chin appreciation post

Let’s talk about those gay teddy bears

Let’s for argument’s sake pretend that all of this is legit. The (admittedly super adorable) baby picture indicates that Louis is a proud father, the pregnancy may have been weird but it actually happened exactly the way it has been presented to us, as horribly mishandled as that is.


One more time, try and explain away these fucking bears. No one outside of the fandom gives them any real attention, no one who’s not a committed Larry really believes they have any deeper meaning. The argument against them is that a crew member is doing it as a joke or they’re being deliberately used to bait/distract Larries.

So we’re supposed to write off the dozens of coincidences linking them to Harry and Louis. I’m talking about the coding of each bear with timing and objects and clothing, the endless parade of green and blue mood stickers, the color specific spotlights, the night at the gay club, the blurred and visible reflections in the glasses.

We’re supposed to write off the industry connections. The parade of lgbt celebrities, many of whom were closeted and came out later in their career revealing a committed partnership and/or sued news outlets and record companies for their negative impact on their careers: Larry Grayson, John Inman, Quentin Crisp, Liberace, K.D. Lang, Danny La Rue, George Michael, Andy Bell. The celebrities that were advocates for queer rights or created media that has been iconic to the lgbt community: Judy Garland, Queen, Liza Minelli, Joan Rivers, Bette Davis, The Village People. Celebrities like Claire Richards, who wrote a tell all about how horribly she was treated in the music industry after getting her start on a music competition.

We’re supposed to write off the connections to Simon Cowell. The drag queen Stella Artois whose image was repeated until she was successfully identified in a poster with three former competition show contestants that were judged by Simon Cowell, one of whom likened her experience with and after X Factor to being part of a money making machine where she would have signed anything they put in front of her. The drag queen Lee Star, who had just been associated in the media with Chris Maloney who came out after being closeted while on the X Factor.

We’re supposed to write off all the times that the rbb twitter posted right after the Larry fandom was rocked and shaken by events that had unfolded, or right before as a warning to buckle up. We’re supposed to write off the countdown that coincided with the suspiciously cancelled show that ended with a warning that the bears would be coming out soon. We’re supposed to write off the Divine birthday cake icon on Louis’ birthday, and the Freddie Mercury icon when Freddie’s name was finally revealed to the public. We’re supposed to write off Home and Soon to Return.

We’re supposed to write off the favoriting of the Larry Ok tweet and the photograph that was signed “Love, Larry.”

All of the exquisite attention to detail, the extensively compiled information on queer celebrities and industry commentary that implies foul play on the part of Simon Cowell and their record company, the endless careful allusions to Harry and Louis, the extensive planning and dedication to monitoring the fandom to make sure that we were ok and understanding everything.

We’re supposed to write all of that off as either a mean-spirited prank by a member of their crew or a baiting effort to keep us here performed by a team that has spent One Direction’s entire career trying to make us leave and feel stupid and delusional and guilty of destroying the friendship of the two celebrities we cared most about.

Not a fucking chance.

Brads chin appreciation post

Now to start off I want to say that I am ashamed that I have got to this level of obsessiveness so I thought I’d embarrass myself by sharing this obsession with you BRACE YOURSELF

This is a good example of the cuteness that is brads chin, don'cha see it?

No but like the dimple ;)))) gosh darn it

Ahh what a fine specimen, and dat lip ring too, jeepers *heart palpitations much*

THE SIDE VIEW *yep you think im crazy*

i’ll have you know that this chin thing i got goin on is partly responsible for my excessive use of ;))))))))) multiple chin guy

(this one doesnt need a caption bc it speaks for its self ahh)

but look at it!!!!!!!!!! isnt it just the cutest thing youve ever seen??!?!?!?!?!?

:“”“) its so perfect LOOK AT ITTTTTTT

ahh the classic, can we dance video, brad chin, ahh one of my faves



you thought i was done dincha well, no IM NOT JUST LOOK AT LITTTTTTTT AHH THIS ONE IS DEF MY FAVV

if brad ever saw this post i would be absolutely totally entirely mortified bc its just a weird thing to find out that someone really likes your chin waaaaaahhahaha please dont get noticed by brad you little post you