Day 9: ChiMugu

I think that what I really liked about Chisaki and Tsumugu’s relationship was that it was an unexpected occurrence. Throughout the first half most people sort of deducted that Chisaki would eventually fall for Kaname, and that Tsumugu would probably be with Manaka, but not many people thought of Chisaki and Tsumugu. They rarely interacted with each other and for the most part it actually seemed like she disliked him. 

Also, I liked that their relationship represented change, as well as both of their characters. Because they were the only characters of the original main cast to grow up, it was supposed to show that things do change. Just like Chisaki grew older and more mature, and her feelings changed, Tsumugu grew older, matured, and began to understand his feelings for her. It was beautiful how they grew to love each other and it was even more beautiful the way he wanted to help her let go of her past in order to accept her present self. Although she grew up with her friends, in the span of four years nobody understood her better than Tsumugu, and vice versa. 

I also just can’t get over his confession to Chisaki when he said “I thought you were like the sea” because he loves the sea and therefore loves Chisaki. The only time you really see any emotion on Tsumugu’s face is when Chisaki triggers it, or when he’s looking at her. They are just great, and they had me cheering them on right from the start of the timeskip. I would literally watch the same episodes twice in a row just to see them.