Rescuing Orphaned Chimps

The Chimpanzee Conservation Centre (CCC), in the West African country of Guinea, is a sanctuary and a rehabilitation centre for rescued orphaned chimpanzees. Supported in part by ‘Project Primate, Inc.’, a US non-profit, the CCC currently looks after 50 Western Chimpanzees, one of the most endangered sub-species of chimpanzee. Most of the animals were orphaned and subsequently rescued after being taken as babies in the wild from their family groups. The center rehabilitates and cares for the animals, and ultimately aims to release them back into the wild, a process that take over 10 years.

Getty Images photographer Dan Kitwood recently visited the center and captured touching moments between chimps and their human caregivers. See more photos on Upworthy.

(Photos by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Reportage)


When it comes to intelligence, these birds rate up there with chimpanzees and dolphins. In one logic test, the raven had to get a hanging piece of food by pulling up a bit of the string, anchoring it with its claw, and repeating until the food was in reach. Many ravens got the food on the first try, some within 30 seconds. In the wild, ravens have pushed rocks on people to keep them from climbing to their nests, stolen fish by pulling a fishermen’s line out of ice holes, and played dead beside a beaver carcass to scare other ravens away from a delicious feast.

If a raven knows another raven is watching it hide its food, it will pretend to put the food in one place while really hiding it in another. Since the other ravens are smart too, this only works sometimes.

Fun fact;

Ravens can imitate human speech

In captivity, ravens can learn to talk better than some parrots. They also mimic other noises, like car engines, toilets flushing, and animal and bird calls. 

Ravens have been known to imitate wolves or foxes to attract them to carcasses that the raven isn’t capable of breaking open. 

When the wolf is done eating, the raven gets the leftovers.

Bitesize Korean Weekly Vocab Recap: WEEK THIRTY

Try and cover the English, or the Korean words to test yourself and find out what you remember!

  • : Dog
  • 고양이: Cat
  • : Horse
  • 원숭이: Monkey
  • 사자: Lion
  • 토끼: Rabbit, hare
  • 다람쥐: Squirrel
  • 팬더: Panda
  • 늑대: Wolf
  • 펭귄: Penguin
  • 여우: Fox
  • 사슴: Deer
  • 독수리: Eagle
  • 거북: Turtle
  • 염소: Goat
  • : Chicken
  • 공작: Peacock
  • : Snake
  • 돼지: Pig
  • 상어: Shark
  • 돌고래: Dolphin


  • 강아지: Puppy
  • 멍멍이: Baby talk for dog or puppy
  • 조랑말: Pony
  • 얼룩말: Zebra
  • 침팬지: Chimpanzee
  • 오랑우탄: Orangutan
  • 고릴라: Gorilla
  • 표범: Leopard
  • 하이에나: Hyena
  • 치타: Cheeta
  • 호랑이: Tiger
  • 하늘 다람쥐: Flying squirrel
  • : Bear
  • 코알라: Koala bear
  • 영양: Antelope
  • 수사슴: Stag
  • : Sheep
  • 수탉: Rooster
  • 암탉: Hen

How many did you get right? ^^

Well done for getting through week thirty! We just finished the 30th week of vocabulary, can you believe it?! I think we all deserve a two week break! Look forward to week 31. If you’re reading this, please feel free to send in suggestions for the vocabulary theme!

공부 열심히하세요. 화이팅!

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Hater’s Based Origin Story 1 🐵

Note: This theory sort of takes some aspects of @chrossrank ‘s season 3 theory . Also some sources explained about Ham includes this small documentary video and this news article.

As evident, we’ve seen Hater VERY possibly being the space monkey in “The Waste of Time” episode and the end animatic for “The End of the Galaxy”.

But what I’m curious about is what this possible story of Hater’s backstory could be based off of. Sure, we know our world have sent monkeys into space before, but WHICH space monkey is what I’m curious about.

One space monkey I believe Hater’s origin is based off of is Ham the Chimpanzee, the first monkey released into space and luckily survive.

First, it would make logical sense since the helmet on the space monkey’s suit has the letter H circled. Obviously you wouldn’t name a monkey “Hater”, but that H would have to stand for something else anyway. So what if the monkey’s name standed for “Ham”? Also looking at both monkeys, they both have a brown face surrounded by black fur.

That’s not all though. The story editor Frank Angones aka @suspendersofdisbelief has said that Wander Over Yonder given a movie would have had Wander confronting Lord Hater’s “previous best friend”. Peepers would currently be Hater’s best pal (and second command) so he wouldn’t be the friend Frank was talking about. It could be Hater, if being the space monkey, was part of a space program that would even have a possible monkey squad or partner (being the “previous best friend”). And coincidentally, Ham the chimp was trained with a monkey team.  If that isn’t even more of a connection, in “The Prisoner” within Hater’s bedroom, there that is a painted portrait of Hater with two female-looking skeletons both of his side.

And let’s not forget the space vessel we saw in “The End of the Galaxy”. I do admit that the design’s color of Ham’s vessel is different along with Ham being transported onto a capsule within the vessel yet we can obviously see there’s a door latch on both and are from the United States.

Finally, I would like to clearly point out the “training” of Ham. According to, it is said that Ham’s training consisted of, “Pushing a lever within five seconds of seeing a flashing blue light earned him a banana pellet; failure gave him a mild electric shock to the soles of his feet.” Now, I’m not only pointing out the electric shock part as it relates to Hater’s electrical powers, but if we remember what Wander said  in “The Greatest” (which I think is the first episode), he said that he “liked his sneakers” when he saw Hater’s feet for the first time. A bit farfetched, but that line has made me question for some time.

One difference I have to point out though is that Ham survived his mission and got to land back onto earth peacefully while we can only assume Hater (being the monkey) didn’t with the glass of his helmet on the edge of breaking. 

My guess would be that this is a sort of what-if universe where Ham didn’t survive and instead, is revived in a skeleton form so he could strive to be the greatest in the galaxy instead, and season 3 as @chrossrank​ has said would be about hater’s monkey associates (Monkey Boy, if it is) being introduced, possibly Dominator forming an evil alliance, and becomes a new difficult challenge for our hero Wander.