chimpanzee drawing

Important things to do *UPDATED*


1) @ironbar36 *Metroid oc*

2) @princeasimdiya12 *Avatar Wan in Arabian royalty clothing*

3) @babywarrior5 *Aris*

4) @kindofblueeyes *Blue Eyes/Ash, and fursona chimpanzee*


1) Do three artist prompt asks for @canadachild9

2) Answer handwriting ask for @pan-troglodytes

3) Artist prompt ask C1 for @lugia731v

Stuff for fun:

1) Draw ghost Blue Eyes behind Nova, as Caesar looks at her *Idea inspired by @canadachild9 ’s ask*

2) Do POTA Zodiac edits thanks for reminding me @pan-troglodytes ! ;) 

3) Draw @amricthelameo‘s chimpanzee oc.

4) Draw Solar Eclipse Miriam/Blue Eyes Drawing. 

5) Reply to my roleplay blogs –> @endure-the-bloodlust @defiant-and-broken @law-does-not-exist to @apekey *I finally realized that you commented in the notes lol* @pookyhorse @mechazilla94 @rockets-tinker @amricthhequiet @hazelswish

6) Write Ch. 4 for Anarchy.

7) Draw @alphafemaleape ‘s chimpsona

8) Draw the human ocs in the PotA’s fandom~

Miriam @assassin-faith-2001

Karin *Mauryn*

Haley @for-the-uncommon-love

Rain @zombiekitty217

Kat @pookyhorse

Jane @krystal280791

Taylor @wolveria

9) Draw Miriam’s death

10) Draw Viper @soulfulturbulance with Autumn and Creek

11) Work on Ruin Animatic

12) Draw Nicale for someone on Google Plus

13) Draw Ape Taylor/Human Caesar for @wolveria

14) Work on roleplay with @soulfulturbulance

*Sobs* So much stuff I wanna do in so little time..