who did most of the talking (and hugging) and Minghao was the exact opposite.

“I just have to ask something.” Minghao said, his ears turning red. His palms being noticeably sweaty.

Alth shifted her eyes to the side, pouting as he only caught a glimpse of the ends of his bleached hair. “Alright. What is it?”

“Does your heart beat for me as much as it beats for you?”

Alth stiffened once more, her breath hitched on her throat.

Surprise was quite an understatement in this situation.

She blinked her eyes rapidly, her once calm heart beating rapidly in a way that she couldn’t interpret herself.

Minghao pulled her closer, softly brushing his fingers on the ends of her tangled hair, smiling to himself as one of his fingers got stuck on a knot, but Alth was too speechless to whine about him touching her ‘untouchable and rough’ hair.

Alth sighed sadly and looked at their intertwined hand, tears welling up in her eyes.

Minghao, getting anxious with her silence, asked again. “Does it?”

“It used to.” Alth whispered, untangling her fingers from his. Pulling the arm around her over her head.

She took a good look at Minghao, his eyes wide and his posture stiff. His mouth was agape and he felt shivers run down his spine as he felt pangs on his chest.

He couldn’t dare to look at Alth in the eye, he figured that if he did, he might end up suffering more, having to come and realize the fact that he lost his chance.

He lost. Again.

He had her. Had.

“It used to?” Minghao said, choking on his words. “What do you mean by that?”

“I honestly thought it was obvious.” Alth joked to herself, wiping the tears that welled in the corner of her eyes with her jacket. “But, then again, you were really into Chloe to notice me.”

Minghao wanted to rip his hair off right there, the choking feeling of regret rushing to him.

Alth looked at Minghao sadly, biting her lip as she noticed the boy’s quivering ones, his eyes shut tight, his hand enclosed in a fist.

“Minghao.” Alth said, her lips quivering. “Please look at me.”

Don’t look at her. Don’t.

If you dare look at her, you’d see what you let go. You’d have to deal with your mistake.

Minghao hesitated, but looked at her anyway, taking note of the softness in her eyes and the worried gaze she set on him.

You’d end up looking at someone you’ve come to realize that you love but can no longer have.

“I see.” Minghao said, a bitter smile on his face.

“I’m sorry Minghao, but…” Alth said, pressing both of her hands to her chest, a happy look on her face. “…this heart now beats for someone else -”


The two looked at the distance and spotted Seungcheol, a gummy grin on his face. Minghao looked back at Alth, the lovesick look that was once for him written all over her face.

The smile and look that held so much love and so much hope.

Alth waved back and grinned as Seungcheol ran up the hill towards them.

Hesitantly, she faced Minghao, her hands clutching her chest. “…and as far as I can tell. His heart beats for me too.”

Seungcheol panted and grinned at the two as he reached the top of the hill, swinging his arm around Alth who laughed as he did so.

“Hey, Hao!” Seungcheol exclaimed, his nose wrinkling as he smiled at the younger schoolmate. “Turns out practice got cancelled, mind if I walk home Alth instead?”

“Sure.” Minghao said blankly, his eyes still on Alth’s lovesick look towards Seungcheol. “I have to stop by somewhere anyway.”

“Lemme go get my bag.” Alth said, letting Seungcheol’s arm slip off around her. “I’ll be back quickly.”

“Mhmm, sure.”

The two boys looked at Alth as she ran towards the building, watching her figure enter the gates.

“Take care of her.” Minghao said, not looking at Seungcheol, his eyes stuck to where Alth ran off to. “If she cries because of you. I wouldn’t know what I’ll not do to you.”

“Don’t worry.” Seungcheol said, taking a few steps forward. “I wouldn’t dare make the same mistakes that you did.”

Lydia- I’m Really Glad I Met You

Request-  Hi! Could you do a Lydia imagine where the reader is a naiad or a mermaid that live in the lake by Lydia’s lake house/ a good friend of Lydia’s. Lydia never thought anything different of the reader, until her name is on the deadpool. Lydia tries to warn her, but sees hunters net her and drag her from the lake. The pack rescues her and she gives Lydia and thank-you kiss. Sorry if it’s so long! <3

A/N- Can I just take a minute to say that I’m absolutely in love with this prompt? This is definitely one of my all time favorites and I really hope you like it. 

Lydia lay on the dock on her stomach, balancing her chin on her hand as she flipped the page of an enormous, leather-bound book. Water lapped lightly against the wood as the sun just started to go down, casting a golden aura over the lake as a light breeze billowed through her curls.
“Light reading?” a playful voice asked, causing Lydia to jump.
“Jesus, Y/n,” she breathed. “Why do you always do that?”
She looked over to the edge of the dock where you were currently perched, your arms resting against the wood as the rest of your body bobbed in the water. She would say she was surprised to see you, but she had been expecting you to pop up.
“Maybe I like surprising you,” you said with a grin. “Besides, you’re cute when you’re startled.”
Lydia rolled her eyes, but she couldn’t fight the blush blooming on her cheeks. “You shouldn’t be out here. Anyone could see you and-”
“They can only see half of me,” you protested. “Besides it’s not like I couldn’t control it if I wanted to.”
“What happens when you dive under the water and don’t come up for air…ever?” Lydia asked you pointedly.
“They’ll say ‘Damn, that girl can hold her breath for a long time.’”
“Y/n,” Lydia scolded.
“Come on, Lydia,” you complained. “You never have any fun anymore. You used to swim with me all the time.”
“That was a long time ago,” she protested. “I mean, I barely even remember it.”
Your lips turned up slightly, because you could tell that Lydia was lying. You knew that the day she had met you was one she would never be able forget. Little did she know that it was also a day you could never forget.
“Oh come on,” you told her. “Now, I know that’s a lie. You’re telling me you don’t remember it? Not even the day we met?”
Lydia pursed her lips and tilted her head. “I have a vague recollection.”
“Alright then,” you said with a grin. “So I’m guessing this isn’t familiar to you?”
Lydia blinked in confusion, but before she could even ask what you meant, you were grabbing her wrist and yanking her into the water. Lydia let out a yelp as she plunged under the surface, the chill of the water sinking into her clothes. She paddled in the water, so angry but so exhilarated at the same time.
She had been lying when she said she had barely remembered the day you met, but being plunged into the lake brought it back so much more vividly. There, sinking into the murky water with your hand on her wrist, she remembered.
“Lydia!” Lorraine Martin called. “I’m going into the house for a moment, but I want you to stay right on shore. The water may not seem deep, but it drops out from under you sooner than you’d think.”
Lydia looked up from where she had been sitting by the dock, her nose buried deep in a novel that might not have been on the level on a high schooler, let alone a fifth grader. When she heard her grandma calling her, she picked her head up and yelled “Okay!”
Within a few minutes, Lorraine had disappeared from the boathouse and headed into the main one. Lydia wasn’t normally one to disobey her elders, and she normally wouldn’t have left her spot, but that was when she heard splashing.
Lydia looked over into the water, where she could see something moving under the surface. Something big. There were fish in the lake and it was actually a pretty popular spot during the season, but Lydia had never seen a fish that big. That was why, despite her grandmother’s orders, she had risen from the blanket she had been sitting on and walked onto to the dock.
With curious green eyes, she had gotton down on her knees and peered into the water. As she watched the shape come closer, she expected it to be a large trout or some other kind of fish, but as a head popped out of the water, she realized she was wrong.
Two wide eyes stared back at her under a mop of wet hair, and Lydia couldn’t help but be startled. She let out a shrill scream, causing you to be frightened as well. You darted back under the surface, but in doing so you bumped the edge of the floating dock.
Lydia, who had been peering over the edge, lost her balance and tumbled into the water. You had been trying to swim away, but as you fearfully looked behind you, you saw the red-headed girl flailing in the water.
Her grandmother had been right, Lydia quickly realized, because no matter how shallow it had looked, Lydia couldn’t even touch the bottom of the lake. She hadn’t gotten the chance to take a breath before being knocked into the water, so the liquid was currently filling her mouth and nose.
Being about the same age as Lydia was, you were terrified that you had been so careless, but you knew you couldn’t let the girl drown. You swam over and grabbed her wrist, tugging her up to the surface and holding her above the water.
She gasped for air and clung to your arms around her as you towed her up to the dock, but before you helped her onto the wood, she managed to look down. Her green eyes widened as she took in the lower half of your body, where your legs were supposed to be.
She could just barely make out a tail in the murky water , although your glowing scales made it kind of hard to miss. Suddenly she was being thrust onto the dock, and as she scrambled to pull herself up, she looked behind her.
You were already ducking back into the water, your tail flashing in the sun, but Lydia cried out “Wait!”
You paused in the water and you knew that your parents would kill you for revealing yourself to a human, but you weren’t thinking about that at the moment. You hadn’t seen many people react to the fact that you were a mermaid, but from the ones that did you knew it had scared the hell out of them. As your parents had told you over and over, fear made people do stupid things, and it was very important that you never be the cause of that fear.
But here was this girl, this pretty, nice girl who didn’t seem afraid of you. She was looking at you with curious eyes, and after all you had just saved her life, right? You could just as easily threaten to toss her back into the water and she probably wouldn’t say anything.
Without hesitating, you swam back over to the dock. You stared up at Lydia hopefully, while she stared down at you in awe.
“You saved me,” she stated. “A mermaid just saved my life!”
“You can’t tell anyone,” you blurted out suddenly.
“But…you’re amazing,” Lydia had protested. “You saved me.”
“Please,” you had begged her. “If you tell people about me, they might try to hurt me. They’d drain this whole lake just so they could put me in a museum somewhere. I don’t want to be trapped like that. Promise me you won’t tell?”
Lydia nodded, because after being stuck in a house with her parents fighting for years, she understood what the word trapped meant. “Okay. I promise.”
“Thank you,” you had breathed.
“I’m Lydia,” she told you. “This is my grandma’s house.”
“I know,” you said with a grin. “I’ve seen you a lot. I’m Y/n.”
“Do you live in the lake?” Lydia wondered.
“No,” you had told her with a laugh. “I live in that house over there.”
You nodded back to the other side of the lake, where a large, blue house was nestled up on the rocks. The distance seemed miles away to young Lydia, who had never really paid much attention to the house. Now it was clear that she should have.
“So you’re a mermaid?” Lydia wondered as she looked down at your tail. “A real-life mermaid?”
“Yep,” you told her. “Kinda like Ariel, but way cooler.”
You smiled, because while you had initially been scared, Lydia seemed to be a pretty accepting girl. You noticed that her eyes were still fixed on your tail, shimmering under the water.
“Wanna feel?” you asked her. “They don’t hurt. I promise.”
Lydia looked up at you, her green eyes widening as if she wondered how you had known what she was thinking. “A-are you sure?”
“Yeah,” you told her.
Lydia reached out tentatively as you pulled yourself closer to her, but she reached out to run her fingers along the scales nonetheless. She let out a soft breath of wonder as her fingers skimmed your tail. “Wow.”
“Lydia!” a voice called in the distance. “Lydia, where did you go?”
Your eyes widened and you quickly let your tail fall back into the water. “Your grandmother’s looking for you. I have to go, but you promise you won’t tell, right Lydia?”
“I already did,” she protested. “But…here.”
She reached out and held her pinky out to you. “I won’t tell. Pinky swear.”
You extended your pinky with a smile and wrapped it around hers, looking into her pretty green eyes. You hadn’t made many friends before, and you had definitely never had one who knew your secret. But as your finger curled around Lydia’s, you figured this could be the chance to find one.
“Lydia! Lydia? Oh my god, Lydia!”
Lydia whipped her head around, looking up to see her grandmother storming toward her. “Lydia, I told you to stay on the shore! Did you fall in?! My god, you could have drowned!”
Lydia let her grandmother pull her up by her shoulders, gripping her soaking wet t-shirt. Lorraine went on and on about how Lydia needed to get her ears checked out because she clearly couldn’t listen, but she knew her grandmother was more scared than anything else.
As she was walked down the dock, Lydia cast one last glance over her shoulder, but you were gone by now. Despite almost drowning, Lydia smiled.
“Lydia?” her grandmother asked. “What are you looking at?”
“Nothing,” Lydia told her with a smile. “Just the water.”

“Y/n!” Lydia sputtered as she broke the surface. “Are you crazy?!”
She splashed in the water, moving her arms in an effort to keep herself afloat. She glared at you under a mop of wet curls, but you could tell she wasn’t really mad.
“Face it, banshee,” you told her as you bobbed in the water next to her. “You miss this.”
“Maybe I do,” she said testily as she pushed a damp curl from her face. “But that’s no reason to ruin a perfectly good Ralph Lauren top.”
“I’ll buy you a new one,” you told her firmly. “As long as you don’t lie to me. You never come around any more and I miss you. Do you think I can’t see that for sale sign in the front yard?”
“Y/n,” Lydia said softly, suddenly remembering why she had been perched on the dock in the first place.“There’s a lot going on. There’s this list of supernatural creatures. A hit-list. And we’re both on it.”
You swallowed thickly. “A hit-list? As in someone’s going to try and kill us?”
Lydia nodded. “Yeah, and that reminds me. You shouldn’t even be out here, okay? It’s not safe. It’s-it’s never been safe-”
“Lydia,” you cut her off, reaching out to place a hand on her shoulder. “It’s fine. It’s the off-season, okay? There’s no one around.”
“Assassins aren’t coming here to fish, Y/n,” she told you. “And for us it’s open season all the time.”
“Don’t be so dramatic,” you told her. “I’m careful. And I’m a fast swimmer. I doubt anyone could catch me.”
Lydia simply frowned. “Just stay out of the water tonight, okay?”
“Tonight?” you questioned, mirroring her frown. “Why tonight?”
“It’s a full moon,” Lydia explained. “And Scott sort of bit  this freshman and he doesn’t know how to control himself. We need a place to keep him until he isn’t a bloodthirsty killing machine.”
“So naturally you chose a peaceful lake setting,” you pointed out. “Which is also the perfect setting for a horror movie.”
“Will you stop?” Lydia asked with a laugh.
“My bad,” you told her. “Just pointing out all the flaws in your plan. Scott’s the tall one with the dark hair, right? Cute, brown puppy dog eyes?”
Lydia frowned, but she didn’t understand why your words bothered her so much. You were just describing Scott and it was clear you didn’t mean anything by it, but the word cute stuck out in Lydia’s mind. You shouldn’t have been calling Scott cute.
“Yep,” Lydia said tightly. “He’s the one.”
“Oh cool,” you said casually. “I’m guessing you don’t need any help tonight?”
“Y/n,” Lydia said hesitantly. “I don’t want to put you in any danger.”
“If what you said about the list is true, then I’m already in danger. Might as well die by my friend’s side, right?”
“Y/n,” Lydia complained.
“I’m just kidding,” you told her. “So I’ll swim over at nine?”
Lydia pursed her lips, looking over at your hopeful eyes. She didn’t want to put you in any danger, but she also didn’t want to lose a chance to spend time with you. She didn’t know how much longer she would get to come to the lake house, and you didn’t go to her school. This might be her last chance to see you.
“Fine,” Lydia said. “But lose the tail, okay? I don’t want to risk you being seen by anyone.”
“Of course,” you told her wryly as she pulled herself up onto the dock. “I’m nothing if not sensible.”
Lydia rolled her eyes as she sat on the dock, but she couldn’t help the bright smile that lit up her face. “I’ll see you later then?”
“Later,” you confirmed.
She watched as you blew her a joking kiss and ducked back under the water, skimming the surface a little as you disappeared. Lydia knew you would reappear a few minutes later, popping out of the water on the other side of the lake and pulling yourself up onto your own dock.
She waited there until you did, her pink-painted toes dangling into the water as little drops fell off of her in the fading sunlight. She couldn’t help but worry about you, although whether it had to do with the list or her feelings for you, she didn’t know herself.

You swam up to Lydia’s dock in the dark, listening to the peaceful lapping of the water against the wood. As you got closer, you realized the night wasn’t going to be as tranquil as it had seemed earlier. Music boomed from inside Lydia’s lakehouse, and you could see masses of people passing the windows of her kitchen and living room. You had been a little late to slip into the lake and swim over, but you doubted the plan had changed.
Lydia had told you that her and the rest of Scott’s pack were bringing a new beta, not a hundred of them. You had a feeling things hadn’t gone the way she had planned and while Lydia had been a party girl at one time, you knew she wasn’t like that anymore.
You figured she could use some help and you reached up to pull yourself out of the water. You always stashed some clothes in Lydia’s boathouse just in case you needed them, and right now you guessed walking into a party with nothing but a bathing suit on would seem a little out of place. You placed one hand on the dock, but before you could move any further, a twig snapped on the shore.
At first you assumed it was just a few drunk kids that were stupid enough to get close to the water, but that was when you heard the voices.
“I think I see her,” a gruff voice said, causing you to freeze.
You held your breath and waited, hoping you had been right before.
“Are you sure about this?” another voice asked.
“Yes,” the first voice insisted. “Let’s hurry up and grab her before the Orphans do. I can’t have two kids pretending to be highschoolers taking away our cut. It has to be now.”
“Well I know one thing,” the other voice said. “No normal teenage girl is going to be out in water this cold.”
You felt your heart sinking in your chest as your veins turned to ice. You realized the men were talking about you, and they obviously knew a little something about mermaids. It was early spring, but still that time of year with warm days and chilly nights. While the water didn’t bother you, no normal girl would have been hanging out in it.
You heard footsteps on Lydia’s dock, and that was when you bolted. You ducked down under the water, but before your legs could morph into your beautiful tail, you felt your body being caught up in something that hadn’t been there a minute ago.
You screamed, but the sound was muffled and barely there in the thick water. You tried to paddle away and normally you have escaped because you were such a strong swimmer, but there was nowhere for you to go. Netting was tangled around your arms and legs, and the more you moved, the more caught you became.
You suddenly felt yourself being lifted out of the water, and panic began to claw at your chest. You were swung onto the dock, hitting the rough wood with a painful thump. You gasped and tried to fight away the netting, but you were helpless to do anything but watch as two pairs of boots stomped onto the edge of the net, pinning it over you.
A whistle cut through the lake air, but it didn’t sound like the men were calling anyone. It sounded…appreciative.
“You’re right, Ricky,” you heard the second voice say. “She is pretty.”
“They’re all like that,” the gruff voice grumbled. “Meant to trick you.”
“Let me go,” you begged as you tugged on the edge of the net. “Look, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I don’t know who you are, but-”
“Nice try, sweetheart,” the gruff man cut you off. “But we saw you with your little girlfriend today. That tail sticks out like a sore thumb. Hard to miss if you’re looking for it.”
You glared up at the men standing over you, but their faces were just made up of shadows in the dark. You flinched as the other one reached down and ran his thumb over your damp cheek.
“You know we really don’t wanna kill you, hun,” he told you.
“What a coincidence,” you said shakily. “I don’t want to be murdered by two greasy weirdos.”
“Aw, come on-” the man protested.
“Shut up, Dwight” the other one, Ricky, ordered. “Get in, get visual confirmation, then get out, remember?”
Ricky leaned down over you, pulling something out of his jacket. In the light of the moon, you could just barely see the glint of the knife. You held in your fear-filled gasp, telling yourself that if you died, you weren’t going to show these men that you were afraid.

As you stared your own death in the face, Lydia was standing in the boathouse farther up the lake, arguing with Scott as Kira stood nearby.
“Lydia,” he said, looking toward the unconcious Liam. “She probably just got spooked because all the freshman showed up.”
“She wouldn’t have,” Lydia said with huff. “She lives for that kind of thing, Scott. You don’t know her as well as I do, and I’m telling you something is wrong.”
“Can’t you call her?” Scott asked. “Lydia, we need to watch, Liam. We don’t have time to babysit anyone else.”
Lydia’s green eyes widened in rage, and she opened her mouth to let out an argument that would only be comparible to releasing the fires of hell and no doubt make Scott question his miniscule intelligence. How dare Scott prioritize some freshman over the girl Lydia cared more than anything about?
Luckily for the alpha, he didn’t have time to get figuratively ripped to shreds.
“Guys,” Kira gasped. “Look!”
Lydia and Scott both swiveled their heads in the direction Kira was pointing. Farther down the lake, two men were standing on the dock, leaning over a writhing shape on the wood. Lydia would have recognized you anywhere, even wrappped in netting and lying on the ground.
“That’s her!” Lydia cried. “Scott, we have to help her!”
Scott groaned inwardly, but he followed Lydia and Kira as they ran from the boathouse. “Why can’t we ever have a normal night?”

“See this, sweetheart,” Ricky explained as he leaned over you. “Is a knife used to gut fish. So I thought it would be appropriate for this little task.”
“My friends-” you began.
“Are busy with their own problems,” he interrupted. “Don’t worry, we’ll find them too.”
You struggled against the netting, but with both men firmly pinning it down, you had no hope of escaping. Your cheek was scratching against the wood of the dock as you managed to look onto shore and that was when your eyes widened.
“Lydia,” you croaked out.
“Oh yeah,” Dwight said. “We’ll get your girlfriend too.”
“She’s not talking to you, you idiot,” a venemous voice snapped.
Both men looked up in shock, only to find Scott storming toward them with a dangerous look in his eye. In seconds, the two men were both picked up by their collars and slammed into the dock, hard enough to knock them unconscious. Kira helped Scott haul them up and pull them onto shore, freeing the path for Lydia to run to you.
With the netting free, you began to try and untangle yourself, but luckily Lydia was there. She grabbed the edge of the netting and unwrapped you, peeling it away from your damp skin and throwing her arms around you. She didn’t even care that you were still soaking wet.
“You idiot,” she breathed lovingly. “I almost lost you.”
“I…I would have been fine,” you protested, although you knew this was an argument you weren’t going to win.
“Shut up and let me hug you,” Lydia ordered, squeezing you tighter. “You’re ruining the moment.”
You smiled and leaned into her, sitting there on the dock for what felt like hours. You guessed that was how it was with someone you cared about. Small moments like this were like little eternities, ones you didn’t want to end.
Scott and Kira smiled as they watched you and Lydia, and they suddenly felt like they were intruding. Before they could silently slip away, Lydia pulled away from you.
“Come on,” she told you. “I think the party’s dying down. Let’s get you inside.”

“So,” you said as you walked back onto the dock with Lydia. “You saved me.”
“Scott saved you,” she corrected.
Your feet padded quietly on the wood as you walked, but you suddenly stopped at the edge of the pier. Moonlight was glinting down on the lake, now brighter than ever as the rest of Lydia’s pack stood just past the dock. All the freshman had disappeared by that time, mostly due to the cops arriving to pick up the two men who had tried to kill you.
Despite the wild events of an hour before, you didn’t fail to see what a lovely night it was. Lydia’s green eyes were wide and shining in the moonlight and you couldn’t ignore how beautiful they seemed. How beautiful she seemed.
“It was you, Lydia. You knew something was wrong. You’re a hero.”
Lydia scoffed, pushing a loose curl away from her face. “And I’m a mermaid.”
“Well, I’m making you an honorary mermaid,” you told her firmly. “After what you did for me, it’s the least I can do.”
Lydia rolled her eyes. “That’s not a thing.”
“Oh, it is,” you assured her with a playful grin. “I name you Ariel, the savior of my life and protector of good.”
You were suddenly staring at her so seriously and Lydia couldn’t help but blush at the use of her childhood nickname. The moment suddenly felt so intimate as she looked into your eyes, and she couldn’t understand how anyone could not be in love with you.
You reached out and nudged her playfully, causing her to laugh softly.
“I’m really glad I met you,” she said softly.
“Me too,” you said with a warm smile. “I guess I should get back. My parents are gonna kill me.”
“Better than two greasy creeps, right?” Lydia asked.
“Right,” you agreed with a grin.
You backed up and jumped into the water with a smile, sinking back into the freedom that came with being in the lake. Scott, Kira, Stiles and Malia all came forward to stand next to Lydia on the dock. Liam was still in the boathouse sleeping off the full moon, but Malia had overcome her its pull and come to see you off.
“I guess I’ll see you around,” you told Lydia.
“Always,” Lydia promised.
You grinned and ducked under the water for a moment. Lydia almost thought you were gone for good, before you popped up from the water and let something fall onto the dock. Lydia grinned as she realized it was the bottom of your bathing suit.
You flashed her one in return and did a little flip in the water, causing the pack to stare in awe. Your tail glimmered in the moonlight and your carefree laugh echoed across the water, causing them all to smile.
Stiles looked down at the dock, where the bottom half of your swimsuit was resting. “Is-is that-?”
He fumbled with his words, staring at the bottoms open-mouthed. Lydia sighed, but she was still looking at you in the water.
“Stiles,” she ordered as she strode forward. “Close your mouth.”
“Y/n!” she called, kneeling by the edge of the dock.
You swam over with a smile. “Are you okay, Lydia?”
Lydia nodded. “Way more than okay. I just want you to know…I, uh, I want you to know…”
Lydia had been so confident when she had walked to the edge of the pier, intending to tell you how she felt, but she was at a loss for words. You smiled and pulled yourself onto the dock.
“I know,” you told her with a smile.
Before Lydia could even react, you were leaning up and pressing your lips onto hers. She reached out to touch your damp cheek, running her thumb across it as she leaned into you. She might not have been able to explain how much you meant to her, how much you had always meant to her, at least not in words, but this kiss gave a pretty good explanation.
“Thank you,” you breathed as you pulled away. “For everything.”
With one last smile and a wave to the others, you disappeared under the surface. Lydia watched your glimmering tail disappear into the black water, but she wasn’t worried about you. She knew you would come back. She knew you would come back to her.

Will You Be My Valentine? (Zayn Valentine's Day Special)


The first thing you noticed as your senses came to life was the warm body pressed to you, your limbs knit together, his perfectly tanned chest pressed to your bare back. He was still asleep and you waited quietly, listening to his heartbeat. It was slow and steady, calmed with the careful blanket of sleep.

His arms were wrapped snugly about your waist, keeping you locked in his embrace as morning fluttered through the windows in pale tendrils of light and faint whisperings of traffic below. His naked body fit perfectly to yours; the way his chin balanced perfectly in the crook of your neck, the way his knees bent to mirror yours, it was an exact match. You imagined that you were two puzzle pieces, tossed around in a box, desperately trying to fit into the big picture when one day, with a click, it all fell into place.

You were very aware what day it was, that had not slipped past you. You prided yourself on not being the needy girlfriend who required pampering on Valentine’s, but a small bit of you was excited to see what was in store. If last night was any indication—it was going to be wonderful.

You felt his breathing catch a little, his chest falling into the conscious irregularity you knew so well. His muscles began to groan and stretch as he shifted behind you, letting out a groan of protest as the blissful night came to an end. 

“Morning Z,” you sighed quietly, slowly turning to face him in bed.

“G’morning pretty girl,” he yawned, doe eyes opening. He was endlessly adorable in the mornings, his black hair disheveled and scruff dotting his face, “How are you?” his hand trailed from your waist to your bare hip as he brushed his lips across your forehead.

“I am just wonderful,” you smiled widely, squinting your eyes closed and crinkling your nose.

“Very glad to hear it,” he traced gentle patterns across your skin with his fingertips, his eyes wandering to your chest with a smirk, “Guess we jumped the gun a bit last night, didn’t we?”

You felt yourself flush slightly as you struggled to maintain the flirtatious demeanor, “We’ll call it a warm up.”

“A warm up…” he nodded, looking up at you again with mischief in his eyes, “If that was the warm up, then when’s the big game?”

“Well when are you going to start the romancing, mister?” you cocked your head, “It is Valentine’s Day after all.”

He rolled his lips thoughtfully, “That is very true, indeed,” you could see the gears in his head working as he carefully slipped from the white bed sheets, pulling a pair of boxers up his legs. Just as quickly, he tossed one of his t-shirts to you which you eagerly tugged over your head.

“Now what are you up to?” you smiled, shifting to lean against the headboard as he walked swiftly around the bed to your side.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” he chuckled, leaning over and slipping an arm under your knees and one behind your back to scoop you up, “I’m romancing.”

“I like the sound of that,” you grinned childishly, letting him carry you from the bedroom. 

In minutes, you were perched on the kitchen counter watching adoringly as Zayn scrambled eggs in the old cast iron skillet that used to be your gran’s. You watched him intently, every move of his bare muscles, every blink of his full eyelashes. He was a sight to see, that boy, and he was all yours.

“Quit staring at me,’ he smirked, giving you a look out of the corner of his eye.

"I can’t help it,” you shrugged, “You’re cute.”

“Cute?” he raised an eyebrow, glancing up from the frying pan to give you an offended look, “All I am is cute?”

“Yes, cute,” you rolled your eyes, “You can’t always be the sexy animal you were last night, can you?”

Carefully he scraped the eggs from the skillet on to two plates, switching off the stove top as he scooped up a dish in each hand. He walked over to you, placing a plate on either side as he stood between your legs, “I mean, I can be if you want me to,” he smirked, leaning in close.

“I don’t know…” you sighed, “I’m still pretty tired…”

“Oh you’re full of shit,” he mumbled, the space between you quickly disappearing as his face came closer to yours.

“Breakfast is going to get cold…” you were teasing him now, and you could tell it was driving him crazy.

“I’ll make more,” he snaked his arms loosely under your legs, looping them around his waist.

“We have to walk all the way upstairs…” you sighed, trailing your fingers delicately through his mop of hair.

He smirked, “Says who?”

You laughed, “You are like a horny teenager.”

“Babe,” he cocked his head, a silly smile plastered across his cheeks, “It’s Valentine’s Day—it is an entire holiday devoted to our love,” he tugged at the bottom of the loose shirt covering your body, “And more importantly, to our lovemaking,” he wiggled his eyebrows.

“You got me there,” you nodded thoughtfully.

“C’mon, baby,” his lips were trailing down your neck, “Let me make love to my beautiful, hilarious, amazing girlfriend. Right now. Right here. On the kitchen floor.”

He was placing open mouthed kisses along your collarbones, his hand snaking up gently beneath your covering, “Are you out of your mind?” you breathed.

“Just ambitious,” he nipped at your neck, “So what do you say?” he kissed across your chest, resuming his pattern at the opposite shoulder.

Every inch of your body was tingling as he worked his magic on you, lips wandering, hands tugging at the stretched out cotton shirt. You couldn’t say no, “Okay.”

That was his cue. Instantaneously, his arms were hooked under your legs, lifting you from the counter as his lips finally dared to meet yours. His tongue swiped your lower lip, slipping into your parted mouth as he carefully lowered himself to his knees on the tile floor. Gently, he laid you down, effortlessly pulling the shirt up over your body, leaving you exposed in the middle of the kitchen.

He knelt between your legs, awkwardly wiggling out of his boxers and kicking them from his legs. His member was already fully erect, his pulsing tip wet with precum. You felt your your body tense hungrily, your core pulsing with anticipation as his hand wrapped around his base, pumping himself up and down as you situated yourself. But an idea occurred to you.

“Zayn,” you said shyly.

He looked down at you, lust apparent in his eyes, “Yeah, babe?”

You bit your lip, “Let me ride you.”

His eyebrows raised, clearly excited by the idea, “Really?”

You nodded. It’s not like you hadn’t ridden him before, he loved it and was always begging you to do it, in fact. It just wasn’t your style. You didn’t like being in control, setting the pace. You liked it when he was calling the shots, making the moves. But today, you felt spontaneous.

He eased himself on to his back beside you, and you took your time climbing over him, straddling his hips. He was long enough to just barely brush your core as you waited over him and it sent chills down your spine, “Ready?” you smiled nervously down at him.

“Ready,” he smirked, hands coming to cup your hips as you eased yourself down.

The one thing you really appreciated about being on top was that it gave you the opportunity to adjust to his length at your own pace. Sinking slowly down his member, you watched his eyes scrunch shut with ecstasy and it gave you a little more confidence. You began to slowly rock your hips.

He brought his hand between your legs to press the little nub of nerves at your core, sending little shots of pleasure through your tummy. You picked up the pace, bouncing on his length as his breathing grew heavy. Your entire body was electrified.

He began to thrust upwards, just barely, every time you came down on his cock. It made your breathing hitch with every little push and you could feel your climax approaching. But you didn’t want to finish first.

“How close are you baby?” you panted, grinding against his hips. You leaned forward, your hands coming down to rest on either side of his head as you rode harder and harder.

“Really fucking close, babe,” he groaned through gritted teeth. His eyes fluttering shut. You felt the familiar twitch of him inside you, indicating his approaching high.

“C’mon, baby,” you sighed, “Cum for me.”

And that was that.

With sigh and a rippling of his muscles, you felt his release inside you and it carried you over the edge, an earthquake tearing through your body as you reveled in the ecstasy pulsing through your veins. You rode him through your high, a moaning mess. The moment it was over, you collapsed on top of him.

“Fuck baby,” he was still out of breath.

“That was good,” you chuckled, “That was really good.”

“Forget about the big game,” he sighed, “That was the goddamn championship right there.”

You laughed breathily, loving the feeling of his bare skin against yours. He was warm and a thin film of sweat covered his toned body, but it was lovely. He was lovely.

“I love you a lot, you know,” you pressed a kiss to the tattoo at the center of his chest, lips on lips.

“I know,” he sighed, “But I still like it when you tell me.”

“Well I plan on telling you for a very long time,” you admitted, brushing the hair from his forehead.

“I’m going to hold you to that,” he nuzzled his face into your hair, “Hey, I forgot to ask you something.”


“Will you be my valentine?”

You tilted your head back, allowing you to look into his big, golden-brown eyes. You had never been so in love with someone before. He was the final piece to the puzzle, he completed your world. 

With a lazy smile, you responded, “Will you make me breakfast?”

“Of course,” he bit his lip.

“Then I will absolutely, positively be your valentine.”


Happy Valentine’s my love! Sorry this is so late, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless :)

xoxo B


her sheets were white satin and her skin was like flower petals.
i could never get my edges soft enough for her. i was
too sharp. razor blades, jagged glass. i was always ready to bleed.

she hated when i cracked my knuckles. the noise got to her. 
it was like i had gunfire in my hands. i didn’t know how to touch her.
no one ever taught me how to turn the safety on. 
i was scared to kiss her. i didn’t want her swallowing bullets.

one time she caught me staring out the window,
chin balanced on my knees.

“why do you always get that look on your face?”
she said, leaning into my shoulder.

“what look?”

“like you’re waiting for the war to start. like you’re ready.”

i didn’t know how to say
that the war was the only thing i’d ever known,
that i had been born with a battle inside of me.

—  War Girl by Auriel Haack

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: Wendy/Natsu [platonic].
Side Pairing(s): Wendy/Lucy, NaLu.
Spoilers: chapter 423.
A/N: Ahh, I’m so rusty, but a lot of you wanted some Natsu/Wendy sibling time so have this little piece of fluff. 

forgottenwhispersxo -> immortalpromise.

;All this time, from the first tear cried, 'till today’s sunrise and every single moment between. You were there, you were always there. It was you and I. You’ve been walking with me all this time.  

Wendy balanced her chin atop her knees as she drew her legs to her chest. Fingers of sunlight combed the hillside, bathing the horizon in a harmonious glow. The future looked so bright from here. So peaceful. But the visions of the past still plagued her. She’d tried to be strong, tried to smile in the face of anguish. She was still mourning the loss of her ‘mother’. Still mourning the disbandment of Fairy Tail. Despite the inviting warmth of sunlight, Wendy’s body shuddered with a series of cold chills. One blink and it was all over. The horizon undulated behind a stream of tears that warmed her already hot cheeks. She had to reign them in. She had to be strong. For Chelia and Lyon and all of Lamia Scale. 

For Natsu.

But it was no use. The tears still fell. He’d come back for her. He’d come back to restore Fairy Tail. Wendy felt like a runaway teenager returning home. Her nerves were alive. What would everyone think? What were they doing? How were they–

“Couldn’t sleep?” a voice came from behind.

Wendy wiped her tears and tipped her head back to catch Natsu already dropping to his knees beside her. He crossed them under him after a moment of fidgeting. Wendy kept her eyes forward. Natsu found her hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. How long had she been sitting here like this? She’d gotten some sleep. At least, she thought she had.

“I’m nervous,” she confessed, “And excited. Fairy Tail is my home. I can’t wait to see everyone again. But what if they don’t want to come back, Natsu? What if–”

“I’ll beat some sense into ‘em,” he gave her a playful thumbs up. “They can’t say no to us, right?”

“Right,” she laughed. She remembered him trying to carry her away. 

They sat in silence for a moment, basking in the warmth of the early morning sunlight and the comfort of a friendly presence. She wanted to tell Natsu everything – wanted to share stories of her time in Lamia Scale, wanted to tell him about her training. She missed Chelia. The two had become close during her time there. Chelia had confided in Wendy and in turn Wendy had opened her heart to Chelia. They’d talked about their fears, their dreams. Wendy didn’t like the thought of leaving Chelia alone, but they had their own paths to take. They were the sky sisters, their bond transcended the blood ties of family. Blood meant nothing when their souls were intertwined. It was as Chelia had said before – love comes in many forms. It’s ineffable. Lamia Scale was as much a family to Wendy as Fairy Tail. That’s why she missed them so much. 

Come their next reunion – Wendy would definitely make Chelia proud. 

The backs of Natsu’s fingers were soothing as they brushed off more of the tears rolling down her cheeks. An amalgam of pain and excitement washed over her. Whatever was she to do now? Lyon and the others had always known Natsu would return for her. But Wendy had… settled. She’d almost given up on the possibility of reuniting with her former guild mates.

“Natsu… thank you. For coming to get me.”

“No big deal,” he grinned, “Luce did most of the work anyway.”

“What do you mean?”

“She had this big chart,” he spread his hands before them for emphasis, “With everyone’s rumoured locations. Lucy inspired this journey. She never gave up on any of us.”

Wendy’s eyes widened. Lucy had been thinking about them all this time. She’d been looking for them. A twinge of guilt made her legs start to tremble. Lucy had been searching for them all this time. How had she been feeling? How were the others feeling?

“Hey, it’s okay. You’re here now. We’ll find the others and then we’ll find Gramps and everything will go back to how it was before! And this time I’ll definitely be able to protect everybody!”

“No,” Wendy shook her head.

"But I–”

“This time,” Wendy cast her gaze on the sunrise, “We’ll protect each other. That’s what siblings do. That’s what family is for.”

This time it was Wendy who took Natsu’s hand. 

“Siblings,” he tipped his head back, “That explains why so many fights break out in the guild”

Wendy burst out laughing. “Yeah, it’s because we love each other.”

“You’re right,” he cocked his head and locked his eyes on hers, “Even that Ice Bastard has his moments. We’re nakama. We belong together, at Fairy Tail.”

Wendy smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder. He was about to circle his arm around her when Lucy’s voice echoed across the expanse of quiet land –

“There you are! Don’t worry us like that!”

The two peered back over their shoulders to find Lucy, Charle and Happy racing up the hillside to meet them. Natsu’s hand moved in a soothing motion through Wendy’s hair before he stood to greet their friends. Wendy remained on the ground as they approached, her eyes focused on the glow of sunlight in the horizon. She turned only when Lucy’s hand touched her shoulder. She caught a glimpse of Natsu’s hand leaving Lucy’s and found herself smiling. Love sure was beautiful – no matter the form. Lucy and Natsu both extended their hands towards her, hands she took without hesitation.

The sunrise paled behind the smiles of her friends.